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HIGH WATER THIS DAY. - Morning, 2-19; after- noon, 2.38.

Nov. 13. - 6 a.m. : Wind W., strongg ; weather squally. Noon : Wind S.W., strong ; weather squally, 6 p.m. : Wind W.S.W., strong ; weather squally.

ARRIVED. - Nov. 12.

William Ackers, barque, 300 tons, W. H. Gregory, from Newcastle, N.S.W., 22nd ult. No passengers. P. Huddart, agent.

Warrior, ship, 919 tons. L. W. Merrill, from Hong Kong, via Sydney 2nd inst. Seventy-nine Chinese passengers. Kong Meng and Co., agents.

Black Bird, s.s., 520 tons, H. P. Sawell, from New- castle, N.S.W., 8th inst. Passengers - cabin : Mr. Allen ; and four in the steerage. Grice, Sumner, and  

Co., agents.

Marie Sophie, Chilian barque, 412 tons, B. Cabal lero, from Valparaiso August 23. No passengers. Bright Brothers and Co., agents.  

Bella Vista, barque, 166 tons, E. Tonner, from New- castle, N.S.W., 25th ult. No passengers. Pigott Brothers and Co., agents.

Wave, brig, 195 tons, Thomas Rossiter, from New castle, N.S.W., 28th ult. No passengers. Pigott Brothers and Co., agents.

Albion, O.S.S.N. Co.'s s.s. 600 tons, J. McLachlan, from Dunedin 6th inst. Passengers - saloon : Mrs. and Master Hassell, Mrs Fragbert, Mrs Wood, Mrs Hassell, Miss Clark, Mrs Adams, Mrs J Matt and infant, Mrs J Hearker, Mrs Dalrymple, Mrs Nimmo   Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Heather, Miss Breiter, Mrs. Wilson and two children, Miss Simpson, Mrs. Hughes, Messrs, Draper, Ainsworth, Grant, Wilson, Johnston, Nimmo, J. Anderson, jun., J. Anderson, sen., A. Anderson, Barber, Morrell, Bassill, Rout, Wilkinson, French, Fordham, Barker, Jackson, Green, McLean, Thomp- son, Butler, Davies, Nicholas, McCailley, Brown, Wins- low, Hughes, Diamond, Kirkpatrick, Collins, Robert- son, Dr. Nash ; and 125 in the steerage. J. McLachlan, agent.

Prince Edward, brig, 174 tons, - Place, from New castle, N.S.W. No passengers.

Royal Shepherd, s.s., from Port Albert. Pas- sengers-cabin : Mrs. Slade, Messrs. Smith, McGowen,   Moorhead, McAllister; and ten in the steerage. W, Bayles and Co., agents.

Eoina, s.s., J. T. Rolls, from Portland, Port Fairy, and Warrnambool 11th inst. Passengers - cabin : Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Nelson and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Wildash and family (four), Miss Jen- nings, Mr. Austin ; and fifteen in the steerage. S. G. Henty, agent.

Charles Edward, s s., 200 tons, W. T. Browne, from Sale and Bairnsdale 11th inst. Passengers - cabin : Mrs. McKenzie, Messrs. Travers, Orr, Taylor; and ten in the steerage. Hall, Neilly, and Co., agents.

Minister Pahud, Dutch ship, 674 tons, K. Lipges, from Rotterdam, July 16th. No passengers. Bligh and Harbottle, agents.

Kensington, barque, 828 tons, D. Millar, from New York June 16th. Passengers - cabin : Messrs. Stunkard (two), McAslin (two). Lord and Co., agents.

Nov. 13.

Jeannie W. Paine, American ship, 663 tons, A. Burke, from Newcastle, N.S.W., 2nd inst. No pas- sengers. S. De Beer, agent.

City of Melbourne, A S.N. Co.'s s.s., 1,000 tons, David Walker, from Sydney 10th inst. Passengers - saloon : Mr., Mrs., and Miss Barnett, Mr. T. J. and Mrs. Crouch, Mrs. and Miss Sinclair, Mrs, J. Sullivan, Mrs. F. Younge ; Messrs. Lloyd, G. Younge, Landale,   H. Jabel, A. Brooks, W. F. Robertson, Sawers, Twentyman, Wilson, Pick, Maxwell, Bloomfield, Cain, J. Flint, S. J. Martin ; and 54 in the steerage. W. P. White and Co., agents.

Monarch, barque, 256 tons, J. Jamieson, from New castle 3rd inst. No passengers. J. L. and C. Burke, agents.

Mary Frances, barque, 274 tons, John Hartnett, from Liverpool July 12. No passengers. Dickson, Williams, and Co., agents.

Penola, s.s., 400 tons, F. P. Snewin, from Adelaide, via Guichen Bay and Port MacDonnell, 9th inst. Passengers - cabin : Rev. - Bardin, Mr. Lees, Mr. Jaffa, Miss Cadden, Miss Coulter, Master G. Ormerod ; and five in the steerage. Grice, Sumner, and Co., agents.


Centurion, ship, 744 tons, S. H. Cromwell, for


Rebecca, schooner, 115 tons, A. Robertson, for Ho-

bart Town.

CLEARED OUT. - Nov. 12.

Barwon, s.s., 311 tons, J. Lowrie, for Sydney. D. Little, agent.

Cosmopolite, brig, 145 tons, W. Girdwood, for Ho- bart Town. O. Tondeur and Co., agents.

Landwuhrden. Dutch barque, 387 tons, H. Hell mers, for Swan River, in ballast. Haege and Prell,


Marie Sophie, Spanish barque, 412 tons, B. Cabal lero, for Otago, with original cargo of flour, &c., from Valparaiso. Bright Brothers and Co., agents.

Northern, s.s., 905 tons, N. J. Skottowe, for Sydney, with original cargo laden for that port at Point de Galle. J. Sparkes, agent.


FOR LONDON. - Giant's Causeway, 16th November ; Istanboul, 17th November ; Whito Star, 21st Novem- ber ; Mary Ann Wilson, 21st November ; Dover Castle, 26th November ; Moravian, 17th November ; Marco Polo, 18th November ; Kent, 12th Docembor.

FOR LIVERPOOL. - Eleutheria, early ; Great Victoria,

about 10th December,

FOR OTAGO, CANTERBURY, &c - Gothenborg, 17th November ; Anna, early ; Albion, about 17th Novem-


FOR SYDNEY. - City of Melbourne, 16th November ; Josephine, early.

FOR CAMDEN HARBOUR. - Calliance, early.

FOR BRISBANE. - Clarendon, early ; Harriet Armi- tage, 17th November ; Zephyr, early.  

FOR ROCKHAMPTON. - Harriet Armitage, 17th No vember ; Zephyr, early.  

FOR HOBART TOWN. - Midas, early ; Southern Cross, 23rd November ; Rebecca, early.

FOR ADELAIDE. - Choice, this day ; Coorong, 15th November ; Penola, 17th November ; Callender, 16th


FOR WARRNAMBOOL, &c. - Edina, 16th November ; Western, 15th November ; Gem, early.

FOR PORT ALBERT. - Ant, Royal Shepherd, 16th


FOR SALE, VIA THE LAKES. - Charles Edward, Tues- day, November 15.  

FOR WESTERN PORT AND GABO ISLAND. - Prince Patrick ;10th November.

FOR BELFAST. - Lady Robilliard, 15th November; John McDoual Stuart, this day.

FOR SWAN RIVER. - Stanley, early.

FOR CALLAO. - Silistria, 15th November. FOR AMHERST. - Rising Sun, early.

FOR MADRAS. - Sam Cearns, 17th November. FOR SINGAPORE. - Centurion, early.


William Ackers, from Newcastle, N.S.W. - 480 tons coal, Order.

Black Bird, s., from Newcastle, N.S.W. - 950 tons coal. Sprigg, Twentyman, and Co. ; 20 bogs oysters, Saville and Tong.

Marie Sophie, from Valparaiso. - 9,700 bags (100lb.) flour, 250 bags walnuts, Bright Brothers and Co.

Bella Vista, from Newcastle, N.S.W. - 210 tons coal. Pigott Brothers and Co.

Wave, from Newcastle, N. S. W. - 275 tons coal, Pigott Brothers and Co.

Albion, s.s., from Dunedin. - 24 bales wool, 23 casks grease, J. H. Clough and Co. ; 1 case, Capt. Michael ; 1 bale, C. Griffiths ; 1 package, F. McCullum ; 1 case, Bank Australasia ; 1 case, Bligh and Harbottle ; 13    

casks wine, 28 bales wool, 7 cases, 14 bales, 3 pachages,   1 paper parcel, Order ; 1 case clothing, H. Farley ; 4 bottles quicksilver, Youngman and Co. ; 4 bottles quicksilver, J. McEwan and Co.; 13 cases drugs, 51 cases   yeast-powder, W. A. Felton ; 45 bales wool, J. Sander son ; 12 trunks boots, 14 trunks shoes, D. Bedggood ; 23 cases of Maori baskets, Daniel Gibson; 12 casks fish, W. Swords ; 3 cases fern trees, Handayside, McMillan, and Co. ; 3 cases ferns, E. Kidney ; 1 case, J. Suther- land ; 1 bale, L. Mackinnon; 2,678oz. 18dwt. gold, Bank of New South Wales ; 5,225oz. 19dwt. gold, Oriental Bank; 3,067oz. 7dwt. gold, Union Bank; 50 ounces gold, G. Southern ; 1 ounce gold, P. Holan ; 15oz. 10dwt. gold, D. Opie ; 23 ounces gold, F. Opie ; 20 ounces gold, D. Damonick ; 22 ounces gold, W. Mark ; 97 ounces gold, G. Carstairs.

Minister Pahud, from Rotterdam. - 1,000 cases (red) geneva, 500 cases (green) geneva, Bligh and Har- bottle ; 11 cases gilt frames, H. Brooks ; 2,000 cases (red) geneva, 115 cases window glass, 1 case cigars, 1,000 boxes candles, Klein, Bredins, and Co. ; 1,000 cases window glass, 30 cases glasssware, 300 cases aro matic gin, 1,000 cases geneva, Gustav Beckx and Co.; 3 cases cigars, 1 case hardware, 2 cases perfumery, A. Kulm ; 1 case linen, T. Henel ; 3,079 flooring boards, E. Stewart, Anderson, and Co. ; 14 cases ironware, 2 cases perfumery, 18 bales paper, Wallach Brothers ; 1,000 casos (red) geneva, 14 bales tobacco, J. W. Ploos Van Amstel ; 3 cases piano, R. T. Paling ; 4 pack- ages, Frost, Kohler, and Co. ; 10 cases, Martin and Monash ; 100 boxes candles, John Connell ; 304 cases   glass, 1,100 boxes candles, 600 cases gin, A. Schlostein and Co. ; 21 boxes, 25 cases drugs, J. Homnil ; 1,500 boxes candles, Haege and Prell ; 1 bale, C. Leine ; 1,000 cases (red) geneva, 3,500 boxes candles, 83 cases candles, 299 demijohns oats, 100 demijohns barley, 200 domijohns seed, 250 cases geneva, 20 cases to- bacco, 4 cases cigars, 1 case samples, 873 deals, 30 tons ballast, Order.

Kensington, from New York. - 100 pachages hard ware, E. Duckett ; 24 packages medicines, Benson Brothers ; 36 cases drugs, E. and M. Keogh ; 6 cabooses (complete), H. B. Donaldson and Co. ; 15 half-tierces tobacco, 335 kegs tobacco, 499 cases 689 three-quarter boxes tobacco, 84 packages glass- ware, 2,001 cases kerosene, Bright Brothers and Co. ; 15 cases shovels, 1 case rakes, 2 cases forks, Bishop and Keep ; 41 packages picks and forks, 7 cases spades, 22 boxes scales, 20 boxss axes, 1 case hardware, E. Baines; 11 boxes carriages, 20 pairs shafts, 21 poles, 1 iron tire roller, Stevenson and Elliott ; 200 cases kerosene, 15 cases tobacco, 2 boxes carriages complete, 21 packages glassware, 2 half-barrels dried apples, L. Gershel ; 3 boxes medicines, W. Candy ; 16 casks 1 box glassware, 93 cases sewing machines, Stan- ford and Co. ; 1,000 cases oil, Stanford Brothers ; 120 cases medicines. 10 cases syrup, 1 case cards, Henri J. Hart ; 4 carboys drugs, 20 boxes drugs, 13 packages drugs, William Ford and Co. ; 31 packages

hardware, Venard and Stevens ; 514 boxes bitters, 2 boxes telegraph instruments, 189 cases oysters, 25 cases yeast power, 50 nests tubs, 100 dozen pails, 100 nests clothes pins, 205 cases tobacco, 225 three quarter boxes tobacco, 10 half-boxes tobacco, 45 kegs tobacco, 1 anti-friction machine, 525 half-barrels dried apples, 55 barrels lard oil, 130 kegs lard, 5 cases lard, 20 boxes edge tools, 3 boxes carriages,

8 cabooses, 540 barrels laths, 21,168 pieces lumber, Lord and Co. ; 500 cases oil, Youngman and Co. ; 200 cases oysters, Wilkinson Brothers and Co. ; 6 cases hardware, 13 cases hammers, F. H. and A. Collier ; 64 packages glassware, Moore, Hawthorne, and Co. ; 1,165 doors, J. B. Swasey ; 1 box pins, R. Gudeman ; 100 boxes tobacco, 217 three-quarter boxes tobacco, Francis and McPherson ; 6 cases axe handles, Joshua Brothers; 50 cases painkiller, Newell and Co. ; 170 three-quarter boxes tobacco,     Michaelis, Boyd, and Co. ; 6 boxes carriages complete, J. McEwan and Co. ; 21 cases carriage ware, 450 boxes maizena, 10 boxes nails, 47 kegs nails, 1 bundle rakes, 1 box furniture, 7 cases spokes, 4 bundles shafts, 240 bundles tubs, 1 case forks, 8 boxes cranks and rollers, 7 cases shovels, 540 bundles laths, 41 boxes axes, 10 cases sarsaparilla, 60 packages,


Edina, s.s., from Portland, Port Fairy, and Warr-   nambool. - 1 case, Sargood, King, and Sargood; 107 bales wool, S. G. Henty ; 97 bales wool, R. Golds brough and Co. ; 48 bales wool, J. H. Clough and Co ; 55 bales wool, Lord and Co. ; 25 bales wool,   Wm. Sloane and Co. ; 24 bales wool, Dalgety and Co ; 40 bales wool, W. and B. Hick ; 56 bales wool, Wm. Bayles and Co. ; 1 case, Messrs. Jardine ; 1 case,

Miss Mathewson; 1 parcel, Clerk Legislative As- sembly ; 50 hides, Abraham Ruff ; 1 case, A Cun- ningham ; 10 cases starch, Heape Brothers ; 1 case, 1 bag, Connell and Hogarth ; 8 cases fish, Hunt ; 4 cases, Hobbs ; 1 crate poultry, Perkins ; 3 crates poultry, Neilson ; 2 cases fish, Allan ; 1 package, Couche ; 1 parcel, Brodribb, Crisp, and Lewis ; 1 parcel, Alston and Brown ; 3 crates poultry, 3 boxes eggs, T. Harrap ; 1 crate fowls, 4 boxes eggs, A. Smith ; 53 bags potatoes, Pigott Brothers and Co. ; 2 cases eggs, R.

Lorimer; 1 box, A. Felton; 2 packages bedsteads, Whitney, Powell, and Co.

Charles Edward, s s., from Gipps Land. - 50 calves, King and Cuningham ; 111 hides, 2 bundles skins, J.


Nov. 13.

Jennie W. Paine, from Newcastle, N.S.W. - 365 tons coal, Sprigg, Twentyman, and Co.

Monarch, from Newcastle, N.S.W. - 340 tons coal,

J. L and C. Burke.

City of Melbourne, s., from Sydney. - 1 bale cab- bage-tree, W. Bowden; 80 bundles hoop iron, A. Downey ; 1 case, McRoth ; 1 parcel, Rupprecht ; 3 3 cases, Feldheim Brothers ; 1 case, R. G. Paling ; 1 case, Pigott Brothers ; 1 parcel, Filson, Dalziel, and Co. ; 3 cases, Hyam ; 123 cases fruit, R. Allen ; 80 bags maize, S. House ; 172 cases fruit, 1 trunk, McRoberts ; 5 cases, B. B. Marks ; 90 cases fruit, 2 casks 42 bags oysters, Saville and Tong ; 5 bags oysters, Order ; 1 parcel, Katzonstein ; 10 trunks,   Cameron ; 1 box, Moon and Co. ; 1 bag, Leonard ; 151 cases fruit, T. Peak; 1 box, H. G. Hart ; 1 bag, B. Hammond ; 1 case, E. G. Brown; 10 bags oysters, P. Heard ; 1 box, W. Taylor ; 58 cases fruit, A. Wil liams ; 1 case, W. Sherwin ; 4 parcels, 1 case, Reynolds and English ; 1 parcel, Brush and McDonnell ; 41 bags oysters, C. Hutchings; 1 case, R, Miller ; 20 bags oysters, Western Port Oystor Company; 6 bags oysters, Webb ; 1 bag oysters, J. C. Cole ; 180 cases fruit, J. Johnson ; 40 bales hemp, Smith, Strachan, and Co. ; 70 bags maize, W. Bailey ; 53 quarter-casks 10 hhds. wine, Graham Brothers ; 5 bags fish, Geeson 96 bags maize, T. Wright ; 1 letter, 1 parcel, W. P. White and Co. ; 1 parcel, J. J. Marshall ; 18 cases con diments ; 158 bags maize, Order.

Penola, s s., from Adelaide. - 245 bags wheat, Order ; 29 casks butter, Bright Brothers and Co.; and original cargo for MacDonnell. From Port Robe. -105 bales wool, Grice, Sumner, and Co.

EXPORTS. - Nov. 12.

Barwon, s.s., for Sydney. - 73 packages tobacco, 25 hhds. brandy, 81 hhds. ale, 3 bales paper, 10 tons hay, 1 stripping machine, 2 winnowing machines, 135 packeges rope, 20 packages tea, 2 boxes candles, 32 drums oil, 1 buggy, 10 packages carriage materials.  

Cosmopolite, for Hobart Town. - 225 bags rice, 250 hides, 465 deals, 474 pieces lumber, 12 packages sashes, 10 doors, 4 casks canary seed, 1 case pipes, 8 cases fancy goods, 2 cases clocks, 2 packages basket ware, 2 packages musical instruments, 2 casks earthen-




Nov. 7. - Glencoe, from Hobart Town.


Nov. 6. - Helen S. Page, for Hobart Town. Nov. 9. - Glencoe, for Hobart Town.



Oct. 29.-Arims. for Hong Kong.

Oct. 31. - Garanoque, for Singapore ; Struggler, for

To's To's.



Oct. 28. - Gold, from Glasgow.

Oct. 30. - Susannah Booth, from Sydney ; Isabella,

from Hobart Town.  

Oct. 31. - Clarence Packet, from Sydney. Nov. 1. - Hermine, from New York.


Oct 28. - City of Dunedin, for Point de Galle. Oct. 30. - Precursor, for Valparaiso.

Oct. 31. - Louise, for Sydney ; Rialto, for Newcastle. Nov. 1. - Australasian Packet, for Hobart Town.

Nov. 2. - Hamilla Mitchell for Shanghai ; Prospector,

for Guam,

Nov. 3. - Alhambra, for Melbourne, under sail.



Oct. 25. - Queen of Perth, from Melbourne.


Oct. 23. - Armistice, for Melbourne.


Oct. 20. - Samuel Tarbon for Callao.



Oct. 25. - Parisian and Ellen Castle, from Newcastle,


Oct. 31.-Cathorine, from Hobart Town ; Bellissima,

from London.


Oct. 26. - Indus, for Newcastle.



Sept. 15. - Overmann, from Melbourne. Sept. 25. - Restless, from Sydney.



Aug. 6. - Barque Far Away, Luce, for Melbourne

R. W. Cameron.

Aug. 23. - Ship Acidia, Van Beemer, for Melbourne Maiher, Lord, and Inercau.  

Sept. 2. - Barque Mustang, Sears, for Melbourne Maiher, Lord, and lnereau.  


Nov. 12. - 9 a.m.: Wind W.S.W., moderate ; wea- ther cloudy. Barometer, 29.850 ; thermometer, 64. 4 p.m. : Wind W.S.W., fresh ; weather fine, clear. Barometor, 29.820 ; thermometer, 74.

ARRIVED. - Nov. 12. Venture, brig, from Newcastle.

Planter (No. 1), barque, from Newcastle.

William Ackers, barque, from Newcastle. Prince Edward, brig, from coast. Wave, brig, from Newcastle.

Charles Edward. s.s., from Sale.

SAILED. - Nov. 12. Our Hope, brig, from Newcastle. Ant, s.s., for Port Albert. Trio, s.s., for Sale.  


Nov. 12. - 9 a.m.: Wind W.N.W., fresh; weather fine, cloudy. Barometer, 29.529; thermometer, 61. 3 p.m. : Wind W., fresh ; weather cloudy, fine. Barometer, 29.559 ; thermometer, 64. Passed. - Rose of Australia, brig, from Adelaide, bound to Newcastle.


Nov. 12. - 9 a.m. - Wind W., light; weather fine, hazy, Barometer, 29.500 ; thermometer, 63. 3 p.m. :   Wind E., light; weather fine, hazy. Barometer, 29.560; thermometer, 65.



Nov. 12. - Io, schooner, from Belfast.


Nov. 12. -I0, schooner, for Melbourne.

PORT OF BELFAST. Nov. 12. - Wind W.N.W.


Nov. 12. - Io, schooner, for Warrnambool.



Nov. 12. - Flying Squirrel, schooner, windbound; blowing strong from W.



Nov. 11. - Lady Young, from Brisbane ; You Yangs, South Australian, from Melbourne ; Dart, from Napier, N.Z. ; William Cole, from London.


Nov. 11. - Friends, for New Caledonia ; Frederick, for Melbourne ; Noe, for Shanghai ; Johan Heinrick, for Java; Star of Australia, for Rockhampton ; Tas- mania, for Hobart Town.



Nov. 11. - Indus, from Lyttelton ; Lorenzo Sabine and P. C. E , from Otago.


Nov. 12. - 9 a.m. : Wind W.N.W., fresh ; weather



Nov. 12. - Lord Nelson, from Mauritius.


Lot. 37dcg. 40mln. 63scc. S. ; Ion. Oh. 80min. 64-8

sec, E.



Nov. 12.-At Melbourne, Hi. Omm. 0 Owe. ; at Wil- liamstown, lh. Ciiiin. 0'7£og. ; corresponding to


Nov. 11.-lCli. 20mln. 6'2scc. ; and 15h. 20min. 5-0


at Sea Lovel.

Nov. 11,0 p.m.

Nov. 12, 9 , Nov. 12, 3 p.m.

Attaohod Thorm. 20-947 20-886 20-867

Temp, of Air.

00-0 07-2 08-7

C9 -7 00-6 75-0

The following passengers had engaged first-class cabins by Messrs. Money Wigram and Sons' new steamship London, for this port, up to the 25th of Sep tember. The London was to sail early in October : Sir Daniel Cooper, the Count and Countess do Lepar tura, Lady Charlotte Bacon, Captain Bagot, Arch- deacon Raby and family ; Mr. Strachan, Miss Strachan, Mr. Martin, Mr. Campbell, Miss Cox, Miss Page, Mr. and Mrs. Read and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Ashley, Mr. Peake, Mr. Lake, Mr. W. S. Elliott, Mr. J. Archer, Mr. and Mrs. Compton, Mr. Acland, Mr. Langtree, Mr. Hill, Mr. Cockrane, Mr. Naish, Mr. and Mrs. Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe and family ; Mr. and Mrs. Wilsmore, Mr. and Mrs. Fitz- gibbon, Misses Woolman, Mr. and Mrs. Lush and child, Mrs. and the Misses Crosbie, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Hamood, Mr. King and family, Mr. Massey, Mr. Spence, and Mr. E. Elliott.

The following vessels have been discharging and receiving cargoes at the Sandridge Town Pier during week ending on Friday last : - Ships Electric, Centu- rion, Silistria ; barques Villo de Eugenia, Stag, Hannah Nicholson, Matador, Bosphorus ; brig Pet.

The A.S.N. Co.'s s.s.s. City of Melbourne left Sydney at a quarter past six p.m. on the 10th inst. ; experienced light northerly winds and fine weather to Jarvis Bay, then strong southerly breeze to Cape Howe, which was rounded at half-past five p.m. on the following day, then fine weather until eight a.m. on the 12th,when a strong south westerly gale sprang up which lasted for several hours : passed Wilson's Promontory at one p.m. on the samo day, entered Port Philip Heads at one a m., and arrived in Hobson's Bay at four a.m. yesterday.

THE P. and O. Co.'s R.M.S. Northam was sighted by the City of Melbourne at half-past nine a.m. on the 12th inst., thirty-five miles N.E. of Wilson's Promon-


THE O.S.N. Co.'s s.s. Albion left Dunedin at half past six p.m. on the 6th instant, and arrived in Hob son's Bay at three p.m. on Saturday. Captain

McLachlan reports having encountered a succession of very heavy head gales from the westward through out the passage.  

THE steamship City of Hobart, hence for Otago, was sighted by the Albion at half-past six p.m. on the

11th inst. off Goose Island.

CAPTAIN ROSSITER, of tho brig Wave, reports the following : - " Left Newcastle, N.S.W., on the 28th ult. Had to contend against strong gale from S.W., W., and N.W., which lasted until the 11th inst., when the vessel was thirty-five miles west of Redondo. Since then has had S.E. winds to arrival on Saturday last. The following vessels were sighted during the pas- sage : - October 7, Tomatin, barque, from Newcastle for Wallaroo, off Hogan's Group ; 9th inst., Gold seeker, schooner, from Adelaide for Sydney ; and same day, Mary Ann, schooner, from Hobart Town for Brisbane; and a screw steamer, brig-rigged, under steam, steering N.E.

VESSELS SPOKEN. - Roxburgh Castle, Plymouth to Melbourne, 21st September, in lat. 41deg. N., and lon. 61deg. W., by the Roman (s.s.), at Southamp ton. By the Mary Frances, September 21st, Annie Longton, ship, from London for New Zealand, lat. 38deg. 59min. S., lon. 12 dcg. 10min. E.

THE manifests of the Warrior, from Hong Kong, and the Mary Frances, from Liverpool, will he pub- lished when those vessels enter at the Customs.

THE Chilian barque Maria Sophia, from Valparasio,   which arrived in Hobson's Bay on Saturday last, with a cargo of flour, has been ordored on, with her cargo,

on to Dunedin.

THE steamship Western took a trial trip on Satur- day last. During her lay-up she has been fitted with new steem chest (Rowen's patent condenser having been removed), so that, what with the new boilers she received twelve months since, she is now in much better order than when she first arrived from Eng- land. No expense has been spared to render her an efficient sea-going vessel. She left the Melbourne wharf at one p.m., proceeding down the Yarra, steamed round the West Channel lightship, the dis- tance from light to light being run in two hours twenty-five minutes against a fresh south-west breeze. The run up was made in two hours and five minutes, thus giving a speed of ten knots, though the vessel was out of trim and her propeller about ono foot out of water. Her saloon accommodation has also been greatly improved. A numbor of gentlemen connected with the intercolonial trade were on board during the trip.

THE Charles Edward returned to the wharf on Saturday night, having been absent only four days and three hours from heads to heads, during which timo she has visited the Lake ports and discharged and received cargo. Great complaints are made that, although this trade has now been open fully six   months, no steps have been taken by the Government to grant facilities for transit of bonded goods, but storekeepers are still compelled to pay duties in Mel- bourne, and, in additon to interest of money, are com- pelled to pay insurance on such duties. The protec- tion of the revenue, moreover, demands that Customs officers should be at once stationed at the Lakes.

THE s.s. Royal Shepherd left the wharf, Port Albert, at half-past five p.m November 11, and arrived at the Queen's Wharf at ten a.m. on Saturday last.  

The s.s. Penola left Adelaide on Wednesday, and discharged a large cargo at Guichen Bay, and took on board 485 bales wool for Melbourne. Called at   MacDonnell Bay and landed passengers, the weather being too bad to land cargo. Experienced fresh breezes from the westward, with heavy swell, through- out the passage.

THE barque Escape, from Leith, via Dunedin, after beating about the New River Heads for some days, came in through the New Channel on Monday morn- ing, and was taken in tow by the steamer William Miskin, at the Lower Pool, and taken to the Upper Pool. - Southland Times, Nov. 2.

THE following comparative returns of vessels cleared out of the Port of Invercargill, for the quarters   ending 30th September, 1863 and 1864 respectively, appear in the Southland Government Gazette :

Numbor of steamers

Gross tonnage of do. Number of coasters

Grots tonnage of do. Number of vecsos from the

colonies and elsewhere Grots tonnngo of do. ..

Total number of vessels cleared. Average tonnngo of e-ch Number of VCSLCIS piloted

Pilotage received.

THE Jehu loft Co'lao on the 31st August, and Cap- tain Liddle has kindly furnished the following par ticu o's re«pcotirg offaha on the coast. Tho Chincha Is'onds wore in tho possession of two Spanish frigates,

undor tho command of Admiral Pezón. Thero was no interruption to tho working of guano, but all Peiu vians had been Lent awoy. At Callao great prop-ra- tions were making to commence hostilities. Peruvian war ships wero being iron-plated, iron rams built, and tho b..ttcr:es and fortifications on tho Molo Head placed In a proper stato for defence. 60,000 Peruvian troops were alto cucamped at Pisco, which is abreast of tbo Chinchas. H.M.S Leander and the American frhjato Lancaster were In Callao E¿y. Tho fol- lowing report of vessels connected with the colonies 1-ns been kindly furnished by Captain Lidd'e, of tho Jehu, which arrived yontorday :-Tho Mandano, Captain M'Dowall, would leave for Melbourne tho first week in September; also, the Swedish b.rquo Antelope, f .r Sy dney and Geelong. The City of Mol bouri o sailed Irom Ca'lao on the 2Sth August, for England. The Tudor, irom Melbourne, hod nrilvcd, having made a fifty-fivo days pa^rago ; she bo 1 not commenced to loud. Tho Inverculd, Aberdeon cllppor, Captain Dj'gamo, which toiled from Melbourne on the 2nd May, bad not anived on the 31st August, and It was fcurcd that she had met with tome ccrious dis- aster. Thero were twenty soil of English, and foi i,y American ves els, in Colluo when tho Johu 8-llcd. Sydnoy Morning Herald, Nov. 10.

IT IS reported that a fine Urge Iron ship from Livor pool to China, ca'lcd the Seahorse, is wrecked in Gaspar Straits, bnt wo havo no particulars,-Straits Times, Oct. 6.