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1 The lacrosse season came t9 an end on Saturday, whtn North Adelaide won the {premiership from Kast Torrens on the Nor; 'wood Oval. With Edgar Mann out ot the

Tanks of Torrens it was generally, utought lhat North Adelaide would secure a vic tory. The home team, however, put lip a, 'annch better fight than 'was anti cipated. ThinRa _ were really escit Inc fnr the first three ? quarters, and it was anybody's game. The tfirst 2o minutes ended with the tally 1 'all. Halt-time saw North Adelaide in the 3oul 4 goals, to 3, and tl-e relative positions fwore the same at three-quarter time — 5 to A. In the final bout North Adelaide played nil over their opponents, putting in 4 goals to nothing, ami making the final: — North Adelaide, 9 goals. East Torrens, 4 goals. ' ,, The lacrosse witnessed was not of the high order that might have been expected from finch teams. Barely has the ball l-een called up so frequently for breaches of the rules ami out of scrimmages, due to the ex cessive keenness of the players. North ?Adelaide won because of the vast sope iriority of their ? homes over those at the other end. If ever a team had an oppor tunity to run into a snug posdtiou lOast Torrens had it in the first quarter. The Kortbs then were playing like a lot of bc pnners— nearly all on the ball- and surpris ingly disorganized. The Norwood men failed to take advantage of their chance, and later on the North? settled down in earnest. Torrens had quite us much of the play as their opponents; but they were nnoble to penetrate the back lines to any advantage, whereas the ' Norths' homes broke through the defence at the other end of the field time after time-, and caught malkeeper Hodgetts on one of his off days. There is no doubt about it that when East iTon-ens go to pieces they do the job tho roughly. Nothing could have been more onesided than the last quarter, which mada tbem the runnei---up in the premiership for tj*i third time in the la.st live years. The v)/Mijiers' goals were got by A. Ballans (3). JfHtHnaa (2), Moffatt {'1), L. Ballans and Tlughea (1 each). The losers' score was f chared by Gepp (3) and P. Goode (1). A BaUans's goals came at very timely periods, and were particularly valuable on that ac connt. Moffatt was alwof wonderful help to his side. That help cannot he measured in goal figures, but in the fact that he re quired to be constantly watched, ' leaving other forwards very often loose. There was not a weak man on the winning side, ffbe backs were magnificent. Of the Tor rens, E. Smith. Oooden, and Gepp did themselves justice; but the team generally was nothing like the one that put up those ?huge scores in June and July. Mr. .1. Xarner refereed a' difficult game with firm ness.