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Hran WATER, Tara DAT.-Morning, 4.31 ; after-

noon, 4.61.

May 24.-0 a.m. : Win 1 N. strong ; woathor (Ino. Noon : Wind N., strong ; woathor Uno, 8p.m. : Wind N., strong; weather Ano.


Havilah, S.B., 300 tons, W. H. Thom, from Ade- laide 21st hist. Passengors-saloon : Miss Robin, Messrs. Andrews, and W. Horvoy ; and olght in tho steorago. Win. Bayles and Co., agents.

Scotia, O.S.S. Company's s.S., 800 tons, A. Now londB, from Dunedin 17th hist., vii Bluff Harbour 19th inst. Passengers-sa'oon : Mr. and Mrs. Sim- mons, Messrs. Baucock, Rolston, J. P. Larcombe, Braahavv, Stewart, Littlo ; and 177 In the stoorago. John M'Loclilan, agent.

Boomerang, a.s., 104 tons, J. Questod, from Hobart Town 12th lust. No passengers. J. Snowball,


Waterlily, schoonor, 61 tons, J. Gibson, from Cir- cular Head 10th Inst. Passengera-cabin : Mr. and Miss Morris. Captain Gibson, agout.

Eucalyptus, barque, 175 tons, B. G. Rao, from Hobart Town 19th lust. No possoDgcrs. J. Snowball,


Wolverine, brig, 207 tons, W. Scott, from New- castle, N.S.W., 9th inst. No passengers. Captain Scott, agent.

Madras, Peninsular and Oriental Company's B.M.S.S., 1,800 tona, A. B. Farquhar, commander, Captain Pasco, R.N., Admiralty agent, from Sydney 22nd inst. Passengers-Saloon : For Molhourno Mr. and Mrs. Hay, Messrs. Hay, lum, W. A. Stroot, Grierson, and S. E. Burt. For Oallo-Mrs. Robertson, Messrs. J. Moxflold, E. Mornan, and Wolfen. For Calcutta-Dr. Poors. For Alexandria-Messrs. J. n. Theo, P. L. Thee, Travers and servant, and Mullock. For Malta-Major Stovor. For Marsolllos-Captain Mayne, R.N., Commander Edward D. P. Downes, R.N., Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, Messrs. A. Jones, and C. Ban ott For Southampton-Mr. J. Bignall. Ponln tulor and Oriental Company, John Sparkes, agent.

Aldinga, s.S., -Steuart, from Dunedin 18th Inst. PasBongers.-Saloon : Mrs. Steuart, Miss Steuart, Miss Strickland, Mrs. Denavan, and two children; Messrs. A. L. Thomson, Marks, M'Eacborn, Hubbord, Croman, Watta, Miller, Samuol Cooper, Major Herbert ; and 111 in tho stocrago. M'Mockan, Black- wood, and Co., agents.


Fort ENOLAND AND TUB EAST.-R.M.S.S. Madras, 20th May, nt ton o.m.

FOR LONDON.-Wellesley, this day ; Norfolk, 11th Juno ; Julia Fanner, early ; Garrawalt, 20th June.

Fort OTAOO.-Hero, early ; Scotia, early ; City of Hobart, 20th Inst.

FOB, AUCKLASD.-Claud Hamilton, 10th Juno.

FOR SIDNEY.-City of Melbourne, 20th May ; Bar- won, 28th May.

FOR SYDNEY AND AUCKLAND.-Souolioys, tills day. FOR HoiurtT TOWN.-Tasmania, 20tli May.

FOR ADRUAIPB.-Coorong, 27thMay; Havilah, 27th May; Penola, 31stMay.

FOR LAUNCESTON.-Black Swan, this day. FOR FOO CHOW.-Eliza Blancho, oarly.

FOR MAURITIUB.-Hadleys, early; Formosa, 2Sth



Havilah, s., from Adelaide.-1 cask, 972 bass wheat, W. Boyles and Co ; 1770 cakes coppor, M'Culloeh, Sellar, and Co. ; 26 cases jams, R. Evans ; IO packages too, Henty and Co. ; 10 bags wheat, Fuller ; 8hhds. eggs, 20 eases jams, Order.

Scotia, from Dunedin viil Bluff Harbour.-3 bolo i drapery, Bligh and Harbottlo ; 0 boxes tobacco, 2 quarter-casks brandy, 1 hhd. brandy, O. Tondour ; 40 casks oil, 60 drums oil, H. Brooks ; 2 bags clothes, B. Donnolly ; 1 parcel, Saunders ; 1 parcel, li. B. Lauo ; 22ioz. lldwt. gold dust, 6 boxes tobacco,


Boomerang, from Hobart Toyvn.-38,000 palinga, 400 staves, J. Snowball ; COO casos fruit, J. and G. John- son ; 000 caeca fruit, Knight.

Waterlily,- from Circular Head.-25 tons pótateos, 100 bags wheat, ?00 baga oats, 4,000 palings, Ordor.

Eucolyptus, from Hobart Toyvn.-10,000 palinga, 2,000 coses fruit, 200 osos jam, J. Snowball.

Wolvcrino, from Nowcastlo, N.S.W.-350 tons coal,


Aldinga, from Dunedin.-i boxes gold, E,5i3oz. Union Bank ; ti boxes gold, 0,807oz., Bank Now South Wales ; 7 boxes gold, 8,020oz., Orlontal Bank ; 3 boxea gold, 4,B2Uoz., Bank of Australasia ; 30 bales hops, 10 bales blankets, order.



Moy 6.-Lord Clydo, from London ; Gazelle, from Sydney ; Golconda, from London ; Ann and Jano, from Adelaide ; Rellanco, from Hobart Town ; Craiglovar, from Melbourno ; Baron von Pallaudt von Rosondall, from Adelaide ; Nilo from Adelaide.

May 0.-Loula and Miriam, from Sydnoy ; Bolla .Mary, from Hobart Town ; Statesman, from London ; Hederich Peutzoin, from Adelaldo.


May 0.-Dart, for Sydnoy.



. April 30.-Marchioness, from Adolaldo.



May 1.-Vectis, from Glasgow ; Oscar, from Lon-


May 4.-nongal, from Wolshpool ; Pralrlo, from Hobart Town ; Prospector, from Melbourno.

Moy f.-Oscar, from London.

May 7.-Capriolanl, from London ; Isabolla, from Hobart Town ; Rangoon, from Now York, hi cross


May 8.-rriiico Alfred, from Sydnoy, Yia Nolson ; Lombard, from Wolshpool.

May 9.-Ellon Simpson, from Nowcastlo.

May l8.-Albion, from tho Clydo ; Pot, from Now-


May 16.-Harriot Armitage, from Twofold Bay; Jano Lockhart, from Sydnoy ; Scotia, from Nelson,

May 10.-Gothenburg, from Picton ; Aldinga, from Melbourne ; Hero, from Picton, via Lyttolton.


Moy 8.-Louisa, for Hobart Town. ? May 9.-Phrobo, for Sydnoy,

May IS.-Omeo, for Picton and Nolson ; Star of tho South, for Picton.

May 15 -Jane, for Hobart Town.

May 10 -Prlnco Alfred, for Picton ; Proirlo, for Hobart Town ; Elizabeth Anno, for Newcastle.



. April 23.-Australia, from Melbourne.

April 28.-Balmoral, from Hobart Toyvn ; Star of Victoria, from Launccaton.

April 29.-Jano, schooner, from Melbourne Moy 12.-City of Dunedin, from Molbouruc. May 10.-Drovor, from Molhourno. ,


April l8.-India, for Launceston. April 21.-Pilot, for Melbourno.

April 20-Edward Thornhill, for London, via tho


April 29.-Pat tho Rovor, for Adelaide.

May 11.-Balmoral, for Hobart Town, via Picton. Moy 10.-Star of Victoria, for Launcoston.



April 10.-Mary Francis, from Glasgow.

. April 24.-Jcannlo W. Paino, from Molhourno, rift

Hobart Town.

April 29.-Scotia, from Molhourno.

' May 2.-Julia Farmor, from Portland Bay.

. May 10.-Francca Henty, from Portland Bay.

' May 14 -Aldinga, from Molhourno ; India, from


May 17.-Paria, from Glasgow.


April 27.-Edward Thornhill, for London.

Moy 12.-Joannlo W. Faino, for Molhourno ; Julia Faimor, for Portland Bay ; Noyv Great Britain, for


May 13.-Kingfisher, for Nowcastlo, N.S.W.

Moy 17.-Juno, for Nowcastlo, N.S.W. ; Star of Vic- toria, for Launceston.



May 8.-Camilla, from Newcastle, N.S.W.


Moy 7.-Wild Wave, for Sydnoy, via Picton.



. May 24.-0 a.m. : Wind modorato ; weather fino. Boroinotor, SO'3110 ; tlionnomotor, 69. 6 p.m. : Wlud N., light ; weather cloudy, fino. Baromotor, 30'300 ; thormometor, 69.

ARRIVED.-MAT 21. Glousheo, barque, from Newcastle. Matador, barque, from Newcastle

'Thomas Brown, barque, from Adolaldo. Mayllowcr, schooner, from Belfast.

Swallow, schooner, from Port Frederick.

Sir Inane Newton, achoonor, from Port Willunga,


Agnoa, schooner, from Adolaldo. Marla, schooner, from Adolaldo. , Stiff oik, ship, from London.

Telegraph, barquo, from Adolaldo.

Marie Amello, barquo, from St. Seriin'a.


May 24.-D a.m. : Wind N., fresh ; woathor fine. Baromotor, 80°120 ; therraomotor, 67. Sundown : Wind S.W., fresh ; weather thick, misty, and raining. Barometer, 30'107 ; thorniomotor, 60. Four barquo», two brigs, and thrco schoouors, Inward bound, In sight.


May 24.-0 o.m. : Wind N., fresh ; woathor cloudy. ..Baromotor, EO'ODO ; thorraoinotor, 68. Sundown : Wind N.W., light ; weather cloudy.


Lae. 87dcg. 40mhi. 63scc S. ; Ion. Oh. 39min. 61'8

lee. E.

Mny 24.-No timo ball. _


¡at Sea Lo vol. I Therm.

May 23, 0 p.m. May 21,0 a.m.

May 24, S p.m.


30-491 30-787 30-417


61-3 66-3 67-2

Temp, of Air.

47-0 52-2 05-0

Tim s.a. Havilah arrived in Ilobson'a Bvy yostorday, at noon, from Adelaldo. Captain Thom reports having experienced light winda from N.E. and E. throughout

the passage

THE Otago Steamship Company's s.a. Scotia anchored in Hobsons Bay at half-past elovon a.m. yostorday. During; her ausonco sho has called at tho porta of Inver- cargill, Dunedin, Lyttelton, Picton, Wellington, and Nolson,androvlalted thom all onhor return. Sholoft Port Chaînions on tho 17th inst., at six p.m., mid Bluff Har- bour at eight a.m. on the 10th, with a Btrong southerly breeze On the samo day, at four p.m., passed Solan- der Island. By ten p.m., tho wind had ineroasodlto a heavy gale, accompanied by a heavy cross-Boo, Tala sovoro weather, with squalls, continued throughout the following day. During tho remoledor of tho pas sago had moderate weather, Passed Swan Island at ton a.m. on the 23rd lnat., and rocolved her pilot off

Port Philip Heads at a quartor to eight am. jester


TUB steamship Aldinga, with tho Now Zealand homoward mails, left Port Chalmers at five p m on tho 18th hist, but owing to the sovorlty of the S W gale then blowing, did not leave tho heads until D30 am on tho 10th She arrived at the Bluirat 10 SO pm. the samo ovening Woathor very thiok, and tho wind blowing hard from S S E Lay in Bluff Harbour until two a m on the morning of the 20th, the avind blowing so strong that the moll boat and passenger boats wore unable to got near the vessel beforo that hour Having received mails and pas Bengora, left Bluff Harbour, and experienced strong S by E winds during tho noxt day From the 21st to passing Swan Island, at 7 30 p in , on tho 23rd lint, lind light W winds and smooth water Entorod Port Philip Heads atfivopm on tho 24th, and arrived in Hobson s Bay at 7 80 p m

Tim Alhambra, with the English malls, arrived at Pott Chalmers on tho morning of the 18th inst, after a passage of llttlo over five da) s Tho Gothenburg soiled from Port Chalmers, for Picton gold fields on tho 17th inst, crowded with po^sougors She was to be followed by tho Alhambra

TnK ship Rangoon, which brings a gonoral cargo of American manufactures and lumber, consigned to F Coleman, has not yet reached the aiiehorogo, hav ¡ng anchored sonto distance below Acheron Head. - Otago Daily Times, May 0

'lim sixth wool ship from Canterbury sailod last vv cok. She Is for Boston, U S , taking tho following cargo -1,137 bales of wool, weighing 40o,5921b, valued at £10,840, 4,030 sheepskins, valued at £730, 203 hides, valued at £00, sov eral packages sundries, valued at £320, making the total valuo of exports £21,045- Otago Dall) Times, Ma) 9

TUB Pcnlnsulor and Oriental Company's K.MSS Madras, Captain Fatquhar, anchored In Hobson s Bay vesterday niorninir, after a fino run of forty-soven hours from Heads to Heads On her last passage from this port sho mado the run to Sydnoy Ho ids in the short spaco of fort} two hours - tho fastest o\ or mudo between the two ports The Madras loavos at two p ni to-morrow (Thursday)

1 KSTKUOAY being tho annivcrsarv of Hor Majesty s birthday, all tho ships in harbour wore decorated with flags Owing to tho absonco on a cruize of H M CS V tctoria, no salute was tired

TUB ship Vernon arrived in Moreton Bay on tho 12lh inst, after a protracted passage, owing to a mutiny on board, and detention at tub Janeiro Hor passengers landed on the ovonlng of tho 10th at Bris bane -Queensland Journal of Commoroo, May 10