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Tin« Taw* Tma day -High water, morning, 4.43 ; ' /? do., afternoon, 5.03.

v ' beptembor 29.-6 a.m. : Wind S., strong gale ; - v. atber squally, with rain. 12 noon : Wind 8., stronj

galo ; woathor squally, with rain. 6.80 p.m. : Wind H., strone; galo; weather squally, with rain.


.<. Buoy, Bteom lighter, 63 tons, J. King, from Qoolwt

(River Murray) 24th inst. No passengers. - Burrell,


JDubsoni, schoonor, 97 tons, R. Burt, from Launces ten 25th inst No passengors. Robert Brown,


Golden Spring, brig, 170 tons, F. M. Rozca, fro u Sj dney 20th inst. Passongor»-cabin : Mr. Thom«; and thrco In tho steerage T. Wright, agent.

¿fusionaT, brig, 277 tons,G. Blackstone, froraNow cnstlo. N.8.W., 16th, «ia Sydney 21st inst. No pas- sengers. Captain Blackstone, agent.

liosetla, schoonor, S3 tons, J. Wilkinson, from Eme Bay 25th inst. No passengers. Gilles, Nicholson, an

Co., agents,

f'aîianf, brig, 147 tons, W. Brodlo, from Newcastle,

N S.W., 17th inst. No passengers, R, Towns and Co., agents.  

Wave, schooner, 105 tons, Patrick Hurley, from Newcastle, N.B.W., 12th inst., via Sydney 19th inst. Passongorn: Mrs. Torr and family (8). Dowiiio anl

Murphy, agents.

Cmicimiihuj, American ship, 950 tons, Edmond N. JDoano, from London 27th June. No passengers. Knksighs, Dauglish, White, and Co., agents.

Ida, White Star ship, 1,167 tons, James Dunlop, from Liverpool 9th June. Passengers -- cabin : Miss Butrill, Messrs. Cooper and Dremell ; and 112 in the intermediate and stearage. Lorimer, Mackie, and

Co., agents.

Aigonaut, Whito Star ship, 1,237 tons, Wm, White, from Liverpool 21st June, Pai-songorB-cabin : Mrs Walters, Miss Bartlett, Miss Englaud, Messrs. Blaok, Thomas, Brokio ; and 141 In the intermediate anl Btecrnge. Lorimer, Mackio, and Co., agents.

Dmon, schoonor, 130 tons, J. Llttlccott, from Syd 'iiey 19th instant. No passengers. W. Lawrance,


Soxburgh Castle, Blackwall ship, 1,200 tons, M. H.

Smith, from London, tneî Plymouth, July 10. Pal-' icngors-cabin : Mrs. Musgrave and family (2), Mrj, Catto, family (2), and sonant, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ford, family (6), and servant, Messrs. Wittluton, Parkor, Brown, Capper, Butterworth, Walsh ; and 90 in tho steerage. W. P. Whito and Co , agents.

Thomas Ann Cole, ship, 525 tons, William Lowe, from ' Calcutta August 6. No passengers. Sutherland and

Balloy, agents.

Tarra, schooner, 141 tons, William Gllflllon, from Adelaldo. No passengers. Cowle and Asplnwall,


Queen of ludia, ship, 057 tons, G. F. Alexandor, from Calcutta July 24. Pjssouger-cabin : Mr. Tilomas Williams. Fanning, Nankivell, and Co,


Caroline, schooner, 138 tons, J. Evans, from Ado laide 25th hist. Passengers-11 In tho stoerago. Gus-

tavo Bcckx, agent.

Spark of Vie Ocean, Amorloau Bhip, from London. Kaufmann, M'Callum, and Co., agents.

Marguerite, French ship, from MnrsoUlos. Tommy, schooner, from Circular Hoad.

Pelorus, U.M. s.s., 21 guns, Captain Seymour, from


Grecian Queen, brig, from Mauritius.

SAILED.- SkI'TKMBEB £9. -Picard, schooner, for Hobart Town. . l Jiagle, schoonor, for Sydney.

Lew tihew, ship, for Livorpool, Wave, schooner, for Nowcastlo.

i ENTERED OUTWARDS.-Sbpthmbeb 29.

1 Coquimbo, Amoriom ship, 072 tons, C. Gill, for Ada


Dunedin, barque, 208 tons, H, E. Walkor, for Otago and Lyttolton, N.Z.

» Hebe, brig, 198 tons, W. Bovorloy, for Sydnoy.

Lady Gi ey, barque, £97 tons, G. White, for New- castle, N.S.W.

Mercury, brig, 160 tons, J. Tulloch, for Launceston.

CLEARED OUT.-Skitbmbbb, 29.

Gazelle, schooner, 108 tons, A. T. Kenny, for Hobart Town and Otago, N.Z. J. R. Roboits, agent.

Mantua Nicholson, barquo, 252 tons, J. B. Rooko, for Guam. William Nicholson and Co., agents.

Janet, brig, ISS tons, J. Johnston, for Nowcastlo, i K.S W., in ballast. Pigott Brothors, ngonts.

Shandon, s.s, 115 tons. J, Anderson, for Guam, lu ballast. Captain, agent.

Sir Isaac Newt on, schoonor, 121 tons, O. H. Bissett, for Nowcastlo, N.S.W., in ballast. M'Mockan, Black-

wood, and Co, agents.

Wonga Wonga, t.s., 444 tons, D. Walker, for Sydnoy. W. P. Whito and Co., ngonts.


Fob Loudon -Jndromaclte, early ; norfolk, this day; Anglesey, 10th Octobor; iusiex, 28th October; Water Nymph, 28th Oetobor ; Commodore Perry, 15th November ; Uleadon, 10th Novomber.

FOB LtVBiiFOOi,, ^-Donald M'Kay, 25th Ootobor. Fob Sidnry.-London, 3rd October.

Fob Launceston;-Black Swan, early.

' Fob Hobart Town.-City of Hobart, 6th Oo-


" Fob Otago, N.Z.-Pirate, Oth October.

Fob Fkbjkb Islands.-Zaifo Ilookh, early.

Fob Adelaide.-Havilah, 1st Octobor : Boomerang,

Srd October,

i Fob Swan River.-Notion, this day.

Fob Calcutta. -Zuleika, Bessy Young, early. Fob Madbas.-Peony, early.

FOB CotoiiBO.-Mary Pleasant*, early.

Fob Ho.\a Koko.-Confín«»!, Kate Hooper, Creole,

Solide, early.

Fob Suanqdai.-Queen of the Eatt, early. Fob Valparaiso.-Sanest Home, early.

Fob Callao.-Morning Light, Woodstock, Morning

Star, early.

Fob San Fn.Aî,ciaco.-WiMeîmina, early. Fob New Orleans.-Sardinia», early.


Ruby, from Goolwa.-787 bags load ore, 42 shoop skkiB, 3 bales sheepskins, 13 hides. Order.

Dobsons, from Launceston,-926 bags oats, 300 bars flour, 25 casks soda. Order.

Golden Spring, from Sydnoy.-33 packages tartarlo

aoid, 1,100 bags maizo, 60,000 feet cedar, 4,000 spokes,


- "Missionary, from Newcastle, N.S.W.-826 tons coal,


Aosetla, from Emeu Bay,-34 tons potatoes, 1,009 palings, Order.

Yaltant, from Nowcastlo, N.S.W.-220 tons coal,


troue, from Newcastle, NS.W.-155 tons coal,

" Ordor.

Cinclnnatus, from London.-75 hhds., 250 quarter casks brandy, 100 hhds. beer, 959 cases and casks bot- tled beer, loO casks vinegar, 850 coses fruit, 100 boxes candios, 21 cases bedsteads, 6 cases, 2,103 doals, Dj Pass Brothers and Co ; 1,000 cases brandy, 40 quarter casks wine, 1 box tobáceo, Parbury, Lamb, und Co. ; lui cases nine, J, Henty and Co. ; 1,000 Bcrew-plles, 98 pairs wheels and axles, 14 cases rivets, 10 anvils, 160 cases axle-boxes, 200 tons coals, 300 tons coko. Victorian Railway Trustees; 1 bin malt, Ralelghs, Dauglish, ana Co. ; 600 liaif-barrelB, 1,000 quirter barrels gunpowder, 10 packages, 4 quarter-casks

braue)}', 2 hhds. min, 12 »lids, gin, 12 cases genera,


' Jda, from Liverpool.-3 cases, Sprigg, Addison, and Co. ; 3 coils Manilla ropo. Holmes, Whito, and Co. ; 26 hhds. brandy, Jamos Simpson ; 100 kegs nails, F. Harloy and Co. ; 122 flagstones, G. Chambers ; 30 , packages, Lanyon and Co. ; 40 uoxes hams and bacon,

law, Dodd, and Co. ; 1 sliandry, Joseph Browne ; 1 - erato 4 hhds. earthonwaro, Hope and King ; 39 barrels

treacle, Bayldon and Graham ; 300 cases bottled ale, Delany Brothers and Co, ; 195 coils cordage, 121 ~ sacks oatmeal, 40 cases beer, Lorimer, Mackie, and C a. ;

1 box books, XL Houghton ; 20 packages hardware, . II. and Q. Holmes ; 2 casks hardware. Mitchell and j.,Bonnern ; l8 boxes boots and shoes, S, Hlggott ; 21 > boxes provisions. Thomas S. Martin and Co. ; 12 bir-

reta oatmeal, Smith Brothers ; 20 cases porter, 20 usas - beer, 30 cases whiskey, W. H. Hopkins ; 2 cases stv ' tioncry, G. Robertson; 200 cases bottled beer, Robiu . ton and C». ; 28 sheets lead, A. M'Lean; 100 cas jj - whiskey, M. Lang and Co. ; 11 packages earthenware, , lhbd grass« are, John Djslan; fi cratos earthenw^ro,

3. Weston ; 1 case saddlory, T. W. Wright ; 5 casks, - G. Martin and Co. ; 27 cases, E Taylor; 11 caaos, G.

'Beech and .Co. ; 14 casks, J. M'Ewaii and Co. ; 5 casos, _ IsaÄfÄrothcis ; 1 box, G. Meiklo; Senses, G. and . W. TO: Hocico ; 1 cask 1 erato 12 cases 20

casks stoves, li. Hodgson ; 1 box, "J. Lowden ; S cases, J. «Halfey ; 7J packages, Cornell Brothors ; 200 kegs nails, 25 casks, 14 coses, 7 bundles hardware, * ¡j machines, 4 puncheons, Mitchell and Bonneau ; 21

cases, 8 trunks, Do Puss Brothers: 20 packages, llright Brothers and Co. ; 100 cases bottled boar, 4'J cases, W, S. Anderson ; 40boxes, 49 cases, 26 barrels, - W. and R. C'reoth; 30 boxes spirits, 60 barrels

currants, 100 boxes raisins, 316 cases oilmen's stores, '. Gibbs, Ronald, and Co, ; 8 cases machino!y, 2 iron

wall-boxes, 8 cases, 3 castings, Alfred Douglas and Co. ; 35 barrels oatmeal, 20 barrels herrings, W. M'llroy ; 23 cases earthenware, Farloy, Webb, and Farley ; 20 cases hams and bacon, R. and P. Turnbull ; 150 casks hardware, 8 kegs nails, Harcourt and Loar , month ; 40 packages, 103 kegs nails, 6 shoots lead,

Briscoe and Co. ; 1 box books, J. Ballantyne ; 210 - bundles rods, 5s0 bars, 378 plough moulds, 200 mould

boards, 50 solo plates, 640 cart bushes, 80 bundles stool, 6 cases hardware, W. H. and Q. Freer ; " 10 casks hams and bacon, G. Hull ; 1 case apparol, A.

V. Sydenham ; 1 caso, H. Harmer; 4 bags linseed Cakes, J. Brown ; 13 cases, Barnet Barnett ; 6 cases, - Sprigg, Addison, aud Co. ; 1 box, R. P. Wilson; l " hex, Thomas Darlow : 6 casos, 8 bales, Hold, Poebles,

and Co. ; 1 case wooilons, S. Topp and Co. ; 1 box, T W. Patterson ; 1 box clothing, G. Bland ; 2 casos, ' Thos. Sharp ; 182 packages, 60 hhdB. beer, Hyam and

Go. i 1 case, a carnage, II, Allison ; 60 bundles papar, ' F. Cooke ; 9 cases leather goods, 46,480 slates, 2,315

H] ruco deals, 175 battons, 107 red battens, 883 deals, . 2,276 sacks salt, 224 tons coal, 60 packages, Order.

Argonaut, from Liverpool.-170 flagstones. G. Cham . bera ; 280 flagstones, G. Martin and Co. ; 1 box jewel-

lery, Gorrard and Keep ; 10 cases, 100 Arkins butter, " Campbell Brothers ; 1,000 sacks salt, Downlo and Mur-

phy ; 20 packages, l8 bundlos spades, 4 bales mats, 4 _ cases, 42 kegs nails, Lanyon and Co. ; 4 crates, i hhds.

earthenware, D. Goldspink; 1 case boots and shoos, Bussell Dick ; 4 bundles sheet copper, 1 cask brass C work, 80 Ingots tin, Roblson Brothers and Co. ; 15

hhds. 29 quarter-casks sborry. Smith, Strachan, and Co. ; 200 cases' bottled beor, Robinson and Co, ; 100 firkins butter. Thomas Harkerand Co. ; Soases, Cap - tam W. Fisher ; 100 Arkins butter, Dennistoun Bro-

thers and Co. ; 200 Arkins butter, S quarter-casks wine, , d4 boxes bacon, 17 puncheons ling, 15 boxes linen. 6 . boxes hains, Thos. S. Martin and Co. : 60 Arkins

butter, Lorimer, Mackio, and Co. ; 60 Arkins buttor, M'Phorson, »'rancis, and Co.: 100 Arkins butter, i C. Martin and Co. ; 76 Arkins butter, Anderson and Marshall; 26 firkins, J. B. Dodgson: 40 boxes r hams, J. öervico and Co. ; 200 bags salt, 25 firkins « hatter, J. S. Moore and Co. ; 16 caroteels, 61 barrels

currant«, 120 boxes raisins. IB cases, 260 cases oilmen's - stères, Gibbs, Ronald, ana Co. ; 1 bin molt, 2 casos, J.

' Mander ; 120 horrels, 34 eases fruit, Swire Brothers ; ' 44 barrels 100 firkins butter, W. andB, Cresta: 90 - boxes fish, W. Petterson and Co. ; l8 casos, J. and D.

. Parker and Co. ; 10 packages hardware, 1 bundle

leather, i bundles rake hoads, « bundles, 41 bundlos "'hoop Iron, 17 bundles steel, Briscoe and Oo. ; ' 122 cases cheese, Miller Brothers and Co. ; 32 cases,

J. E. E\ans; 10 crates earthenware, T. Burke; 6 e of Is, 2 boxes 2 canes,. P. Folk and Co. ; 20 hhds brandy, 300 boxes caudles, l8 coils Mnnil'a rope. James , fc'lniBon; U2 boxes boots and shoes, John Young; 22 , uoxes boots and shoe», Gibson and Stewart; 6 boxes

boots and shoes, G. Jones ; 26,boxes boots and shoes, Ö, Hlggott; 91 packages, Cornell Broths» j 2 casos, 1

erato earthenware, Forloy, Webb, and Parla : 6 cawi Isaacs Brothers ; 10 sacks, 2 casks grass seeds. Scott

and Wilson : 8 cases, W. S. Andorson ; 45 package], ' Langlands, Buick and Co. ; 2 casos, Coohrano and Co.; I 10 bales, Andorson mid ' Marshall ; 6 cases, Josopn , Chuko; 1 box, W. Sidloy; 20 packages, E. an! H. Isaacs ; 06 cases, S. Andorson ; 1 box, W. Lilli more ; 33 bundles iron wire, 27 """'

Michaelis, Boyd, and Co. ; l8 casks hams, G. Hull ; ; 4 puncheons hams, 70 firkins buttor. Bright Brothers I and Co. ; 3 cases woolton goods, 1 bale, S. Tonn ; 8 ! boxes, 10 trusses, G. Martin and Co. ; 20 packages L. I Stevenson and Sons j 21 cases, J, M'Bain ; 73 packuos 1 60 bhds. boor, Hyam and Co. ; 5 bales, A. and W. ! Ferguson; lease, W. Woodvillo; 100 keg» nails, 500 ' firkins buttor, 60 quarter-casks vvhiskoy, 05 casos wlno, I 21 cases brandy, SO boxes hams, 26 boxes bacon, 050 spruco deals, 21,240 slates, 04 tons coal, 60 packaies Order. ' à '

Union, from Sydney-103 'bogs maize, 38 bags b rloy, 1,800 bags flour, 363 barrels flour, Ordor,

Yarra, from Adelaide_2,500 bags coppor < M'llcan, Hayward, and Co.

Thomas Ann Colo, from Calcutta.-8,788 bag- Patm rice, 74 bales gunny bags, 1,380 bundles ratt.ns, Sutherland and Baiioy ; 3,000 bags sugar, 044 balei lines, 200 halos tobacco, 10 cases castor oil, 2 pockugoj

1 pony, Older.

Roxburgh Castle, from London.-100 hhds. «lo, Robinson and Co. ; 1 caso perfumery, J. S. Eves ; 1 case, Kirclmerund Co. ; C5 hhds. 10 hhds. rum, 1 bot samples, Fanning and Co. ; 22 cases, Stovons and Co. ; 48 quaiter casks, Bright and Co. ; 8 cosos. Postor oui Co. ; 8 bales corks, R. Montgomery ; 51 casks, 13 cases, E. Whitby ; 60 barrels, 60 bundles, Nicholson and Co. ; 37 coses, 12 casks, 11 crates, E. and M. Keogh ; 6 cases, O. Williamson ; 1 caso, G.

Kow les ; (I cases, Holjuuiinsoii ; 8 cases, 1 bolo, ' J. Littlowood ; 70 cases, White Brothors ; HI» , packages. 32 pigs lead, 121 hogs rod lead, 303 Iron pipes, Virgoo and Co. ; 2 coses, J. Rumpff; 1 ano, Dr. Hutchinson ; 1 case, H. King ; 1 ci-c, J. Lowin , 1 box, E. Raphael ; 8 cases, Cartor and Co. ; 2 cosos, W. ¡Bayles and Co. ; 1 case, G, Taylor; 25 casos, A Cumberland ; 2 cases, Holmes and Co. ; 15 packages, W H. Ford and Co. ; 2 cases, 13 boxes, F. B. Frank- lyn and Co. ; 1 coso, W. Wallis ; 1 box, G. Broad ; V bundles mats, R. Oliver ; 40 hhds. beor, 50 barrels Fork ; 50 firkins butter, 50 barrels, J. Dickson ; 80 shoots

ad, ParburyondCo. ; 92 hhds. ale, Giuliani Brothers ; 12 cases, M. H. Hart ; 30 hhds., 24 oases, Roopo anil 0 '. ; 2 cases, li. Joseph ; 4 boxes types, Mason and Co. ; _0 cases, Floworand Co. ; 36 hlid., Turnbull uni Co, ; 40 cases, A. Lazarus ; 40 cases, W. and J. Gripe ; 170 barrels, J. Doulton ; 4 cases, Moodie and Co. ; 8 cases, Wade and Co. ; 22 cases, II. Marsh ; 7 cases parasols, 1 case samples, L. Joseph ; 60 cases, W. S. Smith ; 3 cases, Donaldson and Co.; 2 casos, C. Muskot; 8 cases, Milos and Co. ; 250 cases gin, 250 Arkins buttor, 250 cases candles, IO cases chocolate, G Board and Co. ; S3 boxos, '.V, Randall; 1 parcol, Mrs. Atkins ; 14 cases, W. and T. Pole; 4 cosos, M'Evvon and Co. ; 2d cases, Scott and Co. ; 5 cases, Isaacs Brothers ; 2 IS packages, A. and N. Harris ; 30 bales, Cartor and 0j. ; £0 packages, Mackenzie and Co. ; 20 hhds. rum, 1 hoi Eomples, 15 hhds., O0 casks, 120cases, Josephs and Co.; IS cases, Dalgety and Co. ; 26 packages, Buckloy and Co. ; 53 trunks, M. J. Moses and Co, ; 82 coses, H bales, 1 box, Budge Brothers ; 40 cases, 2 trunks, S bales, Sargood and Co. ; 142 cases, Young and Co, ; 31 packages, Long and Co. ; 47 cases, 3 bales, Ray and Oo. ; 40 cases, 2 bales, 1 box, Prince and Co. ; 0 casos, G. RobortBon ; 17 bales, 164 cases, Watson and Sons; 12 casoj. J. Solomon ; 20 kegs lead, W. P. Whito oud Co. ; C hhds. brandy, 10 quarter-casks, 24 ootofC-, 500

packages, Ordor.

Queen of India, from Caloutta.-9,063 bags rica,

4,000 bags gram, 40 balos gunny bags, 50 coses castor oil, Fanning, NanklvoII, and Co. ; 100 solar hits, Captain Alexander ; 1,200 bigs sugar, 24 balos gunny

bogs, 3 packages, Order.

Caroline, from Adelaide_1,470 bags flour, 450 lugs bran, 1 caso spirits, Order,

EXPORTS.-Sbptkmubr 20.

Gacelle, for Otago, via Hobart Town.-1 hlid, CO casoB brandy, 45 casos beer,-6 half-tiercos tobacco, 2 cases drapery, 4,037 pieces timoor.

Hammil flicliolson, for Guam.-1 box, containing

8,000 sovereigns.

Wonga Wonga, for Sydney,- 100 boxos toa, 88 , packages rico, 80 quarter-casks wlno, 118 boxes pro»

Bcrv ed moats, 40 cases starch, 2 boxes ice, 80 packagjs Chineso provisions, O bottles quicksilver, 0 packages drapery, 2 packages clothing, 102 package hardware, I 66 kegs nolls, 8 casos merchandise, and 3 boxos, oon

ta.nlng 5,107} oz. or gold.

PORT PHILLIP HEADS. (B. Elk-trio Tk-Burapii.}

Soptombor 20.-8.30 a.m. : Wind W., weather fine.

ARRIVED.-SKrT.JiBEa 20. Bright Planet, barquo, from Newcastle. Yarra, schooner, from Nowcastle. Pelorus, H.M.S., from Sydnoy.

Tommy, schooner, from Circular Head. Pilot, schooner, from Hobart Town.

Black Swan, steamer, from Launceston.

SAILED.-S-riBMBBR 20. City of Sydney, brig, for Launceston.



September 28.-Dulce of Wellington, from Sydney. '


September 28_City of Sydney, for Launceston.

The White Star ship Ida arrived in Hobson's Biy yesterday. Captain Duulop reports that on tiio Suth August, off tho Island of St. Paul's, in lat. 42.11 S., Ion. 74.8 E., encountered a hurricane, willoh com- menced from N.E., and suddonly veered round to N.W., during which the ship plunged into tho so-, and carried away her bowsprit, all topmasts, and top gulhuit-inasts, with yards. A very heavy sea wai running at the time. On tho following day during tha gale, a seaman named Jamos Drovor, nativo of Scot lend, while ongaged In clearing the wreck, fell ovor bcard and was drowned. Tho Ida was in coinmny for 10 days with tho iron ship Tornado, of tho white Lino, bound to Now Zealand, from Llvorpaol. Parted company July 21, lat. 28.22 S, Ion. 32.43 tv.

The Blackwall liner Roxburgh Costlo anchored in Hobson'» Bay about 2.30 p.m., yesterday, havliu mudo a remarkably good passago. Sho left Plymouth cn tho 10th of July, and had light and baining winds throughout tho passage. She has beon detained by N.B. winds on this coast for several da}-«. Capo

Otway was passed on tho 2Sth inst. No sickness occurred durum; the passage, and tho passengor. aro

all in good health.

Tho ship Thomas Ann Cole left the Sand Head) on tho 0th of August. Captain Lowe reports that on the 27th and 28th of July a sovcro hurricane passed over Calcutta, causing considerable damage to the crops, and also to the shipping. One steamer sank at her anchors, onda great number of vcs-ols suataiood con- siderable damago. On tho 2Sth of July, duringa sovore S.U. gale, she sprang her bowsprit, and on the 1st of Soptember, ono of the crew-a Lascar, toll

overboard from the martingale stays, and, although a I boat was lowered immediately, ho was drowned. An- ' other galo was experienced on the 17th hist,, and sinco then light and variable winds.

Tho ship Queen of India arrived in Hobson's Bay early yesterday. She left Calcutta on tho 24th July, wind at the time from N.W., fresh breeze, woathor vory threatening, barometer low, and allowing ind- entions of falling. In compauy with several othor vessels, she passed the Spit buoy. Tho broozo in- creased to a gale; could not distinguish the outer floating light on pilot brig. The gale increasing, was obligea to steer S.S.W., in ordor to secure an oiling. At 4 a.m. following day, lay to under inizon Btays.ilt. 'J bogalo continued through tlio*. und tlio next day. The vessol laboiucd heavily, and shipped great quantltlos of water from lcoward, filling the forecastle and cabins. Tlio crow were kent continually pumping. The caboose also vva3 washed away, so tnat tho native crowworo unable to cook their victuals. Several o i" them »oro laid up in conséquence. Owing to tho dis- abled Btoto of tbo crow omi the weather, Captalu Aloxander was obliged to bring on his pilot (Mi. O. H. Bensley), to this port, as he did not comldor lilmsolf justified to bear up for the Sand Heuds in sucha foar fut gale. Captain Alexander reports having sighted a largo ship standing lo tlio westward, with fore-top- mast, main aud mizon top-gallant masts gono.

Tho manifests of tho Spark of the Ocean and Mar-

guerite will be published when they outor at the


-"TLM. s.S. Pelorus was coming up the Bay when our shipping report was despatched last evening.

The Eucalyptus, barquo, Capt. Thompson, from Jlclboume, arrived on Satuiduy afternoon, and northed along-ldo tho New Wharf to discharge. Capt. Thomp- son reports that tho wind was fresh, norlhorly, until the barquo rounded tho South-west Capo, and that after there were light winds until tho arrival of the barque. No whalors aro reported by this vessol off tho Capo, as the Eucalyptus passed in tho night.-Hobart

able» Mercury, Sept. 20.

.ho Victoria, whaler, Capt. Mooro, returned to port on Saturday. She loft on tho 0th Soptombor, 1858, and brings, as will bo seen, HO tuns of oil. As soon as tho anchor was dropped in tho Cove 10 of hor mon were brought ashore and taken to tho Polico-olllco charged with insubordination. It seems that the brig was in llecherclio on Thursday, and the men charged having desired to come up to Hobart Town, and tho applica t'on not boil g granted, refused to do any moro work. Tho Water Police took chnrgo ot tlio insubordínate, at 'Jhreo-HutPoint, and tho caso come, on for hoarlng at tho Pollco-ofilco this lunrning. Tho Victoria ro portB tho Julia off Port Davey, with no furthor take slnco last roport ; and the Prydo and Catherine, clean. -ííoüarí Joto» Mercury, Soptember 20.

Puutks at Massowah.-Our thanks aro duo to a eui respondent atMassowah, who has furnished us with an account of somo pirates and slaven at that place. On the 12th of May our correspondent, a British sub- ject, with throe other Europeans, addressed to H.B.M.'s consular ngout at Massowah tho lettor which wo givo holow. With praiseworthy alacrity the agent had the pirates secured, and announced the fact during the night ; however, tbo rascals escaped, and, before making uti, coolly drank tho English consul's hnalth in» tho English dragoman's grog-shop. They thon throw overboard threo unfortunate slaves, and de- parted. A month aftor, the Lady Canning onterel the-port, and did not go away empty. Tue fc'oolool Salnm carno in from Hodolda, with tbr.e slaves on boaid, and ran into tlio Uon's mouth. On the 17tli it ssomed the steamer loft with her prize for Aden. It will ho reiuembored that pur correspondent on board tbo Concordia related, Juno 19-" As wo were moving out of Bock Bay, in tho afternoon, tho Lady Canning steamed in from tho westward, to wing a largo barque, whioh abo cast off whou fairly in tho Bay. What tbo barquo was wa could not mako out, but tho steamer had boon sent into tbo Bed Sea to look for slavers." What sho wai, s now explained. Wo trust our Massowah correspon- dent's suggestions as to tho dosirabloness of one or two gunboats to cruise lu tbo Red Sea, will moot with due consideration. "Massowah, May 1?, 1869. To R.'Banoni, Esq.., H.B.M.'s Consular Agent, Mas- sowah. Sir,-With regret wo beg to mrarm you that during tho post month we have had, and have at this prosont moment, sovorol Arab C" .te boats in tho port of Massowah, from

Khalraa. Having positivo information that the pirate boats aro to attack the Arab boats on boord of ono of which thoro is the mouoy-chost belonging to tho house of Postre aud Co., of Alexandria, formerly of Matsowab, and at present preparing to remove to Aden, In the i omo of civilized Europe and E:m>t wo demand. In order to save Woodshed and mûrier, tlii.t Uiti said pirates lu tho port of Massowah shall b. arrested, their .boats sei-od und disarmed, aud them- selves kept in close arrest. All instructions can ha leceived from the nearest head-quarters of tho Enjf llsli, French, or Turkish Governments. Seo-uff with

regret that tho liifluoneo mid rowurees of Turkey aro , only;noiuiual in tins distant part of tho world, wo bj,'

. you to couiinunlcato to the Government of his High- i

ness the Viceroy of Egypt, tho ronl slato nf aifato m tiio Red Soa, who, wo oro corlaiu, will tond us tlu aid wo require. Wo havo the honour to ba, L>." (Signed.) " Tho"- pirates havo boon arrested anm/ request, and they aro now in prison.-Massownh, Uti May, 1SS9. R. Banoni." Our correspondent goos oa to siy :-*' Tho pirates having dreaded that thoir ovil trado would end at tho ropo's oud, and having a bnU of silvor at thoir command, managed by bribery t) make their escapo, and carno on sboro that same night boforo leaving tho port, and drank the Engllib ' Consul's health m tho English Dragoman's groj i shop, mid they havo not been heard of sinai. j ."rho fow British residents iu till» placo wore di ! lighted to see U.M. s. Lady Canning coming into i this port on tbo morning of tbo 14th Juns,

but unfortunately tho pirates lind made their escapo, throwing overboard threo slaves thoy too: lroni Zanzibar. One of the unfortunates was tin hnglish Consul's dhobio at Zanzibar, who spokoalittb English, llonovcr, "better late Utan never." In this port slaves aro to bo bought at from two to thro3 1 uudrcd dollars each ; and the barque Soolool Salain. S ngaporo, about 400 tons, Commander AM »I Ciiarlin, carno In to purchase somo. Ho carno in fío n llodeidie, with three on board-two fomalos and oin male. The British, In consequence seized tho yew)'

mid imprisoned tho captain. H.M. s. Lady Cann in; leaves thin for Aeleu on tho 17th of Juno, with thJ Soolool Salain in tow. Tho tiro fomalcs were put o.i hoard the steamer, also four malo slaves. Thoro ra." mains m tills port H.H. schooner Constance. Wo hopo she will remalli with us for some time, and asnY. the Coubulato to put a stop to tho wholesalo slavery, and keep tho pirate boats in check ; and wo truss the commander of liol- will show that energy that is wanting in this part of tho son, anl search every boat that goos out or comos into harbour, for tho scoundrels fly tho English ila; whoii any man of war is near, and when out of slghî hoist tho Turkish flag. But ovory boat or vossa) should bo searched, a-s it Is a well known fact that a3 many as 10 sloves havo been packed togother Ilk) herrings, with gogs iu their mouths, until out of sight of mon of war. What is wanted in tho Red Sou U one or two small gunboats, something Uko tboso bulli for the Rivor Indus lately. Why not havo ono of them or ono of tho smad Crimean gunboats sent up ns a tonJcr to U.M. s. Auckland to go up tho crooks 1 I am sure the Red Soa would then bo cleared of tin nbomlnablo barefaced slavery and pirates, and w.) should have a flouri-liing trade from tlio lutorlor of Abyssinia. Tile two steamers that tho Turkish corn pan.', have started, running from tho different ports of the Rod Sea, would also bo able to establish a good trado were tho natives share of choir produce pro- tected, and slavery abolished."- Standard, July 13.