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I Sporting Sparkieps ß

The Cult of Athleticism.*.

It is" 45 years since the first' English cricket team visited Australia.

The wily Fred .Weiss has downed John Boberts again on the new-fangl- ed oval billiard table, scoring 7000 to the ex-champion's 6190.

, « . . ' * *

Floyd MacFarland, Ernie Pye, and A, J. Clarke, the crack cyclists, are at present' in Sydney. In all prob- ability the Westral Gommittee will_try and. arrange for the trip to visit the West next Xmas;' ^ However, the Cool .gardié event"'will'"*have little attrac- tion fdr ItaeFarlandi unless " there is a lot of money to be won in bets over the race. Mac. is in the same for the main, chance all the time.

f * *

" Jack" Simons, who conducted the team of young Australian footballers through the! Eastern States, is becom- ing ambitious. . Wants ? now to take a team of boys round the world; at a cost of £IQ0 ncr boy. Simbhs reckons that this State could easily raise £600

in a couple of years' time, and speaks glowingly of the prospects of the pro- posed \ tour.. No doubt Simons' pro- ject: is a stupendous pde; and if it be- comes' a matter of fact some boys will be on! what is termed a "good wicket" -and Mir. Simons will be ditto.

Charley Watson, a local wrestler, in all probability will t.ie on George .Dinnie in the near future, lor a . sub- stantial "side-wager., ".Watson is' a burly customer Who bas to his credit a : victory over Harry Pearce, amongst others ; and his friends ¿fahd - admirers are ¿very confident that he'"will .give the shaggy Scotch . constable a rough up. Arrangements in connection with the proposed 'match -are . not - yet- - com-, pleted. but the final details will be fixed otp. in a day or two. '?? ,

' . . . -',*: . ?.?'.?:'.«

. .Ernie , Parker is as proficient . willi ; the tennis racquet as he is with iibe willow blade.'? He , has secured thé ; W.A. 1 tennis- ' championship .. for ' the third, time ; ?in conjunction with J."DJ

Cramond has accounted for the Doubles. champion, >and has pained. the Ayres Cup. In respect to' h^ pr^ncienry ?with racquet ...and. rbat, Parker much re- sembles : the ..crack '.South ? Australian cricketer, 'Clem HilL . '-Therlatter,' in conjunction with; Alby Green- (also a fine batsman.) .ruled the roost in the gents' doubles in Adelaide. ?'.'.-."' r

? \ .' * ' *' '--'*' ' : ' »; . ~,. . ' "?- \

Young ' l^mdrum has lost the billiard ; championship of Australasia to Char- ley'Memmott, /but the Westralian is by nb means - dtsgraced, for he was up "againstan "'old stager, who always. plays. a good hiátcjjjí -game : '.and "who., is .what the" cognoscenti"staU.*. a ,.gbód 'ígráft^'';kohy,an ('opponent'. ^Whe^dbe comes t£-]çoi^déi':;tà^ Lindrumi-^drtö^

bas' been piávingríhe: gaine,, hjs'i shçfcw án'g Againsi«'u0h i;a ' redoubtable !pppó taent as ^Sènmp^^è^^y^^ "cr§äi<;

abl£ arid "rherît^rîôus ione.v--:.V ' -

..frïénoVr.s&ys^bie -Intáads ' .tb. -ip^Sr^. pro*

fessional, f¿otírn nnjri|r? byj Éf^ct^jjUght Í m -Íi^^to0¿¡: t-i-fi^e^prbpoèed X^aaíláhc. hetwéenffSj^ayi^

Day .fell' tbr&igh,- .^d;$hê" op'cê f arnotts

..|6^,Jj^^^>om^f ^ÇF\*' ^jtá$ee'J>f 'aHjhíle:if^

'Selly/;.thc «antear.épéinè&rf& .hot .^h<|s' lwd|^-:-fof^e^^'%ié^wSÍB ''Vouîà jigg^


jostle ; would walk j clean ' ' ¡hW^y -jfcpm.-'

.the Yankee. '''-'';..;""' ": >". '."'? -,

. . ' . ?' : 'p'-' rp i ;

. The Scotch, wrestler who has .recent-

ly' arrived.in'!- ÎieUïQùrhfe iibrom^é &aSid ? o''cakes has|c|chUer^

jn üie pastern Stated/ and a ,ma*tch has been, i arranged ' Wipe^/liWàiri Buttan Singh. Barn is ^ fine specimen of maimocKi, ¡standmg 6ft. 'in .his socks, : though fae; only weighs ^about IS - stone; Soine jidea of Mk. ^ gauged ;froin\-ihë'-'^

feared amongst others Shajifeyi><3o4çKy" jnd Çohhbr.' _ Buitan,' ^hy^eäyß he ?^feül"^ wrestle' - the SiäSi9Äan\'-|ft't]^^ thing up^io £500, lir^^ded^the/j láfcter? :áóes;-npt^'ié>xceed;"íl2. .stoñei'*- ^Yi'.-;..^."^'^

. / . *.. Vi' * ..."'.?.;' - ; . ' : 'i- 'V .? ;'t'

./Fjrahk Thorn had a. close" call with* Charlie Griflîh> Sie ex-^driland lear therweîpht, at'the Melbourne Cyclor-

ama on Monday, night ; ;vJaid-'-i"rièîeree..' Jack Cpssoh's'! decision, atî the^end

20 rounds, "''Thorn ;tbe . wmher" ..»rous^

ed a . chorus of bo?pls from ^ie specta- tors, the majority\dt Whom "Ahou^it the îîew -i Zealander -should have been ^ven ythe, verdict. " '."Thörn, - according to all accounts, fought foully, : .hitting Griffin low;,time jafter time- When thev fought ^e Ifii^ .i^e^.'M al-^ ¡ leged to haye hit'h^s opponent,in . the"! groin, and the nugget from .New Zea-, land was, subseouent . to ihe mill; j taken sick tiirough :ihe puxushment he received in the region of .the groin. On " Monday, night last it may , have been that Thorn bad instructions from his seconds tb strike Griffin on. his

weak spot : and; all things considered. < Griffin must have put up a great fight with the Westralian. Tl)è lads sijened'

o.n tb fight at 1061b., which is the fea-. therweight limit. \ This was the third occasion of their- meeting. When they first ' met-in . Sydriey^-Thorh outed <xriffin inside a,few. minutes, and sub-: seqùently- scored over the other 'On points- after ' 22 hard: and strenuous rounds. Griffin is apparently an oppo-

nent worthy of Thorn's; steel, and is a : gentlemanly little chap, who has made a host of friends in Australia. : (i

« » « * ">

According to the American boxmg representative of the Sydney "Beferee" Bill. Squires receiyed a- splendid recep tion from the sports who were present at the' Joe Thomas-Ketchell fight at Colma. Saya the Yankee scribe

"The bleachers shrilled and shrieked its welcome, and. the staid :citizens down in the twenty-dollar seats roared 'Good boy, Squires.' And Bill re- ciprocated. He waved his trusty right hand with courtly grace, and with a little aid . from the early September sun, be worked up. a grin ' that was payment in full for the cordial demon- stration made by the throng. If I had been near; enough I would have slapped the Narrabri man on the back for his commendable show of nerve, for it worried me when he first landed here to notice that he was as retiring when strangers came along, as one of thc bush-bred youngsters I used to meet   in years agone in the back-blocks of sunny New South Wales." From   which it appears that after all the American sports have a corner, in their hearts for a modest man. They were jeering and calling "lemon" a month ago. Now it is ''good boy, Squires." Poor old Boshter Bill's existence is not now a burden to him as it

was immediately after he was put out   of court by Tommy Burns. Bill is get- ting cheekier every successive day, and when he comes back to Australia we would not be surprised to hear the erstwhile unassuming, retiring Narra- bri miner "spruiking" to some pur- pose as to his own powers. Squires is gradually being taught that there is nothing like self-advertising. By the way Bill Squires asked "Twin" Sulli- van if he would care to have a bet of a thousand dollars on the result of their fight, but. the Yankee wasn't having any .

Frank Silver bas been up to bis Ut-1 tie tricks again. The featherweight

boxer had a go at Pony Dodd in a | preliminary go at .the. Melbourne Pa- vilion recently, and went "out" to a hit on the jaw. Referee Jack Cosson, however, declared the inill "no con- test," as, in his opinion, Silver went down without being; seriously hurt. Silver lay down to Frank Thorn, in

Kalgoorlie, and no doubt Cosson rem- j

embered that battle when he ¿ave his , verdict the other night. Silver is a back-number and a much used-up one at that.'

. ? ? V . «

There may be a return match be- tween Frank Thorn and Tim Hegarty, this tinje at the featherweight limit. .We alwéys - thought-that the Westra- lian could do 1201bs at the ringside, though «if late he has been fighting at 9.4 or thereabouts.. When Thorn beat Hegarty in Melbourne a week or sp ago the latter claimed that owing to the men < ; going f to scale at over 9st., he "(Hegarty). was still featherweight champion. of-Australia. This has set Thorn talking.

. . '. . . * * . » .

- 'George fiuenàïf, the 'Maori, who put.

"the boot" into Bill Lang when\ the

latter was getting all over the half .caste at Broken Hill recentlv, is baick in .Melbourne looking; for a match with any light heavyweight. Only a mad- man would i take on promotínp- a mill in , which vBuenalf was - one -of the prin- cipals. ? And any gladiator who faced the Maori would ruh>a risk of rètting his skull"-kicked in if he managed-"to.

be getting the best of his " savage ad- versary. - . ; * ??

. " '?' * -, ' !* .'' * ' S . Cyclist-sculler Dick Arnst" is still on . the warpath, but his!'efforts to secure a match With Tresidder, (Webb, or Fog-, well'haye all been in vain. . In con-' nection with his challenges; to all and ;

sundry, ¿hus a Sydney; writer' As: to ; whether Arnst is as . good as he evi-j dentjy thinks he_Wcän.be. decided only < by match' /racing. .' He is" on the war- : pa;th still«; and will race anyone, for J any. amount.:. ,1st is ¡rémarkable, that a

man who ^ is :'so; earnest, so; -confident, j and pyesrnhably so well supported with stake, money, should have, to press his1: cl&Uhs so hard.; ;' Arnst. is not at - all ¡ particular . whomi.hè'-; races. But he* wants to- race "someone, .di any - num- ber of persons." îbefaeit that Arnst

is prepared to back himself for any = amount should hayj^ dragged "the ad-| mirers of some pf the champions into 'j the limelight,;wi^í'tbpir money. .Any- way, we "would all like to know,N ,whie

?jfatr! -f^joaX'.^^iß .champion ¿e-jprb-.,

fesses 'to Jre, br .whether he is" "puiely i and feirapív a new^aperrscuUerj

' The' é*-&ajnâofi; 'l^Ma^^^-riib^à^i

Jïmmy; Brilt'^has* hot] by ? any'ÄeBhä, 'çTcjated a^ favorable impression among ^é.>^ightsí-"í 'fans.'');íín;! :Â^érî^;';'|Ê&ttgh ihi^;rnamier in^ quitted^ to Joe ?:G^s.:.'ïïétay.:-^/"^ie. 'Sb^dSèen^,::'v;«^i;; pt^thè opudon^j^í-- Britt'sí Injury, ' ytö; his arni {Britt ^áid¿ -he irôTo ; his : el-< bó#);va^'4ai;.m^lijc«4.| ieinüi??jäaai,:;|he" Native S^n^í-p^^d".«¿ a most :cráy.en ^añ'b^^.^e^'^^aí^á .Anyway, .íhjurv:: o£. ;hq'&§jury .;t¿''^\3'í'^|p£%\;iÍs^J

would liav£-bee^^b^ is ?

'jG¿^^^^áo^0j^^fí¿: ¡A :?4Hi^èpir1>-;% o.n/:<in^ jn^öyh^'

^ïjsSq ;^Î^B^ç|^hK m^é:;:;a^;;.'.?a?H

Jo^V.^e^^h^^B^jhtq .?ceicern^^Bfld-^

dreax " " "' ' "" and


.matehèdli^t- ifel^Ö^et'tö'^rO^e^Ä^^afej or .-spi -, ydw'';'tm^rap'äpie ,'; W^Siôflî

. * ^ w ' *v * - i

.r ¡The first, cricket' game between': the] goldfields: bod fj^n^|^^Bl^!^^b7 v^\?botíy^

danced; <>n'^Ürdja^'; ^^«^¿Í^O^.-^JE-^ pej^tikfat* î$ur/' níi^lfaadÍaH^e^j^t-';] ter of matters sd far ns the conditions j went». .' ^;¿9}ASeÍ0^

dayí.;hadi.lvb^r^vg0tí. .ô^iâ^V^tràMI journey; japd adjfcd 'éo:m^'4i^^^neè j unaccustomed ip\4he vtnrï '-wtekei^-:-..Tin' "wbicfc ;^

tièr. *ha$ ; |hejr,:-faîlèd:jf^^^lo%^''-m their fi^l|;,attemp)t::^gau^

ing of - Bobby .^^;'r^'o/.«Bnie-' -ion*; 1 .witii the-; excellent íayerage^.-^véíi l äwicfcet8 for. 49.. "v Äj^fefö <3hfiittah, I Ted^ ; Whea^n *t^ndU.<Sp*',:' ^èllrngïwp j

_ partichlarly ""; _M ;#ww-.

0160*«;innings^; produced 284^';-tjië.'""»èir\

Essendon "player, Buzolich, getting fifi

in -brilliant ' styled "The bowling was j below -expectations. The;. feature of L the goldfields : pien's second innings ¿H 280, was "the tirigbt -batting ott Teddy^ Archer (the Codtgá^é^cracl:\, and JRp buison of Boulder City! Archer's dis?

play was à- fine <me, aiVd'he received a .

finfr reception after' compiling 9D. Bo-J binson's score of ^6 was also a spark- ling effort;". His;"drivih'g was clean and hard, áncí Selk could d«» >nothing ; with thc barb/ athkie. T Bobby's-BverT age, by the way,, suffered severely, for

hé had BB -runs hit off V<if" for no wie-, "kets taken!

The Westral committee ratend run-

ning the big cyclmg event as' usual on next Boxing Day, but" it is safe to say that the event will not be a paitch on what it was in years gone by. Last year, it will be remembered, successful \ riders did not receive the full amount

j of prize money,, owing to the fixture being a financial failure, ^ut this year the prize money has been guaranteed

in fulL

! Lightweight scrapper Eddie Jessop

I complains that he has been,humbugged I a great deal by boxing promoters in

Sydney, and he has been advised^ to take to 'the sea again,- as there is nothing in boxing nowadays in Syd- ney. Jessop Was practically matched to fight Bob Greenshields, but the mill fell through. Then a match bef/ween "Jess" and * Charlie Griffin appeased inevitable, but that also fell through, Griffin giving it out that he was off to the old Dart. However, 'Jessop haß done his dash long ago, . and would tooday be "pie" for ?? such as Hock Keys br even Thorn. \ ' V'

.. * . * ? * -, * «

Ernie Parker'g 103 (retired) for the coastal cricketers against the goldr fielders on Wednesday last was. a mas-' terly effort, his runs being made in a forcing manner, 64 of them being ob- tained per medium of smashes . to the boundary. Jones had .no. terrors for Parker, whose back-cutting - pf some of the express trundler's deliveries 'was pretty indeed to wateh. . Tom Hpgue also gave a good display : for '^93 (retired), thej total of the ' local men'being 301. The goldfieldefs reT

plied; with 172 for three wickets, o£ which Arthur Christian got 60 not out in gréât style. ; The latter player is almost without doubt the best all- round man in the W.A. team at pre?, .sent engaged against the .Englishmen..,

i - ,*-.-';* ?? * ' * . 'A . * ' t ? . '

: ? According to the ; Canadian sculler, Duman/ *%ed Hanlan' htis been, giv- ing us some good exhibitions of - how he )used. to row in the good did days." To which : the-\ Sydney "Sun" «cribe says : "Bill Beach might op- portunely giye ah. exhibition of how he beat Hablan;" » At the same time the famous Ned might 'be acquainted of the fact ..that the bones of the I steamer Tomki,, which : he\ blamed.' for j hi?'?.{first defeat, .are now bleaeh'og'on

the New South' "-'Wales' /coast.] ïtr;îs rumored that Hanlan. : is coming : to Australia -this lummer, and ;it\is just ' possible ihat; he has 'been: ^do^ng praor tice rows, -so that 'he might have ' re-: venge on the man that i robbed him <»f ¡ his fame.' So Beach Jhàd l-etfcjr 'oúk pht '\háti Hanlan ' does not spring -, ja surprise on nim." ?/; ,.. ?-' ? -? .> v : ..>.:'."v.' '!* ";?.''.'' '.' ^'*K;* .'

: Jaek;'irö^.J^'''.demu^y;-deçîd^ jtp retire -/rom the; boxing game, which has, |»á^-;>a¿|ríhi^'-.-/^i.V-.'a.' profitable' 'ope for'the- er^while.X%UJngn^od';itote|. juan. >^Th^;isJ^o) g^t^^íá^f^.

"í^tíac^^a^ inore Xpr

sportsman'; and. the ^enterprîsintr little ?}E0iàôvâciS&fd ^l?be: gçeatîyj infesed "bv, Jfce. ffan4yi-";; rQhly f^r Mreñ*m;S4u^rés ;j^f^:f%Bp3^}tfia^ ..-'been :^e¿nd}; .: <jí In... Ahienca, ;for yt}Sf# V*b^bl^ the. fact'-)^a%t- Wren ^put' ty V, #u\>ge&-.

/ti^îSid^efc^É ;'^|h^>BiB."^as^ :-^-ST^^'*^^^"->^ÍiBe ,^ïr^;;reasr, HjjrW'jjirä^


?iw'jyïclb^'èal^^ «Itg-^p-Ja*..

:^¡M0^^i, |^aii^^*«âf,: -:'W^sâié !ia^fcjpi^i^p!%^id'..so; it came, $ovpass1 '^p^v^|^^^-'^&vwim was

hed . > by the buljcpf the crowd w>ich tpj^^^f:~Ao^f)à: iïÈgise. ia7?¿ishpals- If


shtmrj "in "tbe^Eastern States.-- " ; ^ ,, -

-^?-?f*¿b¿\:'^+íf;f ;; - ' ''. *'; ' ; y«?;..-' .-.'

^jÛàéijâàg', "tb^¿e;».W¿^:-.. XM^Í ^fcttn-j ¡mi. .'á««^t^iMÍí^fwi||^Í«s Bo^pd'tof $pí&i»V ^No^Qut" -oí.:0e^'09^0i 'p#Íftté*. Iias^niéthi^g - tó,m^-'vai¡::: ! ^gfbVvWfstJA^

body that; jnejpréfénts a State ioöiai n^ver before under any wnditiöns was; ¿ble ' to secure a match with an Engr lish te^m. Jüst ponder pn that. The' board'Tol. 'Obñtról is formed, and 'lp, !;.

W^^^A^'stetdia ^t once' gets twp mat- ches ^"itíi the English team: on terms that - they could heyer, under any* possl

Bifi^^^heLV« ^'minanded ;étdfñj the. -jfàfc '

vate promoters. VNpw3hei W- A- Conn1- Í eil wants' to manage, in additipzi .to its ' own affairs; the affairs <i the Board in. connection with these matches. The": sooner ..the W.A*. Council recognises! Äat those responsible ïoV the conduct pf 'ihe board) are business men, sports nien, and cricket enthusiasts; who give ]

their tfime and services for the love of

the game, the better it will be- for , 'W.^ tericket v * It : will be : remembered i that the Board of ControJ appointed ! Mr. -Frank Martin, the Perth lawyer, ; as its representative in the'West, and ] the W.A. Cricket Council " went off, bang" at the idea of the Council not being consulted in the ma-Oter first.

Now is Üie time when winter suits are beginning to loók the worse, for wear j and to feel a trifle too heavy and -warm for comfort. Every next man is devising ways. and. means whereby ne , can fit himself out .fer. the, summer at reasonable cost. ? ? A display of genuine materials Is to be.

seen at Hug's tailoring establishment ¡ in Wellingtpn-street, to be made td \ order for the remarkable price of 39s. ]

6d. per suit.