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Below we give a list of missing peo-  

pie supposed to be in Australia,   compiled from the latest English, Irish, and Scottish journals. Any person who can give information  

concerning those wanted is kindly   requested to send particulars to the Editor of the "Sunday Times." Perth. The intelligence will then be

forwarded to the paper in which    

the inquiry first appeared. Particu-

lars should be sent as fully as pos   sible, also the date of the Sun .-day Times"' containing the notice.  

A stamped addressed envelope must  

in all cases he sent for reply.

BARRATT (Thomas) j 28 years ;

laborer and a native of England; last heard of at Perth on the 7-th inst.

' CATL.ÊY (Tom), was in .Melboxrrne; in.1892. , ;

DAVIES (William W.), left Llanga dock, Carmarthenshire, South Wales; fast-heard of at Mildura, " Victoria.

j'DYER (Samuel), a sailor,- who'Was in, the employ of the P.. and 0. Co. as -<îaMi»rmaster aoout S . years ago,

and afterwards on: one of'the coast-" ing boats of Australia. ,

^GpAD (Edwin), was a carpenter at

Peckham-ryc "; .. wont ' to Australia i ¿bout 1859, ; last heard of in Sydney in 1866.. '. . « ?- ?? ?

OGJSLI*. (Catherine Jane) ;- maiden name Barton, ;, widow of John Gell, formerlysteward bf ^thé tJnî'çn Club,

Sydney* ' ; Had a sob named Phillip;. I last lieard'of in .1890.- / /";./ :.R/--V*

' ; fGrA^TTH :0liïiàmj.\ ol; Broughton^ ¡

¿n-Kúrness, . lancashire,, who left -there, -i Jorty-nvc* 'years ago for "Sew Zealand, -

afterwards going Htb A^f^ralia. t .;>;

.ÍÍ^fe*ff^j^o<^¿Kardj ;.was 'irork ing;,in',tb>' smelting-wbrkjs at ' -Pyr- mont;* Ä^ßtrMia,.-19 years' ago - J.-y,

; MARTisr\\f^^il:j^ii^'-^iB^::^k.j

one .time a barlnaid.v an d may be .foin lowing'- ¿hat tó^upMípn:jÍBOw.--' t last . fieard, ofy at 'ï^igooriie.-;.*b]Dut.-*. \ntóe- ! monthsi.ago, when -her sb^-ilaèsliej age? 14 ''"y^^^^^yjii^^rlç^;':; ;?;?>." .;:"' \^ MçÏÏÔN'^i)\ :} (Ma^);^]^órhmt.lon^

as to ;'who inquireflvVSÍbjit: two^ears J ago, for ' Mary McDonald, who v lett j Murdie, Sutherlandshire, Scotland, ah the year 1854, for-Australia* and Went to .New Zealand in lS60,\will, be .thankfully received, by her, son.

«O'CÖNNOB (Arthur W.). last heard Df . at Carpentaria "some years ago

also -Anthony W. Mason,, who was at Melbourne 45 years ago.

PHILPOT (Jeremiah); last ; heard of in Australia;

'' -PERKS <Willlam -B.). bf Bridgwa-.

.years/ago, about--*© sail in ^theiGo^ Äen -Sea, for Melbourne. Also , of ; Charles .; 'Porks. Last heard bf , at1] Diggers.' . HoSnè, Cooktown, Queens1 laad, ttasfve years 'ago. /.»- -v ;"*'.;

S'SALTER (Henry), supposed to be j

ih Australia ; last heard of lá'or"Í3*

years ago. / '?":','>;?'" "-; ^/A '?-.''.-. -\ «. BÍMPSOSr iJphn1), middle:>ageTwho¡' left New Zealand in 1893 foi- .this tSiate and Was last' beard pf at Cool- gardie ¡that year. v :

TELFER (Edward) ; formerly manager .of Nookawarra Station, Murchison; last heard of at Manfred   Station in the latter part of January.


I WILLIS (Arthur), last heard «f at Port ; Adelaide two years ago.

WlXIiITT (Wniö G.t; who . was Jest beard of >¡jn 2*ew South Wales. 1

WORDLEY (Matilda), jape ' Simmons : j-^l^ttVEngland 50" years ¡ago for Aus-

tralia. ' - ""'v--''

' Impress on Your Memory! Seeligson'«

Overtime Pledge Sale on Monday, Sep. , ;2, at - Amsberga Auction Mart, Hay- j st. Centre (opp. U.Z. Woollen Co.) - The sale ? is genuine, so make it your

business to attend. . ; : ' '