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Lady Le Hunte showed her sympathy with the Lady Victoria Buxton Girls' Club by being present at the gathering on Mon day evening to commemorate the birthday

of the foundress. The Bishop of Adelaide and Mrs. Thomas were also present. The Mayor of Adelaide (Mr. Bruce) men tioned to the members, of the City Council on Monday that he had received a com munication from the Lord M'ayor of Mel bourne (Or. Weedon), in which that gentle man expressed his high appreciation of the courtesy extended to him by Councillors during his recent visit to Adelaide. Mr. E. Nuttleship. B.A. (secretary of tha New South W-iles Public Teachers' Aso i-ialion). arrived at Port Adelaide by the steamer Grantala on Monday, and attend ed the meetings of the South Australian Public School Teachers' Union during the day as delegate from that l-ody. He will give an address at a time to be arranged on ''The attitude of New South Wales to-. ward educational reform.' i Among the passengers from Adelaide by the Melbourne express on Monday after-; noon were Mr. W. Gibson (of Messrs. Foy \ and Gibson, .Melbourne) and Dr. and M'rs. (,'licnery. By the Melbourne express on Monday afternoon the Assistant Engineer for Har bours and Jetties (Mr. J. B. Ln.lmtt) left for Sydney on departmental business. At the quarterly general meeting of the South Australian Commercial Travellers and Warehousemen's Association, held in the club premises, North terrace, on Satur day evening, it was mentioned that the firm of Patterson, Laing, & Bruce, Limit ed, of MclbouVnc, had undertaken to pay an annuity to the sister of the late Mr.. E. Tlmiston (who travelled for the firm),- 'who was killed in a Irnin accident a few weeks ago at Knill, Victoria, while on duty. The intimation was heartily cheered. At the request of the Government So1'1)) Australia \ officially reiirescntcd at the funeral of the late Mr. Seddon by Mr. 11. N. Holmes, secretary to the Wellington Y.M.C.A., who formerly resided in Ade laide. Mr. Herbert Vale, who was for some time assistant secretary of the East Mel buurne Cricket Club, and latterlv secretary of the Baseball Association, died in Mel bourne on Monday. On July 5 Mr. M. 11. Combe, fie chief partner of the tirm of Messrs. McCul!o;-h, Combe, Green, & Co., will leave for a trip to England by the R.M.S. Orient. On Monday at noon there was ;i large gather ing%of the employes of the firm at the head office, Currie street, to bid farewell to Mr. Combe. Mr. F. Simpson, on behalf of the employes, presented Mr. Combe with a splendid travelling bag, and wished that gentlemnn and the lady who is to be his wife a pleasant voyaee and safe return. Mr. Combe, in replying, thanked Mr. Simpson for the kind sentiments he had expressed and the employes of the firm for their pre sent. He expected to be absent from the State for about 12 months, but hoped, on his return, to see all the old faces gathered around him. The proceedings closed with cheers for 'Mi'.' and Mrs. Combe.'' . Mr. R. C. Atkins arrived in Adelaide from Western Australia by the Iviverina on Monday morning, and came up ta tin city, and met many of his old friends. S]-raking to a representative of The Re gister. Mr. Atkins snid that ho had ].ui' ehascd for £24,000 Mu-gco Station, of 500.000 acres, in the Murcluson district, for his son, Mr. E. C. Atkins, jnn., an o'd P.A.C. boy. who distinguished himself at cricket and football. Mr. H. G. Atkins is on the station with his brother. Mr. At kins proceeded to Melbourne in the Rive ina. He will shortly visit London. On Saturday afternoon Mr. P. H. Bicker, treasmer of the Tec Pal. ice Skiting llink, was. presented with a sec of pipes on the occasion of his resignation. The manager (Mr. A. J. Smith) made the presentation on behalf of the employes of the rink. Mr. Bicker suitably responded. Among the ]iromotions in the Customs Department notified in the latest issue of The Commonwealth Gazette is that of Mr. E. T. Wolff, fourth-class inspector of ex cise, fifth-class elericai division, South Aus tralia, to be an oliieer of the f6urth-class clerical division. Tlie following changes in the post and telegraph department are notified in The Cominuuwualth Gazette:— R. O. C. Mat thews, telegraph messeniwr, Adelaide, to be messenger, Brighton, vice Magce, trans ferred; C. A. R. Magee, telegraph messen ger. Brighton, to lx? messenger. Adelaide, vice Matthews, transferred; P. Topper wcin, te]. graph messenger, Adelaide, ',o be mes-senger. Adelaide Railway, vice Uatt. promoted; M. F. Hur ley, telegraph messenger. Gawler. to be apsistant. Crystal Brook, vice Knuc key, resigned, as from June 30; R. W. Harris, telegraph messenger, Kapunda, to be assistant, Wilmington, rice Kennett, re signed, as from July 6. Officer Dismissed the Public Service.— N. H. Sowton, tele graph messenger, Victor Harbour— as from March 21. The appointment of F. S. Mht thewman who was appointed on probation as telegraph' messenger, Adelaide, has been ( -onfirmi-d. M. Eugene Lucciardi, Yiee-Constil for Fiance in Melbourne, now ha.s under his direction the business of the Cousulate Genenil for Russia in Australia. As alreadv stated in The Register, news has been received from England that Dr. Christina Goode. daughter of the late Mr. Matthew Goode, has been ap- pointed senior medical officer at the West Ham Infirmary, where she has been work- ing for the past four years. This is the first occasion on which a woman has been made a senior officer at any infirmary in England. In accordance with the Septuagenarian Act the following public servants retired on June 30: — Messrs. G. T. Leslie, head keeper of the Cape Banks Lighthouse; R. Garland, labourer, Adelaide Waterworks; F. Hutchins, fetler, Adelaide Waterworks; W. C. Gebler, watchman, Traffic Depart ment; B. Hoist, crossing keeper, Railway Department; D. Young, labourer, Locomo tive Department; and J. Fry, ganger, Rail way Department, in accordance with the regulations, no long leave is allowed to re tiring railway men; but the Government hn.s informed the Railways Commissioner iliat he may grant three months' leave on full pay to men who have been over 20 years in the railways and two months to those who have served between 10 and 20 years. This concession will be made to those who retired on Saturday. Mr. 'W'. J. Brook (and not Mr. Y\\ Brooks, as incorrectly stated) will assist in the teaching staff at the University Col lege, North Adelaide. The King is probably the only motorist who has ever been regularly driven by a policeman.- For some time past His Majes ty's motor car has ben in the hands of the police, if in that form it may be ex plained that the King has bden employing skilled policemen chauffeurs from Scotland Yard. His Majesty, as is well known, is accompanied by* policemen wherever he goes. When ho is making a motor-car tour it is not easy or convenient to have his police attendants following in a second ear behind him. and in the royal car no place could possibly be given to a policeman. The difficulty has been overcome by engaging drivers who combine the positions of police attendants and chauffeurs. The men who have driven the J\iing have been chosen from among those chauffeurs who drive the Scotland Yard official motor cars. At the simo time His Majesty has been assured of having a chauffeur of tried experience and thoroughly steady character. j Capt. Sargent, of the American cruiser Baltimore, paid courtesy visits on Monday j to the Minister for Defence and the Prime Minister. Mr. Ross (resident Commonwealth Agent for Canada) held a reception in Melbourne on Monday in commemoration of the thirty-ninth anniversary of the foundation of the Dominion. Many public men were among the callers.