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i; Searchlight on Stars and Stories -


- Theatrical Talk and Footlight Fancies \

_- M


Career of Noted Screen Stat

Kow that she is appearing' daily in Perth at the Prince of Wales, it

will be of interest to leam how Miss Louise Lovely, the centre of interest in a great many successful pi :turea, achieved fame.

According to a contributed report, Miss Lovely's rise was meteoric. She was no novice when she first went to America. Formerly "known in Aus- tralia as Louise Carbasse, Miss Lovely went on the stage at the age of nine. Her first appearance. was as liva in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" ^t the Sydney Lyceum. Drama with ? George Mar- lowe's company and a tour with -Miss Nellie Stewart followed. Then came a tour with the Hugh Min tosh vaude- ville with Mr. Wilton Welch, 'whom she subsequently married. -The Vining couple journeyed to America and went for a considerable - time - through the Orpheum circuit, one of the biegest vaudeville engagements iii the UJ5.A. Her first pictorial engagement was in a picture titled "Stronger than Death," at which time it was -suggested to her that her name might be changed to Louise Lovely. And Lovely it has re- mained ever since.

Imagine the thrill one-would feel at suddenly finding oneself a screen-star. Although such opportunities are not open to everyone, it is Miss Lovely's intention to give all who. desire it the right to be tested before . the camera so that if they possess talent and per- sonality they may, it they so desire, begin to climb the ladder of success.

After her first adventure into pic- tures Miss Lovely became the star of Bluebird productions, including "The Gilded Spider." ?'The Gift Girl," "The Cry of the Wolf!" and "Painted Lips."

She subsequently joined the Fox Co. and co-starred with William Farnum in a number of successful productions, including "The Man Hunter" and "The Joyous Trouble-maker."

'The Old Nest."

A series of Louise Lovely produc- tions followed, after which the. star

Miss Nell Fleming

The dainty American star with the Midnight Frolics who is at present delighting audiences at the Theatre


joined Goldwyn to .tajee part in "The Old Nest" and "Poverty and Riches."

It will be seen that the Australian film actress has entered upon her pre- sent mission with excellent credentials.

Pictures in Making.

How are Ulm pictures -made? How many of the thousands, of regular pa- trons of picture shows are keenly de- sirous of seeing a famous film in ac- tual - course of construction. . The wonderful exploits one secs portrayed in such thrilling reality on the screen -the romance, the comedy, the touch- ing sadness-Inevitably-arouse in the appreciative spectator - a keen desire1 to see the methods used in producing a masterpiece of the-screen. {

The patriotic spirit' of Hiss Louise Lovely, Australian-American film star, will make possible the réalisa-. tion of that desire. !

Hollywood in miniature was pre sented for'the entertainment and in- struction of . film patrons at the theatre yesterday. The efficient, cameraman, the energetic director,, issuing In- structions through' the megaphone te the cast, the actors and actresses, the special settings, and the dazzling bril-, liancy and'power of the studio lights were in working order two ses- sions daily. Those who constantly see the finished films will then be able to appreciate better all that is Involved,

and to understand the hard work and' expense required in production.

Before the Camera.

The camera Is Inexorable, lt catches everything and records it for the eyes of thousands. It follows therefore that whatever is enacted before the camera must be perfect if the film ls to be worthy of the time, money, thought, and work spent-upon it. How this is assured is demonstrated by Miss Lovely in her act at the Prince entitled "A Day at the Studio."

Apart from the instructional value to the audience of seeing a picture In the making, the most important part of the venture will be for the appear- ance before the camera for the purpose of screen tests of local men, women and children. Not only will they be photographed, but they will act in scenarios specially written fox the purpose of enabling Miss Lovely to make a picture in a number of small


The two brightest patches seen In Perth vaudeville for many years-"The Big Four" at the Shaftesbury and Clem Dawe at the Frolics.