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-^-;-'." ' Z--r-r : - -:-:-:-¡- -?? ? v

I [ HoKs and eomttgnts 11

Untrue that Jimmy Prie» is engaged in writing a monograph enfcttfad **Fton> tb» Wash Tab to tb» Work» Depart mont nud Beek."

. . .

A Sydney correspondent of the "Sunday Times" Han « look at the «teamer Koombana in Hort's dock thc other day. Thirteen of her5" plat«« were broken in her frantic attempts tc remove sandbanks. She was evident- ly kept afloat only bv tho top skin ol her ballast tanks. 'Shis is vastly dif- ferent from the " only-a-bit-of-Paint scraped off" version with which WJL

was stuffed at tho tune.

, *< : ? . -"

Jimmy Prios at PrsmanÜe pa Thurs day i

Be wished that night to dany tba truth of assertions that had beac circulated to the affect that he in- tended to accept a» effie» outslds tiie State. -He -had no intention qi accepting euch -office. (Hear,, bear.) It's manners, Jimmy, to wait till you're asked. - .

: "Tom MoUoy/* writes, a .co-respond- ent, "was recently entertained at a (bruter in Sydney by some of bis old Westralian friends. The chair was

taken by Horowitz, of ' bankrupt tail- oring fame. This ought to be cheer- ful news to Horowitz's çtwditors,*' By the way; it is alleged that Tom won't return from Sydney till he sees his awful arbitration tribunal hull dows on the horizon. >{/ .

Speaking at the-christening of the new W-A. S.N. steamer ohyTuçsday; Penne- father, 3ÍX.C., said:,- that a certain amount of colored labor was necessary fof the development jOf. the Nor'-Wfjat. The Chinese craw of the Minderoo pro- bably read this in the "West"1 "nejtt morning, for they promptly waded jm ¿nd 4ried to knótk piftees off thé «econcl mate. Judging by Jcfeoent examples oj lawlessness, a certain annjunt yt color» ed labor in. a community is a fine

thing for Pennefather'^ pwfesjáon.

.? .

A Geraldton paper reports Tom Bath as having attempted to justify. "*â*e

{arnotts mark-time 'policy by a citation of the birth statistics during that lamentable period. Holy femoke ! Any how,' more babies v are' born in bad times than in good times, even aa the birth-rate is higher . Hn poverty^fcriefeeh India tann it is -in prosperousJjrance. Tbe poorer the parents, the more pro-

lific they .are as a-sh$>¿ So Tom's far- fetched argument^ distan** prov* any- thing except thaï". ^Tom" is a smraÜy

^urnorlesa wight.

. . . /-.. ? .'. . '

Geo. BeUinghem, wiw - ^»reaenied the South Province in the IW^A, Legisbitive

Councilfrom *o iSfcg, and J. W. Archibald, who unsuccessfully opposed Hugh Mahon for ike t^olgeuç4ie Fede- ral seat in 1901, and l9Qß, aré together

engaged in faun^^'':ló^;.:lDfmm$ «io««»8: , sion? in .Ei«-; quaintW^assorlfced j»jr

are. Bellingham and, Archibald, who are being assiBl^^bylsèvepdH'^^' papers

to an: their views.,"¿tn 'ÏSji and -Jfcs.-rer

founces. The ,iSjiJ|#ay:^^"is a lot mora curious ,%o-:m^r'ml^K^ß Fiji-

ans think of Arghihfdd and BeJlingnam.

' Two criminal cases1 dealt witii last ' "w«c¥? .'.;>*,..'. ':;/,?;?/ -?

Boy of nineteen, ;ne¥er;. been in trouble before, ^ «teals ^Säß , «heep»

ed servant, robs a" fHaTr*;BowiE»tt tiooiety of £1^, ^ thefts extend- ing from November to June. Six . jnonjhs,- ¿y., t-.;-\,V'-";y v. - .

îâine months lor a'bóy who ,tUfts'' a few sheep, and si^ mpnths for a maa

who deliberately s^ïi the hardrearp

i#d savings of working men. A dann able disparity.

. . .

The Vott Bsfäi^M pipar possesses .

^writer who wouldL have; delighted the

heart pf Br. johniOn> ! who made little fisnçs' talk 'Mf, ,*b*Jas. .ÍÁP tnt;

ample :-» .;';'-'-'"" -

''-The manager vol the; local new- ly-established . dairy / announces in . v this issue that ne is-now prepared

. to. deliver the lacteal fluid from th*

mature female bovine animals at

every i^ident's^ftoor, '. daily, at -Sd. f; per pint." " -f "

.The VSao^ay-'-'n^'?.! f¡p»^, tljat the

manager of the tocal newly-estaoUsbed cowshed w-ill stick to his contract and . abstain from doping ;4h» unsuspecting

inhabitants of Hedland. - with lacteal fluid Burroutitiously, «extracted from the elderly cap'ricornian quadrupeds which prowl around the -optskirts of the vil- lage, and grow fat'and frisky on an undiluted diet; of spinifex and jam;

tins; v Should be-fail to këèj) his word

the aforesaid newspaper wilt "undoubt- edly pound him to. pulp with circum- locutions and polysyllables.

Remarkable how Fat's attitude to- wards the Political Labor Party bas changed lately. One time the Labor member was anathema to the 'corpu- lent person who lays ap treasure upon earth, but nowadays Mr. Obesity looks upon the bowyanged spouter as a man and a brother. Stoneham, chairman of directors *>f the Pert&. Tramway Co.-an arch Tory, if ever there Was one-spoke . quite enthusiastically the other day. about the propriety of Lynch, Bath and rCo.'s taking up land. The bead of the Tobacco Trust is a close pal and business associate of J. C. Watson's. London Conservative papéis like the ^Mornirg Post", are also' exceptionally kind, to Fisher and Co. On the other band tiie > " Labor Leader" is surlily 4 unfriendly, and de- clares there is nothing distinctively Labor about the Fisher policy (the

Sunday Times " dimly recollects having said the same thing - months ago). Tommy Bath and his friends ought to be quite delighted with the progress they are making with the hupper suckles. . All the . same, it seems - an age since the Labor Party did anything really useful for "the


The Government has given up the idea of establishing freezing works at Wyndham. Had it dropped the sub- ject with a bang 12 months ago, it would have saved at least one seat at the elections.

. . .

The city lighting arbitrators took two days and a half to examine Jimmy Wright, the architect, with re- gard to his valuation of the gas com- pany's plant. The arbitrators, um- pire, counsel, solicitors, witnesses and stenographers ought to stand up at - the close of each dav's Searing and sing; "What Will the" Harvest Be."

. . .

A contemporary reports a councillor I as sayhig :

" Collectively we are either a I gang of thieve» or a gang of fool«,

for every deal we raak« it a badi deal for tba oj tisana,"

A Forth councillor ? Mo, Sydney i The Perth bumble«, aa «very one know», ara Artmirabio Crichton* all, and the salt ol the oar th.

. ". ; .

Tb« eUy »oliaitor obligingly notée

that tbs ''wíraaharB to myself and Mr.

Stawell"' in connection with tho arbi' tration tomfoolery ure, respectively, tea guineas «ad sevtea jfulßö&s a day. This, of eourae, is in addition to the enormous suma cUatributed amongst the arbitrators, umpire., coima cl, and other people engaged in thesa truly edifying proeaediftga. " Myself and Mr. Stawell," aw, obviously, doing thetas el ve» real proud. Eighty-five guinaas a weak an a steady job will . buy , ajay amount of piok'nu>-up« ¡ for

j **myialf and Us. Stawell,*'

'?. . ?+?

Extract from a "Sghting speech" der livered fey Troy, M.IIA,, up Geraldton

way ;

Tb* bulk of the peopW te-d*y would not Save a vota but for thé Labor Party. Thew wm a, time wheo a eraat body of the workers von tera, but they bad. amargad from that condition; and the credit for it was due to the Labor Party.

This jsn't merely clotted nonsense,; such as one usually expects from Tsoy; it is an ,-insult to the intelligence of tile public and an outrage on the memory of the illustrious dead who toiled and wrought and hied for the people before the Labor Party waa thought of. Somebody, ought $o Jend Troy a volume pf; English or American history-4hat is, jf the man is capable of reading anything.

, Extinct from a report issued by the. Canadian Lamigration Department bp

London :

Special attention ie drawn to the fact that whenever an ipaanigrant has within, two years of his or her landing in 'Canada become a public charge pr an inmate of a peniten- tiary, ffapi, prison, or hospital or other charitable institution, he ox she may, under existing Canadian Law, he deported, together with all those dependent on hrm^or hejrafter - investigation of -itíbé'?.'?4B**BÚ''' V

-High time this country followed Canada's example. Why . should the taxpayer hàvé to keep imported cxbxù" nais and dead-beats Î

Ü" .. .' . , .

* Sir Dani Cooper, "harli., who died

in England recently, was the son of the ' first Australian licensed to sport thé bloody hand of hereditary knight- hood. Dan'l, whose old man was baro- neted in 1863, -was a better ad. ipr Australia than some of his' kind, see- ing that there were np lash or leg irons in his pedigree. But be wasn1* .much use to" his native country, for the huge income- he " drew fronv New South Wales inostiy \went tbj^rovld^ him -with horses to run at ^ewrnarhet and yachts to race at Cowes. Dan'i's great ambition was to win the Derby, ? which "he never did. He was 61 when he died, and hi« younger -brother gets the title. , -

W.A.'e self-elected delegates- to the Imperial Press Conf erence cat no ice in London: The présent writer has dredged a score of papers ipr their photographs in vain (albeit portraits of Miirk M'Cohen and Theodore Funk are as common, as gooseberries, at Covent Garden) and at least one Ver- acious journal refers to VDr," Hackett'^ poor old newspaper as jthe " '? Western Australian/ Perth." .They don't seem to have done anything or said any- thing to lift them above the obscurity of the "also attended " section. And doubtless the other delogates will go home with the erroneous impression that the journalism of this State is as humorless as Hackett and as funereal as Kirwan, and as insignificant as

both. v

. . .

Interesting chunk of evidence from the proceedings of the Sewerage Com- mission, The witness (Hickson) had explained that there was something radically wrong with the Norfolk

street sewer :

Bid you ever examine the work yourself ?-No, I,did not. I exam- ined the work from the top, but never looked through the pipe.

What was the use of looking 'at it from the top ?^-It was such a very small job that I did hot give much

time to it. '

He didn't give much time to it. The man was responsible for the job ; it was his business to see that it was carried out perfectly, and he stands up in public and has the effrontery to admit that " he didn't give much time to it." lt would seem that the State has given far too much time to Hick-


. . .

The unspeakable "Monkey Brand " Brown of Geraldton-the Chesterfieid ian ex-politician who was ' substantial- ly fined for spitting in an opponent's face-has reappeared in the limelight to accuse a local tailor of sweating. The elegant " Monkey Brand" is re- ported to have let himself loose for quite half-an-hour ou the alleged sweating proclivities of the firm to which Snip belonged. The latter didn't take the aspersion lying down. He laid aside his scissors and tape measure, and reached savagely for the peD. He indited a virulent letter to the local "Guardian," in which he wrathfully denied the imputation. He pointed out with fierce exultation that the accusatory Monkey Brand was

himself a customer of the firm. He drew attention to the fact that the unabashed Brown was actually wear- ing one of the defendant firm's suits at the very time he delivered his acidulated tirade. Finally he remark- ed, with triumphant venom, that Brown was a political imposition and a social disgrace, and the best thing he could do was to piece together the fragments of his battered carcass and sidle away to the obscurity from which he should never have emerged. Where- upon, there was joy in Geraldton that night, as the poet remarks.