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That out-door sports in summer are the delight of a girl's life goes' with- out saying;, that, on the other hand, constant exposure of the skin red-

dens, -freckles,' and inflames -is a -mat-', ter' of 'daily experience. " r^eddes^are not, perhaps, the worst facial blemish, but they none the less mar a woman's

looks -., 4'-: , j "Vala'ze Skins'Sjpod -removes sunburn,'

sallowness, tah." ."and '"freckles, and all discoloration . caused by iiie skin's ex-: cos ure *to the. Weather, and makes the; skin "proof against all vicissitudes of the weather and climate. Valaze is 3/6 and 6/6" a Jar; 6d. postage.

Another preparation, which .will

prove a boon to the out-door girl is , 'Novena Sunproof Creme, which pro-, teeta the skin from the roughening and reddening effect of thc sun an'd wind, and prevents the appearance of .freckles, tan, and all discoloration: Very many ladies who constantly motor find .Novena "Sunproof Creme a neces- sary protection for the skin, and wc send quantities to tennis-players and ladies at-the seaside. In jars, -/ and 3/6; 4d. postage.

Valaze Blackhead and Open Pore Cure overcomes these blemishes, and

prevents their recurrence by destroy- ; ing the cause. Prevents and .removes coarseness, greasiness, and pimples; 2/10 posted.

All Chemists, or direct from Helena Rubinstein Pty., Ltd., -Sept: 12, Valaze Institute, 274 Collins-street, Mel-

bourne, or 158 Pitt-street, Sydney^

Perth's new Dean dar; the ecclesi- astical' calf wraps- tibou". 'baster.

A marriage tin-.îd :"or n, ld.. inter ii that of Mr. Ackla 1, of < >tu ~Ioe, and Miss A. Gjerd, ti- ? prei./ Norwegian miss of Malcolm-s..;:eL.

Miss Emily-Dyason, ix ho made her debut i in Vienna lately, and received such favorable . notices of her clever .performances, is ii sister of the Chaf-

finch Dyason. " -


According to the "Bulletin," pretty little Dorothy de Jersey Grut, who said "1 will" to the parson on February 27, at the - instance ot Arthur Purchas, will worry over vanished Mary Ann in Coolgardie. .

-rn ^ -

An Eastern writer:

Dr. "Archie Hug, 'of Collins street, is leaving for a holiday trip to "W.A. Archie is a very eligible bachelor. The hope is expressed that the W.A. girls will not cap (tivate him during his sta:'.

Hug is a good name for an eligible bachelor.


The following. marriages

are arranged to take place at '. an early date:

Arthur A. Price. Fremantle, to Edith Packer, Fremantle.

James ~ M'Intosh Frazer, Perth, to Nellie Simmons, Perth.

Frederick William Beckett, Perth, to Margaret Eliza Ma- tilda Spark, Perth.

Albert Soy Dalton, Perth, to Florence Emily Corney, East Perth.

On Tuesday evening an enjoyable concert, in aid of the Children's Hos- pital, was held in the grounds of Mr. Leslie's ' residence,: Havelock -street, West Berth; Seats were arranged on the spacious lawns, a. well-lighted plat- form supported the performers, .and the .'evening, was voted by all a plea- sant one, by which a deserving charity will greatly benefit.

All his friends, and they are as. many as they are sincere, will fce pleased l»» hear that Mr. Geo. E. Willson, clerk to

the ' Common wealth Public Service In-

spector in W.A., has been promoted to the position of senior clerk in the Com- monwealth Public Service Commis- sioner's office, Melbourne. Mr. Willson leaves for his new position by the Riv-. erina on the 23rd inst.

"~ -rn

St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Su- biaco, was . recently the scene of a quiet wedding, when Mr. Leo J. Clark was married to Miss E. Mabel Powell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Powell, of Subiaco. The ceremony was per- formed by the Rev. R. J. Craggs, rec- tor of the parish. The bride's dress was of ivory -white English silk and satin," trimmed with French silk lace and cord and cut in the Princess style, with long court train. A silk girdle

adorned the waist The first brides- I maid (Miss Lily Powell) wore cream French cashmere, trimmed with cream silk ribbons, and carried a bouquet of pink carnations tied with silk stream- ers. The second little bridesmaid (Blossom Powell) wore cream'French cashmere, with pale blue silk ribbons, and carried a huge white silk cushion padded with love - letters, upon which the bride and bridegroom knelt during the ceremony. Rather novel, this :

Wilton Welch and Louise Carbasse were quietly married at St. Ste- phen's Church on Tuesday evening, February 20. Besides being a clever young comedian, Mr. Welch has of late been doing some good work as a play- wright! He is a native of Cooma (New South Wales). Louise Carbasse (says the "Theatre") is one bf the most bril- liant bf Australia's coming young ac- tresses. In appearance much resem- bling Edna May, she possesses the vivacity and grace of the French, whose language she speaks perfectly and whose expressive gestures come as a second nature to her! She is little more than a child in years. At 16 she was starred as leading lady by George Marlow, who was one of the first to discern her possibilities. For many months she has been playing lead with the Australian Life Biograph Co., and her clever acting and girlish beauty are screened throughout Australasia and beyond It in "The Colleen Barwn," "Hands Across the Sea," "A Hundred Years Ago," "Con, the Shaughraun," and "Ben Hall." She has visited W.A. on several occasions.