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Family Notices

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Announcements under this heading most be

authenticated by the name and address of the sender, and are inserted in "The Advertiser,'

"Express." and "Chronicle" at a charge of Two Shillings and Sixpence each when not exceeding five lines; over five lines Sixpence Ker Imc.


STEWART.-On the 29th September, to Mr. and Ure. -Harrr Stewart. Phillip-street. Southwark a daughter.

GUNNING.-On the 28th September, at 'Quambi," Pennington-tcrrace, North Adelaide, to Sir. and Mrs. A. T. Gmming-a daughter.

WHEARE.-On the 23th September, at Black Point, the wife of F. C. Wheare-a son.

I HUTLEY.-On the 2nd Sepetmber, at Hart

street, .Semaphore, the wile of W. S. Hutley

a son.

DAVEY.-On the 26th September, at "Wal- tham," Honiton, to Mr. and Mrs. £Tohn Y. I Davey-a son.


ANGEL-SAINT. - On the 6th August, at the Methodist Church, Balaklava, by the Rev. F. B. Oldham, Albert Ernest, second son of Mr. Joseph Angel, Whitwarta, to Ellie Gertrude, eldest daughter of James Saint, "Miranda," Saints.  

ASHBY-FREAK.-On the 6th September, at the residence Of the bride's parents, by Mr. W. C. Brooker, Clarence A. (Snowy) Ashby, fifth son of Joseph Ashby,- Portland Estate, to Catherine E. (Katie) Freak, youngest daughter of Thomas and Annie Freak, of Portland Estate, Port Ade- laide.

GRAHAM-AIKEN.-On the 2nd July, at Holy Trinity Church, Melrose, by the Rev. W. Stuart Williams, James, younger son of R. W. Graham, Tarcowie, to Thirza Minnie, eldest daughter of H. J. Aiken, Booleroo Whim.


GILLDCGS-BFSK.-On the 3rd October. J8S8. at ¡ft. Paul's. Port Ad»laide, by the Very Rev. Canon Green, by special license. John, only eur vivine non of the late John and Eliza Gillincs. Campbelltown, to Hannah Elizabeth, only daugn ter of Thoraps and the late Mary Benn. Mellor road. Glanville. Present address. Queen's Park, near Perth, W.A.


PABS0NS.-On the 1st October, at ArUror strcet, Unley, Sarah Cole, widow of the late James R. Parsons, of Glenelg.

CHURCH.-On the 2nd October, at the resi- dence of her father (Mr. W. Stentiford), Broad- way, Now Glenelg, Elsie ÏT., the beloved wife of William E. Church.

ALDWELL.-On the 2nd October, at Weatafl street, Hvde Park. »Violet Asmes Helen, the dearly-beloved eldest daughter of Montgomery R. and Violet Aktwell. aged 9 years and 6 months. Another bud to bloom in heaven. Melbourne papers, please copy.

LEISHMAN.-On the 2nd October, at North Adelaide, Adam Leishman, of Robert-street, Croydon, in his 50th year.

FINLAYSON.-On the 2nd October, Ebenezer Finlayson, the youngest son of the late Pastor William Finlayson, aged 64 years.

JOLLY.-On the 2nd October, at the Adelaide Hospital. William Henry, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Jolly, of Chain of Ponds, aged 68



GILL.-In loving remembrance ,of our dear wife and mother, who died at Jagoe-strcet, Sema- phore, on the 3rd October, 1903.-Inserted by her loving husband and children, A.' G. Gill.

GILL.-In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister, Lizzie, who died Jagoe-street, Sema- phore, cm 3rd October, 1908.-Inserted by her loving father, mother, and sister, T. and El Richardson and daughter.

HOUSTON.-In loving memorv of Demy James Houston, who died at'Findon. October 3; 1906. Inserted by his loviiur sister, brother-in-law. and step-father, A. G, E.. H. a E.. and F. H. F.'

SMITHIES.-In loving memory of my dear wife. Mary Smithies, who passed away October 3, 1911. ?Sot ionrotten.-J. C. Smithies.

SMITHIES.-In loving memorv of onr dear rcother. who died October 3. 1911.

Dav bv dav we all do rriss her.

Words would fail our loss to tell.

But in heaven we hope to meet her. .

Evermore with her to dwelt.

-Inserted bv her loving daughter and son-in-law. M. and A. Mander.

LARKIN.-In loving memory of our dear daugh- ter and sister, Phyllis, who died at Laura, October 3, 1912.

She bade no one a last farewell.

She waved her hand to none. Her spirit flew before we knew

That from us she had gone.

-Inserted by her loving mother, brothers, and sisters.  

RIOHAHDS.-In loving memorv of our dear mother, who passed away'at Petersburg. October 3. 1S11.

Dear is the grave where my mother is laid. Sweet is the memorv that never will fade.

The roses may wither and flowers may die. If othvrs forget you never will I.

-Inserted by hw levins son Will and daughter


RICHARDS.-Ir. loving memory of our dear mother, who died at Petersburg on October the 3rd. 1911.

All who have a mother, love her while1 you may. For she, like our dear mother, too soon will pass


-Inserted by her loving sons and daughters.

TREBILCOCK.-In loving memory of our dear wife and ..mother, who died October 3. 1911.

Sadly each day do we think of her now

And remember her kind, loving face,

But in humble obedience wc bow to the will

Of Him 'who has crowned her with grace.

Flowers may wither, roses may die.

If others forget you, never will we.

-inserted by her loving husband and children, Hindlev-street, Adelaide, and daughter and son-in law. Parkside.

AISTROPE - In loving memory of our darling May, who died at Broken Hill, October 3. 1908.

Far and oft my thoughts do wander

To a grate so far away,

Where they laid our darling

Just five years ago to-day.

-Inserted by her loving parents, brother, and sisters

MELDRUM.-In loving memory of dear mother, who died October 2, 1911.

Peacefully sleeping, resting at last.

Earth's weary pain and suffering past.

-Inserted by her loving son and daughter and daughter-in-law, Spencer, Daisy, and Hilda. .

HOGAN.-In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister. Mary Katherine (Katie), who died at Dale-street, Port Adelaide, October 3, 1S0L R.I.P.

Our thoughts they often wonder,

To a grave not far away,

Where we laid our darling sister,

Just twelve yeare ago to-dav.

-Inserted ty her sorrowing mother, sister, bro- ther, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law.

ARMSTRONG.-In loving memory of our dear husband and father, who died October 3, 1911.

In life we loved you very dear; in death we do

the same.

-Inserted by his loving wife and children. -»

BENTON.-In loving memory of my dear daughter. Minnie, who died October 3. 1900. at


The daughter I loved is now laid low.

Her warm, true heart is still:

The hand that always helped me so

Now lies in death's cold chill..

-Inserted bv her mother, brotheis. and eisten

YOUNGMAN.-bl fond remembrance of our dear

father, who died October S. 1911. I

T5y;rc is one link death cannot sever. Cove's remembrance lives forever.'

-Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law. Mai and F. Uonymsn.


"IfR. and Mrs. FREEMAN, of Bowden, wùh to -Û-L THANK all kind Friends and Neighbors for their kindness and messages of sympathy and floral tributes in their late sod bereavement, also Dr. Coombe.

JR. BARRETT end FAMILY desire to express

« their tinccre THANKS to the Medical Staff, Sister and Nurses of Beatrice Ward. Ade- laide Hospital, siso Dr. C. Magarey. Norwood,

for their unremitting attention and extreme kind- |

ress to thtí late Mrs. Barrett duri«; her last illnes>; also to all friends for expressions of sympathy and floral tributes received daring their recent ad bereavement._


d' Willuns», wish to THANK all kind Friends for musaccs of sympsthv and Coral tributes in their late sod bereavement, -also Dr. Haines. Kurse HoT-md, sad Rer. *», Wood lor their ki-d attenta«»



?\f"ïtS. F. K. CAMPBELL, of William-street. I -ÍT-L Clarence Park, desires to sincerely THAKK her friends for letters of fjmpathy, floral tri- butes, and their kind help in her recent sad be reavemeci._ TUTE. JAMES MOORE, of Jervois--ect. TDrrcas -"- ville, desires to THAXK all kind friends for letters and telegrams of fyrnpathy: also floral tributes, in hi3 recent sad bereavement._ M~BS. SILi-A OTTO and FAMILY wish to

THAXK all kind friends, and especially Mrs. Tallot, Mrs. Russ, and clergyman, Ice their kind-

ness in their sad bereavement.