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31tc «Hitor orcmiers (Ethelton«) of tlic Port Adelaide anti Suburban- Association, after liavimr won ovtrv .match of the first and scond'round were defeated on September 13 by the Queens tQwns. the second on the list. The Ethcltons challenged the winners, 'ana the deciding lettie took place on the Alberton Oral on Saturday last, A larse ero yd c1 partisan* of both teaana supported their1 clubs, aro some enthusiastic barracking was indulged in. A coed clean came eventuated and the final wore? were:-Etheltons. 5 goals 11 bchinds; Queenstown», i coals 5 bchinds. The feature of the match was the pwd feeling existing between the rival teams. The whole of the winnini? team played well.' but the captain (L. Johnson) wa-, especially conspicuous. The losers were best represented to- Sellick. VVriirht. .Tonks, .Gill, and Stark. GoalkicKcrs for winncre: Quinn (2), Theodore. LeLeti, and Groves one each; Queenstowns-Sellick and Tonks, one each.

BURRA. September IS.-The Abctdeen Football Club having won the premiership of the Burra Football Association, their supporters tendered them a social ia the Jubilee Kail. Aberdeen. Mr. C. Fuss prciided. Tbc following toast« were honored:-"Tile Kityr." by the chairman: "Aber- deen Football Club." Mr. Mazzani and Mr. J. Thtc-as: "Burra Football Association." Mr. Mc- laren and Mr. Smitfi: "The Umpires," Mr. .1. Richards and Mr. C. Tiver: "Captain. Aberdeen Clnb," Mr. Tarley and Mr. T. Woolacott: "Bar rackcrs of the Aberdeen Club," Mr. Sara and Mr. Elliott: "The Ladies, " Mr. McLaren and Mrs. Sara; "The Press." Mr. C. Pass and Messrs. Mars. i den. McLaren and Thomas: "Timekeepers." llr.. 1 Ellis«. Mr- McLaren; "Si?cretary Abeidcen Club," Mr, Thomas. Mr. Pickering; "The. Chairman," Mr. McLaren. Mr. C. Fuss. Refreshments were wovided aid otusicol numbers and recitations were civen by- Messrs- Tiver. Reed. Marra rd.'

Tradr. and Fuss. Présentations were made as

lollows:-Silverplated butter dish to Mr. A, Lotrt rruio (captain): silverplated scaring eat.. Mr.

Pickcrii« (eecretirö: biscuit barrell. . Mr. Trod Beshudt: coriole aas. Mt. Mactoa.