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Mr. Wilton Hack, who is well known in South Australia, and who was years ago in charge of the village settlement at Mount Remarkable, has just published two little volumes-both of which were issued by the Oriental Publishing Company at Madras-on the obscure subiect of psy- chology. The one deals with ' The Human Soul,"' and the other with "Occult and   Psychic Phenomena " The former con- tains a forword by Pandit G Krsna Sastri, of Mylapore, who declares that the author of "this excellent treatise has done a real service to struggling humanity. He has clearly stated the popular misconcep- tions regarding the human soul and ex- plained the evils arising therefrom. The book deserves a commentary, as it is full of useful hints to the student of practical religion. Long befoie the time of Lord Buddha the doctrine enunciated in this booklet had been lost sight of by the   Hindus. The Tattvasarayana, as well as the Anubhavadvaita, or the Sankhya-Yogi Samuccaya, literature, which all deals with the most ancient doctrines once current in India, prove this; and this thoughtful trea- tise will indeed serve the purpose of a small introduction to tne study of that literature. Let this booklet go forth on its mission and lead back the pilgrims who have lost their way into the right path." Tho chapters into which the volume is divided number four. The first describes tne Indian concept of the soul, the second the Christian views relating to the soul, the third the Buddhist definitions of the   soul. The last gives the author's conclu- sions. ' No matter how great the sym- pathies we may feel for one another, the soul's fight for freedom and emancipation   is a lonely struggle," says Mr. Hack who continues -"I cannot save you, and you   cannot save me, and neither can God save, you. For had "that been possible all humanity would have been saved long ago. The Rev. Hugh Gilmore once put the mat- ter strongly before a large audience at North Adelaide-"Man saves or damns him self' "

"Occult and Psychic Phenomena" has as an introduction an aiticle of apprecia- tion by W. A English, who quotes Mr W.   B. Fricke, recording secretary of the Theo- sophical society, in writing to the author ''By reading your book people will gain courage and strength to give voice to their opinions relating to such phenomena. Hav-

ing investigated spiritualism for more than eight years in various countries under diffe- rent conditions I can corroborate in prin- ciple' the facts told. As Pope says 'The proper study of mankind is man." Thought forms are real 'living things' " In the book Mr Hack records the story of various manifestations which occurred to himself in the realms of thought trans- ference, telepathic, sympathy. and the mys-   terious appearance of the bodies of absent   friends These instances as simply re- lated, he argues show the enormous and far-reaching power of thought. He tells   in a most fascinating way the experiences and demonstrations which were vouchsafed to him while he has much to say also con-     cerning astral wanderings and other phe-   nomena both as witnessed on the influ- ences which was felt in India and Aus- tralia. The closing chapters relate mar-   vellous instances of the "second sight" of   Captain Bell, wh0 was once well known on the Australian coast-a man sober, intelli- gent, brave and widely respected. Both books will furnish much material for solemn thought.