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Mjr.-Gen. Hutton has arranged to leave Melbourne for Adelaide on September 27. The Bishop of Christchnrch (Right Rev. Dr. Julius) and Mrs. Julius toU arrive from

Jiew Zealand this morning by the Mel bourne express in order to attend the 'Church Congress. The Bishop of Melanesia (Right Rev. Cecil Wilson) ami Mrs. Wilson will arrive in Adelaide by the Ophir oh Monday. The Bishop is accompanied by the Revs. F. Steward and C. CJ. Browne, new workers for the Melanesian Mission. Mrs. Wilson is a daughter of the Bishop of Christchurch. The Rev. William Richards, who died suddenly at his residence, Malvern, on Thursday afternoon, was well known in many parts of South Australia, where he laboured as a Bible Christian minister for nearly half a century. He was born ai lleorgeham, North Devon, in 1831, and en tered the Bible Christian ministry in Eng land in 1856. He came to South Austra lia about nine years later, and took an ac tive part in extending the operations of the Bible Christian Church in this state. He was first stationed at Port Augusta, and subsequently laboured at Gawler, Kapunda (twice), Middleton, Bowden, Biirra, Bala klava, Willunga. Snowtown, and Mount Torrens. Whilst at the Burra, in 1SS0, Mr. Richards was elected President of the Conference.' He held various offices during the 32 years lie was in active work here, but his most valuable service to the con nexion was probably as general chapel secretary and as treasurer of the preachers' annuitant fund, both of which positions he held for many years, and in adminstering these departments, as well as in the man agement of his various circuits, Mr. Kich ards was conspicuous for the exercise of an exceedingly sound financial policy and cilm judgment; whilst his ready sympathy and never-doubted honeaty of motive and integrity made him beloved and re sected by all who came under his pasto ral care. In the latter branch oE work Mr. Richards owed a large proportion of his success to the devoted and selfsacri ticing work of Mrs. Richards. ]n 1897 the Conference granted Mr. Richards a year's rest on account of failing health, and in the following year his leave was ex tended to enable him to visit his native land. Since his return to South Australia he had frequently occupied the pulpits of various churches, but was unable to re sume active ministerial work. Although he was not an invalid, bis health for the last two years had caused his family great an xiety. He suffered from weakness of the heart, and his medical advisers had warned his friends that it might cause sudden death. This forecast was verified on Thursday. During the afternoon the de ceased was seen in the house with his grandchildren around him, and he then ap peared to be in fairly good health. Ten minutes later his wife went into the din ing room, in a different part of the build ing, and found him lying 'on the floor appa rently unconscious. Efforts were made to revive him, but they proved futile, and the doctor afterwards expressed the opi nion that the seizure which prostrated him caused instantaneous death. Mr. Ri chards married, after he came to South Australia, a daughter of the late Mr. Wil liam Gark Spicer, of Upper Wakefield, a well-known pioneer colonist. Mrs. Richards survives her husband, and the deceased has left a family of two sons— Dr. F. AV. Ri chards, who is the Associate to His Honor the Chief Justice, and Mr. J. B. Richards, and five daughters, one of whom is married to Mr. 0. G. Moore. The Rev. Dr. Hay, of Rockluimpton, Queensland, who has been elected Mode rator of the Presbyterian General Assem bly of Australia, was Irorn at Perth, in Scotland, in 1830. He began his prepara tion for the ministry at the age of 12 years at a classical academy. When 19 he won a foundation bursary tenable for four years at St. Andrew's, and later won scholarships, whidh enabled him to complete, his education .at the University. After spending some time as a teacher he joined the ministry in 1S57, and two years later was inducted to the charge at Leiiholm, Berwickshire. He was transferred from Leitholm to Cupar-Pife in 1866, where he remained until 1870, when, in conse quence of a long and dangerous illness, and, hi accordance with medical advice, he emi grated to Queensland. In that state he had charge of Park Church, at South Brisbane, and of the church at Toowoomba, and in 1875 removed to Rockhampton, where he has since remained. Among his published writings are a series of articles on 'Presby- terianism and the History of the Presby terian Church in Queensland During Fifty Years.' The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by St. Andrew's University in 1884. Though 72 years of age, Dr. Hay is active and energetic. Canon R. Potter, writing concerning the Bishop-elect of Melbourne, points out that Canon Clarke is only 51 years of age, and not 65, as announced recently. The Canon says that letters he has received from Bishop Moorhouse and the Archdeacon of Manchester renders this fact quite clear. On Friday evening at the institute hall, Port Adelaide, a welcome social was ten dered to Mr. Robert Cruickshank, who re cently returned from a trip to Europe. Mr. C. R. Morris occupied the chair. In replying to the toast of his health Mr. Ciuackshank gave an interesting account of his trip. ? ? A number of gentlemen interested in shipping circles entertained Mr. E. J. Lamb, the Sydney manager of Houlder Brothers, Limited, and well known at Port 'Adelaide, at dinner at the Wentworth Ho tel last week, on the occasion of his de parture for England. Mr. R. J. Black. M.L.C., occupied the chair, and Mr. E. Owen Cox the vice-chair. Representatives of ?many Sydney shipping firms were .present, and the proceedings were characterized by ??much cordiality and the high esteem in which Mr. Lamb is held. Ai the annual meeting of the Field Na tnralists' Section of the Royal Society held this week. Dr. Angas Johnson was elected Chairman for the ensuing yeai. Dr. Johnson was a member of the society prior to his departure for Europe some year.= ago. and takes much interest in the outdoor study of nature. Mr. Thomas Reiby Atkinson, for the past five years Usher of the Black Rod in the Tasmnuian Legislative Assembly, was seized with an apoplectic fit on Monday night,- and died shortly afterwards. 'Notable Australian Women' is the title of an illustrated article by Mrs. Hirst   alexander, in the August number of ' The Ladies' Realm. The women mentioned are Madame Melba, Miss Ada . Crossley, Miss Muriel   Griffiths, Miss Beatrice Griffiths, Miss Bessie Griffiths, Miss Maggie Stirling, Mrs.   Campbell Praed, Mrs. Mannington Caffyn, Miss Ada Kidgell, Mrs. Creed (Louise Mack), Mrs. Lindsay Miller (Mary Gaunt), Miss Sophie Osmond, Miss Agnes .Murphy, Mrs. M. HI. Donahoe (Madge Tilley), Miss Susie Darchy, Miss Theodora Cowan, and Miss Ellis Rowan.