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Fitzroy Meet a Better Team



W.A. 7* FITZROY, 5.4.

A large crowd assembled at tile ?Perth Oval .yesterday afternoon to wit- ness the clash between the visiting Fitzroy team and the -State eighteen. -With, the .prospects of a good game, football enthusiasts, and many who are not generally followers of the'win- ter pastime, streamed into the oval from the time the gates were opened until the game commenced.

Everything pointed to thc .match proving one of tho best yet wttneised in thc State, and those who Journeyed to the oval- were not disappointed.

Although the'.morning .was .duff ? ana showery, rain, held-oft äuring^tKe-af -ternoon, and but for ¿ rathcr.n»eavy .brëezç-thé-weath^r -was ideal rfor footv -bnfl: -l^pe^fb^^3UMi^Qtt,t^ra previous

.victories, tb&-jfxo¡m.^fióét ítóetly -con--' ¿¡dent .that- the 'State teain would lower" thc maroons' .coloré and . thereby up= hold the reputation njhicb W.A. gained in last year's carnrvaV- :" .

The Western team, arrayed in the "dark bluf and. gold band guernseys of ttiê. Claremont-Cottesloe Club, were thc first lo take the field, led by Cap- tain Ray Mudie, and were soon fol- lowed by Ibe Fitzroy combination. Umpire O'Connor had charge of the game. Teams:- ^

West Australia: Full backs. Mudie, Gosnells, Hilton;, half backs, Boyd, Craig, Adams: centre, Sexton, Hoft, Bah en; half - forwards, "Watts, "Wim bridge. Green; forwards, Steele, Camp- bell. Sunderland; ruck. Ion, Outridgc; rover. Sheedy.

Fitzroy: Full backs, Warren, Jen- kin, Atkinson; half backs. Lethbridge, Tarbotton, Taylor;v centre. Killer, Corrigan, Williams; half forward, Cockram, Merrick," Rattray; forward, Donnellan, Freake, Carter; .ruck, McCracken, 'Hamilton; rover. Gale.

: Lethbridge won the loss and elected io kiele with the slight.advantage bf a south-west wind, fitzroy, through the agency of Gale, were first away, tout Craig and. Boyd relieved. Gale was again prominent, and was responsible for Carter nutting up the first score a goaL " The play was "both open and interesting,: the .ball travelling from one'"back line to the. other. Then a pretty chain of maries by W.A., and Sunderland cleverly booted a full pointer. Back went the ball to the other end, where Freake added a be- hind. Both teams were playing with vigor, while thc game was particularly fast.' Then a free to Merrick, followed by a-brilliant mark by M'Cracken, and up" went No.. 2 for Ihe maroons. Ion then started a Western offensive, which terminated in a minor from Campbell. A free to Tarbotton re- lieved the situation for Fitzroy. The relief was only'temporary, and a W.A. rush down the centre, in which Hoft and Steele were prominent, gave Bon- nie Campbell a chance, and his kick was accurate, to the delight of the local team's supporters. The scores were now level, and excitement was quickly being raised among the on- lookers. W.A. kept on the offensive, *uf they found Atkinson and Tarbot- ton hard to pass.. Steele added a be- hind from a difficult angie just prior

to the belt Scores

West Australia-2.2. Fitzroy-2.1.

Steele, secured from the bounce, and some pretty combination play, in whick WImbridge, Outridge and Ion were conspicuous, resulted in the last named booting No. 3 for the Western- ers. Hoft -was the outstanding playei at this period, his display in the centre being first class. Wimbridge had a shol from what seemed an impossible dis- tance, but with the assistance of thc wind he managed a single. The plaj was at high speed and good standard with plenty of rigor. With the wine in their favor the blue-and-gold com- bination kept up a veritable bombard- ment of their opponents' goal. Wim bridge, who was playing splendidly kt centre half-forward, was responsible for the fourth goal-being put up. Tar- botton and Atkinson in the back lines and williams on the wing for the Vic- torians were the outstanding players and gained the admiration of th« crowd. The W.A. team were in th< ascendancy, but -the Fitzroy- back lim kept the scoring at a minimum. Shot; by \v tonbridge and Campbell .were re- warded with behinds, and then Fitzro: were away.. Three successive rushes however, found Craig and Mudie ii fine fettle as.def enders. Outridge thet earned a round of cheers for one of th* best marks of thc day. Nothing fur ther of note occurred before the half time interval, when, thc scores were

-West Australia-4.7. Fitzroy-2.1.

Up to half-time the game was al that could be desired. The play wa open. and. although a little rough a times, was comparatively clean. Th outstanding players were Hoft, Craig Outridge, and Steele for W.A. and Tar botton. Atkinson, Williams, an«

M'Cracken for Fitzroy.

The third quarter opened with som up-and-down play. The ball hoverei around thc- centre, v. ilh both back line defending ably. The .bal! travelled alon, the grandstand wins, with Fitzroy ot the defensive. Bahen, with ja. nice rui down the boundary, passed to Out ridge, and on went the ball to Green« who scored thc possible. This was th first raising of flags of the a uart er. Th leather travelled to the other end, an

DonncIIan gave Fitzroy their third goal. Despite the fact that they were, kicking against the wind, tile W.A. team was easily, the better eighteen. Corrigan secured in the centre, and the subsequent sortie ended In Merrick the visitors" champion -forward-mark- ing brilliantly, and booting accurately. Almost immediately afterwards Gale hit the post. W.A. now had a lead of ll points. Fitzroy were playing with more dash than in the early portion of' the quarter, and from a.scrum in front Gale, reduced .the -deficleacy to five

points. '.'Sexton :jwias prominent in_jij

fnssîè'ori The "wing'wltb. Iveller, ~Tfrom which hes emerged victorious, sending the hall to Dy triage, but the'bell'Tang'

whei^W.A. looked like scoring. ^-At the iuiáltcíuinge'oyelr^tlié scores were-1- -,

- 'West Aiistrafia-^.T.'


Wit&'aV deficit ot five points to wipe off. Fitzroy opened the 'last quarter ,with a determined attack, but onr*HJ8[o occasions Ion saved splendidly. Then a local sortie, and. a free to Campbell resulted in West's sixth goal being re- gistered on the board. Tho same player was given another chance soon after- wards, but the wind played tricks with his kick. The play then travelled to thc other end, but Fitzroy found the Wes- tern defenders hard to pass. A behind was their only addition before Adams cleared. After several W.A. sorties Watts at last found the opening, hav- ing gained possession with a lovely mark. Fitzroy put in a dying effort, but again lon saved in goal just as the bell rang.


West Australia-7.8 (50 points). Fitzroy-5.4 (34 points).

For the winners Hoft, Steele, and* Sexton were prominent throughout. The first-mentioned, playing centre, ? was always conspicuous, whilst Steele,

J roving, was a veritable tiger after, the

ball. Adams, Craig, and Hilton were splendid in defence, and Outridge, Ion, G. Watts, and Sunderland deserve spe- cial mention. For thc Victorian team pride of place goes to Williams, a speedy wing player, who showed con- siderable football - ability throughout the afternoon. McCracken, in ruck, worked bard, and Tarbotton, - Leth- bridge, and Rattray were very promi-


Goal-kickers.-W.A.: Campbell (2), Wlmbridge, Watts, Green. Sunderland, and Ion. rFitzroyi ..Gale, Donnellan. Carter, Ü'Cracken, -and Merrick.