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^S^;-^-- » ' JUNE 3^1 r, i95c^^^^^^r:



The Back to Mount Mo rgan celebration organised | for several months by the local committee- was officially launched on its due day (June 3), and after four days is being carried on with an enthusiasm that should be main- tained until the final scenes on Sunday night next.

J^TSEDLESS to say the visitors

are entering wholeheartedly Into every phase of the cele- bration and they are highly ap- preciative of the manner in which the townspeople have set aside everything else to make them welcome and provide hos- pitality and entertainment.

Visitors had been arriving during the week and the trains on Friday and Saturday brought la big contingents.

New Zealand was represented] by the Beer brothers (Walter and Albert), there was a strong délégation from Port Kembla, likewise Brisbane and Mackay, where Mt Morgan colonies settled after the close-down. Mt Isa also made its contribution and in fact there were few centres of any sice that were not represented. Mt Morganites living in Rockhampton natur- ally were present in force.

À commencement was made with the extensive programme on Saturday morning. The School of Arts was the venue

of an informal gathering, with refreshments provided. Every- one turned, out but the renewal! of friendships in the streets overshadowed all else. Mrs N. Fisher (Melbourne) confessed that it took her two hours to progress from Stewarts to Chenery's (formerly Williams')


In the afternoon various sporting fixtures were arranged. The bowling green was a popu- lar rendezvous. Several Bock hampton rinks played Mt Mor- gan, and a visiting four who received a popular reception were Walter and Albert Beer (N.Z.), Harry Pill and J. C. Long (Port Kembla). j

At night a public welcome -j

was extended to all visitors out- side the School of Arts, fol- lowed by a free dance. It was at night time that the lull ef- fect of the street decorations became apparent. From the mine to the hospital gates Mor- gan Street was arched with flags and street lights and "welcome" ih dazzling lights blazed everywhere.

It was estimated that from

1 4000 to 5000 people had as-

sembled in Morgan Street by 8 o'clock.

The welcoming speakers were Mr J. O. Carmody (Chairman of the Shire Council), Mr G. C. Mullins (Chairman of the Back to Mt Morgan Commit- tee), Mr J. Clarke, MLA for Pitzroy.

Responses were made by Mr T. Earrup (founder of the Mt Morgan Association of Mackay) and Mr Walter Beer (New Zea- land). Mr Beer made the speech of the night, in the course~of which he said that when he and. his family first came to Mt Morgan, then a canvas town largely centred on Bourke's Flat, he little thought ever to see the time when there would be such a gathering as that night.

"Memories crowd upon us as we walk these hills," he said. "Many miles have sep- arated ns but we have al- ways retained a soft spot in oar hearts for the place where we lived as children and first worked. Only those who have been ab- sent for so many years can appreciate how much it means to us to come back now."

With the speeches disposed ol Mr Harry Weir took over and set the livelier portion of the proceedings in motion with community singing. Then a pro- cession was formed and, headed by the band, marched to East Street and back to the School of Arts.

Free whistles and trumpets were distributed to anyone who cared to join in, there was an 'elephant" and donkey and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Andy Graham, flag bearer at 34 Anzac Day com

memoratlons, headed the pro- cession with the Union Jack.

At the School of Arts danc- ing was kept up until closing time.

During the night several hun- dred people assembled at the

Golf Club's house where a barbecue was arranged, and a most enjoyable evening ensued. Mr Bowley Davies (President), Mr J. Westaway (Secretary), and the committee spared no effort to make everyone feel



On Sunday Church services, morning and evening, were largely attended. At nighl churchgoers assembled in Mor- gan Street and, accompanied bj the Citizens and Salvation Army bands, marched via Cen- tral, Dee and East Streets, members of the respective con- gregations dropping out at they reached their place ol worship.

The officiating ministers were: Rev. Caeon A. Fellows (Anglican) ; Rev. T. Tough (Baptist); Rev. Basil Dale (Methodist); Captain Stewart (Salvation Army); Rey. Fath- ers Murtagh and Bourke (Ro- man Catholic).

j Football (club fixtures), ten-

nis, golf and bowls were played during the day and at night after Church a Band Concert was conducted at Olympia



Monday morning saw the streets again crowded as everyone made their way to the School of Arts for a civic ré- ception. There had been more arrivals and many more friend- ships to be renewed, but the formal part of the proceedings were got under way in good


A visitors* register was or hand to be signed by all. A feature of this function was the cutting of the many-tiered cake and its distribution amongst the visitors.

[The proceedings at the civic reception are reported more fully on this page.]

In the afternoon the Central State and the Convent schools were visited, a musical pro- gramme greatly enjoyed and the classrooms and playground! inspected.

A response to the welcome extended by the present school- master (Mr J. Boland) and the Regional Director of Education (Mr Copeman) a formel teacher at the school, was made by two early scholars in Mr A

E. Hill (Dingo) and Harry liuckins (Port Kembla).

A fine concert programme was " submitted at the. Convent School: reflecting the highest credit on the Sisters.. Father Bourke (parish priest) and Mr J. clarke, . MLA, were, the Speakers on this occasion..


Today the visitors will - be taken on a motor tour to the Big Dam, Razorback, Stopford Way¿ Trotter's C*reek and Other points of interest. Afternoon tea will be provided by the lad- ies of . the Bowling Club.

Commencing tomorrow with judging day there will be three 'days at. the Show. Throughout

[the week lhere has been a var-

ied programme of night enter-



The Back to Mt Morgan Committee comprises the fol- lowing ladies and gentlemen: Messrs G. C. Mullins, J. G. Carmody, F. L. Golding, C. Hempseed, R. Long, G. Furney, J. Meecham, J. Passmore. W. W. Brooks, Sergeant B. Topp, S. R. Beezley, T. Peers, Rev. Father Burke, R.*GUy, J. Fog- arty, W. Brinston, Mesdames H. P. Rowe, R. Pattison, T. Peers, Misses E. Murphy, J. Young, D. Ryan and B. Broom; joint hon. secretaries, Miss N. F. Chardon and E. C. Ford.