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Mrs. Gordon Short returned on Satur day morning, after a few days' stay in Melbourne and Ballarat. The Christian Brothers' Students annual

Ball will be held in the Osborne Hall on Thursday, June 17. Mrs. Keith McFarlane and daughter, of Port Lincoln, are visiting relatives in Ade aide. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wood have gone into residence at Ivanhoe, Edwin terrace, Gilberton. Mrs. J. Rose Wood is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wood at Gilberton. Mr. Row Morgan is leaving for England on Wednesday by the Beltana. Mrs. Darnley Naylor will onen an Inter national Fair, to be held by th'e Y.W.C.A. fellowship committee in the Lady Colton Hall, Hindmarsh square, on Tuesday, June C Work, sweets, cakes, flower stalls, .md refreshments. A Bpecial feature of the fete will be an assortment of Japanese 'acquer, ivory, pictures, beads, and cm broidery. Miss D. B. Steadinan, of St. Peters, left by Sunday night's express for Sydney, en route for Fiji, on a visit to her brother, Rev. W. R. Steadman, Suva, Fiji. -Mrs. L. Crichton, Sydney, is the guest of Mrs. Herbert Solomon, of Alexandra avenue, Rose Park.

DATE ALTERED. As the matrons' ball will take place on July 10, it has been arranged to hold the Hunt Club ball in the Adelaide Town Hall on Thursday, August 12. : ROSMAN— GOYDER WEDDING. At All Souls' Church, St. Peters, on Thursday evening, June 10, the wedding was celebrated of Frank Edgar Rosman, Buxton street, North Adelaide, and Gwy neth Isabel, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. U Goyder, of Second avenue, Royston Park. The bride, who ,was given away by her father,' looked charming in a simple frock of ivory embossed georgette with a silver spray of flowers at the shoulder. The train which fell from the shoulders was oi ivory beaded georgette lined with pink. A beautiful veil of Brussels lace, which was lent by Miss Ella Fuller, was held in place by a wreath of orange blossom, and she carried a sheath of pink and white flowers. There were two bridesmaids— Miss Joyce Lillecrapp and Miss May Russell. Both were charmingly dressed in shell pink georgette. The first bridesmaid's frock 'was shirred in the front and heavily beaded round the hem with a beaded motif on the left shoulder. Miss May Russell's frock had a flared skirt with roses at shoulder and waist. Both wore veils of pink tulle held in place with a hand of pink and silver leaves. Their bouquets were composed of autumn coloured flowers. Miss Dianna Abbott made a charming little flower girl. She wore a frock, of pale pink georgette trimmed with bands of flowers, and car lied a basket filled with rose petals, which she threw before Mr, and Mrs. Rosman as they walked up the aisle com ing out of the church. Mr. C. Muirhead was best man, and Mr. L. Phillips grooms man, Canon Murphy officiated. After the ceremony a reception was   held at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Goyder received their guests. The bride's going-away costume was of green marocain trimmed with biscuit crepe de chine; the skirt was accordion pleated. Her hat was of biscuit-coloured velour to tone. Guests included: — Mr. and Mrs. Colin Goyder, Mr. and Mrs. Mas Goyder, Mr, ind Mr$. and Miss Hallett, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.- Fuller, Miss Ella Fuller, Mrs. 'eorge Goyder, the Misses Goyder, Misses Minnie, Alice, and Bertha Rosman, Mrs. 'iebhnrdt, Mr. and Mrs. K. Treloar. Mrs. Tiloyd Lillecrapp, Mr.'ind Mrs. J. H. Fin '.yson, Mr. and 'Mrs. Atkins, Misses May -nd Marjorie Russell. Mr.' and Mrs. Keith r\nox,' Miss. Joyce Lillecrapp, Mrs. Mayo Heid. Misses Evelyn''' Allmitt, Eileen Wheatley, Aileen Allen, Peggy Marshall, fean Gordon, Canon ami Mrs. Murphy; M'r. C. Muirhdad, Mr.- Peter Gebhardt, Mr. Laurie Phillips. Mra. and Miss Wsll 'ian. Mrs. Ailsa Paddon,. Mr. and Mrs. Jummpl'.Miss' Simmons, and Mr. Leader. M1LT0N-CONNELL WEDDING.

The marriage was celebrated on June 2, at St. Augustine's Church, Victor Har bour, of Hayward, eldest sons of Mr.- and Mrs. W. Milton. Mount , Gambier, and Mavis., only daughter ,'o'f Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Corinell, Mount Breekah; Victor Har- bour. .The church was .?beautifully decor rated. As the bride entered, the church with her father the choir sang 'A voice that breathed o'er Eden.' The bride was in a beautiful gown: of blue georgette and silver lace with long scarf, and hat to match; and ; also wore a smart- cloak of moonlight blue velvet, with large collar of silver fox 'fur. The shower bouquet* was of autumn tints with narrow ribbon streamers. The only jewel worn was a diamond brooch, the gift of the bride groom. The bridesmaid. Miss Nancy Mil ton (sister of the bridegroom) waB at tractive in pastel pink georgette, the hem of dress edged with large, flat roses of a deeper tone. She wore a most becoming

lat of black panne velvet with long streamers, and carried a bouquet of sweet peas and carnations. She also wore the bridegroom's gift of a gold wristlet watch. Mr. Jack Norris acted as best- man. Dur ing the signing of the register the 'Wed- ding march' was played. After the ceremony the wedding break fast was held at Mount Breckan. The Rev. T. SI. Boyer presided. The usual toasts were given and responded to. The bride's travelling frock was saxe blue with velour hat to match and skunk furs. The bridal couple left for Sydney, where the honey moon will be spent. AT PAREAKIE. On the evening of June 6, at the residence of Mr. anil Mrs. W. Temby, a social evening was given to tlieir eldest daughter ( Beatrice) in honour of her coming of age. A delicious tea was served in the dining room, followed by musical Hems rendered by Mrs. H. Cabot anil Messrs. Johns and Sanderson. Miss Temby received many presents, and after an enjoyable nrerinp and supper the guests left. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. Trabv, Mr. and Mrs. F. M Forrest, Mr. and Mrs. \V. ThnuwteoM. Mr. 'and Mrs. H. Cabot, Mr. and Mrs. W '.Vatts, Misses Temby (3), Lahne (2), Joyce Watts, and Barbara Cabot, Messrs Temby (2), Rosi (2), N. Catford, J. Johns, Sands', Heiiizcl, Sanderson, McDowell, and Laurie For rest.

NOTES FROM BAHMERA. Miss Burdon, of Kintore avenue. Prospect, is the guest of her sister (Mrs. Clem Till). Mr. and Mrs. T. Christie, for many years resident in this area, left for Adelaide on Tues day, having disposed of their property to Mr. C. L. Tobey. Mr. Fry, of Forest Range, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Noble over the week-end. Mr. Eric Sims is spending a few weeks in the city, and Mr. Neil McKenzic is also on holf day. Mr. S. W. Farmer, .who has been visiting his people at Goodwood, returned to Barmen on Tuesday. AT BEXMARK. The annual ball of tho Rialto Oolf Club was held on Friday evening, June 4, and was a pro nounced success. Over 200 people were pre sent. . The hall was decorated in autumn foli age ,and bags of golf sticks -were hung round the walls. The stage was arranged for bridge and sitting out, and was most tastefully decorated with brass bowls of tawny chrysanthemums and autumn leaves. Seldom have the supper tables looked as pretty ar they did on Friday night, and great credit is due to the ladies- who ar ranged the flowers. Iceland poppies, with gypsophila, ' and red and yellow briar berries and . autumn-tinted rose sprays, made a delight ful colour 'scheme. ' ' The committee, who worked hard, and -were responsible In no email measure for the success of the dance, consisted of the following: — Mes- dames W. It. Woodham,. H. Tolleyi O/Constan tine, H. F. Dunstan, G. D. Harris. H G. Evans, H. LucaB, anii-B., Messrs. B.' H. Williams (secretary), A. C. Cordon (treasurer), W. White. E. N. Seary, W. Kidd, E. Miller, J.. Price, and M. Little. Splendid dance music was supplied by Mrs. F. A. Simon (piano), Mr. F. A. Simon (viclin), and Mr. C. Trenwith (cornet), while the music for tlie two supper extras were kindly played by the Rev. H. C. Thrush. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. K. L Ward. W. S. Padroan. S. C. Kay, J. McKay, 0. H. Browne, Misses Nfctcn. Job, Messrs. F. Klxon, R. Niinn, A. Nairn, Messrs. II. W. Need ham, E. 0. Campbell, J Trout. G. R. Hills, 1. M. Crane. H. Michael, Misses Doolan, Austin, Coventry. Queen, Me=dames Michael, Foster, Dr. Kempc, Mr. C. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Clirkc, Mr. and Mrs. F. Cuthck, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. F. Constantine, Mr. and Mrs. Howie, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt, Mr. and Mrs. Wal ter Co.-.mbe, Dr. 'and Mrs Dunstan, Rev. and Mrs. Thrush, Mr. and Mrs. E. Coombe, Dr. ami Hre. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Du Rieu. Mr. and Mrs. W Ai Robertson. Mr. and Mrs. H. Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Waters, Mr. and Mrs. R. Gooden, Mr. and Mrs Clucas, Mr. and Mrs. O'Lcary, Mr. and Mrs. \V K. Woodham, Mr. and Mrs. H. Kempe (Millejva), Major and Mrs. H. 0. Tolley, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mclntosh, Mr. and Mrs. Rmton, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. A. E Roper, Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds, Mr. and Mr«. K. Tamblyn, Mr. and Mrs. Spurting, Mr. and Mrs. 0 Wcste, Mr. and Mm. Kay (Bern), Mr. and Mrs. Padman (Berri). Mr. and Mrs. Ward (Berri), Mr. and Mrs. Brown (Berri), Mr. and Mrs. Symes (Barmera), Mrs. Biasrgini, Mrs Basey, MiT. Evans, Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Oxley, Mrs. F. Sales, Mr«. Burnley, Mrs. Cunningham. Misses Dimold, M. and-C. Chap man, L. Rahertson, E. Waters, E. .Temple (Ade laide), Allan. A. and G. Ogilvy, E. Little,'. P. Woodham, N. Crozicr,- D. Oliver, Nixon (Bern), Elm'sley, E. Anderson, Malycha, Brooke (Bar mera). Packard (W.A.), f: Levien (Barmera), M. Guinaml (Banners). Fuller. Messrs. H. Bow den, Needham (Loxton),. B. Williams, Thomas, J James, Nottle, S. James, M. and J... Price, David Daw, E. J. Miller, V. .Roger?, Rev. C. C. ChittlcboTough, Mr. Newman, B. Bouc'aut, Dlckson, Colin Anderson. J. Heriot, B. Watson (Loxtoh); Francis, G. Eaton, It. S.. Evans, TV. White, Gray, M. and R. Little, N. MdJongaK, D.. Brooke (Barmera) , Farmer (Barmcra), G, Taylor. ' ['??.?.?'.'.'?'. FRANCIS— HEASLIP WEDDING. ? ?

The marrafre of Kathleen, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.' Heasllp, of Applla-.tq Arthur Becond ton of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Francis, Dulwich, .was celebrated in the Appila Methodist Church, on June 2; Rev. Gilding . performed the ceremony, and Mn. N. Catford presided at the organ. The church was charmingly deco rated by ?members of the. church. ' The bride was frocked In white Georgette, trimmed ,wjt'i crystal beads, and. . pearls hanging from the shoulders down her back. The veil -was worn cap fashion, with orange blossom each ? i-lde of head. She carried a sheaf of white chry santhemum?, with ribbon streamers. There were two bridesmaids, her sister (Grace) and tho bridegroom's cousin (Dorothy Francis). The former wore pale shell pink georgette, trimmed with cream insertion and a black hat, with a touch of blue and pink rosebuds. Miss Francis wore mauve crepe de chine trimmed with flowers made with the same material, and a black hat trimmed with mauve. Both the brides maids carried staffs trimmed -with flowers and

ribbons to match their frocks. The bride groom was supported by Messrs. L. Baker and 3. Heaslip. The bride's travelling costume ,vas a bois de rose coat and skirt, black velvet mt. and a fur choker. The bridal couple left by motor for Adelaide, and from there, to Mount Buffalo by train, -where the honeymoon Jill be spent. AT KINGSCOTE. On Monday, June 7, a fancy dress and mas querade ball was held in the Kingscote Dis trict Hall in aid of funds for the local tennis club. The room was gaily decorated with gold and blue streamers, the club's colours. Music was plaj-cd by Misses M. Carter and Cuick, and Mr. Coady, while Mr. A. Neighbour was M.C. A delicious supper was served on the stage. The judges, Misses MacGregor and Hr. C. Martin, awarded the prizes as follows: — Best-dressed lady, Miss Edna Anderson (Egyp tian Lady); best:dressed gentleman, Mr. J. Oster stock (Spanish Gentleman); moat original, Mrs. 13. Boon (Bridge); best dressed couple, Mr. md Mrs. E. Cowan (Gladeye Pierrot), and Bal loon Girl). Frizes in the children's division were sained by Master K. Pledge (Charlie Chaplin) and Miss D. Pledge (Old Lady). The President Df the Tennis Club (Mr. B. Boon) presented the prizes to the winners, and expressed the gratitude of the club to all who had made the function such a success. Balloon and other novelty dances were enjoyed. Among those present in fancy dress were: — Mr*. W. Neighbour (Question), Mr. W. Neighbour (An swer), Miss B. Boon (Dolly Vardon); Mrs. B. Boon (Bridge); Mrs. R. Cowan (Balloon Girl); Mrs. Carter (Frills and Quills); Miss Anderson (Egyptian lady); Miss N. Florence (Harlequin); Mrs. Ranson (Nurse); Miss J. Michell (Pillar Bos); Miss M. Murton (Footballer); Miss if. Burgess (Pom Pom); Miss D. Pledge (Grand ma); Miss M. Clark (Grandpa); Miss M. Ay liile (Powder Puff); Miss B. Tait (Balloon Girl); MUs J. Burgess (Rising Star); Miss L. Uren (Rosebud); Miss M. Leopold (South Sea Island Maid); Mks G. Pledge (Gipsy); Miss G. Uren (Kangaroo Island Courier);. Miss M. Harry (Fairy ? Queen) ; Miss J. Murton (Paper Boy) ; Miss D. Anderson (Danger Signal) ; Mr. R. Cowan (Gladeye Pierrot); Mr. J. Onterctock (Spanish Gentleman); Mr. L. Marks (School Boy); Mr. J. Leahy (Devil); Mr. Carter (Mo dem Firl); Mr. D. Clark (Petty Officer of Parramada); Mr. C. Jenkins (Rooster); Mr. P. Tait (Clown); Mr. Osbome (Girl), Mr. a Buick (Cricketer) ; Mr. I. Minton (Girl) ; Mr. J. Donaldson ' (Clown) ; Mr. B. Burgess (Absent Minded) ; Mr. K. Pledge (Charlie Chaplin) ; Mr. R. Pledge (Jackie Coogan). Also present were: — Rev. and Mrs. H. N. Crosland, Mrs. L. Marks, Mr. and Mrs. M. Smith, Misses MacGre gor, Mrs. 0. Anderson, Miss Madsen, Mr. B. Boon. Mr. W. Cook, Mr. J. Lade, Mr; and Mrs. Pledge, Mr. and Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. R. Cook, Mr. P. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, and Mrs. Leopold. ? NOTES FROM MORGAN. Mrs. F. H. Escott has returned to Bungunyah Station from a holiday with Mr. and Mrs. C. Oliver, Kensington Park. Mr. and Mrs. L. Rotors have retnrned to Dvlwich after spending the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dunk. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Dean, of North-west Bend Station, motored to Adelaide to bid Lion voyage to Mr. and Mrs. Allan Dean, who sailed tor England on Monday, June 14th. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Dunk have been stay ing in Adelaide. ? . Miss R. Dunk and Mrs. H. Scott motored to Adelaide recently. .Mr. and Mrs. Tlnks; and Miss Kathleen Tlnks have returned to Morgan from a motor. trip io McLaren Vale, to visit Mr. and Mrs.- E..' Martyr, en route for Murray Bridge. '? . AT R0BERTST0WN.. A very successful dance' was held -in the Robertstown Peace Hall, on Monday, June 6, in aid of the local football team. .Mr. Ray Fatchen was at the piano, and arrangements wer in the hands of Mr. 0. Wilson (hon. secre tary). Among those present were Mr. and Mrs'. W. H. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. T. Farley, Mr. and Mis. W. S. Mosey, Mr. and Mrs. G. Mowy, Mr. and Mrs. J. Farley, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Mosey, Mr. and Mrs. Pflton, Mr. and .Mm. J. McConnell, Mr. and Mrs.- j.' Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell, Mesdame3 A. U Mosey, G. Watts Miss E. Watts, and Mr. L; Wa.tte (Black Springs), Misses P.', Roberts, C. Roebuck, H. Arm strong, Eve Corey/ -S.: Heinrlch, ^H. Armstrong, Eve Corey, S.Heinrich; IT. Slater, Rene Broad, D, Broad, M. Mosey, A^; Mosey,:- ft Hucdiger, Yera' Hemmerdlng,' Aim* fieudiger,- Edna; Hue diger, R.,Horamerlirigr '&Cralg,. G. Lelna, H. Leonard, Messrs. KotviR. ? Baker, Savage, C. Wilson, TilbrobfcV .Tluediger;' X 'OBsF,' Gaeren, Herrin, T. Corey, Crimmcns, Bennett, Passfleld, Gordan Mosey,. S. Catlin. J. Lipaklhske, S. Bounds, H. Zeirseb, S. Colby, L. Broad.', . AT KANGAR1LLA. .'?;'' At the conclusion of the ? annual meeting of the . Kangftrilla Xadles' ? Guild,' which : Was held in the temperance hall on Thursday, June 10, a surprise party was arranged by some. of the guild members in honour of the President (Mrs. E. Hart), who has held that office for five years. Mrs. C. Thorpe (secretary), speaking on the members' behalf, congratulated Mrs. Hart on her work, and asked her to accept the small gilt of a fountain pen. Mrs. Hart suitably re sponded. Musical and elocutionary items were given by Mrs. Whelan and Miss Nicolle. A de licious afternoon tea, arranged by Mredames J.

Cock and 0. Thorpe was served: — Among those present were Mrs. Hart (President), G. Thorpe Tsecretaryjj R.' Tester (Treasurer), A: Nlcblle, and J. Cock (Vice-President), E. Holder. G: Shoidow, II. ' J. Osmond, E. Barrett, K. Baker; T.' T. Golder, S 'Pad'dick, J. White, W'. Turner, W.'J. Gojder, F. S. .Thorpe, W. Olpen, Misses I. Nicolle. D. Colder, M. Cock, G. Sheidow. - AT HAMLEY BRIDGE.

On Monday, June V, the Hamley Bridge i Bachelors' Committee held their annual ball in the Druids' Hall. Since the committee held their first ball three years ago, the function has alwayB been a most popular . toe. . The hall, which was ; decorated with orange ani canary streamers, with black cats on the -mils, presented a gay appearance. Sqpper was served under the. supervision of Mesdames G. E. O'Dca, T. Brodie, and M. McDonnell, and Miss A. McAuley. Some very smart frocks 'were worn. Those present included Misses Rita Pretty in, apricot- mousseliDc; M. . -Waterman, wine marocain with' silver trimmings; 'M: Ellis, pink ; crepe de chine : Nancy Keelan, rose-pink satin; Thelma . Tate,' rose-pink ' satin; N. Meaney, gieen -velvet; Molly Ellis, green-shaded georgette; Era Ellis, black velvet; Mrs. V. Brennen, black marocain; Misses M. Hume, flame georgette; L.,- Forrester, icarlet georgette; Sylvia Forrester, flame crepe de chine: Iris Lampshire, blue crepe de chine; Nell McCann, flame velvet; Celia Coombs, pink maro cain; Mavis Lucas pink brocade; Mesdames J. G. Mohr, J. Collins, E. Templer, S. Francis, J. Fox, Plain, J. Warhurst, -E. Lampshire, S. Pretty, M. Finey, A. Chantrill, J. Hart, D. J. Casarette. G. O'Dca, T. Brodie, M. McDonnell, Mr. and Mrs. H. Gillies, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Gillies, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. V. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. B. Oakey, Mr. and Mrs. J. Modystack, Mr. and Mrs. F. Welnert. Mr. and Mrs. A. Williams,' Mr. and ? Mrs.- C. Lockton, Mr. and Mrs.' A. Shepherd, Misses A. Marshall, Dell Hart, L. Ruth, A.. Ruth, O'Dea (2), AJlre Bums, J. Greenshields. Doreen Hill, F. Ryan, Beryl Dudley, H. and N. Hallion, McEllUter (3), K. Snadden, Alice Kaih, Lilas Bosanko, Doreen Bosanko, Ruth Traeger, M. and K. Plain, Meta Warnest, I. and T. Ronan, Beth Finey C. anil F. Rbenfeldt, Nancs Davis, Fyfe (3); Ali-e and lary Schiverd, Stella Lawrie, T. and E. Chan trill, L. and a Francis, A. M. Avley, K. Casa rctto, Grace Farmer, R. Waltke. S. Carter, ]'. Gorgon, -M. McCabe, Molly Fahey, L. Earl, Molly Stunden, Phyllis Wasley, West (3), Sires (S), D. Wyatt, Messrs. 0. McDonald, H. and A. Roenfeldt. R. Ward, H. Wcnze), V. Brennan, Peter Lfcclonie, L. Doyle, Hector Ellis, J. Hart, J. Flavel, V. Roach, H. Bandt, V. Gregory, A. Fyfe, B. Rodda, Gerald Ronan. Roger Wendt. S. Pretty, Gordon Gmbb, Kain (3), Frank Hart, V. Wendt, B. Hockinj, L. Wilkins, George Greenshields, A. Kichu-ls, L. Dudley, Bay Barry, J. Barry, A. Barclay, B. Barclay, R. Kemp. J. Brooks, S. White, J. Tay lor, S. Cararette, W. Lavender, T. Bush, L. Mc Donnell, Jarman (3), S. Bock, Baden Graham. S. Wills, A. Hart,. H. Colyer, L. Jtcknn ? J. and D. Healy, J. Halves, A. Lawton, C. UccionU-, J. Brady, N. Lucas, D. and K. Wilson, A. Twig den, A. Pym, W. Duncan. L. McKenzie, A. and J. Freebalm, L. and J. Day, J. Murphy E. East O. Lindsay, L. West, P. Fahey, A. Lawrie, S. Kruger. J. Pimlott. and' R. Johnfon, M. Lu^as, J. McCabe, and J. Milton. Schwerdt's Jazz Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. W. Schwerdt, played excellent music. Mr. Jl. Weniel and J. Hart were MC'i, and M»*rs L. Wilkin , H»Told; Wenzel, and H. Ellis ,-wcre le committee { responsible .for arrancpA'cnts far the dance , ' '