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DRIVER RESCUES FLOOD VICTIM GERALDTON, Thurs.-A plucky driver had to "crank" an ambulance through floodwaters yesterday morning to rescue an 85-year-old bed ridden woman near Walkaway.

The driver was Mr. M. Gee, of Geraldton, and the woman, Mrs. L. Jones. On his return to Geraldton, Mr. Gee said that water over the level of the doors caused the vehicle to stall. By cranking the ambulance through the water he was able to get the woman safely to Geraldton. Describing the floodings, Mr. Gee said that he had noticed a 1,000-gallon tank floating in a paddock. Fifteen miles of fencing, he estimated, had been carried away near Walkaway. The floodwaters, he was told, had already spread 100yds. past a post in the ground which marked the extent of the rise of the floodwaters in 1883. Surrounded It was reported from Walka way this afternoon that the townsite was completely sur rounded by water which had cut off road communication. A wall of water about 8ft. high had rushed down the river bed last night and within two hours the water level had risen 20ft. to completely cover the bridge east of the town. An east Yuna resident said yesterday morning that the Greenough River was twice as deep and wide as it had been on the previous night. It was about 200yds. wide and from 15ft. to 2oft. deep.

Big trees were being swirled downstream at a speed of about 10 m.p.h. It was the biggest flood that he had seen there in 30 years. A passenger train from Perth to Geraldton was halted at the Greenough River railway bridge by floodwaters. Passengers had to walk across the structure and were taken to Walkaway. Two motor trucks were sent to bring the passengers along back roads to Geraldton.