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Nominations to fill the vacancies in the diffe-   rent municapalities of the State closed at noon on Saturday, with the exception of those council which had previously taken the nominations. There was no contest for the position of Mayor in Ade- laide, and Mr. C. R. J. Glover was declared elected, but Mr. Isaacs will remain in office un-

til the end of the municipal year. The elections

will take place next Saturday.


(Rcturning-OUice.-, Alderman G. H. Prosser.)


Charles Richmond J aim Glover, of Stauley fctrn-t, North A.ieUiide, secretary, Grand Lodge oí Freemasons (elected).

FOR ALDEILUAN (2 required).

Lewis Cohen, of Grand Central Hotel, bank«; Lilwinl John Craigie, of S, l.rant-ai ernie, JÍOÍC F-irk. s=TPt.iry; "Isaac lsj.its, of Ch'.ldera-stree:, North Adelaide, land and estate agent. '


Hindmarsh \\ard.-Edward Angas Johnson, of 295, Pirie-street, Adelaide, medical practitioner


Gawler Ward.-Walter '.V. Forwood, of Espla- nade, Henley Beach, engineer; Arth-w -McArthur, ot a», Fr.inklin-strect, Adelaide, nuimrfacturer.

Grey Ward.-Francis Walter Lundie, of U, Frederick-street, Unley, laborer (elected).

loun"' Wiri.-.lame;; Anderson, of Si, Gouger sireel, Adelaide, dairyman; Annie ilornalrook, of 2i, Wrighi-ttrcet, Adelaide, sueiul worker; Frede- rick James Snarshott, of so, HaUfax-strect, Ade- laide, plduterer. . '

Robe Ward.-John Stace Rees, of Glenelg, in- surance underwriter And agent; Amy Louisa Tomkinson, of King William-street, Ade- laide, spinster.

Macdonnell Ward.-Ceorge McEwin, of 51, Mel- bourne-street, North Adelaide, solicitor.

For Auditor.-George William Bayly, of South Henley Beach, accountant; James Alexander Bcmth, of 123, South-terrace, Adelaide, secretary.

PORT ADELAIDE. ! For Mayor-Itxhnri Hettle Smith, Collegc 8tre3t, Portland, painter; Ënrat James Ellis, gro- cer. Semaphore.

For Aldermen (two wanted)-lohn Thomas Ma- son, Xila-str.'et, Port Adelaiw, laborer; John Henry Dow&ott, Webber-street, Queenstown, car- ter; Jona Sweeney, l"letclier-road, Birkenhead,

mill manager; Charles AlfrcJ llunw, watch- j maker and>jcwellc-r, Newcastle-street, Yatala.

For Councillors.-North ward (one wanted) Walter Edmund Chaulk Baudinet, Victoria-road, Birkenhead, works' ménager; Willie Alexander Thomas Workman. Close-street, SanJwell, mana- ger. Smith ward (one wauted)-John G.lberc Gr.->h, New-sweet, Queenstown, carrier; Sidney Kilman, King-street, Alberton, traveller. East ward (one wanted)-Joel Moses Gab'j, Russell st.cet, Yu tala, greengrocer; flu ries Wilh.m Hutchins. Canning-streiit, Yatala, storekeeper: Henry Slade. Port Adelaide, contractor. We^t ward (one naniçJ)-Gilbert John Beanley, Mevl Siroct. iJrgj B¿y, engineer; leonard Stead Boord,

Wills street, Largs Riy, carpenter; Frederick j Junie; Olc'and. Hannay-strect, Largs B.iy, murra- in r; Wi'liam Plajfafr, Glanville, out or business; Frederick Furner Waru, Ileath-street, Birkenhead, commerçai traiellcr. Wes: ward (estriarunary vi_-inc\)-Arthur Thomas Comas, Fourth-avenue, Mellor Pork, téléphone linesman; William (baríes Beaumont, Alesandcr-ptrect, Largs, clerk. Centre ward (o.-ie wanted)-Arthur Makin, High Ptrcet, Alberton, secretary; Ralph Wright, Alber-

ton, coariibuilicr.

For Auditor-Frederick Martin King, Lipson strect, Port Adelaide, accountant; Albert Ernest Piiilniy, Clare-street, Largs, auctioneer; .fulitis Ait-tor JuJell. Croidon Park, accountant; Edward William Russell. Cheltenham, accountant.


(lietumins-Officer, Alderman Phillips.)

For Mayor.-Edgar Henry Linibert, soliciter, Kent Town (elected).

For Al-icrmen (two wanted).-John Hooper, baker ond grocer, Norwood; Janies II. -Mattingley, builder, Norwood (both elected).

Tor Councillor (one wanted).-East Norwood ward-Tiiorrns A. Buttery, cabinetmaker. Parade (elected). West Norwood»-James J. Ftohertv, clerk, Norwood (elected). Kensington-P. Gañ iijni, undertaker. Norwood; John Cornish, ac- countant. Kensington. Kent Town-Thomas B Atkins, cnachpainter. Kent Town (elected).

For Auditor-G. H. G. Searcy, accountant. Rose Park (elected). ""


Returning-officcr.-Alderman R. Lowen.

For Mayor.-Reginald V. Wilson, licensed valua- tor. College Town (elected).

. For Aldermen (two wanted).-Hector George Bradley, draper, Maylands; John Snell, out of business. East Adelaide (both elected).

For Councillors; (one wanted each, ward). Hackney ward-John Anthony Sando, auctioneer. East Adelaide? Thomas W. E. Hall, grocer, Hack- ney. East Adelaide-Albert Thomas Sutton, v.arrhouscman, Ea«t Adelaide (elected). Maylands -John Ford, jun., bootmaker, Evandale, and, Sydney William John Percy, Maylands. Stepney Tolm P. Crowley, produce merchant, Stepney (elected). For Auditor.-H. R. Guerin, accoun- tant, East Adelaide (elected). >


For Mayor.-William Norman Parsons (elected). For Two Aldermen (two wanted).-William Dring, William John Hill, and William Harold, Langham. ' "j

For Councillors (one wanted each ward). Unley ward - Herbert Clarence Richards,' (elected). Parkside ward-Francis Walter Lundie,' fïeorge McLeoy, and Benjamin John Sellick. Ful- larton ward-Charles Williams (elected). Good- wood word-Ethelbert Bandai, and Frank WTUiani' Hunt. Goodwood South ward-James Thomas

Hibbs ^nd Francis "McCabe. . . - <

For Auditor.-Athelston George Prince (elected).


Far Mavur.-Alfred ¡cwpa BiodrwcH. Falcon avenue, Mile-End, union secretary: Arthur William On.OM. Carltnn-pirude, Torrensville, commercial traveller.

For Aldermen (i*-o required).-Thompson Green, Toylor's-roud. Torrensville, bo'dennakex; Ltianes Stephen MelïBgh, Fisher-terrace, MiTt Knd, agent; Albert Henry nicholas, Lurline-street, Mile-End, draper: Thomas Robert Richards, Kin- tore-? treet, Mile-End, sewers inspector.

For Councillor. - Strangways ward (one required each ward) - Alfred Ernest Cleveland, Cawthorne street, Southwark, printer; Harold Sidney Brom-   ley Hill, Phillip-street, Southwark, storekeeper. Musgrave ward - Albert Enoch Flight, Devon-street, Mile-End, carriage builder; Edwin Thomas Isley, Henley Beach-road, Mile-End, builder. Jervois ward - Walter H. Donaldson James, Huntress- street, Torrensville, traveller; Norman John Mck.n, Ashley-street, Torrensville, patternmaker. Torrens ward - William James George, Fisher-ter- race. Mile-End, fruiterer; James Leonard Leal, Henley Beach-road, Mile-End, printer und sta-


For Auditor (one only required).-Arthur Wil- liam Miller Lemon, TaylarVroad, Torrensville, ac countSTit; Joseph Mason, Light-«temcc, Thebarton, jeweller.


Returning-officer.-Mr. A. H. anders.

For Mayor.-Joseph Hadfield Grundy, importer (re-elected).

For Councillors.-North ward-Horace G. Young, gentleman (re-elected). Cental w ir*-Josc-nh Larner, overseer; James Henley Harry Peak, ac- countant and business manager, tiouui ward-ed- ward George Gregory butcher; Frank Bernard Frisby, electrical engineer.

For Auditor.-Arthur Robert Chinner, store- keeper (re-elected).


For Mayor.-E. W. Crewes (re-elected).

For Councillors.-North word-M. Radford (re elected). West ward-G. E. Dan (re-elected). Last ward-E. J. Harris and J. E. Greenwood.


For Mayor.-George John Harmer.

For Councillor?.-North-west ward->Tolius Vic torsen. South-west ward-William James Kelly. ward-Alfred John Bowley.

For Auditor-James Albert Bennige. (AU I elected.) " I


For Mjyor.-Herman L. Marsh (elected).

For Councillors-Bart ward-No nomination. North ward-Tilomas Stanley (re-elected). South ward-James Busbridge, jun. (re-elected).

For Auditor.-A. Milne.


For Mayor-Paul Roach (elected).

For Councillors.-Stirling ward-Joseph George Gale, Arthur Walter Ayles. Taylor ward-Enock Auburn Hodges, James Henry Thomas,.Hughes   ward-Arthur James Page (elected). Elder ward .- William James Harwood (elected). East ward -Samuel Roberts (elected). South ward-Sid- ney Edyvean, Arthur Jonathan Sexton, Charles Whitbread.

For Auditor-William Lakeland Pianell (elected).


For Mavor.-Alexander Bruce Forgan, manager; John Christopher Fitzgerald, laborer.

For Councillors.-North ward-^Matthew Edward Goode, medical practitioner; William John Thompson, barman. South ward-Montague ¡Lewes Warrell, accountant; Francis Mitchell, laborer. Solomontown wanl-James Sim Geddes, timber merchant; Patrick Edward Lynch, carpen- ter; John iVilli-um liobinson, ironworker. West ward-Thomas Robert Taylor, newsagent; Andrew William Lacey, organiser V.W.U.

Kor Auditor.-Alfred Andrews Pearce, auc- tioneer; Samuel Joh« Davis, laborer.


For Mavor.-S. W. Dickson, S. D. Jones.

For Councillors.-West ward-J. H. Hcirms. A. Tamiesou. East ward-J. W. Bowering (elected). South ward-A. Lode, F. Pritchard- Yongala, ward-C W. Dodd (elected).

For Auditor.-A. Kitson.