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A Pioneer Goldßßder and Pastoralist

Pots Forward a Strong Claim-Fer a Government Bewarb

- 1

?From time to time there have ap- peared somewhat fragmentary «e ! counts of the work done by Mr. George 'Woodley in finding gold on Hoe- mur- chison and in opening other' goldfields as well as pioneering the pastoral in- dustry from the Minilya to the Moore rivers.. Tom Cue may. have iound Gua and Paddy Hannan may have disco- vered Kalgoorlie, but there is fairly

good evidence to show that- George j Woodley specked the. first alluvial on the Northern fields. Wi« record is long and! arduous, and we reckon that it is ¡ worthy, of recognition by the State. We tear ' a lot about prospec- tors and pioneers 'that makes us-tined, for most of the so-called track-blazers are unmitigated frauds who wouldn't venture a mile-from a bush pub. Wood- ley, is hot that * kind, and therefore we are glad to let him "enumerate bis out-

back exploits. '. , ,- ' ' '

"Abour the years 1887-8 ilihe than" Government Geologist (Mr. Woodward^, reported on'tí» Mt. Kenneth country, and the -Government wera offering in the papers-ias Well as in tbs mining re gulations, a reward for the: discovery of a payable goldfield. In consequence of iiese íacte iX^sèâd ^ou± half share ; in the Wago eheep station and went out Hooking for gold. I paid a man named T. "Gompy, of Greenough Flats, £5 a month to accompany me. On my first trip I did not get anything, but on the second Ï found a KfcUe codrse gold... about 20. miles north: <oi what is now called Cue. That'-was

the first _allny^_gold obtained m the. Murchison country. ''.?/.,

"1 took Douglass - out to Nannine, and I found the*'Home Hule' reel and the Mystery/, whidi we .pegged out, my mate - going down to Geraldton to report the, find ^and'r&jÎBtec tte' dtóuhá. Then J croped "the «¡ftiktry and found Mt. Magnet, which I duly reported,. and sold '23 ounces of gold to Mr. . S. F. Mbowy «f Dongarra. I waited- a while until tie fields got going, and thon got «. Mr.. *I¿ówé öf \ Geraldton lid write to the Government claiming thé Teward.' The reply, he ¿ead to me in the presence of : Mr. «F. S. Maley was, 'JS Woodley^ can prove that {he was insfaes .with " Douglas he '.will receive ¿1O0.' -^iBt -ííncjr putting * if,' when théj leases, wera registered in 4»r twp hames..... .. .*.*,/... ',*.

"1 have bern writing off ami pO-ever since. ':, -áijout two j^ars fte Mio ister wrote saying^ W ^rtirwr ' make ? fae ^wst endeavor tb .'get ute« a little .. re

pla^ ' thátv óli one oaÄ^h ;ïhe Secfcé tary for Mines wrote to a C0!ns*ai61e at Yalgoo ' witt whom t had had^ a jew '.. words about, somp . shares ¿in ú. ai lease, when he. *olfl me straight tíiai he would, block me. from getting any- thing from , the GoVermnent; ;" , There

fore, what was the use of Mr. King sending , to ham for a report. Further- more, the man knows as much about prospecting and exploring as a Cock- ney who has never gone out ci range, of Bow Bells, if they really wanted to know anything about me, why didn't they write to Warden Troy or Mr. S. F- Moore, or Mr. C. Smith, who are among the early pioneers of this northern part of the ¿tate?

"Here are some of the finds I have made : With' J.- Beswick I found the first alluvial gold in a creek in the Perrin Sange, about 2Q miles north of Cue; pegged out the first leases, Home Buk and Mystery, at Nannine i; Douglass and I reported the first al- luvial field ; I discovered and reported Mt. Magnet ; I discovered Pinyalling or Field's Find, also Bothsway and the finds near Mt. Singleton; 1 found Lake Way and^ the Cork-Tree Flat ? lound the first gold in the Montague "Bange and Gum "Creek ; also a reef which was the start of Burracoors, and ' the Jack of Diamonds in the Woodley's Bange which led to Eddy's and other finds about that neighbor-


J ^Wrth H. <B, ^lasonl fourni and peg- ged out a reef in the Qosino-Nêwjbery' .Bange,. which J3arr-Boyd.. took. posses- sion, of and did a. blow about. I also . opened up the district between "Yalgoo and Field's Find, besides making other minor discoveries. , -Prior to prospect- ing. I was pioneering and opening up the country. About 1877 I was out, with sheep for Smith Bros., and took the first stock to the Upper Murchi-   son for Mr. J. R. O'Grady, of Milly Milly Station I explored the Woo namel River, with Mr. O'Grady, who took up the Byro Plains Station now held by Nairn Bros. I took up the   Yarra Creek runs, and put stock on them. These are also now owned by Nairn and Sons. I took -up the first etock for. thev%iai]berdoo Squatting" Gp.,, and wMfi Mr. Howard made tüe

first "track via Garndcbael Creek to tba Gascoyne River.,. I landed ifce first stock on the -Minilya Biver, and ex- plored the Lyndon and-applied for the,

Pastoral country now hefil by Messrs. lefroy. . [ v , ? .

"I took' M¿ BT. B. Mason out to Hake Mason, > which, ¿«untry 'hetook np and . stocked. I also *ook! Mr. Mason axouM' take WeUs sand ylieie

Buchanan, wjjere _ he took - dp runs"

iWhich have . since been stocked. Fur- ther. I plained tbe'jtó+iiae naipes ot

the - localities, and «eint in- ÍKÍ- áiie J Lands Office -a sketcli plan of samel:


jajgal -'am. entitled to the reward, which j tfee Government offered, and I should ] like to knów> if .ifaè Mmiafer'will ' Bojd grant me anything, to whom jam I to'j

apply ?" We Jbeíwve tímí^if ib& fact»-] are convincingly shown to ihe Minis- j ter, Mr. Woodley will get nía reward. J