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London Hair

Generous Offer.

Test This Splendid Hair-Growing

Preparation FREE.

A Liberal Offer to Every Reader.

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Mrs. D. Powles and her Daughter (from a photo). ^i"~

Katoomba, August 2Sth, 1015" ,

Mr John Craven Burleigh, 321, Pitt street, Sjdncy r*4)i ,

Dear Sir-I am sur> you will be interested to know that your True Hair Grower has given,. X\% I entire satisfaction Not only has it stopped my hair from falling out, -but it hag entirely cleat» t | the head frcm Dandruff, and lias unmoved the- growth and thickness of the bair I also use * your prepa-at on, with excellent resists, jn the case of my daughter, and to let vou see to what

ertent ?ict hai- has improved, I am enclosing' piotograph of mvself and daughter, which I r hav< s * just had taken. You are at libertv to ik» this in any way you think fit. Thanking -von.-I an? * ""*

yours very truly, D. FOWLES. |"V^

10,000 SAMPLES GIVEN AWAY. ^n Hair troubles, like manv c ther diseases, have been wrongly diagnosed and olft?^

gether misunderstood The hair it°elf is not the thing to be treated, for the reasons,

that it fe simply a product of the scalp, and wüiollv dependent upon its action r&fo^* scalp is the very soil in which the hair is produced, nurtured, and grown, and iff * alone should receive the attention if resul s are to be expected It would do no n earthly good to treat the stem of a plant with a new of making it grow and beconfer*

more beautiful-the soil m which, the plant grows must be attended to Therefore, *¥ the s^alp, m which -the hair grows, must receive the attention if you are to expect

it to grow and become more beautiful ?*' e

Loss of nair is caused by the scalp drying up, or losing its supply of moisture \ or nutriment "Wien baldness occurs the scalo has simply 'lost all its aottrîstaiént^ leaving nothing for the hair to feed upon (a plant, or even a tree, would die Tindee-, similar conditions) ' ( - " h

The natural thing to do in either case is to feed and replenish the soil or a scalp, as the case may be, and your crop will grow and ¡multiply as Nature "in-

tended it should __ , »iiv'"-,

My True Hair Grower has a most wonderful effect upon the hair glahd»~aiid tissues of the scalp It is the only remedy for the hair ever discovered that ¿a similar to the natural foods or liquids» of the scalp *"

It penetrates the pores quickly, and the hair soon shows the effects of its

wonderful exhilarating and life producing qualities £i



* » r^r


john oraven-bubleigh;


I an not an advertising qua A, but am a trcsinejs man My hair oegan to grow tola th» tone T reached the age of thirti When I had reached the agc of thutvflve the top ot

mv head -wa» quite bald 1 had considerable pride, and sought for something to cause renewed " growth I invested In everv preparation that I could see or hea- -of, and hera Vt tne sav that ^ not on'y dia I try all the I-nglish so-calleJ restorers, but tho<=e of Cont-nenta. -Europe^ Ï also l visited spewalxats My cxp-rjm»nting erst me irunv sovere gns and considerable time-%et Ih.» ha rs pair» not I had given up the idea of ever groarme; hair again One afternoon, while enjoying a bri f business respite by an Vlpino trip, I fell in with an od «olleglate chemist,'

?s\hjte hair was particularly ?lentiful I jokingly remarked that I wished he could spare same o£j~

his hair for -mv benefit This 'ed him to tell mc thît he underst-wd the human hair as well aa l a good dent.st understands teeth He -»rote out a fornma, and suggested that I Tiare a quantity

oi the compound prepared I did this a ten dajs later I* "ivas astonished to see the haar coming .* lorth after several applications, ar*J within six weeks m> head wai covered "by a firm, yet soft»

black growth of hair -Since then the .nair on my head has been, as luxuriant as when <in my school -T dus Having irrangcd for the legal r ght to do so, I "have fo- socno time been privately selling"' this marvellous hair grow mg compound ¡ r A^

THIS OTNfOlACBMENT w of specia interest to o\ervJWiS and ^oÎAXwîiVïias previously fed other HUB-GROWING PREPARATION'S If jou tai hid no SUCCESS WITH l-OTHCHS. please w-i*e to me I RLFR\IN from expre3<«ing any personal opinion zs.to ofhef^prepara« tions bu* po rt to the vast array of letters, similar to those which -ppear above, received from potions ivbo HANING TESTED num'-rous advertised compounds, -washes, ¿f » without benefit,

used my preparation, and rOUND IT TO BE IA \CTiA. as REPRES'lHTED-A BEAL I1«R. -^ GROWER It i» alwa>3 prepared in accordance vith the fo mala vntn which tay nam» nas be- come 'araous, and which is 'udoreed by NOTED /& VLYTIC VL EXPERTS OF EN'GLA'NIV FRANCE V\n THE UNITED STVTE3 It can he shovn bj many letters which I receive that IN V FEW DUS AFTER THE FIRST APPLICATION THE HtlR BEGINS TO GROW, AJTD COS*. TTYLfS UNTIL A HCAI/EKl, STRONG, PFRM WENT GtOWTH fo ÎÏAN7FLST

Besides- being a true Hair Grower, my preparation quickly removes DiKDRUFF and stop» FALLING HAIR and ITCHING It ia known the world ove-, and I na\e m mj consulting room» upwards of 3,000 letters from grateful men and women who have clem ed so much benefit from the use of mv True Hair Grower as to co mpel tli^m to write and thank me Now, 1 do not Wish vou to jeeept mv -word for any s*atement I make, but want j ou to prove the matter for yourself in your own home *


Post the Coupon helow TO-DAY, enclosing 3d in stamps for postage, &c. By return you a iii receive (1) a liberal supply- of Mr Craven-Burleigh's True Hair Grower, (2) an Interesting booklet entitled "Concerning the Hair" This book has been carefully written, and contains much valuable information concerning

the hair that could not be obtained from any other source It will prove a Valu- . able guide and reference book Address John Craven-Burleigh (Dept. 44), 321,l]?jti street, Sydney,


(Dept 44), i

321, Pitt-street, Sydney. ,

Dear Sir-Please send me your free trial of Trae Hair Grower

also a copy of jour book entitled "'Concerning the Hair." I en_os_j three atanrps for postage, _c.



SP_CL_L NOTICE-Readers who are interested in the above announeemeçtVi,

are requested to make early application. Mr Burleigh states that the dènmnd^'SlS for free trials is strre to he large, and that he majr be obliged to wrthdntir the!*^

oSer «4 aa each/ date. V *" ^"rAl|