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OWEN, November 30.— A public meeting   was held in the institute on Saturday   night to discuss the question of the pro- posed extension of the broad-gauge railway

from Hamley Bridge to Balaklava. Mr. John Hall, Chairman of the Dalkey Dis- trict Council, who presided, said for 30 years the question of break of gauge had been a source of great moment to the residents. The time had arrived to take some action to support the decision of the Government. Mr. D. Finlayson said the idea af extending the broad gauge to Balaklava was wrong. There was more room and greater facility for this altera- tion to take place at Owen. Mr. J. Mc- Lachlan, Clerk of the District Council, said   meetings had been held at Mallala, Bala- klava and Blyth. He was in favour of       the broad gauge being at Owen. Though the question had been ridiculed, and per- haps on the surface it looked absurd, if   the matter were carefully considered, he   challenged any man in Balaklava district to show reason why it should not    terminate at Owen. A hundred acres ad- joined the station. There was an excellent water supply. Owen was a Government     town, and the railway yard was practi-   cally leveI. There was a probability of       the narrow gauge being extended to Ade- laide. If the starting point were to be from Owen, 10 miles of railway construc- tion would be saved. He pointed out that instead of making lines of convenience the country out blocks should be opened, and   so give the good old pioneers who had   stood the heat and burden of the day   under greater difficulties than now existed,   quicker transit for their produce and stock.   Mr. McLachlan presented interesting   figures which showed a satisfactory result of the past 12 months' earnings of Owen Station. Mr. J. Dillon favoured the ex-   tension to Balaklava. Mr. L. Waltke ap-   proved Hamley Bridge as the terminus. If   £10,000 or £12,000 were spent at Hamley Bridge the trouble would be overcome. Mr. R. J. Finlayson was opposed to Owen as the terminus, and favoured the Com- missioner's report,,the adoption of which he considered would result in a big annual saving to the State. Mr. T. Freebairn proposed, and Mr. L. Waltke seconded — "That the break of gauge remain at Hamley Bridge." Mr. R. J. Finlayson moved,   as an amendment-- ''That this meeting ap- proves of the extension of the broad gauge to Balaklava." Mr. J. Dillon, in second- ing the amendment, said that this would be to the best interests of Owen. Mr. D. Fin-   Iayson supported. Mr. A. Young, sen., moved — "That the broad gauge be extended to Owen only; failing this, Balaklava     to be the terminus.'' This was seconded by Mr. J. Goode. The Chairman put the amendment, which was carried by 19. Mr. A. Young, sen.'s, further amendment was   carried.