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Port Adelaide district FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION.

The Annual Banquet.

At the invitation of the president (Mr. C. Othcn) and the hon. secretary (Mr. H L. Tapping), of the Port Adelaide^Dis trict Football Association, a large number

of football representatives aitenoeu ihc wind-up ' banquet on Saturday night in the ForesterfHall. Nile street, Port Ade laide. Among those present were:— Messrs. A. O. R. Tapp, W. C. E: Baudinet. J T. Tapping, Cantish, Aloulden,- Hugh Duncbue S. Hosking, Cliarles. Hayter,' C. Otheii, H. L. Taiping, F. Curnow, B. C. Beasley, A. McCarthy, J. Moudy, C. O'Grady, F. F. Ward, C. Marshall. Albert Whicker, A.-G. Henderson, Jack Ford, Fred-Watson^ W. Craske, and C. Primmer. In submitting the toast of the premiers, the - deputy-chairman (Mr. C. Primmer) laid he had been in touch with the Rosa tala team who attained the premiership for a great number of years, and they had always played the game, and were a. team of gentlemen.' (Applause.) 'In responding in behalf of the Rosatala dub, the secretary- (Mr. R. W. Whelan) Mid he congratulated the Port Adelaide A .Football 'Club on having attained the jremierBhip.. Hia team had won the junior premiership fairly and squarely. ' (Ap plause:) ? -. I ' . .' ' : The chairman. of the association (Mr. C. Othen) said he. was pleased to hear that the Port Adelaide A. club, had attained the premiership. Be remembered the Port club w.hen they played on 'Bucks Flat.' In those far-off, years Mr, Bob ? Leicester was .secretary. ..and George Ireland was treasurer. The present ? Decretory, Mr. Charles - Hay ter,. was to be congratulated on the. way lie had bandied the 'team's interests during the year. (Applause.) The.- coach (Mr. 'Shine' Hosking), -vas ilways ready to help the -lads, and was a fine official. - . In responding in behalf of the Port Adelaide , Football Club, Mr. Tapp said he was pleased to be able to represent the premier club. The Ports seemed to win the premiership match in series of seven, fn the years 1914. 1921 and 1023 they attained premiership honours. (Ap plause.) *T~ Mr. Charles Hayter said that ' when he iook .up the position of secretary oj ine Port club he noticed that one of the first things that needed attention was that of i new clubroom. _ He had corresponded with the Port Adelaide Council, and through the efforts of the then mayor (Mr. A. O. R. Tappf and council, £150. had jeen spent on improvements on the oval. Mr. Hosting also spoke. In presenting the premiership shield to the premiers,. Mr. Primmer said he hoped that the team would win the shield on many more occasions. Messrs. J. Mundy, . A. McCauley. B. Beasley. F. Curnow, T. Wave, and J. Symonds received trophies for services rendered during the year. Mr. Hugh Dufichue proposed the toast of the Port Adelaide District Football Club and it w^'responded to by Mr. Albert Whicker. Th« toast -of the donors was entrusted to Mr.A:.G; Henderson. The toast of the^wripireR was proposed by Mr. H.-L. Tnppms.- Mr/ Gil* responded. Mr. Fred Watson proposed 'Kindred Clubs,' and it waRnpespondjd to- by Messrs. Jack Ford, F: V. Ward, W. C. E. Baudinet. -Messrs. U. Mnrshall. C. O'Grady, S. Whitfield,- and John.Carr submitted' an excellent musical programme.' The success of the evening w»s , Sue to the' efforts of the secreUry (Mr. ; v Plates ? on the', af terde'eb were buckled by ':''.' .. JHOKES HIM, LEAGUE. „? '.-'/v BBOEESHIH.'Satunkr.-' . 8itonUy% w*nlt«!— Sooth Brokra Hfli, «.U. bMt:^T«rt Broten Hill. O. tnd won the premltnhip' 6f the -.Broken Bill League, -? _ _? - mAt nr pebth. . ';' .-.,'-.- -'r-. '? .-'. ' PERTH. 'Sundiy. ; ?.. A Ihi»7 wind and -mUly.nin madeirtathw ?coBdltloTu.nnfivounbie for the 'flail -of the WfjtCTii AntnlUn League between 'East Fre naatle (minor premkn) ' and East Perth ' it the Eubiaco Oval ytstcrday. . The teams had pre vknisl; 'met lour timea this year, and ' East Perth bad von all four.gains, but in the all important contest the minor premiers romped horn* by 10.1S to'8.8: . ?' ?-,?; ?-??_