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The ninth reunion of old scholars of the Adelaide Educational Institution (founded in 1852 by the late Mr. John L. Young), was held at the Grand Ontrai TWM 4^o

laide, on (Monday evening. The Chairman of the Association (Dr. R. E. Harrold) pre sided over a representative attendance. The first old scholars' dinner took place in 1867, but the records between then and 1911 are not extant. The school was closed in 1880, and the founder died in the following year. It was in 1912 that the scholarship funa ^was organized, and political economy (1915) and research scholarships (1916) have been established at the University of Adelaide. The Chairman, proposing on Monday even ing the toast, '^The old school,' said he was a student there for the eight years imme diately previous to that in which it closed. The master «f a big school was the creator of the futare man. The late John L. Young had a master mind to train and mould the young mind. (Applause.) Con tinuing, the speaker referred to some of the many scholars who had 'made good.' They revered their old tutor, he said, for his

jreat worth. He was such a man that they found has pupils .prominent in every sphere of life. (Applause.) The Treasurers [.Messrs. F. W. Bullock and J. T. Fitch) presented reports regarding the scholarship iund. 'The memory of our old and Mteemed master,' proposed bv Mr. Stow Smith, was honoured in silence: and 'Absent old scholars' were recalled to mind iy Mr. F. W. Sims. Letters from *old boys' in various 'parts of the Common wealth were read. One of the writers (Mr. E. Babbidge, of Sydney) entered the school in 1852. The committees include Sir Joseph Veroo, Dr. Harrold, and Messrs. 'Bullock, Peter Wood, W. Herbert Phdllipps. Frank Johnson, F.'W. Sims. Fitch, R. B. Robin, R. S. Hughes (secretary), Stow Smith. F. A. Chapman, and F. G-. Scammell. The singing of 'Aukl lang syne' concluded the proceedings. x