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A-F.: The'-postage frorh England .to] ot .a.:paper Weighing 4940z.

' would be_ i%d. I

W.H-P. (Brookton): We have not re-J

' ceived the specimen of grass which ; you" mention as having sent for :

identification. .

XNTEKESTED. (Toolbrunup) : The - total area of land as per sketch plan

'submitted is 24.176 acres. The area . -of- the .-top block is 5.916 acres; of . the middle block 4.085 acres; and of

the-bottom block 14.175 acres.

KM. (Quairading), EJ3. (Bunbury),

6.A.B. (South Perth), J.C.C. (Leeder . .ville), and- J.O.- (Perth) : Wt have al- ready dealt fully with the "John Bull" . sweep/tte promoters of which are

now. on the postal prohibited list.

Have nothing to do with it.

J.E.M. (Perth) : The verse ,of poetry

. screened at the Shaftesbury Theatre

a week ago is as "follows:

"The charm of life that all men seek, The joy of love "they prize.

Is only, found one place on earth, In woman's soul and eyes."

Misceu^neoos.- ^rátinued PADDY: X¿sl "winston Churchill, Ibo ' FírstrLórd t»f the Admiralty, is iden-?

tTêal with the Wiiubton'Ghürchni who' acted as* war correspondent during the South African war. ...

l^THRJE^^KatanArig> : Á-^óod naí£

paper. tóí write to Wöiüd3ie~fhe I'JSfW Zealand ; Li:%eraid," v&uçïnSInd,

yon- pteier sa. weeMy/párierí"*wtíte to the ftWW?-.T.ri '^eeklyjííews.'í-aárhich is published ^svery Thjisday-SsJ

AJAjC»-<Gonîèh\ Valley/: The*area ot

the land'as per sketch plan submit- ted is approximately 822.6a. As ne angles -or diagonals are given it is impossible to, give a more accurate answer, hui yon will probably find it' sufficient for "practical J»nrposes.

INQUIRER: According to the Act; a

cheque may be presented at any. time within 12 months after the date drawn. If a cheque be presented after this tune 'has elapsed .the .hank - lias the! option of retaking to honor

it, and returning it as a "stale


CT.A.: The English mail has never

once during the last twelve months arrived at Fremantle before Tues- day. During 1911, however, one of the boats put in an appearance on : Monday. The weekly Kn gi i sh -hound mail arrives at Fremantle on Mon-j

- day and Tuesday alternately.

4&WÀj$aàê&mWÊÏi ëection ïef bXi

. the Roads Board Act gives you. the i

right to. stop-wood carters taking'the wood, .and it would Joe as weil to make a -claim for compensation.-The board.-can.only take, .-without, giving compensation, material from J the ; block.' which . abuts "the land for

which the material Ss wanted.

QUEECHY: - The party you mention

.has. a -plantation ip, Ceylon, both of

-' tjea and rubber. ..'His plantation, is in

the hUis between Kandy and Nuwara Etiya. "Uplands" is'only the packet - -name «f~a brand of .tea. . The .plan-

tation of the Uplands'Teóide; is also : in the -hüls -around Sandy, so pro - bably the party's plantation is in the

vicinity. ' . - 'v; NEW CHUM (Lake YeaUering): The

Government has the power to resume one-twentieth of_ your_ homestead - without'payment"under sectioniSiof

the Land. Act 'fair,- valué is always paid; ^-howevéTí^tor *äiny improve- ments. - Would ïsidvisé? you ¿to write' to>tb.e? Under.TSecrétáry.Áf^^TáadsV Perth and. give particulars of im- provements on land resumed, toge- ther with, the amount claimed.

.AJELB. (Fremantle) : If you are desir-

ous .of obtaining'' the patent Tights of the process you mention you should.interview a patent agent, as . it- will be'iadvisable J» lay-the full

particulars before him' and obtain expert advice. The process, how- ever, may not be "patentable. J. F. Cohigrave br E.' Sparrow, " both ol Perth, are patent attorneys, and could supply you with full -particu-


P-MJu. (Dalwallinu): The land whicl

yon say "'?you ^ngbt-^from^äie' parry mentioned is-still in his [wife's name,

and when the land was required foi resumption purposes she would-get notice. ; The Pablic:_-Works': resumed '.l üö* 5-roods 8 peaches. '3Srhen-.yos bought, the land you ;couJd not Tiav« registered;,the transfer, or yóu'woulí have become aware of the resump- tion. The land was resumed on No- vember. 7, 1913.

J.OÍ: The., substance on the "top o!

. syrup on preserved peaches is pro-

bably a combination of a scun which occurs naturally in boiling ant a crystallisation of sugar, and scun which may appear on the surfaei should be carefully skimmed off be- fore' bottling. - From your descrip- tion ..we" hot think it can be dui to any form of mildew, but if yoi will send us a. sample we will bi able to advise you more definitely.

WATCHDOG: Mr. J. B. Holman

M.T..A, draws an annual fee fron the Fires Brigade Board'of £25. Th« regular meeting ot the ' board ls oho

. a'month. Besides this there are vari,

ous committee meetings, of whicl -Mr. Holman does not attend all In 1912 Mr. Holman attended 21 meetings (general and committee) out of .a possible 56, .and during 191! he attended . 25' meetings out of i possible 55 meetings. There an three State butchers' shops in th< metropolitan area and none at all ii 1 the country.

Miscellaneous - Continued

FAHMEE (Katanning); The contents

of dam as per measurements given are 664 cubic yards.

TANK (East Narrogin) : (1) The con-

tents of partly-excavated tank are 1994 cubic yards. (2) The contents of tank are 453 cubic yards.

ROCKY 'BAX: We don't run relisions

controversies in ibis paper. Always glad to see'people who have 'Sot something to say.

--About the easiest way td send money,' to -England . would be by a money, order. li the amount is unly a couple of shillings you could for- ward it by means of International coupons, obtainable at any post office. ?I¿GHT QF. THE AGE: The opossums

? seized after the recent prosecution

were taken charge of by the Pish eries Department and subsequently .liberated in -King's Park. The skins ., ¿. were, confiscated, .ahd^/thé depart-

ment had them sold iñ landon, the. proceeds going to the credit of-the

- .State.-.- .-. ; - ??.¿¡^??a^^n...

TRAINEE: All »"-caniâàtes;;î4vtalified

" and promotions will appear in. régl- ementai order rNoT14-,nójv-in printing, nsönly »hef vacancy* «àcfisfcs.. in ^ork at

- present. Cadet officers/hold ño au-

thority, in the Citizen rEorces; but may be- attached to »die Citizen

Forces /or, instruction "to. give them I i iexnerienie -and^' in | r.;"'*their=:prdíessTóñ¿l, duties.. ' _. -i ^SAXSÓLjfM^ÍFSfi: (via Brooinenill):

* ^Xóh .witiFhaxte to-îêt us know .rf-what" *. .'cnSWcf'-fhelots are.; Please;istate

whether they are in the Kojonup or the Plantagenet district.*" After a careful search, through -sEveral-plans we-were able to find Block 2294, but -there was no sign of Block 65Ö2. .any- where ^iiear it There'ií w¿ land -.1" anywhere around Block -2234 , .vacant ' "There" are two blocks-5362 and 2492 ¡ -next to each other. These "'may be i the .blocks you mean. ; - '.i . _

INTERESTED (Menzies) : The; Gov-

ernment Poultry Expert (Mr.-O. All- man) says he . has never heard of formalin being used to give laying - hens so that they may 'produiSê' eggs

which, will keep. for months. " The \- Stock Inspector '(Mr. A.-M"K.: Clark)

says that "formalin is extracted from wood^by distillation, and 'that "it un- doubtedly .possesses tojác (poison «us)-as well ais antiseptic properties, -Sand; it would-be-hi ost u^iwise-to ad

! .minister tt to fowls. In any": case,

tfiá-e'WouId he"nó pos5ibilitj-;=of ifs haying the effect mentioned even if

it did not poison the fowls.

A-J.G. (Merredin): (1) Practically

speaking, the Yilgarn gold rush took place in 188S. In November*. 18*7, the Anstey party discovered- gold bearing quartz near ? the Yilgarn Hills, Paine being the first tq';see the gold. Somewhere about this time Colreavy, with á'.party; also.discov ": eredrgoirr in this district. The gold

- field was proclaimed oh October 1,

1888. In 1892 the Government awarded H. Anstey £600 and Col- reavy and Huggins £250 each for I the discovery of the Yilgarn, gold-

fields. (2)\. To be a detective a person needs - some; .preliminary training, and in most cases detec- tives are drafted from- the- police force. The Chief Inspector would ?be the person to apply- to, and the application must be made -in the usual way. The wages of a ..detec- tive begin at 13/ a dar. but . those of a beginner or probationer begin at 6/6 a day.. A special examination as regards height, strength, - and chest measurement must be passed by the applicant

M^ellaneous - Continued

READER: Nb. The £2 per annum

license' is not necessary for kanga- roos, but for the killing of _. game other «nan marsupials- .' - -~ "?

BROOM BUSH - (KwoUyinn) : The

Lianas Department say that the sum of -£l«/12/6' was received" On Féiï Tùary 26, anti'.that. a *eeeipt> '."wes* posted to you at Kellerberrin on that date.. A duplicate -receipt will- Hue posted to you by the department, aä dressed. to KwoTryinn. : . -'..- "q

M.R.: The "eplit-infimtíve'' is'caused

when another-worn or other .words are placed between-the sign of the .. infinitive '"to" íand the verb itself,

as "to still go,1" "to" readily fight" To avoid .the "spHt-ihffnitive" these phrases " should .be rendered "to. BO still," "tofight readily.* i v ' '?

CUBALLING: The most popular the-

ory as "tb 'Mw origin'of ' April 'Fool's' ?Day ls .'that Christmas Day used to come on March 25, and- April" ! was its octave, when its festivities and "merriment " cuunlnated aha ended.

On. .April ~i - in .'times gone hy the ; "greiamorns".-were sent to landon "to see the lions, .washed/'

GERALDINE (Subiaco) : It is not pos-

sible -for you to obtain a refund, ott your .deposit from the Lands .Depart- ment As there is plenty''bf really first-class land' 'being thrown' open for s<3eCÜóh* ¿víá-jr". week" Ve would ? advise you to write -to the- Under- secretary for Lands, Perth, and ask lum to do what he can to get you a good blocK We think if you adopt this course yon will find the Lands . Department will do" everything they

can to help you. to "get the land you require. ?'? '

BOOMER (East Narrogin): East Nar» . ' rogfn is within a kangaroo reserve,,

"and the larger «variety of kangaroo can only be shot for .food purposes >?* hy holders of licenses.- Brush and

the smaller-varieties can be shot for . food .purposes without.a license, but

a license must be obtained .by .those shooting them for their skins;'" Li- censes can be obtained from -the Fisheries 'Department free of charge. '" Royalties are collected at the ports.

Particulars of the game regulations,. We might mention, were published by us recently. <

AN IMMIGRANT (Mullewa) : We have

' inquired into the case you mention. "-. Añ engineer In charge who has just

returned from- the construction line assures us that "a. mah-without a . certificate would not be employed.

If One was engaged >the'1 unions "" would, caise the complaint' that men

- with "certificates were being kept out - of their work .hy.uncertificated men. . The department, is making" inqui - ries if a man of the'name you give

is working" on the line, _ahd whether

i he has a certificate or not" We will

probably know definitely nest week, and you'may look for an answer in these columns...

HAWKES NEST: (1) A dog of either

sex should be registered after it at- tains the age of three months. (2) The roads and reserves branch of the Lands Department have- control of the' reserve your, mention. (3) If on a timber reserve . a . permit to.cut posts for fencing cari te ob . fained from the Forestry Depart- ment, Perth, but if on Crown lands a permit can be obtained by applying to the Lands Department, Perth- We. understand that the department does .. not rigidly enforce the .regulations

with regard to - obtaining a license if the poste cut on. Crown lands are used to fence in a holding. If you wish to cut posts on" a timber' re- serve it would be advisable to, get a


JARRAH: We have made numerous

inquiries with regard to your ques ? tion as to the greatest draught of

water . by any boat afloat but wc have. been unable to get any really definite, or authentic informa-. tion that would meet with your re- quirements. It would appear from the latest available records that the White Star liner Olympic . ls the deepest merchant ship afloat She I is S52ft long, 92ft broad and 59ft

deep. There are no records of what she or any other ship .draws either loaded or unloaded. . The German steamship Imperator, .'though 52,117 tons, is only 57f£ deep. The Aqui tania, 48,000 tons, and the Vaterland, 56,000 tons, were not finished, nor . were their dimensions given when

rthe latest publication on the subject was compiled.

--? -.....^ Miscellaneous - Continued

.A-A.A.; These are known as "half-

tone"'blocks. The price for a half-" tone block taken from a postcard would bc about S/6.

WAGER Otana):"Private W. Hawking,

-of.', the 4Sth Highlanders;1 - Tjoronto, Canada, won the King's Prize at the Bigley'competition, -ISIS.'.'- .

.tTtJ&RAii;Albany):'Particulars regard-

ing the propagation of camellias are published in the "Farmers' Ex- change" section ori'rpajge 2S in -this issue of "The-Sunday Times."

SEARCHLIGHT: Tour best plan

would he to write to one of the j - suppliers of "optical'- and similar re- j

.quSçites advertising in this paper, j We doubt if any of them has a 6in. -j diameter magnifying. glass in stock, j but one could'be procured ior rou. j -A-3'.A.K. {Korrelocking) : Your .appliea-. j

'. Hon -fop land has .been approved, and j -la notice -of-a^próv-ál-.-hás béeh post-"j

Jed_t:» .you. JU you-have" net received j " 1tbe""hotIce of approval firpm . the j ; I^ands Department- by this~swe would , ,'. advise you to . write- to the'Cnder-l ! .Secretary for Lands,Perth; advising J

; hint ito this' (effect! .and request ^Ehjtt^a/J

duplicate -notice-be sent you." Xn any t

i-aae, your position is "quite secure, as.] : .your appUcaöon has been ^proved. '

-C-F. ZG^m^Ütó^?^^ÍoWÍá¿ value!

-- of the ^çtOrla SCrpss 4s £10, and - - 'theamount- ifccarries is £5 per year. ? .jfor'every fear .gained. If a man dis-"

- anguishes himself a. second timé ie

does net get Another medal, but' an- other bar added to -Ms- original medaT/ There ls nothing equivalent to the V.C" thé Distinguished Ser- viceMedal being" next' in' honor. -The warrant in connection with -the de-

coration makes ho rule for .troops " presenting arms .¡ar saluting ' a."1

..wearer of the Victoria Cross. ' "

F.W.S. (Mullewa) : The thirty shillings

which .you sent to procure yoar,title deed went to the accounts branch of.

the Lapds Department ..There was a sam of ,Ï6s. ewing to that branch -to complete-.: the . purchase,. and they - deducted Oils amount from the 30s.

- --^The remainder they credited to your:

balance on .another lease: A voucher for 30s. was sent on to thc Inspec " fiori Department^ the T6hdsOffice, F and was mislaid. -Another (a dupli-

cate) was forwarded to the Inspec- tion Department -oh Friday, and the necessary*, formalities - completed, and you should obtain your tide within about a fortnight


The lands Department say your ap- plication for land was approved in December, 1913, and that a notice of "approval was posted to you on De-

cember SO, 191S, According to the Hands* Act one quarter's rent was . therefore chargeable as' from Octo-

ber. A. half-year's rent was there

' fore due in March this year. As the.

approval of your application was published In the "Government Ga- zette" and Ole Lands Department say notice, of approval was posted to you, wc are afraid nothing can be done in the'matter, and unless you pay the rent due your blocks are liable to forfeiture. 7 If you have any means' of proving that au approval ! - was not sent to you until March by

-the Lands Department; it re pos- sible the Lands Department might be willing tn consider the question of deferring rent; hut personally, we do -not think it is probable.. If the facts are as' stated hy you, you have cer- tainly not been, treated properly, but ct the same time we would -not ad- vise you to throw up your-land be- cause of this, for you would lose con- siderably by doing so.