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MELBOURNE, Saturday.

Tenders are invited until July 16 Cor the manufacture and supply of iron and steel bridgework, reinforced concrete pipes and barrel culverts, for the Kalgoorlie-Port Augusta railway.

The following positions are vacant until June 29 :-Department of De-

fence, "clerk, 4th class; in Perth, pos-

tal overseer of letter carriers.

Applications will be received until July 1 ¡for a. naval staff derk at Fre-


The following postal changes are no- tified :-Promotions : Leonidas Cecil Bott, junior assistant engineer. Electri- cal Engineer's Branch, to be draughts- man. Electrical Engineer's Branch; Henry Fitzpatrick Williams, lineman. Kalgoorlie, to- be line foreman, Kal- goorlie; Walter Henry Dawson, senior lineman. Electrical 'Engineers* Branch, to be line foreman to No. 3- party; John Wm. Gray, senior lineman. Elec- trical Branch, to bc line foreman at Fremantle : Wm. Jno. Holt Fiynn,

lineman. Electrical Engineer's Branch,

to be senior lineman, Electrical Engin- eer's Branch; -Albert Evans, lineman, grade 4, Electrical Engineer's Branch, to be senior lineman. Electrical Engin- eer's Branch; Geo. Wm. Trayton Smith, lineman. Electrical Engineer's Branch', to be senior lineman. Kalgoor- lie; .^ngus Jno. Matheson,« telegraph messenger, Albany, t» be assistant at

Albany. * . . /v;,^.^¿¿-<.".- v>

Matthews he put on 19. when the Vic- torian was splendidly caught at silly point by Hornby off Heep. 6-2-94.

Hazlitt was next, and, batting steadily, the pair took the score to 117, at which stage Gregory had made 34 and Hazlitt 6.

Following are the scores:

LANCASHIRE. First Innings.

H. Makepeace, t> aaltnews .. .. 17 R_ H. Spooner, c Carkeek, b Haz-

litt . 27

J. T. Tyldeeley. c Hazlitt, b Mat-

thews . 6

J. Sharp, c Bardsley, b Matthews

J. S. Heap, b M'Laren. 22 E. Tyldesley, Lb.w., b Matthews .. 13 A- H. Hornby, b Hazlitt.

- Brook, b Kelleway. 15 R. Whitehead, b Matthews. 3 W. Huddlestone, b Kelleway .... 1 H. Dean, not out ...

Sundries. ... 23

Total.146 Bowling.-Matthews, five for 58; Hazlitt, two for 44; Kelleway, two for 7; M'Laren, one for 12; Emery, nil for


Second Innings.

R. H. Spooner, b Whitty. 25 H. Makepeace, l.b.w., b Matthews 52 J. T. Tyldesley, c Kelleway, b Whitty .

J. Sharp, c Carkeek, b M'Laren . . J. S. Heap, b M'Laren. A. H. Hornby, b Whitty. E. Tyldesley, lbw. b Matthews .. 6

Brook, c and b M'Laren. 26 R. Whitehead, c and b Emery ..

W. Huddlestone, c Hazlitt; b Emery

H. Dean, not out. 2

Sundries ...

Total. 188 Bowling.-M'Laren, three for 22; Whitty, three for 36; Matthews, two for 35; Kelleway, nil for 34; Emery, two for 28; Hazlitt, nil for 29.


First Innings. .

C. B. Jennings, b Dean .. -. 18 C. Kelleway, lbw., b Huddlestone ll C. G. Macartney, c Dean, b Heap £0 W. Bardsley, l.b.w., b Dean .... 7

S. E. Gregory, b Heap. 16 J. T. Matthews, c Huddlestone, b

Heap. G. R. Hazlitt, c Sharp, b Dean .. 2

S. H. Emery, b Dean. 14 W. J. Whitty, i.b.w., b Heap .... 17

J. W. M'Laren, run out. 0 Carkeek, not out. 1

Sundries. 10

Total.177 Bowling.-Dean,, four for 63; Heap, four for 41; Whitehead, nil for 22; Huddlestone, one for 41.

Second Innings.

C. B. Jennings, c Brook, b White-

head . 17

C. Kelleway, b Dean. 8 W. J. Whitty, b Dean. 12 Bardsley, c Hornby, b Huddlestone 3 Macartney, c, l> Heep -., 31 Matthews, c Hornby, b Heep .... 2

Gregory, not out.,. 34

Hazlitt, not out. 6

Sundries,.,.. ....... .. .. 4

Six wickets for .. .. .. 117