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>> » ?! ? il ? I » ? M I » M » I t» M M Tl fl IMMfMMMMMMMf?) i» + tii I » » lï»i<EM Ml MMH*<MMM»M>IMM » ? M^ifa.» .Wi** 4


í The^alKance-of slate grey wiih pars-

ley gwen is being modi approved' of. Í ? i'~ ?* "?. '

, One, _'c¿ the-nowest mítlinMj y fancies «s io . nave big bows and rosettes of ^taetonaie veiled in telle.

{ ;. ?' ' -? * '. .&] *

l"" What is known as ; jockey --and jade %rean are..toaos 4faat serve weUm ia^m

> * 4* ''4*"* ",<?. *

On evening, gówñs;'waistbelts. are of ilaos, withrather large butterfly bows

oi tho lace fixed with a buckle. 7 '

; *fr «î« 4» .'

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Acraman, of

Cottesloe, lefts" fo«. J¡4jlaade yesterday

. by the aa Kyarra.-"-*~* "

{; «î* " 4« ',.4» .-i

Fifteen fancy sets haye been arrang : ed for ,the" forthcoming. atmnflfl 'ball

.«ext Thursday evening.,

4* - . "4> ?

; ' Lingerie bats for children and grown-

ups are laced "with ribbons, so that when drawn np a full beefeater crown is formed. 1

- *f* "i" '*!*;' .A Mayoress Molloy and,. Miss Molloy returned, ifrom the Eastern - States^ Oia Monday,- after' a stay of a couple' ' of months across the Bight. . *


Miss Lulu Benstead is now in :Syd -ney,, and has been placed * under the . tuition of Professor Steff api for voice ? production.

. A .*» * »fr _ ' - ".' .

I A-The simple. lifers in langland are go-

bing back to "their exotic existence. These" people "who don't have to work for their livelihood ought to be put in a lunatic ' asylum.

, '' 4. ' 4. : .4.

- Would Managers Ashton and Simon

r sen. spindly put up this. notice in pro- ' minent places-"Any oîd ladies afraid . of catching cold may keep on their 'hate or bonnets.''

Miss îîahce Taylor, fourth " daughter - of the late Mr. James Taylor, one of JBendigo's' biggest mining speculators, ' is to .be married to Mr. J. Cox Ennis

on Tn'ursday next, l<5ih inst,

4. 4. 4.

Mr. Felix Cowle, the Kalgoorlie six Añd-eíght, returned from ' benighted JÎEurope this week, and went straight

Jipn io .fha.'"richest square mile on'

" marta. .

4. 4. 4.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Burges, who are of ijthe,oki squatting famibes in W.A., are IjúBt about completing a tour of the rworH, and will return to Bowes Sta- tiion in abont -a month's time. \

.Í* 4* ' 4*

Wbtte .-«ük poplin ia made up into ex HEzamely smart semi-evening btonfwa. A great deal of lace is-used in the make np, bot the major portion of the Moíouse-is-eSk. f


i Lord Avebury says that 300,000,000 pSrds axe- killed annually in order to ^decorate females. Talk about pigeon tshooting after -that Í Ospreys and fbirdfl of paradise are simply murdered

Ho gratify rotten vanity.

J 4,. 4. 4. .

I Sir Wailer-James was a "rad dom-

ino" at the Claremont fancy dress öalL while- Lady Forrest was a "green jdommo/' Now, who was the pink

iWeek's News-Australasia.

..... ^J, . a^. ¿Sm

A." farewell reception in honor of 3ffwfeme.Jbia Crossley waa given in the .Lyceum Cmb, London, on Wednesday. Among the 250 persona present were Sir Beary Weeden. (Lord Mayor of Helbouxse), Sir J. H. Carruthers, and other ' lesdmg Ccanmonwealth vim tors.

. .Oft stage, Miss TrfcteH Brune is an ?unassuming little lady, with devout tendencies. There's no coterie of .>ïoàonyi)oys hanging around after Titt., her one secular hobby being the entertaining of "putty gels" to toa

auad muffins.

«5* 4* 4*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waldron- were presented with a little daughter in

Sew York recently. Mrs. Waldron, was, before her marriage to the popu- lar American ? actor, Miss - May' Bang, of Sydney. Mr. Waldron, who was here with "The Squaw Man," is again touring Australia.

. 4, . 4. «|. !

High turned-down linen collars, hand embroidered-, are still much in favor, and are worn with the new jabots, the big, fluffy knots of net and lace, and the little hand-smbroidcred but- terfly cravats. There are many lofty transparent lace collars also, and

others, made of net.

4. 4. 4*

Owing to the advance in the science of eyesight testing and spectacle fit- ting, it is possible to obtain relief through the medium of glasses in nearly all cases of severe headache. Mr. August Knapp, of 25 Barr&ck etnsct, Perth, a sign* apeeiftiiat of many years' experience, has gained

numerous friends in thia ««poet.

Mrsi Bland Holt is one of tine most popular/-ladies* In."the profesh.

. 4* 4* *

Dead oVer East, oar recent visitor; Sir Ttomaa ïtoigerakl.

.. ? \ ? 4» ' 4? 4»

A man's spirit is his beauty ; a wo- man's' beauly is ber spirit. .

4» 4« * * When a tete-a-tete : is inexpedient, a tactful1 woman makes it a crush. -.

4. 4. 4.

v -Janet,: indy Clarke, is /still.seriously ill j£ Selbourne /*

i - -íj» 'S*

Whnom Perth " Hello '% Exchange girl> of pretty- face; is on'a visit ; .to Kalgoorlie

v 4. 4. 4. .

^Why. will alleged ladies go into the / dress-circle. with ;great heaps of false hair on, looking hideous and unclean?

4. > 4» 4*

Pianist Percy Grainger 'accompanies the " Ada Crossley Concert Co ¿Í> Aus- tralia. They left" London during the


--. >*. 4- * - ^

heeptaxa Watt, the popular skipper

of the Kanowna, who ls in Sydney Hospital, is. weathering the storm- all right, and will be on the bridge again lief ore long.

4. 4.

> Metallurgist .Willie Williams, of the big - mining - Sim's staff, arrived in Perth* on / Wednesday?, route for p six months'' tonr-of the' Murchison dis tnct, on behalf of B.M- and Co. - !

1 Mrs. T- Bird has presented to jthe Perth ChUoï^ s Hospital a -^nip^té set of operati^ instruments for . the theatre, a .gift .which is much- appreci- ated ¡by. :the comsnitfee. . ,

? ? 1. -s f - ' 4. .. .4.. .'4,' ;V:i"

'*Â .contemporary ptíhté onJts'ladws' page ah article entitled "How, to Look Pretty '^heh";. Dusting.*' Other- ar- ticles lbf'* Tthe:: leriée - ought ''- tb' be ''How td Look Cliarming when Chart lng," -"'How ^t*> Look Graceful. when Grate Cleaning,'' and "How to Look Winsome: when Washing." .

''?"?[. ??? > j* : * , 4* ' . ^

Last week, the marriage of Mr. Wil- liam .Fitzgerald, -of Murrum Station, eldest-^ son - of ' ne: late Mr. James Fitzgerald,' ofl Strawberry, ~ to ^Miss Clara .Jackson, daughter of Mr. Wil- liam John''Jackson, of Webb's-Siding, NorfKampton railway, took place at


' ' t ; " X4- - * ' ."

' A'soc]rety'*wetí(iing took place onÍ?rÍT day, when Miss Ethel Brown and .Mr. . Barrett^ wäre tile 'heroine and hero ^bf

the^'^i^^y^vjer^after'' story. ' "Mr. and 'àfr»,-.WBl^'%<Sà^''6xàn.t carne all

the way ; down from Newmarracarra Station for the occasion, and there were heaps of friends .and présents.

A Singapore correspondent writes (under date June ll), that Miss Kate Logue, of Swan, Western Australia, is a -visitor at - Barnes Hotel, Singapore. She leàyes to-morrow, for Japan.- Miss Logue has .iinprafied in health, and is able to enjoy -tjie sight's of the far East, v _ ;

- 4*. 'V 4*

Tips is the way they announce thest things at -S^thíjrñ Cross :-" Turney, j(Mrs.-> Turnbull) is. seeking a divorc« at the next sittings of the Supreme Court in Perth, and is not sure wne -ther-sbe- wiH-return to-the Cross. Tur- ney has i made herself yery popular, and will be-nñssed by her many friends.''

-.?.*.* *

The best4ooking blouses. are unJ -doubtedly those made up on simple lines,i and not _ too heavily trimmed. One form' of trimming that should be well, thought of before it is, attempted -is - that "wttCTe" the trbmning ? runs a lin« up the sleeve, over the shoulder, to the foot of the collar. It is really e more trying style than is imagined at first;, and, has rather the effect of nar- rowing the shoulders.

4. 4. v 4. j . Madame. Anna Gould (divorced wif< ot Count Boniface de Castellaine) wa: married in the. Strand Kegistry Oma on .Wednesday - to Prince de Sagan Subsequently the pair went througl the ceremony of marriage in 'tin French Protestant Church in Soho The Boniface and Sagan have slappet each other's - face over the volatih lady. ' ; .

4«' -4.' 4,

The tenth annual meeting of .th« Hebrew Philanthropic Society on Tues day night was made the occasion foi a - very. enjoyable musical interlude "which was greatly enjoyed. The an nuál report was satisfactory, and ti« Rev. B- I- Freedman delivered an ani mating address.- Those who assistek in tbe programme included .Mrs. Ber ow, Misses Vida Bogers and Glick and Messrs. G. Lennon, R. Hawley, D S.. Ne/than, S. N. Wright arid H Hicks, while Hrs. A. G. Russell wai the accompanist.

Yankee newspapers axe talking ., big concerning- tte vocal abilities oí Mrs. Vere Goïddrn-aîte, of Boston, ~ Jtas8.i U.S.A. (nee Miss Ellen Beach 1 Yaw,

erstwhile.' an American -opera _artiste")': who can stretch her throat up jo . K in altissimo. an octave above tb© high ~E of Tetrazzini. But the lady has done with the stage; ' ~ >

? - * * *,. . :: :

The following comes from tbe*Per$h. Hospital :

"Over in Launceston (Tasmania) -re-, cently, a committee was; appointed to inquire why the-nurses wiopld not trot açjând and dance attendance Con the honorary medical staff .at the hospi- tal. Maybe it was because* the-V hon- orary medicos weren't young 'fehopgh, or good-looking enough ; or, perhaps, they were married alreadyl Bh so/one can't blame the nurses; for it would be an absurd loss of tine to attempt to .fascinate a fish already . hooked by. somebody else. Won't youcagret wj&h. me that it is the-first du% ofifàiptàsà : to look pretty ? Af ter tha't, if there iß any after, to think about looking; nice the next time. Then if she/m^ any,; space'time "she might give a ljtááé ¿t-L tentâon to the patient: . thoUjg^'.S^^M

not absolutely required. b'Î-ïa*''¡nnrsé': but, sometimes they . clo practise .'a Jitü¿ self-denial, in this«, rfespot/. Of course, honorary surgeor.^ are a w^ste. of time, and they have ho right -

attendance.. .of a. ? nurse, ".or -^K»esaal.

facilities at a hospitall .^ït'iSj lonfor-; lunately, necessary - to hável. :p^tíeüts at k hospital, els*. the siürgeonfcöäjä-i

nat get. any practice. " T^e^e^la^: part of the foregoing as &y¡, Jolg^^ however. : My ''truly. -rsà11^.^j^|n^c of the : membar3 ol b%slng*pix»-_ fession is jembedied' ii llw : fiyMmB|;;

lines t-r- \.\- ''. V

/* |*ow, a nurse should be »^^t^.^nnd

V' voung, ' . v. . / -

. tn a pink or bine çarmeat Encased 5

Her manner demure as ber tongue, . f.

And a ' bundle of charms at her

waist. -j.:..'-. \* Her hair should be frizzy .or curl* . ¿ ..With a cap and white¿ collar -and


While every un uniformed, girli. >

Should be ta eu as a ^regular mufi. Por a nurse's bret, duty, -¿c.' ls that to her beauty,

And not e'en to her clinic thermo-

meter. /. , V-. -. ? And if on the back stair, »

She's arranging her hair,..1. - '

? Should not. stir ii a: Incoming -$K&m

pom hit her.

« -ç- », - -

Her; cheeks should be pmk-as a rose, - " ?>:. JUpsTsed; a blossomingf-peony^.v. > > i "Sbe^should' -take* up lân- aesthetic-pose,

^Jiptk.e docs*' are about,- »andrste <eae ; i * "any J *" ^ * * . 4 3?or doctors,' like laymen, ¡are^bom,

.'And sometimes' you^may lut on a

jtender he, ¡ ?

Bpi you'll look with ineffable' scorn, *

-, !On thc- doctor who's not a stipendi-

ary "S *?

And when paomg the city/. ( Be sure to look pretty, -

And charm the male part j^i;, .hnív

manity, t *

For a nurse, we are.told/ ,- , v».^ ' Oan not appear bold, - ,

And theres none waB accusether of

vanity " n ,

PANSY TOILET CfiEAM assists in

eradicating and preventing wrinkles, "cleanses the pores, and restores the texture of the skin-ia the moat perfect smeliiasi made. Pnce, Ia. 6d. bottle. J/eode fi, and New York Drug ©ev, Angove, «Tamigae.