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pd win a trip to Disneyland

Do you fancy lazing on the beach in the Californian sun for seven lovely days, with

a trip to Disneyland thrown in? Staying in a luxurious hotel right on the edge of the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean? lt sounds dreamy, but it won't be a dream for the lucky winner of our "Spot the Ball" competition. If you can pick the spot where the ball in the picture of the netball game should be, the winner could be you.

All you have to do is mark with a cross on the photograph where you think the correct position of the ball should be, and then, in 25 words or less, tell us why you would like to visit Los Angeles. The winning entry will be the one closest to the


ih .

W ;SS. A :.POSTCODE.PHONE. 01 d like to visit Los Angeles because (in 25 words or less).


I .



exact location of the ball. If more than one entry indicates the correct spot the winning entry will be the one with the best reason for wanting to visit Cali- fornia. The prize must be taken within 12 months of the announcement of the competition results.

The winner will receive:

. Two economy class tickets Sydney Los Angeles-Sydney flying with Pan Am; plus

. Seven days accommodation at the luxurious Huntington Beach Inn (bed and breakfast); and

. $500 spending money.

Also included in the prize are two tickets to Disneyland and two coupons giving free entry to 11 attractions.

The winners will be flown from the

capital city of their State to Sydney by TAA to catch their Los Angeles flight.

The trip to Los Angeles has been arranged by Stephens Sports Travel with

Pan Am.

There will be 20 consolation prizes valued at about $2000 total for the runners-up. Five of the prizes will each consist of: A Dunlop tennis racquet, one dozen tennis balls, a bag, a towel and two pairs of sports shoes;

Five prizes of: A Dunlop bag, a towel

and a pair of sports shoes; and

Ten pairs of Dunlop sports shoes.

One of the sponsors of the competi- tion is the All Australia Netball Associa- tion. Netball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today, lt is the third biggest participator sport in Australia with 300,000 registered netball players - all of them women. Netball is the only all-female sport played in Australia.

Introduced as women's basketball at the beginning of the century, the game was immediately popular with Australian women. But the long skirts and billowing

sleeves that were fashionable at the time

restricted their movements, so they changed the rules and divided the court into sections to minimize the need for

long passes and to eliminate dribbling.

Netball is basically a modified version of men's basketball. The name was changed to netball in 1970 and with the change of name came an unpre- cedented surge of interest in the game - since 1970 the number of registered players has almost doubled.

Australia has a magnificent record in international netball competition, win- ning the first world tournament in England in 1963. Two of the three world tournaments played since have been won by Australia.


Fill in the coupon on page 75. In States where it contravenes the law to require a coupon, you can make a copy of it. Send your completed entry to: "Trip to Los Angeles Contest," The Australian Women's Weekly, Box 7052, GPO, Sydney, NSW, 2001.

All entries should be received by the last mail on Friday, September 21. Results will be published in a November dated issue of the Weekly. The prize must be taken up by the winner within 12 months of the winner being announced.

The contest is open only to residents of Australia. Employees of Australian Consolidated Press Ltd, Pan Am and Dunlop Footwear, and their respective advertising agencies, and relatives of those employees, are not eligible to enter. Entries which do not fully comply with these conditions, including entries which are received after closing time, will be disqualified. All entries and copy- right therein, whether disqualified or not, shall become the property of Australian Consolidated Press Ltd. Entries cannot be returned.

The contest will be judged by ap- pointees of Australian Consolidated Press Ltd, who will use their best endeavours to see that every eligible entry is properly considered. The omis

sion to consider any entry and/or any error by employees of Australian Con-

solidated Press Ltd shall not invalidate the contest or give rise to any rights in any competitor to take proceedings against the company or any employee of that company at law or in equity on any account whatsoever. The judges' deci- sions will be final and binding on all competitors.

All competitors taking part agree as a condition of entry to accept such results as final and binding. No correspon- dence will be entered into or any interview granted.

lt is a basic condition of the sending in and acceptance of every entry that it is intended and agreed that the conduct of the competition and everything done in connection therewith and all arrange- ments resulting therefrom (whether mentioned in the conditions or to be implied) and that every entry and agreement or transaction entered into or payment made by or under it shall not be attended by or give rise to any legal relationship, rights, duties, or con- sequences whatsoever or be legally enforceable or the subject of litigation, but all such arrangements, agreements, and transactions be binding in honour only.