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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. BIRTHS. BEAUMONT.-At Rosedale, Penwortham, the wife of Chas. H. Beaumont - a son DUNN.— On, the 3rd April, at PittswOrth, Queens land, the wife of Alfred C. Dunn— a daughter. KINMON-On the 15th April, at Port- Lincoln, the wife of Edward Kimnont, JI.B., CM., of H.M. Hospital, of a daughter. MORGAN'.— On the 2uih JIareli, at Klla street, Parkside, the wife of J. II. Morgan— a daughter. SWEETAPPLE.-On the 16th April, at Mill ter race, tlie wiie of H. Algar Sweetapplc, M.D., of a son. '       MARRIAGES. BOWMAN GALE.-On the 16th April, at Christ Church, N.A.,.by the Very Rev. the Dean of Ade- laide, Keith' Dudley, son of the late John Bow- man of Poltalloch, Lake Alexandria, S.A.,   and Carolside, Hobart, Tasmania, to Margaret   Hepburn, daughter of W.H. Gale, Western Aus-   tralia, and granddaughter of Mrs. Chalmers, tiien Eloy, Guilders street, N.A. BYRNE-HOOKINGS-On tlie 9th April, at Oak lands Farm,' Giles's Corner, Tariee, by the Re?. J. J. Xicholls, Alfred Norman, eldest son of Mr. Norman Byrne, Xonvood, to Emily, fourth daugh ter of Mr George Hookings, farmer, Tariee EVANS-McBRIDE.-Un the 7th April, at St. Paul's Churth, T-y the Rtr. J. Suntcr, Ernest Drummond Ex-ans, eldest son of William Evans, Adelaide, to Alice Finnfe, youngest daughter oC J..JL R. MeBride, Buna.         FRANCIS-PAGE.-On the 31st March, at St. Matthew's Church, Kensington, by tlie Rev. R, W. (i. Dempster, Walter Reginald, eldest son of W. J. Francis, Osmond tcrnce, jforwood, to Ethel Mary, eldest daughter of G. R. Page, Edward street. Norwood. HENCKE—ROSENBERG.—On the 3rd April, at   Christ Church, Balaklava, by the Rev. Frank   Parnall, Ewald William, second son of C. E. Hencke, Clapham Park, and Oat Lane, London, to Rachel Josephine, eldest daughter of O. L. Rosenberg, Balaklava.-     Illf.r.- hXOWLES.— On tlie 19th March, at the Kent Town Jubilee Church, by the Rev. E. T. Cox, Frank, third son of John Hill, Kensington Park, to Jessie M., youngest daughter of R. Ewnrii', Melbourne. , HOBBS-BOWMAN.-On the 5th March, at the Methodist Church, Maitland, by the Rev. J. Ray mont, assisted by the Rev. T. S. Williams, Frank Hedley, youngest son of J. Hobbs, Lochiel Park, Campbelltown, to Florence Amy, youngest daughter of T. Bowman, View Bank, Maitland.   KUBALE— WOOX.— On the 8th April, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. John Collings, John Charles Kubale, of Largs Bay, to (Lily) Lavinia, youngest daughter of Mr. John Woon, Bay road, Moonta. LIXDSAY-SHERRIFF.-On the 27th March, by the Rev. J. Foster, James Stuart Lindsay, j*oun gest son of. James Lindsay, Eastwood, to Katlie rine Shcrriff, second daughter of John Sherriff, Minlacowic, Y.P. Border Waldi please copy. 110ySBS-BARBER.-0n the 11th April, at the Wesley Manse, Perth, by (he Rev. II. Wilkinson, G. M. (Mont), third son of John Moyses, Uroonda, S.A., to Evelyn M., eldest daughter of William Barber, of Orroroo, S.A. .No cards. ,NEII/^MILDREN.-On. the 16th April, by Rev. W. W. Finch, assisted by Rev. W. A. Bainger, at Methodist Church, Port Brought on, Rev. E. G. Neil (missionarj- to Samoa), to Ethel Gurtrude (Ettic), youngot daughter of IL Mildren, Port Broughton. Western Australian papers please copj-..- ??? --' ' ',' ? .?:.?; UICHOLLS-BERRY.HSn the 2nd April, at Archer street Methodist Church, by the father of the bride, assisted by Revs. T. Lloyd and Isaiah I'trry, Percy. Howard, second son of Alfred Richard Nicholls, of Medindie, Ho: Mary Lillian, second daughter of Rev. Joseph Berry, North' Adelaide. O'LEARY-BAKEWELL.~V)n the 16th April, at the Church of The Epiphany, Crafcrs, by the Rev. F. H. Stokes, Arthur ITycc Evelyn O'Leary, third surviving son of the late Surgeon-General Thomas Connor O'Leary, to. Audinc Gwladys, daughter of John Warren Bakewcll, of Mount Lofty. OLIFENT-MOYLE.-On the Sth April, at the Methodist Church, Mount Barker, by the Rev. Chas. Reed, Herbert Olifent, first son of Frank Olifent, Adelaide, to Ellen Florence, third daugh ter of the late Stephen Movie, Adelaide. ' POOLE-.TACOB.-On the* 5th April, at Christ Church, North Adelaide, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Adelaide. William Burhet Poole, of Ade laide, to 'Mary Eleanor, daughter of John Jacob, of North Adelaide. At home from May 5 to S. SAINT-BRINKWORTH.-On the 12th March, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. T. Wood, Edwin, youngest son of the late John Saint, of Saints, to Ellen Constance (Nellie), eld- est daughter of the late Daniel Brinkworth, of Quorn.   STACY-SELLERS.-0n the 27th March, ? at Hir row road, by the Rev. Ceo. Davidson, Clement Howard, third son of John Stacy, to Louisa Mar garet, eldest daughter of Robert Sellers, both of StiPetcrs. :'. ? ? . : WAT-LACE-RUSSELL-On the 16th April, at St. Geortre's Church, Yorketown, by the Rev. H. Bleby, Albert H. A., youngest son of T. W. Wallaw, to G.-R. Ethel I., only daughter of W. B. Russell, uf Edithburg. DEAT2S. ARMSTRp-rG.-0n the 17th April, at 141 Wake field street, Adelaide, Mary Ann, widow of the late James Armstrong, Jaged S3 years. ASHER.— On the 17th April, at her residence, Barton terrace cast, North Adelaide, Elizabeth, the beloved wife ot Isaac Asher. aged 73 jeara. BEARE.-0n the.9th April, at Kroonstadt Hos pital,: Trooper Harold Beare, dearly loved son of J. and M. Beare, Semaphore, and nephew of Mrs. Fanny Lewis, Plymouth. A loving and courageous   son, who will be sorely missed. Devonshire and Cornwall papers please copy. BEeKLEY.-On the 2nd April, at the Royal HoteL Crystal Brook, Ellen Peach Bcckley, relict ofthe-late. Henry Beckley, late of Itedhill.'agcd 39 year?.-, BETHUNE.-On the 17th April, at Chain of Ponds, Alexander Bethunc, Uie dearly beloved hus band of Ann Bcthunc, aged 73 years. ELLERY.— On the 15th Aoril, at Morgan, Murray L. C, dearly loved youngest child of James and Kate Ellerr. HOOLR-iOn the 17th April, at his residence, Smithficld, Thomas Hoolc, Sfod 57 years. JDDELU— Oir the - 17th April, .. at Fremantlc, W.A., Cesar - Judell, youngest son of the late W. Judell, Altona, Holstcin, and brother of L. Judell, Orroroo, aged ii years. KIRKWOOD.-On th- 18th April, at Ridleyton. the second dearly, beloved daughter (Ruby Eliza) ot Eliza Kirkwood, aged 19. At rest. IaAAVTON.— On the 16th April, at Coppin street. Semaphore, HerberttH. T. Lowton (Bert), beloved son of'J. S. and S. J. Phillips, aged 30 years.' O'LEARY.-On the 17th April, at her resi dencii. Kooringa, 'Margaret, the beloved vrife of John O'Learj-, sen., aged 7S years. R.I.P. P0XDER.-On the 20th April, at his son's resi dence,! St. John's . street, Adelaide.' ,Jbhn Ponder, formerly :of Kapunda, aged SO years. R0ACTI.-0n the 170i April, at .his residence, Cariton, Melbourne, Leonard' Roach, formerly -of Adelafde, aged 75 years. ?-' ?? '' ~ ROBERTS.— On the 20th April, at her residence, Charles street, Norwood, Mary Ann Roberts, eldest daughter of the late Stephen and Mary Hsddy. in her 73rd year, late of Kadina. SNELL.-On the 17th April, at her residence, George street, Moonta, after a brief illness, Esther, the Moved wife; of John Sncll, aged 45 yean. Ar r-*C' WOODMAN.-On the 18th April, at her resi- dence,. Melbourne street, N.A., of heart disease, the beloved wife of J. Woodman, in her 53rd year.         Water thrown upon ice in the Arctic re gions, will, shiver it just as boiling water, breaks glass: This is because the ice is so much colder than, the water. I