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Mr. Harry Bickford, a. well-known busi   ness man, a director of A. M. Bickford and Sons, Limited, and formerly a resi dent of North Adelaide, died on Tuesday

morning, at a private hospital, North Adelaide, at the age of 84 years. He had been in failing health for several years. Born at Glen Osmond, on February 24,. 1843, the late Mr. Bickford was a son of the late Mr. William Bickford, chemist, of Devonshire, England, who arrived in South Australia in the ship Platina, in 1838, whither he had been attracted by accounts of the favourable prospects for sheep and cattle raising, and intended to engage in pastoral pursuits. As the out look-did not come up to his expectations, he decided to re-enter his former calling, and opened a business in Hindley street, which he carried on for a few years until the time of his death, the business then being continued by his widow Mrs. Ann



Margaret Bickford. Mr. Harry Bick ford, who had been educated at the late Mr. J. L. Young's school in Adelaide, was sent to England in 1859 to study che- mistry, and was absent for three or four   years. Upon his return he joined his mother in the establishment, and subse quently his brother, the late Mr. William Bickford, also joined, and upon the death of their mother, the two brothers carried it on for some years. In 1877 they re   moved to premises in Currie street, where they opened up as wholesale and manu facturing chemists. The business grew to such proportions that extensions of the premises were twice made. In January, 1903, tho firm of A. M. Bickford and Sons was floated into a limited company, and Mr. Harry Bickford became manag

ing director, and continued in that capa- city until 1906, when he took a trip to England, and relinquished his managerial duties, which were taken up by his nephew, Mr. Harold Bickford. He re tained a seat on the board, however, until the end. He lived at Glenelg, and then at Norwood for some years. With his late brother, William, Mr. Harry Bick ford purchased Burnside Station, County of Hynam, south-east, in 1885, which was held for a number of years. The affairs of the company occupied most of his time, and he did not actively identify him- self with public matters. He was, how ever, keenly interested in certain branches of sport. He followed hunting for many years, and in 1882 was Master of the       Adelaide Hounds. He waa appointed committeeman of the South Australian Jockey Club in 1899, a position which he held for some time. A favourite pastime   was pigeon shooting, in which he used to indulge frequently at the properties of the late Hon. W. B. Rounsevell and the late Mr. William Pile. He was a crack pigeon shot, and won the Melbourne Gun Club trophy in 1889,: also a gold medal in Adelaide, presented by Mr. Pile. He visited England three times. Mr. Bicek ford was twice married, his first wife   haying been a daughter of the late Mr. William Ferguson, of Myrtle Bank, Glen Osmond. She died in 1898. A few years later he married the widow of the late Mr. Alfred Sims, and she died at the end of 1924. There were three children, all of the first marriage. The sons — Messrs. Harry Fairweather, and Harding Bickford have since died. Miss Isabella   M. Bickford lives at Prospect. Mr. Bick ford's other brother. Edward, died many years ago, as did a sister. His only sur viving sister, Mrs H. T. Adams, resides at Kingsbridge, Devonshire. In The Evening Citizen, Glasgow, 01 July 28, there is announced the death, at the residence of her brother, Mr. George X. Beattie, 689 Great Western road, Glas gow, of Miss Margaret Anne Beattie, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Beattie, C.E.. anil architect of Port Ade laide'. Mr. G. N. Beattie is a leading architect in Glsscow. and an authnritv on

cricket matters. He is well known to Australian cricketers who have visited Mother Mary Ursula (34), died early on Tuesday morning at the Convent of Sleriy, Broken Hill, where she was assiatent re. verend mother. She was a ^native of Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Ireland, and a daughter o£ Mr. Thomas Nevin. She had been in Broken Hill . since No vember, 1912, engaged principally in tcach ''3- ' Our Vancouver correspondent announces the death at Battle Creek, Michigan, of Mr. Wayne Bidwell AVheeler, General Counsel and Legislative Superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of America. De cased, who had conducted successful prose cutiona in more than 2,000 saloon cases, was in his fifty-seventh year. Tha death occurred in Adelaide on Saturday of Mr. George S. Smith, a mem ber .of the firm of Cox Brothers & Smith, Limited, general storekeepers, Peter borough. Mr. Smith, who came from' Victoria, had resided in the town for the past' seven years. A widow and two children survive. ,