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Browa Has Grip On

Singles Title

I LONDON. July 4--The young-

est Ata-tra'ian «ver to contest the i final of the men's singles rt Wim

jb!edon, twenty-two-year-old ..Geofi I Brown, has a second to none chance ¡ to continue his meteoric rise by ¡carrying off the coveted Wimble I don crown for his first major title

Brown, if he wins will not be the I youngest world champion however, j for the Americans, Vines, Budge ¡and Biggs all won at wtenty-one.

I The Australian in reaching thc ? finals of the men's singles and 1 doubles and the semi-final of thi mixed-doubles has so far won event

one of forty-one sets played. Hil I brilliant form Mas typified by to j day's serving performance, whei ¡on one occasion during thc doublai

i match he scored three successive

i points, two of which were fron

aces (being second services).


Brown and Petra meet in tb second match on the centre com* tomorrow.

The thirty-two-year-old colonrfu French giant. Yvon Petra, pron ises to test the Australian to th utmost. Six feet four rinches « i temperament and courage Petri who is coached by Cochet, hopes t be thc first Frenchman to take th title since the master, Cochet, wo , in -1929. Despite two years in

German war prison camp, Petr possesses great stamina and fierc courage and never gives np.

j Geoff Brown bas so far-won hi

¡matches from the baseline by au perior speed, length of driving ali {sting in his passing-shóts when bi

.o-jponents have tried to come *

J the net.

I Geoff Brown entered his secon j Wimbledon final when he and Pail

j comfortably defeated" tba Tug« j slavs, Mitic and Pallada m a roi I ourles s centre court match, th I scores being 6-2, 6-4, 6-3.

j Thc Australians' service an ; ground shots were too strong fa

their opponents. Brown's servir and double-handed shot again don inated the match. Pails' placement were as precise as ever.


In the Women's singles «em finals, Betz (USA) beat Bund (USA), G-2, C-3, and Brough di

felted Osborne 8-6, 7-5.

> j In the Men's doubles semi-fina . Kramor.-Tom Brown defeated Se¡ ' ura-Patty, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3.

> I The mixed doubles quarter-fin ' results were: Geoff Brown-Bund I ¿cíeated Butler-Bostock 6-3, 6-: L Hopnian-Osborne defeated- Mot i ram-Hilton, 6-2, 6-2;'Tom Brow (.Brough defeated Patsi-Dace. 6 » I 6-2.

ri In the fifth round of the mi» i doubles, Patty-Miss Beta defeat