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THE BUNYIP. The Gundagai "Times" is responsible for the following.-Mr Elphick, of Back Station Creek, called at our office on Friday morn- ing and related a remarkable experience that befel his son the previous afternoon. The young man, so the narrative of his father runs, was absorbed in dislodging rab bits from a burrow on the bank of the Mur- rumbidgee river at Mickey's Corner, three miles from Gundagai, along the Kimo Range. He had with him several greyhound dogs which were industriously occupied at the mouth of the burrow. Suddenly there emerged from the placid water of our much loved (but evidently mys- terious) river the ponderous form of some awe-inspiring species of the amphibean tribe. The animal was, in the calculation of the young man, about the size of a calf ; was, of course, a quadruped, bearing the usual de- velopments. Its head was rhinoceros shaped, bearing two tusks in the forehead, and its neck and fore-quarters were spotted. The sight of such a mysterious animal, which was making in measured strides to- wards the dogs, naturally drew perspiration from the brow of the terror stricken youth, who immediately called his dogs off, and made haste to find a place of safety for him- self. The monster at the same time retreated to the water, and no more was seen of it. It is related that 37 years ago Mr George Sheather, of Nangus, saw an animal of identical description in the Murrumbidgee, but nobody had up to Thursday last caught another glimpse of the "bunyip," or what-   ever it is. Mr Elphick, jun., persists that his descrip- tion of the beast is not overdrawn as to its size and distinguished features.