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South Australians Included. Sir George Brookman.

tA.V'£her.Iist ct aPP°intinents to the Bnfcsi Empire Order is announced. His Excellency the Governor-General has been advised by means of a cable message that Hk Majesty the King has been pleased



to reward 189 Australians for services in connection with the war. The South Australians who have received distinction tee:— — K.B.E. (Knight of the British Empire, Second Class).— Mr. George Brookman. — C.B.E. (Companion); Third Class.— Sr. Newland. — O-B.E. (Order); Fourth Class.— Hon. Alexander Poynton (Minister for Home and Teritories). Lieut-Col. H. H. E. Russell. filr. Victor H. Ryan. Mia. Minnie Agnes Good. Mrs. Lucy Isobel Lendon, Mis. Crawford Yaughan. — O.B.E. (Fifth Class).— Major A. E. Hamilton. Capt. J. R. T. K Borrow. Major H. L. S. Balfour-OgQvy. Mr. Samuel Lmm. MisaEva Waite. Mw Ethel Wyatt Wyatt. — Sir George Brookman. — General eaoisfaction (will be expressed at the honour Hcg Majesty ihas conferred upon this public-spirited citizen, who, with Lady Brookman, is now returning ifrom Eng land, Sir George ia another of the many Scotsmen in South Australia, who have made good.' He was born in Glasgow, and came to the State -with ibis father, the Bate Mr. Benjamin Brookman, about 65 yeaiB ago. He was educated at the late Mr. James Bath's and Mr. R. -?. Mit ton's private schools, and at the completion of Ihis studies entered upon a commercial career -with the firm of D. & J. Fowler, iLfcd. He afterwards took over, in asso ciation with Mr. William Finlayaon, ihe retail business vn King 'William etreet, .?winch thev carried on snccessfully for many ye&rs. He Tetired from the firm -to en *'-/?*» in miffing and financial pursuits, and it ?was Oaigely awing to his plock and per severance in exceedindy trying cmnnn stanceg, that an Adelaide company de veloped the famous KalgoorKe froldfiekis. The eyn-Kea±e, ?nflrjeh. he oiganazei, found a goid estate, iwhdch proved a source of enor mous 'wealth. One of Sir George's most treasured possessions is the miner's merit ?which, originally gave hhim — or nominally, ins brother — axrtHjonty to carry -rat his won derful .woi. It 13 merely a email ?bora ttiece oi foolscap, upon which is written the^ ?words:— 'Western Australia.— Miner's Right— Fee one pound; Ydlgarn No. 562, 28 June, 1893; issued to W. -G. Brookman nnder the provisions of the GoldEeilds Act, 1886. to 'be in force till 27 June 1S94. R. Qfedden, P. Warden.' When Sir George ?went to England later he assisted to estab Bsn confidence in the Western Australian eoldfields at a time -When the British inves tor waa diffident about putting money onto those now far-famed ventures. —Generous Gifts. — iA -large -partrof the fortune Sir George bade in Western Australia ihas for years been devoted to enriching his adopted city. One notable and public spirited gift wafc £15,000 in 1900 toward the erection of the School of Mines, his obiect hems to pro Tide means for the proper training of boys to earn their awn living. He still maintain^ a keen interest in that institu tion. He also Tendered valnsfole financial and during the early dava of Minda Home, and to the Adelaide Children's Hospital for Che erection of an isolation -ward. In 1899 Sir George provided ithe red gramte capital for the inscribed Egyptian colnnm, which stands an the centre of the Adelacde -Mu- Benrn Jawra. The beautiful Diana vase, widen Sir George Jent to the Art Gallery in 1909, was a couple of veaxs ago presented 1-y him to the national collection. This vase -was considered to 'be the mas terpiece of the artist the late Mr. Seabridge

Wi!«-n, who decorated Doulton's most costly productions. It was from Sir George that the iBoaTd of Governors of thx Art Gllery purchased one of the finest pieces of tapestry in the world, designed bv the late Sir Edward uJurne-Jones. The fine stained glass 'window in the AddaitU Stock Exchange was presented by the new kui~ht. He is a great art connoisseur, auo his home at Gilberton abounds -'ith 'trea sures. —Other Public Activities.— In public life Sir George has taken an active part. He was a member of the Legislative Council for eight years, as one of the representatives of the Central Dis trict. He was always regarded as a sound politician. In 1909, prior to leaving for a trip abroad, he resigned his seat. He was for a long term a capable Chairman ol the board of management of tie Adelaide Hospital. He was one of the originators of the Murray Waters League, which was responsible for accele rating the work of utilizing the waters of the River Murray to greater advantage, and was at one time Chairman of the Wal kerville -District Council. He has large interests in many big commercial activi ties in Adelaide, and one of the foremost is the Adelaide Electric Supply Company, Limited, of which he is Chairman of Direc tors. He is a member of the council of the University of Adelaide. —Patriotic War Work.— Both in the Boer war and in the recent great conflict, Sir George was ever ready to lend a helping hand. He liberally sub scribed towards the equipment of the Bushmen's Contingent sent from this State to serve in the iBoer campaign. ?During the past five years he has done notable work in the Empire's cause. He helped to establish the South Australian Soldiers' Fund, which has raised more than half a million pounds for the benefit of soldiers. He was also a member of the War Council from the time of its incep tion, and was appointed Chairman of the State Repatriation Board. He personally took a great interest in the returned sol diem, and was Chairman of the Anzac Hospitality Fund, which entertained war riors upon their return home. Patriotic funds have benefited greatly by his c*»n tibutions. Sir George presided at the Re patriation Conference held in Adelaide last year. The eldest son of Sir George and Lady Brookman (Gnr. Norman Brook man) returned home some time ago after having seen active service in France. Mr. George Brookman, inn.,, of Glendg, is an other son. ' — Other Honours. — The honour conferred upon Sr. Newland is in recognition of the splendid services he rendered as Chairman of the Recruit ing Committee during a ?grave crisis of the war. His enthusiasm and industry were then an influential factor in calling men to the colours. Sr. Newland. C.B.E., -was formerly a member of the State Parlia ment, and transferred to the National Legislature some years ago. The Hon. A. Poynton. O.BJ2., has been in the Com monwealth Parliament since 1901, and took a leading part in war activities in various Ministerial capacities, including work in the Navy Department. Mr. Poynton began his legislative career in South Aus tralia, and for a brief period 'held Cabinet rank. Lieut-CoL Russell, O.B.E., of Unley, was principal medical officer for a considerable part of the ?wax period, and gained a reputation for organizing ability. Mr. V.'H. Ryan, O^JE. (Director of the Tourist Bureau), was identified officially with the State War Council .and settle ment of soldier*. Mre. Good, O.B.E., wife of Dr. Ernest Good, of Prospect, and Mrs. Lendon, O.B.E., wife of Dr. A. A. Lendon, worked with untiring energy, tact, and effi ciency in the many button-day, movements, and were responsible largely for their great success. Mre. Crawford Vaughan, O.B.E. (wife of Mr. Crawford Vaughan, ex Labour Premier of South Australia) was active in patriotic efforts during the earlier stages of ihe war. She is now 'with Mr. Vaughan in the United States. Major Hamilton, OJB.E., Major JBalfomsOgilvy, O.B.E., and Capt. Borrow, OJB.E. were engaged in home mili tary duties, and Mr. Samuel Limn, CBJE., has 'been one of tihe most conspicuous and bonsastemt workers in the big army of patriotic voranteets. He was fflie 'Dig- gers' Pal,' arid iis achievemewts were among the finest of fliem alL Miss Ethel Wyatt, O.B J!., -was an indefatigable, earnest, and unselfish officer of the Aus tralian OomfoTits Fund, whose admirable record1 of practical service was a distinc tive feature of the many branches of ac tiviav in behalf of the fighters. M5ss Waite, OB&, a daughter of Mr. Peter Waite, ?was another Bplendid leader in the noible industry of war effort. [Continued oh Page 10.]