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[By Canadia.]

A late season Dor lacrtwse came (*- an end on Saturday, it having been the eighteenth year of association games and the fourth of electorate conditions. Amonfr a cer-thin cl.iss of neoDle— mnKt.lv thn^ -nri,«

are firm and uashakable in the belief that blue blood runs in their veins — the pastime has thorougly mainiiained its popu larity, but it lias made no advance in the estimation of the general public, and prob. ably never will until sonic genius imparts to the small piece of rubber used in t'he came the power of magnifying iiseJf to the size of a football. Nearly everybody says says that the ball ds too small, and is thrown about wiJh such rapidity that it is difficult for anv one except an enthusiast to follow a contest. The objection is pure ly an Australian one, because lacrosse is the one national pastiime in Canada. But the game got in early tliere, and the people have been educated to appreciate its beauties, and all those emigrants who are pouring inlb the Dominion will have to put up -with it or else go skating every Saturday afternoon. The only time that one doeg not feel lonely at a lacrosse match in Adelaide is when an interstate display is presented, in which event a big 'gate'' may be reckoned on— provided the weaither is lino, and there are no races anywhere be tween here and Gawler, and the Governor is present. To be a spectator at a minor match, however, is worse than living at Oodnadatta for one who has a particularly gregarious nature. —Interstate Campaign.— The past sea?on lias been remarkable for the heaviness of the interstate programme. Western Australia sent a team to Adelaide for the first time^a team that received an appalling smack in the eye, for the best 12 here beat them by 22 goals to 3, and the nextl best 12 by 5 to 2. Victoria, toj, went back with a record of 11 goals to o against them. 'although they, too, deleated \Vest ern Australia by 11 to 6. If any further evidence were needed of South Australia's pre-eminence in the Canadian game it was supplied by the visit of the local premiers, Sturt, to Melbourne, where the visitor* not only beat Sli. Kilda, tlie MJbournu premiers, by 9 to i, but defeated combined Victoria by 9 to 5. A team from Ne«r South Wales was also due in Adelaide this season, but probably thought tilmt discre tion -was tlie betler part of valour. At any rate, it did not come, and nobody cared. The inlerstsi'e programme was enlarjrwl by a visit of the University Club to .Mel bourne, where the tirst inter-Varsity matches played in Aus'Lralia took place. Melbourne won the lirsu match, and the second came (one between undergraduates only) wiv5 drawn. The presence of repre sentatives of three States in Adelaide led to the Aus'iralasii'.n Lacrosse Union being promoted on a definite basis. Its chief mis sion is to take charge of a certain percent age of. the gate receipts in interstate matches, and to use tlie -money for helping touring teams in their expense*. It will also. introduce complete uniformity in the ?playinE rules. From the above facts it will be admitted that the authorities in la crosse are a pretty live and enterprising lot, and only better public patronage is needed to lift this charming sport to tbe status it deserves. —An Unbeaten Club.— The local premiership has been won by tbe Sturt Club whose record is rhe most brilliant in the history of the game in Aus tralia. It won 12 out of 12 dub matches, and defeated St. Kilda, combined Victoria, and ? combined Western Australia— a reaby astonishing performance. ? SENIOR ASSOCIATION. . ...' .;-, „ .v . *» :? ? ? ? g :?:? -'-.. £ I Club. -a d ** ' .' : ?? -?? S-.--l -I- S 1'1'1 .- ?'?.:;. , Gi ??:*? ,i3 .G... CO 6. Sturt .: .. ..' 12 It — — lt-'J Sii til East Torrons .. 12 7 3 2 02 01 10 N.- Adelaide .. 12' 5 0 1 40. 75 U University .. ..; 12,- 2-i 0 1 i-tf ,.flO - 5 West Torrens ..? 12 . ]?-??),- 2 37 So J ^.Records Broken.— Not only did' Sturt accomplish' all the feats mentioned, but it smashed the Aus tralian senior ? lacrosse record .by throwing 29 goals to 3 at the expense of East Tor rens, tbe next strongest club in. the asso ciation. Magnificent combination was the secret of Sturt's success, assisted by a rwr ticularly clever for«'-ird team. It will Le seen from the information jiiven below that Sturt's three homes head the coalthrowing figures, as they did last year. L. Humphria is at the top of the list with 94 fioals, all club and interstate matches included. That is a record for South Australia, and so is the club's aggregate of 1C9 goals. This fine result would have been even better were it not for the fact that the last two en gagements oi the season were forfeited to Shirt. In the 29-(o-3 contest Humphria equalled 1\ M. Newland's individual record of 14 goals in one match. Some people consider that the Sturt crock this year has been a better man than Newland ever was, but it must not be forjiottcn that the latter in his day had to contend a-piinst- infinitely stronger back men than the. majority of the clubs have mustered this year. These backs liad such a 'set' on Newland llv-it lacrosfe became intolerable^ to him, so he gave it up, and went to England to play cricket. Seeing that he made only !)5 runs in 16 eleven-aside tries, he ought to come back to lacrosse, where he made a great name for himself: By winning the premier ship, Sturt will be the first club to have its name engraved on the Tambowie Shield. LEADING GOALyilROWEKS. U Humpliria (S.) .. 94 t\ l'arkcr (S.) .... 9 A. l'resgrave (3.) ..61 R. New-land (E.T.).. 9 'W. Noblfctt (S.) .. Ml II. Creenway (LT.) .. fe C. Gcpp (E.T.I) .. .. 50 h. E\-ans (N.A.) .. » A. Mann (E.T.) .. .. 20 W. Crosby (W.T.).. 8 5. JIaclennan (U.) .. 24 J. M. Smith (E.T.).. V G. K. Thomas (X.A.) 22 \. Seddon (N.A.) .. V P. JaOrcy (W.T.) ..-10 A. Newman (W.T.).. 7 W. J: Harsravc (U.) .10 —Tlie Runners-up.— East Torrens are the runners-up for the premiership. For several years they have been a gradually improving team, and but for the unfortunate loss of some of their best men towards the end of the season they would have been knocking at the Sturts' door. Among others who left for other countries was It. L. Robinson, the Rhodes scholar. As prowess in sport is an important consideration in the selection or the Rhodes scholars, lacrosse enthusiasts are gratified at the good fortune of the Knst Torrens man. His transfer to Oxford ? l . * ? ? 1 ? . i.*L _i. 1.1. — 1_.»«1 T» t. — ,1 — -

committee at least are able to see the bail in lacrosse. —The Old Rivals.— Third on the list are the North Adelaides, tvho ' occupy the same place as last year. Thev had the best back team in the asso ciation, and their position on the list is convincing proof of the value of strong homes in lacrosse, and here they were weak. The Norths actuaEy had only one player, G. K. Thomas, who reached double figures in gocltlirowing. His contribution was 22, and the next best only 8. University, too, occupy tbe same place as last season— next to bottom— but they improved wonderfully towards the end of the season, and there is no doubt that before long, with the pre sent material, the students will return to the proud position thev held in lacrosse for so long. A lot of tfie old stagers have passed out of the team, but younger players are learning rapidly, and, with the excep tionally good opportunities for practice at their command, they are certain to be heard of in the futnre. —The First Shall be Last — Strange to relate, last years premiere, West Torrens, are bottom on the Hist. They were a disjointed and irregular combination ?Ul through the season, and, being a team with little or no heart unless at the top of the tree, they forfeited their last three matches, and spoilt the finish of the pi** miership contest so far as it concerned the minor places of tbe clubs. Jt is to be hoped that they will pull themselves to gether by next year. Last season they iost only one match; this season they lost all but one. Premiers. Runoers-np. Feason. 1SS6. North Adelaide Adelaide 1SS9. North Adelaide Adelaide iS'jn. University Adelaide ! lsni University Iroquoil ' 1592. Iroquois University 1593. lroquoiii Univcwily J?)' t'-.,\cr3ity North Adelaide 1FP3. University North Adelaide IpM. University North Adelaide 1S97. North Adelaide ? Univenity ]?1S. University North AdeltM* 3R.99. Iroquois University 1P0O. Iroquois . Univenity 1901. Inxniois Univenity 1002. University Start M0S. Sturt U-riTWrty 1904. Port Adelaide Sturt 1905. Sturt list ToncM —Junior Association. — In the Junior Association the premier ship of A grade was won for the second year in succession by East Torrens. and of the B grade by the Deaf Mutes. When the association committee careg to institute a reeular and complete system of reporting the results of matches, it will be possible i« publish more details about the doings ol the .various teams, of whom 14 ooapiued

the Junior Association1 this season. Pro bably not even the secretary has a com plete record of the results of matehee^and the goals for and against each dub. —Officers Tins review of the season would not be a faithful one were it not to recognise the excellent services that Mr. G. Blockey has again rendered in the capacity of secretary of the Senior Association. lias duties were pnrtieularly heavy on account of the bis interstate programme, and in every respect he has conducted the affairs of the as*- ciation with credit to himsell and satisfao tion to all. Valuable support was also ren dered by Mr. W. G. Auld as Chairman, and he also tilled a gap in the broken East Torrens team on several occasions.