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Alatei lois for evening dress or full toilette are

very magnificent this winter- nob silks, velvets, plush, and taffetas of a particular make. The silks for visiting dress aro of two kinds-plain, or .with brocaded bouquets and velvet. The taffetas1 Imperatrico, reps, Pekin velvet, taffetas with velvet flowcis, a now satin with an exceedingly bright surface ; and those beautiful fabrics, wita gold or silver intermixed, which aro so peculiarly adapted for ball dress-are all made with silver bouillonncos skirts, sometimes ornamented with

i flowers or bows of ribbon. The bodies, M Inch are of

course low, havo several ruches, 01 nie trimmed with lace. The sleeves are short and very small, and have bouillons of tullo ; or the sleovo of tulle,

w ith ruches round it.

Many woollen dresses mont the preferonca they obtain. They have small black stripes upon grenat, brown, drap, French hluo ground, or with Pompadour flowers or small biaias cheeki The material is thick, without being heavy. Reds mid poplin are either iigmed or plain.

For walking dross, a new fashion has boen1 adopted by the court. The waist is round, short in the front, and very long behind, the skirt to suit being shortened in front, and with a train


Various kinds of trimmings are used-passai meutcrie, bows, velvet ornaments, lace, net' work, plaits, and guipures. Thus we find lace (point de Genes) and wide passementerie placed upon a high body across both back and front to the height of a low body. The skirts have some times a band from about Hin. to lum., ' in width, gradually diminislimg to the waist;

.placed in front, made of passementerie, guipure or point de Genes. Buttons, fourragères, epau- lettes, and bows like aiguiiettes upon tho shoulders or in front of the body and skirt, are still in vogue, also a trimming ot guipure mixed with jot beads, in the front ot the skirt, nnd a pelerine which covers tho half of the body, forming a point at the back, fastened at tlio tin oat, and falling open in, two points on the chest ; also two bands i or guilles mooting at the waist, and opening in' front-down tho skirt. This lund of ornament is . very1 suitablo on velvet. Bright steel buttons'

are ''used ohio, or buttons ot precious stones. 1 Upon1« Batin, taffetas antiquo, or striped poplin; ' thÖ"buttotis mo made of pTsomenterie, sur-

rounded by tulled lace, and mixed with jet. ' Dresses are often ttimmod at tile bottom with wide borders of passementerie, or velvet sewed in a network, or in other designs ; sometimes it is * 1 band of velvet, wide, or several bands of différent

?widths.-1 The material is also bouillonú round dresses' with a double heading. Plisse a la vielle is nowa little common ; a wide band of quilted is .very'distingué. These borders aro very useful in.1 freshening up'dresses which may have been a' little damaged at the bottoms now they are worn. *o long.1' 'They also speak of putting a breadth of a, different colour down tho Bides of the dresses. J '

Dresses aro made as full as ever, and set iii largo plaits ; and, although the petticoats aro dù cidedly worn smaller than they were, at present there is no appearance of crinoline being alto- gether discarded. Ribbons arc always used inuoli in trimming. Bunds aro universally in favour ; instead of buckles a kind of clasp is worn. The newest aro thoic made in imirtttion of Kussiiiu or By Kantine jewels, gold enamelled, in various' designa. '

The shape' of bonnets is at length decided. The'front is long, round, advancing over'the forehead, ond very much thrown 'back at tho «cars. * The curtain is rather narrow. In general they are very much trimmed, indeed,' overcharged .with ' trimmings, but the best houses ai oid this fault,1 although they all use large \ civet flowers,

plaits,'or scarfs of velvet, fastened at tho 'sido' .with1 rosettes of black or coloured feathers. Long 1 ¿netted feathers, velvet scarfs with fancy fringes,

or'long ends of lace, fall at the sides. ' - '

Plaits of gold nnd -velvet, with long tassels of fancy'gold ornamonti, are much worn, and form an elegant head-dress ; thoy form a diadem, a.i'I' fall over the right shoulder. Sometimes strin^H of peal 1 beads are added, but generally the gold alid velvet prodnco tho host effect. '. "j

Nets ate still worn. We have seen somo-goM ' nets with small ere ,contb, and black iie-t*. with'

gold medallions, winch aro \eiy olog<uit.