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HIGH WATER THIS DAY.- Morning, 7.41 ; after-

noon, 8.18.  


Java, barque, 650 tons, L. E. Almgren, from Gofio     9th August. No passengers. Wilshin and Leighton, agents.    

Alhambra, s.s., 1,000 tons, J. McLean, from Otago   16th inst., via the Bluff 17th inst. Passengers - cabin;, Mrs. Comben, Mrs. Eastwood, Messrs. G. Thompson, Swanston, Maddock, Prince, Caro, Dick- son, Eastwood, McKenzie, A. Cummings, W. Cum-   mings, Gallpen, and McKellar ; and thirty in the steerage. McMeckan, Blackwood, and Co., agents

Charles Edward, s.s., A. N. Darby, from Gipps   Land Lakes 20th inst. Gipps Land S. N. Company agents.

Aldinga, s.s., 901 tons, J. Stewart, from Adelaide   22nd inst. Passengers — cabin : Sir J. H. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Daly. Mr. and Mrs. Thrupp, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Dodson, Mrs Ryan, Miss Ryan, Miss Styles, Miss Peckham, Miss Hancock, Messrs. C. B. Fisher, W. Fisher, Ryan, King, Payne, Rivaz, McEllister, R Negus, Riley, Turner, Styles, Henderson, Hemmons, Sawtell, Dumoller ; and thirty three in the steerage McMeckan, Blackwood and Co.,


Dec. 24.

Edina, s.s., J. T. Rolls, from Portland 22nd inst. Passengers — cabin : Mrs. and Misses Doolan (two), Mrs. Denny, Mr. and Mrs. Dargueville, Miss Clarke, Miss Walker and child, Messrs. Ross and Steane S. G. Henty, agent.

Western, s.s., 226 tons, W. Lucas, from Portland, Port Fairy, and Warrnambool 23rd inst. Passengers -cabin : Mrs. Hollick and two children ; Mrs. Cham- bers, child, and servant; Captain Henderson, Mrs. and Miss McLeish, Mr. and Mrs. Manley, Misses Langtree, Monteith, and Grier ; Messrs. Geo. Mackay, J. Good, Hervey, Ross, W. B. Jackson, G. Mann, Tucker, Roycroft, J. C. Smith, D. McNicoll, and thirty-four in the steerage. S. G. Henty, agent.

Ant, s.s.,- R. G. A. Pearce, from Port Albert 23rd inst. Passengers — saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Peck and servant, Miss Horden, Miss Monger, Miss Broadfoot, Miss Winter, Miss Johnson, Miss McKenzie, Rev. J. B. Smith, Messrs. Aspinwall, McDermott, Eyrel, Lawrence, Bond, McCoy, Dance, Kemp, Master Coulson : and eighteen in the steerage. Gipps Land Steam Navigation Company, agents.

DEC 25.

Albion, O. S. S. Co.'s H.M.S.S., 700 tons, E. Kidney, from Otago 18th inst, via the Bluff 19th inst. Pas- sengers — saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Macarthur, Mrs. Miller and family (two), Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Pike, Miss Rose, Miss Shaw, Miss Campbell, Miss McSwiney, Messrs. Doyne, Ross, Parsons, Har- rison,. Fordham, Campbell, Bennett, Yates, Flan- nigan, Watson, Robertson; and thirty-two in the steerage J. McLachlan, agent.

Ellora, P. aud O. Co 's R.M.s.s., 1,070 tons, N. J.   Skottowe, commander, from Sydney 22nd inst. Pas-   sengers — saloon : for Melbourne - Mr. and Mrs. K. Landale, Captain and Mrs. F. W. Purcell, and female servant ; Dr. and Mrs. J. McLean, Miss M. Beit, Messrs. W. Forlonge, M. Mitchell, G. Kirk, K. Stuart, F. O. Southerden, J. W. Johnson, Master Massie, W. Kellick, and A. Sutherland. For Mar- seilles - Major Saltmarsh, Messrs. J. J. Jemeson, W. Henderson. W. Bertin, H. S. Harden, W. Hemment, S. W. Radcliffe, W. Beit, P. Hobson, J. Solepoir, and W. E. Hulbert. For Southampton - Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie and two children, and Mr. J. Vitch. For King George's Sound - Messrs. C. F. Borwick, J. Baikie, and Master C. Clifton. For Hong Kong Mr. and Mrs. C. Storey, Jun. For Galle-Mrs. N. J. Skottowe. J. Sparkes, agent.

City of Melbourne, A.S.N. Co.'s s.s., 1,000 tons, D. Walker, from Sydney 22nd inst. Passengers — saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths, Miss Griffiths, and two children ; Mesdames P. Morrison, Allard, Wilmot, J. A. Graham ; Misses J. Brown, A. Brown, Simson, and Wye; Messrs. J. H. Greville, Hooper, J. Banks, J.  

P. Cooper, Godfrey, Downthorne, R. Driver, W. Dawes, S. C. Brown, A. Melhade, E. Emanuel, Hellyer, R. Rowe, W. Martin, Captain Watson, Messrs.   E. Roy, A. Budge, J. E. Weedon, Emanuel, Judge Cheeke and Mr. S. Cheeke, Messrs. J. Tait, R Hogan, W. Forrest, jun , Hy. Moses, Hill, S. Samuel, A. C. Maxwell, A. Wright, B. Thompson, J. H. Plunkett, Dr. Bellisario, Messrs. W. E Tynam, W. Peterson, S. White, Harrison, Sullivan, W. Walker, R. Morrison, G. S. Lang, Caldwell, Caple and Ross ; and thirty-five in the steerage. W. P. Willie and Co., agents.

You Yangs, s.s., 500 tons, Thomas Hesselton, from Sydney 21st. inst. Passengers - cabin : Mrs. Caperon, Messrs Robb, Williams, Rowley, Barney, Moor, T. P.   Smith, Douglass, Jackson, Lee, Devoy, Master Walter Smith, Master Frank Smith ; and twenty-four in the   steerage. W. H. Smith, agent.

Sam Cearns, ship, 1,1422 tons, J. Chambers, from Liverpool 27th September, Passengers-cabin: Mr.   and Miss Wardrop, Miss Mooney, Captain E. G. Swin- ton, Mrs. Swinton, and family (four); Miss Barrow, and three Sisters of Mercy; Revs. C. Quin, D. O'Reilly,   Messrs, R. Strang, J. Brown, Darrack, H. Paget, W. R. Miller; and 280 in the intermediate and steerage Lorimer, Marwood, and Rome, agents.

Nil Desperandum, brig, 276 tons, H. M. Downing, from Hong Kong October 20. Passenger — Mr, Sey- mour. Wilkinson Brothers and Co., agents.


Mediator, ship, 1,069 tons, - Macaulay, for London. Rubicon, brig, 198 tons, W. Hoseason, for New-


Seabird, barque, 265 tons, for Newcastle.

CLEARED OUT. - Dec. 23.

Black Swan, s.s., 207 tons, W. H. Saunders, for Launceston. Dalrymple and Hudson, agents.

City of Adelaide, s.s. 615 tons, Benjamin Paddle, for Sydney. W. P. White and Co., agents.

Elizabeth, barque, 263 tons, Wm. Gilfillan, for New-  

castle, in ballast. Joshua Brothers and Co., agents.

Pioneer, brig, 158 tons, G. A. Hyde, for Newcastle. in ballast. A. Woolley and Nephew, agents.

William Watson, barque, 384 tons, M. Moran, for Newcastle, in ballast. J. L. and C. Burke, agents.

Trossachs, barque, 340 tons, John Tosach, for Guam, in ballast. Fanning, Nankivell, and Co.,


Yarrow, brig, 229 tons, F. W. Focken, for Newcastle. J. C. Ellis and Co., agents.

Goldseeker, brig, 149 tons, P. Bradburn, for Sydney, in ballast. W. Owston and Co.,agents.

Frey, barque, 183 tons, H. P. Houson, for Sydney, in ballast. H. P. Houson, agent.

Jeanie Dove, schooner, 103 tons, V. Wright, for Port Frederick via Portland. Pigott Brothers and Co., agents.

Bessie, barque, 262 tons, Charles Laverty, for New- castle, in ballast. Francis and McPherson, agents.

Meander, barque, 377 tons, Thomas Grierson, for Newcastle, in ballast. James Lawrence, agent.  

White Star, ship, 2,339 tons, John Kerr, for Lon- don. Passengers - saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Martin and family (three), Mrs Jackson, Master Jack- son, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Guinness, Mrs. Kelly, Miss Lahman, Miss Thompson, Major Holmes, Messrs. W. Chambers, J. H. McIllraith, W. H. Cheesman, James Lyle and Charles Cowell ; and seventeen in the second   cabin. Lorimer, Marwood, and Rome, agents.

Rangitoto, s.s., 440 tons, H. Harris, for Hokitika, and other New Zealand ports. Charles Lewis and

Co, agent.

Barwon, s.s., 311 tons, J. Lawrie, for Hokitika Nelson, and Wellington. McCallum, Neill, and Co.,



FOR LONDON. — Annie Wilson, 10th January; Media- tor, 17th January ; Macduff, 20th January; White Star, 20th December ; Champion of the Seas, 2nd January ; Norfolk, 20th January; Suffolk, 3rd Febru- ary ; Donald Mackay, 25th January ; Chariot of Fame,  

20th January.

For LIVERPOOL . — Royal Standard, about 15th Feb-


For OTAGO.- African Maid, early ; Alhambra, 28th December ; Albion, 28th December.

For HOKITIKA.-Maid of Erin, Stormbird, Lady Darling, Georgina Smith, Mary, early; Trader, early; Gothenburg, 27th December; Albion, early.

For GREY RIVER. — Lady Darling, Highlander, Maid

of Erin, Sisters, early.

FOR SYDNEY. — City of Melbourne, 28th December.

For WELLINGTON. — Jeannie Dove, early; Albion,

28th December.

FOR ADELAIDE. — Aldinga, 29th Decemberr; Penola, 28th December; Coorong, 3rd January.

For NELSON. — Jeanie Dove, early ; Gothenburg,

27th December.  

FOR LAUNCESTON. — Mercury, early; Havilah, 28th


For DUNEDIN. — African Maid, early ; Mary Hamil-

ton, early,

FOR HOBART TOWN. — Derwent, 3rd January.

FOR CANTERBURY. — Alhambra, 28th December; Rangitoto, this day.

FOR PORT ALBERT. — Petrel, early ; Ant, 28th De-


FOR TARANAKI. — Jeannie Dove, early.

FOR BELFAST. — Lady Robilliard, 27th December.

FOR INVERCARGILL — Rebecca, 27th December ; Mary Hamilton, Jane, early.

FOR PORTLAND. — Edina, this day ; Western, 27th


For BRISBANE. — Harriet Armitage, 27th Decem-



FOR WARRNAMBOOL AND PORT FAIRY. — Western, 27th December ; Melbourne, early,    

For SALE. — Isabella, early.

For GALLE — Royal Edward. 28th December.

FOR PORT MACDONNELL. — Flying Squirrel, early.

IMPORTS. — Dec, 23.

Java, from Gefie. — 728 3-12 dozen deals and battens, Wilshin and Leighton ; 638 bars iron, Capt. Almgren.

Alhambra, from Otago. — 6 cases drapery, Watson and Sons ; 390 bags flour, J. L and C. Burke ; 3 packages, J. Caro ; 10 bags, Union Bank ; 4 cases, E.

Barnes; 102 bags wheat, 433 bags flour, Order; 2 boxes, containing 2,948oz. 12dwt. gold, Union Bank ; and 2 boxes, containing 1,793oz, Bank New South


Dec. 21.

Edina, s.s., from Portland. — 190 bales wool, 6 bales sheepskins, 2 cases, Moore, Hawthorn, and Co. ; 1 case, Miss Richardson ; 22 bales wool, S. G. Henty ; 380 bales wool. Cuningham and Macredie ; 42 hides, R Goldsbrough and Co. ; 76 hides, Mathews ; 1   waggon, Lord and Co.

Western, s s., from Portland, Port Fairy, and Warr- nambool. — 78 bales wool, Lord and Co. ; 3 rams, G. O. Darbyshire; 1 parcel, Miss Farquharson; 1 case, Paterson, Ray, and Co. ; 1 case, B. Peardon ; 20 bales wool, J. H. Clough and Co. ; 92 bales wool, 412 bags polatoes, W, Hardy and Co, ; 14 bags potatoes, O'Neil ; 28 bags potatoes, Robt. Robinson ; 1 hhd., 6 cases. 3 bales, 1 bundle buchets, 3 bundles wash- boards, Levy Brothers ; 31 pigs, Mawbey , 9 packages, Manley ; 18 packages, Order ; 4 bales wool, R. Goldsbrough and Co. ; 15 bales wool, Cuningham and Macredie; 80 bales wool, O. Tondeur and Co. ; 1 horse, P. H. Smith ; 3 packages, J. Collins ; 9 kegs butter, Glassford ; 13 packages, 11 kegs butter. Order; 20 bags potatoes, 16 kegs butter, 4 cases, 2 crates fowls, W. Lawrence ; 8 cases cheese, 4 crates, W. Bailey ; 200 lambs, Powers, Rutherford, and Co. ;

6 pigs, Sweenie.

Aldinga. s.s., from Adelaide. — 511 cakes 350 tiles copper, Hayward and Co.; 254 bags wheat, Order;       303 boxes candles, Order; 421 bags wheat, H Sharpe; 100 bags flour, Order- 213 packages. Do Pass Brothers ; 2 kegs nails, Briscoe and Co. ; 1 bundle wire, 1 case fruit, Middlecoat; 2 quarter-casks, 1 bag, Knowles; quantity lead, Order; 50 bags flour, Sharpe; 54 packages, C Watson ; 1 package, Clapp ;   44 boxes fruit Pitt; 12 boxes fruit, Turner; 1 Angora goat, Dellistier ; 20 boxes fruit. Order ; 41 boxes fruit, 10 boxes fruit, 260 rams, Fisher ; 1 bale, Weaver and Co. ; 2 cases, Mailer and Co. ; 2 bags wheat and oats, 42 cases fruit, Wilson Hardy and Co. ; 5 cases fruit, Pitt ; 2 packages drapery, Sargood, King, and Sargood ; 2 packages drapery, King and

Parsons ; 1 case wine, Gotch ; 1 case wine. Ferr ; 94, boxes fruit. Pitt ; 10 boxes fruit, 1 quarter-cask wine, Peake ; 25 cases fruit, 65 bags flour, R.

Smith and Co. ; 5686 bags wheat and flour, Roxburgh and Co. ; 4 hhds. eggs. Schmidt.

Dec. 25.  

Albion, s.s., from Otago. — 1 case books, Union Bank ; 1 bale drapery, Miss Carpenter ; 2 cases clocks, P.

Falk and Co.; 2 cases stationery, D. Tallerman; 1 case, Youngman and Co. ; 1 case, Fallensteln and Co.; 780 bags flour, McCullum, Neill, and Co. ; 28 bales wool, Dalgety and Co. ; 1 bale     wool, T. Fordham ; 3 boxes containing 2,985oz. Odwt. ; Ogr. gold, Bank New South Wales ; 6 boxes contain- ing 5,763oz. 1dwt. 2gr. gold, Oriental Bank.  

You Yangs, s.s, from Sydney. — 530 tons coal, Burke ; 480 bags maize, Bailey: 72 bags oysters, Westernport Oyster Company ; 6 bags oysters, Hutchinson ; 31 packages produce, 18B2 bags maize, Garent ; 186 ingots lead, 9 cases hats, 61 casks resin, 2 trunks boots, 1 parcel, 100 pigs, 2 horses, Order.

City of Melbourne, s.s., from Sydney. — 26 bags seed, Law, Sowner, and Co. ; 1 case samples, Sargood and Co. ; 1 parcel, Oswald ; 6 cases wine, Graham Brothers ; 4 cases wine, G. R. Caldwell ; 89 cases fruit, K. Allen ; 10 casks butter, T. Russell ; 3 bags oysters, Order; 17 bags fish, Sun Gong Own and Co. ; 100 bags maize, Order ; 1 hhd. 6 quarter-casks sherry, 73 quarter-casks brandy, Bligh and Harbottle; 1 package, H. Fourcade ; 2 packages, A. Touret ; 98 casks resin, R. A. Fitch ; 18 bags barley, W. Law- rence ; 1 hhd. wine, De Pass Brothers and Co. ;  

6 casks beef, W. Harrison; 1 chest, 1 bundle, T. Napier ; 2 cases plants, Dr. Mueller ; 70 cases fruit,, McRoberts ; 257 cases fruit, Johnson ; 1 keg tongues, Deputy Commissary-General Horne ; 40 bales bags, order ; 1 parcel, Kasner and Moss ; 1 parcel, W. J. Greig and Co. ; 12 casks tallow, E. N. Binney and Co. ; 18 casks tallow, G. Martin and Co. ; 20 casks tallow, F. Lamb ; 10 cases hams and 2 cases milk, Collins and Co. ; 4 casks boef, W. Harrison; 54 cases fruit, R. Allon ; 1 parcel, Clarson and Co. ; 21 boxes tobacco, order ; 1 parcel H. Box and Co. ; 6 kegs butter, T. Russell ; 1 case fruit, M. Hervey ; 63 casks arsenic, J. Abrahams ; 40 bags oysters, 17 cases fruit, 3 kegs butter, M. Sayer ; 20 Kegs butter, 1 case cheese. Sheahan ; 133 cases fruit, 29 bags oysters, O. Hutchings ; 1 parcel, W. P. White and Co. ; 802 bags maize, T. Wright ; 76 cases starch, order ; 1 case ice, Hammell and Gregory ; 1 case ice,Scott's Hotel; 1 case, trunk. Taylor, Brabant Brothers; 148 cases fruit, 10 bags onions, Saville and Tong ; 8bags oysters, J. Chesire     12 bags oysters, R. Heard ; 36 bags maize, T. Wright ; 93 bags onions, C, Curtis ; 105 bags barley, W. Bailey ; 4 bags maize,T. Wright; 1 parcel, superintendent Bank of Australasia ; 271 bags maize, R. Garrett ; 222 bags maize, J. Irving ; 3 bags oysters, Saville and Tong.

Nil Desperandum, from Hong Kong. — 1 case, A. Lincoln ; 11 bags gypsum, 50 half-chests tea, 20 boxes tea, 10 packages tobacco, 60 bundles fire crackers, 4 boxes curiosities, 4 tubs chinaware, 40 boxes eggs, 20 baskets ginger, 2 boxes pipes, 13 packages paper, 6 boxes shoes, 12 packages medicines, 2,000 packages

chow chow, Order.

EXPORTS_Dec. 28.    

1 Black Swan, s s., for Launceston. - 23 chests 52 half chests tea, 97 bags 34 barrels sugar, 1 case lemon-peel, 1 case citron, 10 kegs tobacco, 1 bundle scythes, 5 packages hardware, 83 packages drapery, 1 case saddles, 1 case cutlery, 1 case spoons, 3 cases fancy   ware, 2 cases combs, 1 case pens, 1 case curtains, 1 bundle spokes, 80 bars 10 bundles iron, 1 bundle bent timber, 1 roll duck, 1 bundle mures, 6 bundles buckets, 2 packages tin goods, 1 case machinery, 9,000 gunny bags, 2 cases silks, 1 case paper, 60 pieces timber, 24 packages empty sacks.

Jeannie Dove, for Port Frederick.-1 crate bottles, 1 bag corks, 10 hhds. ale, 1 cask glass, 10 casks sugar, 2 hhds. 1 quarter-cask rum, 25 casks bottled beer, 2 quarter-casks brandy, 1 barrel whiskey, 4 cases old tom, 8 bundles galvanised iron, 22 bales woolpacks, 12 packages merchandise

City of Adelaide, s.s., for Sydney. - 50 cases schnapps, 2 boxes tea, 14 barrels raisins, 50 cases whiskey, 1 case cigars, 1 box tobacco, 8 axle-arms, 80 bags coffee, 4 packages glassware, 1 case plants, 4 cases books, 2 packages chinaware, 1 case clothing, 1 case stationery, 7 bars stool, and part of original cargo

for Adelaide.  

Rangitoto, s.s., for Hokitika and other Now Zealand Ports.-26 bags 1 barrel 9 casks coffee, 95 chests 297 half-chests 40 boxes tea, 2 hhds. 10 quarter-casks port wine, 8 half-tierces 6 kegs 87 packages tobacco, 10 quarter-casks 20 kegs treacle, 8 cases cigars, 10 half- casks whiskey, 40 cases claret, 10 barrels currants, 100 cases brandy, 1 coils, 1 cask lead pipe, 1 case, 32 packages drapery and clothing, 34 packages boots, 4 packages drugs, 1 ton soap, 3 drums oil, 37 kegs nails, 23 packages hardware, 30 cases salad oil, 3 drums oil, 29 boxes pegs, 7 chains, 20 packages tinplates, 8 cases stationery, 1 package private effects, 30 cases sago, 40 cases sheep dip, 3 hhds. oil, 6 cases sewing-machines, 2 cases leather cloth, 1 bale leather, 20 bags rice, 6 cases coffee finings, 3 bottles quicksilver, 59 cases onions, 40 bags potatoes, 4 cases fancy goods, 10 cases pipes, 48 cases agricultural im- plements, 10 boxes effects, 1 case photographic goods.

White Star, for London. - 6,046 bales wool, 10 bales sheepskins, 1,585 bags bark, 6,582 bags cooper ore, 7 bales skins, 11 bales woollens, 1 packages effects, and 5 boxes containing 6,661oz. 8dwt. gold.

Barwon, s.s., for Hokitika, Nelson, and Wellington. -10 packages tobacco, 12 chests tea, 2 bales tents, 14 packages drapery, 2 cases cigars, 1 bale drugget, 10 packages printing materials, 1 bundle copper, 5 packages hardware, 10 grindstones, 1 saw, 10 kegs iron, 1 boiler, 1 case vestas, 1 case sundries, 3 castings, 1 case paper, 429 bags sugar, 6 coils ropes, 18 cases slops. For Hokltika-2 bales tents, 6 cases drapery, 1 cases sundries. For Grey River - 10 tanks malt, 20 chests 100 boxes tea, 3 quarter-casks 60 cases brandy, 50 cases porter, 4 quarter-casks whiskey, 7 quarter barrels apples, 32 packages refined sugar, 4 cases bacon, 100 bags oats, 4 bottles quicksilver, 5 cases cheese, 2 cases preserved meats, 60 bags maize, 6 cases   kerosene, 22 boxes soap.- 2 orates bottles, 20 cases jams, 1 case axehandles, 3 cases axes, 3 cases lobsters,

2 bales sailcloth, 1 bale calico, 10 packages hardware, 11 packages preserved fish, 5 cases ironmongery, 1 case perambulators, 46 cases saws, 1 cask chains. For Nelson -60 bags sugar, 440 bags rice, 31 boxes soap, 60 half-chests tea, 2 coils wire rope, 12 bolts copper, 2 fire grates, 6 cases confectionery.



Dec 18. — Wild Wave, from Sydney.


Dec. 8.- Crishna, for Hobart Town. Dec. 10.- Indus, for Sydney.



Dec. 14. - Chile, from London.


Dec. 12. - Adeline Burke, for Newcastle,



Dec 13. - Ella Gladstone, from Melbourne.


Dec. 14. - Zephyr, for Newcastle, N.S.W.




Edina, s.s., from Portland.

Alhambra, s.S., from Otago.

Charles Edward, s s., from Sale. Excellent, put back.

H.M. cutter Loelia, from Western Port.

SAILED -- DEC 23 Coorong, s.s., for Adelaide. Yarra, for Newcastle

Glendower, for London. Abbey, for Hokitika

Rambler, for Hokitika

Elizabeth, for Circular Head. Excellent. for Akyab.

Alexandra, s.s., for Sydney.

City of Adelaide, s s., for Sydney.



Dec. 23. - Western, s.s., from Portland.


Dec. 23. — Western s.s., for Melbourne.

PORT OF BELFAST. Dec. 23. — Wind S.W., light.


Dec. 23. — Western, s.s., and Ceres, schooner, for




Dec. 22. — Rangatira, from Gladstone; Derwent, from Adelaide ; Kate, from Auckland.

Dec. 23. — Souchays, from Melbourne.


Doe 22 — Rifleman, for London ; A. H. Badger, for Melbourne ; Cathray, for Port Cooper ; Ellora, for Gallo, via Melbourne ; Lady Bowen, for Brisbane ; City of Melbourne, for Melbourne



Dec. 23. — Gosforth, from Plymouth; Humberstone,

from Liverpool.


Dec. 22. — Aldinga, for Melbourne.


Lat. 37deg. 49min. 53sec. S. ; lon. 9h. 39 min. 54'8sec.E.    



Dec 23. — At Melbourne and at Williamstown, 1h. 0mln. 0 0sec ; corresponding to

GREENWICH MEAN TIME. Dec 22. — 15h.. 20min. 5'2sec.

[Date.] [Barometer at Sea Level] [Attached Therm.] [Temp. of Air.]

Dec. 22, 9 p.m. ... 29'617 ... 64.0 ... 53.0 Dec. 23,9 a.m. ... 29'771 ... 63.0 ... 60.0 Dec. 23, 3 p.m. ... 29'847 ... 63.8 ... 60.6 Dec. 23, 9 p m. ... 29'955 ... 63.5 ... 51.5 Doe 24, 9 a.m. ... 30'055 ... 63.0 ... 65.8 Dec. 24, 3 p.m. ... 30.037 ... 64.3 ... 73.0 Deo. 24, 9 p.m. ... 30'161 ... 64.0 ... 57.4 Dec. 25, 9. p.m..... 30'287 ... 64.0 ...61.0

Dec. 25, 3 p.m...... 30.299 .... 65.0 ...65.0

YESTERDAY being Christmas Day, the various vessels in the bay and at the wharves had every available piece of bunting displayed, and in several instances were also decorated with evergreens, in honour of the

festive occasion.

THE Java, from Gefle, with a cargo of timber and iron, arrived in the bay early on Saturday morning,     after a protracted passage from Gefle. Light and adverse winds were experienced during the voyage.   She was also becalmed for ten days below the line. The Java is an entirely new vessel, and is on her first voyage to this port.

THE steamer Challenge, lately arrived from England, was inspected by the Government engineer on Satur-   day last. Her boilers were first subjected to a very severe test from Yan Yean, supplied at Williamstown   Railway Pier, and proved capable of bearing great pressure. Steam was got up, and the machinery found to work smoothly. Before returning to Ann- street pier, however it was discovered there was some impediment in the injection pipes, which rendered it impossible for her to run her trips. Divers were   employed all yesterday in removing the obstruction. She is now all ready, and will start this morning for Queenscliff, from the Sandridge Railway Pier, at half-past ten a.m., and continue running to that  






favourite watering-place, during the week. The Challenge has undergone a complete refit, and no doubt will prove as efficient as her looks promise. It is to be regretted that so simple a matter should have disappointed so many excursionists from enjoying the pleasure of a sea trip to Queenscliff.  

THE s.s. Alhambra left Dunedin at five p.m., on the 16th Inst., and the Bluff on the following day, at half past eight a.m. Passed the South Australian at

half-past eleven a m. on the 17ih inst., off Centre Island, in Foveaux Straits ; and the Derwent, on the 21st inst., at three p.m., off St. Helen's Point, Had fine weather the first part of the passage, and strong westerly gales for the last three days. The Alhambra arrived on Saturday forenoon, and soon after steamed to the buoys, to be swung and have her compasses ad- justed.

THE s.s. Aldinga left Adelaide on Friday morning   last, and met with a heavy gale from the S.S.W. until passing Cape Willoughby, at five the next morning. Since then strong S.W. and westerly winds were ex- perienced. Cape Otway was passed at half-past ten on the 24th inst., and the heads entered at four p.m. the same day, arriving off Williamstown at half-past six in the evening. The Aldinga brings a number of influential South Australian colonists among her pas-


THE Penola, s.s., having had the damages which she sustained in her collision with the s.s. City of Laun- ceston repaired, was launched from the Government slip yesterday morning, and will resume her usual trips on Thursday.  

THE Ant, s.s., left Port Albert at four a.m. on

Saturday, the 23rd ; called and landed a passenger at Wilson's Promontory ; arrived at Queen's Wharf at three a.m. on Sunday. She encountered strong S.W.    

winds throughout the passage.  

THE steamship You Yangs, from Newcastle, N.S.W.,   via Sydney, left the latter port on the afternoon of   the 2lst ; passed Cape St. George at eleven p.m. the  

same day, arriving in Twofold Bay at a quarter to four on the 22nd. Left there at a quarter past four, and passed Gabo Island at ten p.m. the same day. Wilson's Promontory was passed on the forenoon of  

the 24th, Cape Schanck early yesterday morning, and she reached Hobson's Bay at nine a.m. Light north- east winds were experienced to Twofold Bay, and from thence strong W.S.W. gales during the remainder of the passage. On the morning of the 26th the steamer City of Adelaide was passed, about thirty miles north east of Wilson's Promontory.          

THE Edina, s.s., left Portland at a quarter to three p.m. on the 22nd, passed Cape Otway at one a.m. on the 23rd, and arrived at Melbourne at one p.m. on the same day. Experienced west and south-west light winds.

THE s.s. Western left Warrnambool on Saturday afternoon, at ten minutes to five o'clock. Experienced fine weather, with moderate westerly wind. Entered the heads at four a.m. on Sunday ; and arrived at the wharf at ten minutes before eight o'clock.

THE following vessels were in Twofold Bay when the You Yangs left :- Our Hope, Mountain Maid, and Flying Buck.    

THE City of Melbourne, which arrived at the Rail- way Pier yesterday soon after mid-day, left Sydney at 5.15 p.m. on Friday ; cleared the Heads at 6.15 p.m. ; passed Cape St. George at 3 a.m. the following morning, Montague Island at 11 a.m., Green Cape at 3.45 p m., Gabo Island at 8 p.m., and Wilson's Pro- montory at 9.40 p.m. the same day ; Cape Schanck was passed at 7.15 a.m. yesterday, and the Heads entered at 9.30 a.m. Captain Walker reports having experienced strong westerly winds throughout the passage. The steamship City of Adelaide was passed at 11.30 a.m. on the 24th inst. ; and the barque Ellen Simpson was signalled fifteen miles to the north of Cape Howe.  

THE Peninsular and Oriental Company's new and powerful steamship Ellora, N. J. Skottowe, com- mander, arrived in the bay from Sydney yesterday afternoon. The Ellora has had a new shaft fitted into her, and, owing to the bearings having become heated, several stoppages took place during the pas- sage round to this port. Fine weather and strong south-westerly winds were experienced throughout. The first voyage of the Ellora to this port was pro- tracted from unavoidable causes, but it is believed she will give a much better account of herself on the

return voyage.

THE Albion, s.s., left Port Chalmers at six p.m. 18th inst., arriving at Bluff Harbour at ten a.m. on the 10th. Left at noon, and for the first twelve hours experienced light westerly winds, afterwards strong N. W. winds, with thick weather, until making the land, snd on 24th met with a strong westerly gale, arriving in the bay early yesterday forenoon. Captain Kidney reports having spoken the ship True Briton in lat. 41deg. 30min. S., long. 161deg. 37min. on 23rd inst., at half-past eight in the morning.

THE South Australian, s.s., arrived at Port Chal-

mers at six a.m. on the 18th inst.

THE Charles Edward left the Lakes' entrance on Thursday, 21st inst., at nine a.m. Encountered a heavy gale from W.S.W. the same night, and was obliged to seek shelter in Sealer's Cove. Left again at ten p.m. 22nd inst, and arrived at the Queen's Wharf at three p.m. 23rd. The Charles Edward has not received any material Injury from her late stranding,   and after being thoroughly overhauled on the patent slip, will resume her trips in the Port Albert trade. When the Charles Edward left Sealer's Cove, a barque, a brig, a schooner, and a small coaster were anchored

under Rabbit Island.

The following vessels have been discharging and re-     ceiving cargoes at the Sandridge Town Pier during     week ending Friday last: — Mediator, Red Rover, Annie Wilson, Jeannie Oswald, Pactole, Eagle, Sarah, Retriever, Young Tom, AquaIa, Arica, Maid of Mill, Bessie, Oscar 1., Prince Patrick, Thomas.

The iron ship Sam. Cearns, of the White Star Line, anchored in the Bay yesterday afternoon, after a voyage from Liverpool of eighty-eight days. This is the second voyage of the vessel to this port. Her manifest will be published in to-morrow's issue.

The Nil Desporandum, brig, from Hong Kong,

with a cargo of tea and general Chinese produce, ar-  

rived in the Bay late yesterday afternoon.