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The formal demico of the Victoria Jockey Club took place on Friday last, at noon, closely following the dissolution of the Victoria Turf Club, which occurred in the preceding week. Their new and vigorous successor, the Vic- toria Racing Club, has already onrolled up- wards of 160 member?, and has taken over the liabilities and responsibilities of the Jockey and Turf Clubs. The first meeting of the members of the now organization will be held at two o'clock this nfr:rncon, at Scott's Hotel. Vory important business will como under the consideration of tho mombers prêtent-¿bo appointment of a committee of management, and the adoption of rules and regulations for the governance of tho club.

The career of tho V. Ii. C. commences undor favourable auspices-the prestigo of popular opinion with them, and the sporting world hailing their advent to power as joyfully nu the Royalists welcomed the return of Charles Stuart, tho Whigs tho r.cjession of William of Orango, or children thoappear anco of the Christmas pudding. The new club cannot bo any the worso for tho multi- tude expecting good things from its leading spirits, and may bo all the strongor that its rulers aro credited with tho capacity and tho disposition to advance tho progress ana the prosperity of the national sport.

The Metropolitan Trotting Haces having been postponed to Saturday next, on account of the Flemington course being flooded, the« only noticeablo racing event of tho past week was the Smeaton mooting, of two days (Wed. nesday and Thursday). The principal per- formers wero Blink Bonny, Carisbrook, and Bosh, and tho running showed this worthy trio to bo nearly of the samo form, not mightily dangerous to a racehorse of quality, albeit Blink Bonny, aged 8st., onco defeated Banker, 3 y ra, 7st. 71b. ; Chrysolito, 3 yrs, G:r. 121b.; and Falcon, aged, Ost., over threo miles, in a storm of rain, for tho Goolong Crltorion Handicap.

It appears that in tho Beechworth and neighbouring districts, at Wangaratta, Wah- gunyah, Chiltern, Beechworth, Albury, &c, Mr. M'Kcnzio's " b or br f Riverina (late Deer- foot), 3 yrs," has been proving horself far better than tho three-year-olds opposod to hor, and winning several prizes. It la now alleged that Blverina (late Deerfoot) is, Ilka many ladies, comotbing older than she has boon described ; but that her case materially differs from that of the ladios, inasmuch a3 tho proof of the misdescription is derived from the evidence of her own mouth. Actions at-law, in sovoral forms, havo been com- menced, and moro than one body of country stewards have bren altogether scared from the feeliDgs of propriety, and thoir powers of doing right. In ono instance, tho stownrds hava actually called upon the owner of tho horse that ran second to Riverina to dofend ait action which Elvorina's owner has brought to recover the stakei, withheld on nccount of her being a year too old. Such transactions oporate cs a " heavy blow and soro dis- couragement" to stowardB and to racing. If, therefore, a wilful fraud has beon committed, and proof of the samo can bo shown, the offence merits the serious dlsploasuro of tho governing powers of the turf In overy district, and the utmost rigour in the measure of the punishment Inflicted-disqualification of all the parties concerned, and banishment from every racecourse in the countrj'.

The annual salo of tho Woodlands year- lings, and tho final salo of the Bournofield Stud brood-mares, sires, and yoarlings, havo both been postponed until tho Monday aftor tho Melbourno Eaco Meeting, in the third week in May. The recent oporation of tho new racing club in taking up tho liabilities of tho old ones has given groat satisfaction to tho breeders and owneia of young blood stock, and restored confidence to buyors.

It is, howovcr, to bo regrettod that tho Geelong and Western District Turf Club, with a number of woaltuy mombors, should have allowed the Great Western Producá Stakes to remain in the prcrent unsatisfactory state. Tho Produce Stakoi run for in 18C3 aro still only partly paid, and tho balance is awaiting tho deolslon of tho judges of the Supremo Court on a point of law, not yet actually determined. It is not yet too late to run tho Produce Stakes of tho present year, if somo respectablo effort bo made to Bavo tho honour and credit of tho Geelong Club. Tho amount of the stake-consisting of tho aweepatakos paid by tho nominators of horseî and tho added monoy promised by the stewards-may bo about f?00. "Whoro there's a will thore's a way,"-the affair can bo very easily arranged. There was a balanco left in hand at the close of the laßt race meeting (carried on ultra the control of tho club), which, doubtless, the stewards would be willing to appropriate to such a purpose as supporting tho sporting credit of their town, providod the stewards (to whom, in point of fact, tho monoy itself is of no consequence) would mako up, say, one third of the stako payable ; and tho owners of tho horses engaged would be willing to mako up a sum equal to, say, another third of tho stake, arranging among thomBolvcs that the winner shall eventually pay back to tho others their several donations. This arrange- ment is really asking of tho stewards vory little moro than that they shall pay back to tha poreons interested the amounts thoy havo re- ceived from thom in tho instalments of tho sweepstakes.

The absenco of any summer raco mooting irt Melbourne this year gives an unusual pro- minence to tho Randwick Meeting, Sydney, N.S.W. Mr. Hurtlo Fisher, who cairieB with him the good wishes of the sporting men of Victoria, 1103 proceeded to that colony ; his highly-bred filly tho R03e of Denmark, on gaged in tho Handicap on favourablo terms, and in two olhor races, will follow him to- morrow, in chnrgo of Mr. Filgato, by tho Wonga Wonga stcamor. The samo steamer will also convey Mr. Cheeko's celebrated maro Zoo, stint :d to Fishorman.

The Victorian horses Bent to Adolaldo for tho races thcro next week-Bankor, 3 yrs ; Falcon, aged ; Boebuck, 3 yrs ; Lantorn, 2 yrs; and Chrysolite, 3 y ra-havo all arrived safe and well at their destination. Musidora leaves for Adolaldo by tho next oppor- tunity. At tho samo time, while noting thoso departures honco for a time,- it must bo men- tioned that tho Maribyrnong Stablo has re- cently recelvod from Adolaldo tho following valuable thoronghbrod yearlings, belonging to Mr.nurtlo Fisher:-Angler, br c, by Fisher- man-Marchioness; Lady Heron, b f, by Fisherman-Omen; Koroseno, bf, by Fisher- man- Nightllght ; and Fishorman's Daugh- ter, br f, by FIsheiman- Gildormiro.

Lancefield races take placo on Thursday and Friday in this week. Tho stewards havo published the following handicap for their principal race ; distance thrco milos :- ~^ Mr. Drj-Uon'H cliff Elis,need .. ., Oat. 01b. Sir. Kvans'8 h(f Nkli-oI-tho-AVoods, 0 jm. Oat. lib. Mr. D'A rev'« eli K ltohlllo, Cj'rs.8at. 101l>. Mr. Bohrcr'B br f Flour-do-llB, 4 yrs. .. Bat. 711». Mr. Vf. Smith's elie Mckey Froo, ngcil ., 7st. 81b. Sir.aroeiishlc'klB'B bl g Garibaldi, ayr«. ., 7«t. 21b.

nonas KILLED BY A SNAKE.-On Thursdny lpit. while Master Alfred Turner, a lad of twelve years of age, son of Mr. Thomas Turner, of Langrove, near Burrowa, was riding a small pony along a cattlo track, a snako about Ave feet long, sprang at tho animal, and fastened on the inside of its foro le«. In this position it was drained for a distance of thirty yards, when it let go ita bold. Master Turnor then dismounted^ and pursued the reptile, which unfortunately escaped. In ten minutes afterwards, the pony-a valuablo one-staggorod and dropped down dead.-Fa« Courier.