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That the proposed public protest against Chinese cheap labor for the Transvaal is a bit of canting claptrap.

That Namby-pamby Nanson's latest bid for notoriety should about extinguish that lanky legislator.

That the people of Perth would be more   profitably employed in agitating against their own appallingly-apparent aliens.

That the presence on the platform of bye gone bellowers for Boer blood ought to accentuate the fatuous farce.

That the wowsers who whooped for the wiping out of Kruger were the real cham- pions of cheap Chows for Cohen and Co.

That, as atonement for their asinine antics, the cremation of a few swaddies in effigy might fitly precede to-morrow's meeting.

That the figure of Wire-fence Ricardo would lend itself admirably to point the  

moral of what W.A. Went to war for.

That Naasoo's indictment of the alleged Labor Porty should have been more mus-


That the readiness of Hastie's acrobats to ride the rail is known to both sides of the Speaker.

That the "death-bed repentance" of one Laborite led bim to confess to an Opposi- tion ogre.

That the "workers' representative" promised to rat to either side to secure his


That the member fer Mundaring is shift- ing Sheol to get a J.P.-ship for a paL

That the latter ¡3 a foreigner with only a nodding acquaintance with the King's English.

That Cyclops swears he will get his cobber the commission in spite of the general growl.

That the soon-to-be-made magistrate will startle Westralia with his squarehead sen-


That the passing of the Opera Co. con- siderably upset a prominent postal official.

That the said s erang boarded on the boat until his divinity departed.

That he tipped the steward a sovereign to see that no one tampered with his


That before Sholl's sheik was out of sight the steward was installed first favorite.

That a Perth publican's frequent drives

oat on his ace have been accounted for.

That the destination of the said shypoo ?serchant is a Goilufcrd-rcad cottage.

That the disinclination of the bung to take any friend with him exposed the plot.

That his pals are now awaiting the furious and inevitable tornado.

That a well-known amorous goldfields*

M.LG. sustained a set-back last week.

That having worked himself off on a waitress as a bachelor he took her to the theatre.

That one of his rib's female relations sat behind him and let the cat out by inquiring

after his wife.

That the M.L.C. is now hunting for a hash-house where no one suspects he has a


That the skating craze has already been productive of a scarlet scandal.

That, on the strength of his figure-cutting capabilities, one skatist fastened on to a financial flirt.

That the roller Romeo has a wife and ¡

other encumbrances in the east.

That a dozen other Victorian victims are j nursing something more than resentment.

That a well-known horse-owning sport is

exceedingly amazed at being taken for a  


That he waxes wroth on being pointed ont

as the " Possum. "

That the real " Possum " is no less riled at being confounded with the owner of


That the owner of Oyster is issuing writs against all who jumble him up with jim.

That a covetous city councillor tried to work the "Naboth's Vineyard" racket in Bulwer-street.

That the blatant hounder was anxious to

acquire an allotment alongside his own


That the owner, a struggling widow, de- clined to accept the avaricious alderman's bid for her block.

That the scheming Shylock was immedi- ately instrumental in getting the house con- demned as unfit for habitation.

Thae the land-grabber's jackal has since been boasting that his boss has put a spoke

in the widow's wheel.

That a toney Terrace boarding-house is no sort of a cop for the slavey.

That a recent Mary Ann was given eight bob a week and quarters in the dog kennel.

That the prolonged jamboree of a union secretary has been agitating laborists at the Port.

That his obstinate refusal to quit the beer provoked many a loud and stormy discus-


That the worried unionists were thinking of applying the shunt when the liquorish one suddenly sobered up.

That Claremont's boss snob has carefully announced his intention of visiting the old


" That as the threat is made three months ahead, there's ample time for a presentation.

That the I-spit Stubbs' eye for a douceur

is keen and covetous.

That the SUNDAY TIMES will cheerfully provide a deceased cat as a token of esteem for the departing celebrity.

That Wanneroo did itself proud at the wild and whirling wassail on Wednesday.

That an especially interesting item was a lushful lydy's ride a-straddle up the straight.

That a shocked mounted policeman pur- sued the plumlet and got lost in a maze of   market gardens.  

That the pair didn't trouble to return to  

witness the varigated procession of stiff'uns.  

' That startling developments are expected   to. occur shortly in connection with the     magazine mystery.  

That probable arrests which are rumored   may serve to enlighten matters.

That the Robb's Jetty quarantine yard is the scene of harrowing cruelty to cattle.

That the poor beasts are without shelter from the rains and the ocean gales.

That the yard last week was a veritable morass, which added to their tortures.

That about the most insufferable snob in the public service is located in the railway

traffic branch.

That the presumptuous puppy never misses an opportunity to insult and harass


That Short is hereby advised to give the lout a job at platelaying.