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The Epsom club will hold a meeting to-day, and Svdney racegoers will be catered for by the Warwick Farm club.

I The programmes of the Clare races, stake:

£260; Burra, £.147; Martindale, £345; and North Eas'em (Peterborough), £.1(50, appear in the ad- vertising columns of "The Advertiser" to-day, Gordon's Agency, Adelaide, and the respective

| »CTctaries will take nominations and supply ful

particu'ars. The usual special, trains and genera arrangement«, will be advertised in due course.

C. C. Bott'-; VV'ortnpa ran third to Blushing Honors and Pendule in the Mornington Handicap i si\ furlongs, on Wednesday. The- race waa wot

by half a head, with Wortupa three parts of.« length off. -

' Nom'nations'for the A.R.C. Foundation meeting

fall due on Tuesday next. '

¡ Captain Lang, who as reported by oblegran

broke all records by flying to a height of 30,0« ft., i. the eldest son of Dr. TV. H. Lang, thi v.B.C. handi'c-_ppc'r.'

«o far the new o.vner of Biplane has not beer able to secure shipping accommodation for him to Sydney, and at last advices the horse was still in New Zealand.

It turns out that Mr. W. P. Horan, the formel owner of Lingle, had the option of buying Urcs at £1,000. He only waived his claim just before Greg went up for sale. In the ring Greg madi

l,(i?i guineas.

The winners at the Mornington meeting on Wed nesday were;-Novice Handicap, Bcoüff (15 to 1); Mornington Handicap, Blushing Honors (5 to 2); Trial Handicap, Tidla Camagh (Ô to 4 on); Pre- sident's Plate, Sark (6 to 4).

Dick Meaglier has again been placed in work al Warwick Farm under J. Gough.

It wai stati-d tliat Shaded Light had run three tlmr-s jin rrortand as a two year-old succès- ully. It should have read unsuccessfully, for" the Eng- lish horse w.s unplaced in each race.

Finding tliat his health does not improve I. FouUham. the Randwick trainer intends to take a. holiday. The horses he tra!ned for Mr. L. K. a Mackinnon will be got ready 'to race in Mel- bourne. Battlevvrack, Bandurria, and Lady Kura naud have been transferred to G. Foulsham'a stable at Flemington.

.The Perth-owned _udais ran half a mile on the sand at Flemington in 53Î sec. on Thursday morning.. Magpie lent a mile on the sand In 1.551; and Shadowland, after pacing on the tan, ran three in 42.,

On the sand at Caulfield on Thursday morning Aslivicw went a.mile jn 1.16, the opening three furlong- in 138,-the half-mile in Uli,' ami the six furlongs 1.1S. OrdeUa," «Ithout shoes, beat ?Ljsander four lengths over five furlongs in 1^2.

on the sand. \

. The secretary of the Xew Zealand meine confer- ence bus comp'led n table showing what the ra-lng clubs of the Dominion did in war g-hacripblons for the four complete years from Aitrust, 1014, to July, 191S. The figures are o.«toni«hiiig:-Donaird I to various iparriotlc and war funds, £55,077 3'1; 1 subscribed to war loans, £57,770; pa'd In taxation

to the Government, £63á,0?l 12/; total, £7S1,531


A romani« of the turf and stud was unfold"d a few wee-It- -back, when the hors's In the rata a of the late Mr. Peter Murphy were sold in Ira land. Vlr. Murphy founded his stud w'th a mare named Stella, for which he gare 42 guineas, and the sales and the winning of that mare's d seen dantu returned ¡lim £25,000. Amd at His sale, aiter his tleith, 21 dei2endl::U of Stella -.vere sold, und iomè hi;h price, 'were cf.'ained.

It wa» the New Zealand trainer, Murray dob"-, 1 who purchased, Biplane for Mr. T. A. Srirton -f Sydney. A veterinary nrgeon who ins'ic-ted Biplane for Hob!» passed him as ao-nd. 1! obi received instructions to place Ihe howe in wo k, as nothing definite could be ascertained as to when space enid be found for him on a boat, and the owner did not with to lose many weelu' pre,an tion. ,« . . ?

The Lokc Albert 'racis will be run-at Meniwio on' J-anuarv 10. .. Acceptances appeared in "The Advertiser" on January 9. A special steamer will leave Milang in the morning. The secretary report« that the roads from Adelaide aro -in good


After Mr. T. if, Daskeln, of Morden «tatton, in the Barrier Ranges district, had bought Probation through Messrs. II. Chisholm 4: Co., of Sydney, Ur. W. E. Bidwell, of Rototawal, who sold the mare, -mote to htm, telling' him that lie had secured a good one for racing, to say nothicc; of her breeding for stud work. Probation had never bten lame, nor- had there ever been any- thing the matter with her. She should have won some of the chief races in New Zealand, as no horte on the Wellington tracks could get near her, and'she defeated ta "Xefv Zealand Cup winner art »even- furlongs in hi« final gallop! She has been an unlucky 'mare, and he advised Mr. Dattkoin, if he happened to be a betting man, to be careful about her trials, m she seemed to go better in a trial than in a nee. Mr. Bidwell thinks that .his'trainer was too lenient with -'he mare and allowed her to get too fat inside, a». the last race she ran at Wellington she was going easily in front, but just failed art the finish. Mr. Bidwell thought Probation went i better under welter weights, simply because no I «mall boy could manage her. VV hilst he thought ' the mare could get any distance if fit, he re-

garded »even furlongs as her beni course. He _ wound up his letter by stating that Probtaion is a good constitutional mare, and honest when well off for condition.

A. Melbourne »Tiler states that a Mentone trainer is credited with having won £6.500 .tvlthin the past two weeks. That sum would have been augmented lud 'iVcd^e -run first in place of third in the Standish Handicap. "

At Newmarket, England, jui>t before the Carl field Cup, a backer went up to Harry Clare and asked him ¡f he betted starting price- on his races in Australia. " Vnywh.rel" waa the reply, "and against twins if you like." The backer dis- claimed any (lca'rc to' invest on the latter con- tingency--n hielt, by the way, used -io be a favorite wager to lay at Lloyd's, and (says the "Loudon "Sportsman") still .has some vogue. 'A hat the backer did want was "a fiver" on King Offa for the Caulfield Cup, and he was promptly acronrmodated by the obliging layer. The result of the Caulfield Cup' was cabled -io England.

At the Newmarket sales Jack Point, a brown colt, 3 years, half-brother by Swynford to Magpie, was -sold to the trainer. II. ,Leader, at 3,000 guineas. Probably the latter waa acting for young Lord 'rt'IKon. * One -writer thought full value was obtained for the colt, who was a stable companion of The Panther.

Sir A. Bkek sent The Panther into the ..ring.

He was counted the best two-year-old in England I last season, and cost that gentleman 3,000 guineas a« a yearling. ,Tlie ringside was packed when The Panther went in, and Mr. Somerville Tatter- sall, before announcing the reserve, dwelt upon the value of the colt's pedigree, and remarked tliat while good horses are usually sold at or towards the end of their racing careers, here was one on offer almost at the beginning of his. Mr. Tattersall went on lo tay:-Vlf the reserve which I am about to announce is not offered, the colt will at once leave the ring, and nobody will be able to buy him afterward« for the amount." Having, in a vein of humor few who do not know him well suspect him to possess, thus kept the eo-ipiny in suspense, the auctioneer solemnly said, "The reseñe Is 40,000 guineas." The laughter which greeted this statement can well be imagined. Of course there was no bid, but Mr. Tattersall had not quite finished, for he drily remarked irurt the laugh might be the other way in a year or two.


EPSOM. At 2.30.

(Melbourne time.)

ïlandicap Hurdle Race, two miles.-Le Mattan, II st. II !b.; Bitter Ale. 11.4; Wortupa. 10.5; Common King, 10.5: Bonegilla, 10.0; Litmus,

9.1»; Bunroy, 9.12; Explorer, 9.10; S-Hent, 9.7; , Amyntas, 0.6; Post Impression, 9.5; Hasendene, ' 9.5; Avlona, 9.3; Evict-, 9.0.

At 3.

Open Handicap, six furlong«.-Wedge. 10 «t. 13 lb.; St. Mira. S.7; Sister Sattclhtc, 8.5; Hay. lass, 8.1; Ordclla, S.0; Vntenor. 7.13: Lingerie, 7.1J; Cha!, 7.10; TongUh, 7.9; Afflatus, 7.7; Queen Battery, 7.6; Mollie MaK. 7.6; Guerino, 7.4; Firat Oak«, 7.4; After Glow. 7.2; Palos, 7.0; Antonbridge, 6.12; Carafon, 6.12; Kilfoyle, 6.11; Bessie May, 6.10; Vamp, 6.9; Lord C-rrcndish, 6 9; Problema. 6.8; Stratus, 6.7; Battleplane, 6.7; Merrimba,1 6.7;' Sun Cloud, ^6.7. " ' '


At 3.30.

Brush Steeplechase, two miles 15 chain».-King. horn, 12 st.; Common King, 11.10; Wortupa, 11.7; Rayon D'Or, 11.0; Sv'.van Lass, 10.7; Jan Jen«, 9.10; Goodland, 8.0; Harmbert, 9.6; Aurelle, 0.5; Kidman, 9.3; My Donald, 0.3; Wargamurra, 9-3; Tirrupman, 9.2; Kalnla, 0.2; Strangway, 9.S; Johnnie Collins, 9.0; Narbethong, 9.0.

At 4.

.Two-year-old Handicap, ave furlongs.-Well Off, 9 St.; Warianna, 8.9; .Tedida ,8.8; Bine Jean«, 8.S; Royal Comcdr, 8.7; Black Gull. 8.0; Ayrland, 8.5; Scottish Knight, 9.6; Autumn Gold, 8.6: Easy Street, 8.3; Swibex, 8.3; Dainas, 8.1; Ceridwen. 7.12; Meut Blanc, 7.10; Monacie, 7.7; Scotch Bit,

7.3. i

At 4.30.

Epsom Handicap, one mile and three furlong». Star Comedian, «J st. 13 lb.: Harington, 8.10; Ashvieiv, 7.12; narlborn, ' 7.0; Distant 8tar, 7.5; Barcelona, 7.3; Tra George, 7.2; Pienau, 7.0; Nibbaul, 0.12; Pendule, 6.10; Lady Nardisa, 6.10; Parkdale, C.S; Orions, 6.8; MeKiínmie, 4.7;

Thesaura, 6.7. .

At 6.

Welter Handicap, one mile.-Dueler, 9 st. 12 lb.j Murrumbeena, 9.9; DuntUim. 0.6; St. Pierre, 9.1;

Ordella, [>.->; Bellalie, 9.0; Vaquero,. 8.11; Barcelona, 8.10; Tia George, 8.9; Lysander, 8.9; Pienan, S.7; Guerino, S.5; Poche«, 8.2; Roll of Honor, S.2; King's Physician, 8.1; Wallnong. 8.0; Muccra, 8.0; Waymea, 8.0; Jaran Queen, 7.13: Kilfllnn, 7.12; Pendule, 7.1S; Lady Key, 7.12; Lady Xara'ssa, 7.11; Lord Cavendish, 7.10; Wallachfa, 7.10; HoIIydean, 7.9; Parkdale, 7.9; Speedy Gleam, 7.9; Jacula, 7.S; Biron, 7.3; Adagio, 7.7; Snug. 7.7; Waxand, 7.7; Lord Tom, 7.7; Sark, 7.7; Queen High, 7.7; Fayette, 7.7.


Liverpool Mile.-Kcniler«, 9 st.; Sheila "Pit, 6.10; The Bounce, S.4; Linfaim, 7.12: Lord Ru-

dolph, 7.12; Merv. Trent, 7.9; Grab Apple, 7.7; ' Lady Bayard, 7.7; Lothian, 7.7; Peat, 7.7; Club*. 7.0; Kaipsi, 7.0; Diptjch, 0.10; Almorist, 6.7; Moutrtwood, 6.7; Sir Douglas, 6.7. i

Warwick Handicap, one mile and a quarter afci 100 jards.-Kcnilera, 9 st.; Two Blues, 8.4; Bur raboin, 7.9; Lambourne, 7.5; King Anhur, 7.4; Kewpi.e 7.0; Sea Cap, 7.0; Sporran, 0.10; AV morist, 6.30.

RIM lARnC or Snooker Play at 40, Way» DIUUIMnUO mouUi-atreet Seren Tabla»,

' - HtSaUr»


Run January 27.

riiinjlfup Hurdles, two miles.-Crace Watson, 19 st. 7 lb.; I'addilli, 10.0; Luilabor, 0.11; Chlld «¡'*, 9.10; Tot Melba, 9.9; ,3Iinthcad, 9.3; Hop factor, 9.3: Dextra.', 9.0; Tile Conning Tower, 9.0.

llvirç Handicap, six lurlenes.-Queînbrook, V et. 5 Ib.; Jtazar.s, S.5; Merty Made, 8.3; Jame* terian, 7.9; St Uvprlan, 7.3; Tot Melba, 7.7; Flag« fall, 7.1; French Leaf, 7.0.

Frome Handicap, nine furlongs.-Laroon, 0 st 6 1!).; Lord Nungar, 8.3; ilayalic, 8.0; WniraUe» 7.8; Cheer Up. 7.7; AVinapie, 7.0; St. Cyprian,

7.4; Snowtown, 7.0; The Conning Toiler, ~7.0p Uobfactor, 7.0.

Farmers' Purse (Handicap), (He furlong«. Qvnenbrook. 9 «.t. 7 lb.; Mazares, 8. 8; Merty Mae, 8.5; Winaplc, 7.12; Jamestown, 7.31; Gayara, 7.7; Tierawarra, 7.5; Lulaüar, 7.2; Tinwy, 7.0; French 1/eai, 7.0,

Mount ilciharkflible Handicap, one mile.-Laroon, 9 st. 8 lb.; Lord Nanaar. 8.5; Rayahs, 8.2; Walrakie. 7.10; Pinbali.e, 7.10; Clue- Up, 7.9; Jamestown, 7.9; Wimple, 7.9; Grace Watson, 7.s>; Tot Mcltia, 7.7; St. Cyprian» 7.7; Liura's Prtdá, 7.5; Snowtown, 7.2; French L-af, 7.0; The Cun- ning Tower, 7.0; Mintbcud, 7.0; Hopfacior. 7.0.

Wm. Gordon, llandieipper. j INTER.STATE SPORTING.

' Mtloourne, January 10.

Scrntchings Epsom race» to-morrow:-All cr» gagoment*-Lady, Pienan, llollidcan,

Siar Camedum. Two-Year-Old Handicap-»Var- . riana. Open Hand.cap-iiilio..l.>. Wetter Handi- cap-Dueler, Lady Key. Brush ¿Jteepkchaat Tirrupman, Strangway.


Jabuk, Peake.-The nutter would, be one foi 'he stewards .to settle. They bare charge of the mettini, and are given av.d.- powers. It U nof customary lo measure ponier before and after a race, but if the stewards deemed sueh a cou sa necessary, they lwve the roaer to order that t¡>, be done. ' ')

Owner and Trainer, Thrington.-The proper course ter you to follow is to write to iir. If. .1. Ilnffnn, chairman of stipendiary stewards, at the office of the S.A.J.C., Currie-strcct. Adeíaid«. Tilly did lou not, in the first place, report tilt incident to the stewards of the meeting?


1 At the City Baths nett month there w.H be ft

«cries 'if swimming championships. The pro çramme l«iued by Mr. Charles Bastard includes special races for Anucs, also soldiers «ho b va Just a limb in the servfce of their country. Many ii irood athlete who lia» the bad luck to lose a Jinra still retains pood swimnriiiir; powers and Mr. Bastard will preside thefw men with good an>! useful sport. The Viceroy Tea Clurnpionship of 1,'JOO yards, value £33, will attract the bess local and inter-State swimmers.


A largely attended meeting of the Semaphore Snorts Committee aves held on MorxUy evening, when arrangements were made for the Foundation Daj holiday programme. Uqaatic, shore, and chil- dren's sports committees »ere appointed, with Mr. E. J, Ellis as lion, secretary. E-.crythiny points to a successful day. The aquatic events incliided kclcli and yacht races, natal races, an exhibition of deep sea divin* by Diver Salt. -There aviij be a Sheffield handicap and other shore even ta.



A maetia;'of the board was held ot the (ona hall, Nor.vood, on Thurnby. Present-Mvssrs. Malwr (cliairnun) Gannoni, SImrock, Cosgrove, and Siruth. The olfccer of health reported for the month the notification of 21 cases of iofect oin d'seases, ate., 8 pulmonary tuberculosis, ti dip.i thcria, 4 whooping cough, 2 «.arlatirw, 1 erysi pelxs. '? Two cases of diphtheria and two al rear« latina hod *necn sent to hospita] Sot treatment. One swab bud been taken, eight houles d-s'n feetcd, and 51 visits paid hy the trained miri« to infectious cases. Tiie schcol of Mothers' nurse reported that tile <ittendan:es at the weigh iiiir depots lind been:-Norwood, 127; ramf.vcód, 33; Payneham. 20; Magill, 15; a total of 19», of of whom eight were new bailies Twenty-two nea." babies bud been visited, and 105 mbsxpient vis'ta paid, intkim: a total rf 127 vUits. One baby had been sent to the Babies' 5Io<ipital, and fir«

babies referred to doctor-.