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Announcement» under thi" hollins inurt he

authenticated bv the name and address of tUd . sender, am, are inserted at a charge ot T»va ' Shillings and Sixpence each »vhen not exceeding

uve line»; over fi»e lines Sixpence per line.

"Death advertí-emenís in »vhich. ji Funeitl an-

nouncement is made «re charged for as ii the "Hath «nd Funeral we'e- separate announcement«, namely:-The minimum charge of 2/0 in each

cafe. . , . ,

In'Memoriam and Desth aih-crtisenients containing

re'erences io more than one deceased are charged 2/6 each for each deceased mentioned, a«, if they were distinct and separate announcements.

. BIRTHS. the'27th July, at Mrs. Green'» hursing ¡lome, King-ntrect, (lawler, to, Mr, and lira, "¡omitiu J. Dyer, of Wllliamstioivn-a 6011,

JAMÉ**.-On the "0th Augio-t.'.at Narnu, to Mr, j

«ml Mr.-. .Gordon V. Jame«, . of. ArooW-rtreet, j ¡West L'rjdetdalp-1» daughter. .. .

1VALUVCK.-mn Ü10 ISth Augu-t./at Adattru'et, I Adelaide, to Mr. and Mr«. F. Walla'c'e-ra diugltter ' (Annie .Marie}. Doth well. ... ,

DANiEI.-On-the 16th August, at*"West View'" Nursing Home. Wallaroo-, to Mr. and Mrs.' C. W. Daniel, Kulpara-a daoghtcr (both"well).

WAIviKR^On the 12th Alignât, «t "Iona,"

Alexanior-avenue, Itcv»e Park, to Mr. and Mn>. F. tritlle Walter-a daughter (L'Uian .royce).

ANGLEY.-On the 21st August, at Georgetown,

to J. J., and. B. G. Angley-a son. Both well.

OH.V-PMA"».-On the nth August", at Nurse Critchfleld's Home, Royston Park,' to Mr. and Mrs. iV. Chapman, of Modbury-a daughter.


LAWRIE-BOWI/KY.-O11 the '2'lth July, at the Clare Baptist Church, by l"a¿t¿r A. P. Mann, Harold K. O., 'only son of Mr*, apd "the late Janie* "Uwrii',' bf 'Jamestoini, to Aiinie Margaret, youngeit daughter of Mrs. and,'the. Ute Alfred Bowley,' of Clare. ,. . .

HUDSGN-OASKEY.-On the 20th Augiut. at

"forwood, William, second son of W. II. Hudson, .forwood; to Elma, eldpst daughter of Mrs. A. J. Caskey, of Kingston-avenue, Mitcham Pari».

? *»*i-:WELL-IREL'.*"n.--On the 18th Jill»-, at St. Mii-garm.'*,- -Wood vi Ile, by the llov. Kdjv.-C. Loon, li.A., B. Hamp, elder gen pt the late Edward Sewell,-ßülakUt.i, to Eleanor K. (Kell), yotingrst daughter ot ODO. Ireland, The (¡rove,- Woodville.

CHlVELL-GILES.^On the 8th August, at the, Grote-street,- Adelaide-, hv Pas- to» Joseph J, Franklyn, Norrrum, eldest son of .Thomas Chivcll, laing Plain, to Hosie Myrtle,, lourth su/iiving daughter of Jumes- Giles, Hal littry. .. .. .


Sjnfli:-Sergeant 0. K. Caley Smith, 27th Bat talton, kiileji, in. action in France on the 5th No rember, 1016, eldest jon of B. Osborne and Faith Smith, tw¡ Bungalow, Angaston, aged 20 years

ind S months.

»VRIGHT.-Wed of wounds,' somewhere in Frani"?, on July 31st, Corporal Theo. W. Wright, H.G.S., 13rd Battalion, dearly beloved youngest con o' Mr. "and Mrs. j. Wright, »ándale,. - and only broUicr of F. II. I«. Wright, ' Strathalbyn, uged 24 years.- HI* duty nobly done.-Insert«! by h.s ¡ming brother, »Uier-in-law, af.d nephew, Fred, evelyn, and Glen.

MacKESZIK-^On the »3rd July, at Mesopotamia, "(of plcuxis"), Captain 1). C. MacKcntie, dearly beloved hustrand 0/ M, J, "facKenrie. . , Homo papers please copy.' "' '

Potticary.-Killed in action, somewhere in France, on July 31, T. A, Potticary, dearly be- loved third son of J. H. and H. C. Potticary, of IPort Wakefield, aged 23 years.

No one he loved was by his side

To hear his last faint sigh

To whisper just a loving word         Or even say good-bye           His King and country called him,   The call was not in vain;  

On Britain's roll of honor

You will find our dear one's name.

-Inserted by his loving father and mother.




CHETTLE.-on the 16th August at the resi-  

dence of his ister, Mrs. A. Sorrll, Park-terrace, Bowden-on-Hill, William John of heart failure, devoted father of A. J. Chettle, New Zealand; T. G Chettle, Prospect; C. J. Chettle, Modbury; and Mrs. H. J. Milledge, Peterburg.

MURWiLL.-On Vbe 21st A'Ja-ust. at Wakefleld

*trc«t, Kent Town, Arthur Ryley Mursell, aged, <4


CrHSNEK.-On tho 20th August, at Angaston, Alvin Charles, dearly-loved only son of lir. and Wrs. Charles Cbinnor, «¿ed 3-2 years.

LUSCOMBE.-On the 21st August, at "Devon Mila," 132, South-terrace, George, beloved hus lund of C. Luscombe, aged 75 years.

YOUNG.-On the 21st August, at his residence, ??, Fourth-avenue, St. Peters, A. Lincoln, be- loved husband of Jessie Young, aged 51 years, son of the late John L. Young.

GLOVER.-On the 30th August, at "Abassia," Fifth Avenue, St. Peters, William, beloved husband of Bessie Glover, aged 78 years (late of Pulteney   Street). "Peace, perfect peace." 233-1

MOON.-On the 16th August, at his residence, Angaston, John G. Moon, beloved husband of Linda Moon, died suddenly, aged 63.    

ROWNEY.- On the 21st August, at 131?, Edward- street, Norwood, Merle Maud, beloved daughter of H. J. and N. A, Rowney, aged 7 weeks.

HUNN.-On the 21st August, at Wirrabara, William Morgan Hunn, M.B., B.S., beloved hus- band of M. A. Hunn, aged 37 years.

RAE.-On the 17Wl Augiut, at Home for In- curables, Elizabeth Ann Kae, aged S7 years. Colo- nist of 02 years.

Bit KCKEK.-On the 21st Au-mit, at Adelaide. V\ ii I ia m James, relict of Ella Florence Bracken, of Cypress-street, aged 40 years,


AUSCOTT.-In loving m-mnry of our dear nt'ph.'tv, Privlto V. P. Arstatt, killed in action ia rrance.

So dcwly loved, So sadly midd.

-Inserted by his loving Aunty Dals)- and Uncle


BrtEWDft.-Io loving memory of our dtar, brothir, Gcrdon, cued of ivouuds recel« ed at Gallip.ili. 22nd August, 1915.

i Io the bloc/ni of youth God c'almed him,

In the pride ef his manhood d-iys, None knew him but to lo«-e him.

None mentioned his name but in praiv. St) dearly loved, sa «d'y missed.

-Ir.tcrtci by his loving sister and brotht»r-*n !a«v, M. and J. V. Mitthcw, late A.I.F.

BREWER. - In loving memory of our brother. Private Gordon Brewer, died oí wounds received at Gallipoli, August 22, 1915.

His duty nobly done,

My brother's life a sacrifice, For you, for me, for all.

Inserted by his sister Emily and brother-in-law, Staff-Sergeant F. Maddeford, abroad.

BELL.-In loving memory of my late pal, Private W. Bell, killed in France, August 21, J9U).

From memory's page time cannot blot.

Three little words, "Forget me not." . He died a hero noble and true.

And wore tl,e colors purple and blue.

»»».Iiisjrtetl by request of Privat-1 W. Jonc, Franco.

BAhXlL-I» Wing rníinory of Horace, killed in action at Poriere«, August 22, 1916, aged 19 yeaj* f month». ' I/s duty bravely done-Inserted by his loving brother, Artiiur, A.I.F., abroid, and «tuer-ia-JAts-, Maj*


BVKER.-In loiing memory of Horace, »vho ga»e hi» life for his country, AngiK 22, 1016.

To live in the memory of those »»e lo»c is no» i to die.

¡--Inserted by his ]o»-eJ ones at home.

I OADC-In lo» log memory of my dear son, Harold, killed in action in France, August 21,

I l'.lfi.-Inserted by his tonwing mot-her.

' DEY.-In loving memory of Hoy McGregor Dey,

, secorxl-lieutroant, 10th Battalion, A.I.F.. .»iio vat |!»'ille<l in action near Mouquet l-arm, about Autrust [22, "Ol'i (provious'y reported wounded and miss

inir).-"He is not dead, birt s'ecpeth."

DICKINSON-On the 4th August, 1916, killed  

in action in the battle of Pozieres, Corporal Victor K. Dickinson, youngest son of A. W. and C J. Dickinson, of Forest-avenue, Black Forest.

. GREEN.-In loving memory of our dear hrofher, Private Herbert Oreen, »rim died of »»-ounds in I France. August 22, 1910.-Inserted by his sister, N. Turner.

I HILL.-On the 22nd July, 1010, killed in action

in Fronce, NO. 3517, Signaller Leslie "»'orman Hil., dcarly-lorrd son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Hill, B.rtou tc-rraec. North Ada'aide, aged IS years.

He died as he »»-.shed.

He'holpcd to bring Australia into fame, T» build tor her a novcr-t'ying name;

Foremost was he in the thickest cf toe strife. For King mid country he laid down his .ife. -Inserted hy his parent.-«, brother*, and Kisten«.

' 1C*"NT.-In loving rtmteirrbranee of L.'etrterant

IMgar Kent, lOtli Battalion, killed in action, ".'ninee, on August 22, 101«.-Inserted by C.

MOKniS.-In memory Pri»-ote Gueriu Morns kil.ed ir. action. Mouquet Farm, France, between lOrh and 22ii J August, 1910.

. Ü»-or in Firanco 'midst battle ro»r.

We lost a we'll see no more» -Inserted hy :r*tei ""yes k Crowie,

MADDISON.-In loi'ing memory of our dear brother .loe (Toby). 10th Baittaluon, killed in ac- tion ai Pozieres, France, August 22, 1010.

'too manly and orai-e' by far »»"as he

To stand unheeding by

Wheel women and children -were tortured1.

Away under the Belgkm sky.

-Inserted hy lila loiing brocher and sister-in-Uiv, Ralph and Florrie,

MADDISON.-In Jo»-ing memory of our brother*. Joseph F. (Toby), loth Hattalion, killed in action at l'ozierei, August 22, 1910. MÍO, L. F. (Lyall), killed in action, Auguot (I, 1010.

»Duty-called them, tliey were there, - To do their bit and Uke theil- share;

Their hearts »»-«re true, their spirits bravo, Their resting-place** HoWIers" grai'es.

Tliey miss you most »»ho loved you best.

-Inserted by their loiing sister, Violet, and bro- ther-in-law, Will JonoB, A.I.F., France, eister nnd «hrother-iii'law, Lily and Jack McLean, Sew South Wales, neirifews, and nieces.

' MADDISON.-In loving mernoo' of our dear sons awl brothers, Joseph K. (Toby), lOfi llotuli-.n, killed in action at Posierev August t!, lui'!. Als-o J.. F. (Lyall), killed in action August 0, lill". They fell heroes in the deadly strifo

i For King und Country they laid doivn their lives; I Fame was achieved and they had done their share-,

To. win «hese laurels, rich and rare, .

Which now adorn Australia's loyal race, Not even time its glory can efface.

I . , They answered thp call,

-Inserted hy their loving mother and sister, Janet, and nephew, Alt Maddison, A.I.F., abroad.

| MADDISON.-In loving memory of our dear bro- thers, Joseph F. (Toby), 10th Battalion, killed  

in action at Pozieres, August 22, 1916. Also L. F. (Lyall), killed In action Augint 6. 1916.

'We who loved them sadly missed them,

As it dawns another year;   And in lonely hours of thinking,

Thoughts of them are very dear.

-Inserted by their loving sisters and brothers-in- law, M. and C. Cole, H. and C. Motley, and nephews and niece.

MASCHMEDT.-Killdl in'action on Ançust 4.

11)16 (previously reported missing), private A. W. Maschine It, dearly helmed second son of IV. and M- Makhniedt, aged 20.

A precious ono from us is gone,

A voice »ve loved hi still,

A vacant place is in our home,

Which never can b3 filled.

-Inserted by his sorroft-ing parents, brother, and sisters, Olari'ii'c Park,

PERRY.-In «ad but loving memory ot .our dear cousin, Roe, who »»as killed in action on August 10, 1010.

Duty called him, lie »»'as there

To iio his hit and take his share;

.His heart »»-as good, his spirits brave. His resting pla« a soldier's grave.

-Inserted by his loving coti'iiM, Daisy and George Williams, on active servi«.

RILEY.-In lov.'ng memory of cnir dear »on. Pri- vate Frederick William, .vho died of wound? re- ceived in Hilton in Franee on August 22, 1916,

lie like a hero fell.

-Inserted hy his loving mother and father, of Her- gott Springs.

RILEY.-In lovin» memory of our dear brother, Private Frederick William, wùo died of wounds re-c-cived in action eoniowhcre in Prance on August 23, 1910.

Greater love hath no man than this, that.» man

lay down his lip», for his country,

-Inserted by his loving brother Charley and sisters Lily, Edith, Lucy, and Olii-e, of Hergott Springs.

RILEY.-In loving memory of our darling son and brother, Prii-ate F. W, Riley (Ted), luth Battalion, killed In action in France, August 22, 1913.

Only the gra»-e of a hero.

Only a mould of earth;

Far from the land of the wattle,

The root that gave you birth. It seem« but a day since, Dear Ted bade us good-bye.

-Inserted by his loving father, mothar, and sis- ter, Lucy.

STORY-In fond memory of A, O. Story (Arch.), killed in action in France, Air list 22, 191C.

He bas lmrne his cross, he has Ruined his crown.

Though he lies in a far-off grave.

And we think of his duty wooly done,

"Un'y, imselnah, and bra»-e.

-Insnrted by his true friend. Beryl.

«STORY.-In loving memory of our dear brother, L.noe-Oornoral Arch. G. Story, klHed .lu action «t Mouuet Farm, August 21, 1910.

Somewhere in France he is lying,

He answered his country's call; Ile died an Australian hero,

He died to save us all.

-Inserted by his loving broäwr ajad a-tai, Lawrence, .Grace, and Eva,

STORY.-In loving memory of our de.«* brolhtr, Arch., «rho was killed in action at Moquet Farm, Aofisst 22. 181«.

Do not ask us if we miss him,

There is such a vacant place;

We »»ill never forget our brother,

Or his dear kind smiling face.

-Inserted by his brothers and sister, Ivan (on active eer»-ice), Eric, and Madeline.

TOWNSIîND.-In fond and" loving memory of Alf, killed in action ia France, August 10, 1016. In a hero's grave he is sleeping.-liibcrt;d by his friend, Gladys.

TIESTE.-In loring memory of my dear son, Joe, who was killed in action at Ponieres, August 22, lino.

You arc al»»-ays in my thoughts, dear sou,

It's sweet to breathe your name; In life I loved you dearly,

In death I do the same.

I -mourn for you, dear Joe,

But not with outward show.

For those that mourn sincerely.

Mourn silently and low.

He died a hero hra»-c and true,

And »»ore the oolors, -purple and Mue.

-Inserted by his sorroiving mother, M. Tie?le.

THTSTI".-In loving mtmory of my dear brother, Joe, killed in action. Pozieres, Aug.Kt 22, 1910,

One year has poised and none t-uu tell, The joss of one I lo»-cd to »»c1!;

No n-atter where on earth 1 roam, Whatever joy -or gri-'f be mine, I will remember you.

-Inserted by hjs loving sister, Flo, and brother in-law, W. P. Patch'», Sydney.

TIESÎ'E.-Tu fond and loving numory of my dMr brother, Joe, who noa killed at Poniere», August 22, 1910.

He rare his life for his country,

Tor honor, faith, and right;

\\iiii u» hit memory e»-er li» es, He fought a nuble fight.

'Midst the roaring of the battle.

Ami -the rain of shot and shell; Fighting for home and country,

He like a hero fell.

-Inserted hy his sorrowing sister. Moggie, and loruther-in-law. Jim WinneJI, Ne»» South Wales.

TIE«Ti*.-In memory of my dear brother, Joe, killed at Pozieres, August 22, 11H0.

He w-ij not a coward or shirker,

Ile fought for honor'* sike;

He fought in the muddy trenches.

For the pride of Australia's ra»c. He fought In muddy Crenches,

To give his mates a chance; Now my poer Lrother is cold,

In" the »»estcrn front of France.

-Inserted by his tom! brother, Burt, and sister in-law, Gerty.

TIESTE--In loiing memory of mv dear "irolher, Joe, killed at pozieres, August ¿J, isle,

¡short wa»! the life of my dear brother Joe,

Birt peaceful is his rest;

Mother ¡misse* you mon of all,

Because she loved y»>u best.

-Inserted by hit» loving sister. Katie, and brother» in-!a»v. Charlie, Western Australia,

TIICSTE.-lu fopd ai|l loving memory of mv dear brother. Joe, »»ho »»as killel at Po/Jcre«,

Autrust 22, 1910.

To duty his country called him.

And trailed him In honor's name; He s>i»e his life in answer,

An " that's how he played Hie game. He marched a»» ay so bravely,

HU young head proudly held; His fooUtc-ps no»-er faltered,

His courage ne»-er K11.

-Jnserted by his loving sister, Oían, aail brother in-law. Joe, Gi« lu.


TIESTL -In fond memory of tnv dear brother, ikilled at Pozierr«, Aii.riist. 22, 1J10

itmiewhcre in Friuce he is lying,

He intwered his cauntr) s call, He died in vu 'rahan 1 ero,

Fighting to «i«e «is all

-Invertid lu his -orrowmg bro her, Oca-, ana

st ter m 'aw Fine

TIF-TF -In 1 >« mr niemur« oi our dear brotl e , Priait lie li Teste, 1 tiled in « tion, Au-ast


The «ou) of «our toimtr« «liws « ipi pride

U tie dee's vou dill and the death von dieri

-Ii serle I 1 « ii lo« ing brother, Alb (U e A I t ), and i ter n la««, Ld th

rirSTF -In lo« me meiior« of niv dear brotier Pnvite loe Ticstt I riled ni action, August 22


to] «i«« ««hat was befe re h ni.

Wini' trtil ««en to come

Vii «iiiiiliug down He tiought it heil,

To ta te n ) b-otner lto-ne

-In erted bv h s loving sister, Tn«

TH^iTI -In lonnjr me-mor o' 3 li Teste, killetl August 2', JON,

rrom memo-« s page time cannot bl it, Three little -words -orge*, me not Ifc died a hero, nable anti true.

Ami wo-e tho colors chocolat3 uni WUP

-Injerten bv ins mother m law and sister m law, E A '«ison \melia Stanton

ni->TI -In lining menior« of tiv d'ar husband and father, Prn it» lop H ficsle vvno wa« killed i i ae ion ni the batt le o' Pozie s August 22,


litlicr o' mine, vou ««ti not return

Atd e«cr for thee our h-srü shall «carr; Sifo in our pra)ers «ou 11 aiwa«s be,

Cod jrl«e us quick!« peace and vic o-y. lljsibind o mine, I »in SÍ) no more, But to bid van -i tender au rev or

God k ep you free from this parting » nain, And hope thai we soon shall met. again

Not gone from memory, not gone from love, But gone to lu« Father -t home above

-Inserted b) his loving wife and children

T A\ LOR -In sad but lo« ing niemor« of mv de-ir son Hiehird, ««ho was killed in action at Galil poli, August 2-', ll>lj ' Ever remembered "-In serted by his lo«mg mother

1AYLOR - In lo«ing mcniort of dear Dick ««'io was 11 lied in action at Gallipoli August - 191) Called to a higher service Tnv will te done -Inserted bj his brother and âi-tor, F and

D. Tsvlor

WRIGHT-COFFEY - A tribute of respect to       my dear friends, Private Jack H. Wright, of Quorn and Private Tom Coffey killed in France, August 23 '1916. Ever remembered by their com- rade, Private, F. S. Wise, on active service.

WEEN -In loving memory of our dear nephew.     Private, A R. Ween, who was killed in action   on August 22, 1916.

Sunshine passes, shadows fall

Love's remembrance outlasts all

From memory's page time cannot blot     Three little words, ' Forget me not."

-Inserted by his uncle and aunt, R. A. Ween.

WEBB -In loving memory of our dear son, Pri- vate S. J. Webb, who died of wounds on 22nd

August, 1916.

It s just one sad year ago Since the cable came to say

That our brave boy, somewhere in France, But we know not where

His grave may be green, or may be dry.

But this we know, that our brave young hero. In his khaki suit lies some where in France.

-Inserted by his loving parents, sisters, brothers,     Blyth .





BARTHOIOAiBW -In «ad and lovng mellion of ni) dear daiiirhter, Viona Gertrude (Doll«;, who dsparted this life on Au/iut 22 Pilli Saillv misrel deep!) mourned-Inserted b) 1er Und

moll) er

BAYNl-S-In loving memor) of my dear nu« traiitl died August 22 1910

'lis Just seven )ears ago to-du«.

God lifted up His hand

Anti bc«koneiI ni) darling husband from me,

lo join His heaven!) band

1 am «utting till He culls mc

To join lum on that shore,

lor there is no sorrow over there,

But jo> for evermore

-Inserted bv his loving wife, Elizabeth Ba«nes

BAYN'ES -In loving memory of our dear father, died August 22, 1910

A loving father, true ant] kim),

Ile pro« ed to be m heart anti mind; But now he lies in a peaceful sleep, His memorv we will alwavs keep

-Inserted by his loving son and daughter m law, George and Marv Bavnes

BOAYDtP --In loviffe; memorv of our dear mother, Hefeecca Bowden, lite of Goodwood, who d eil «lit the 22iJ August 191 J also of our belovel suter,, who dioj on tin _2rd Aufist, 1909

.No spaoe of time, no lip*« of «civ*-,

Oi'i dim our loved ones ptst, A lo« ng nittiior« ho'ds it dear,

Vffectiou holis it fas

-Inserted '>« her loi nig soa and daughter? an«l liruther and s stn,

BOA DEX-In lovng menior« o' Grinm, who died at Fullarton, August 22rJ, V)U, also 'Itsair, daughter of TIHMC Lier ic-memberel -In«»r ed li) lier 'o ing ¡riitdch ldren, Mabel, 1-ttlc, Dorotli), (»lad)?, tnd hus'jancL.

COW VUD -Ii loiing menior« ot dear Wal.

Ilov hard it is tn part with bim

I hell tri earth so dear v

The h~r t no greaicr trial icnowi,

Jwo sor- r« n ore severe

-Tns'rted bv his 'onng girl, Oorda Harve)

CHITTLLBOROUGH -In loving memor) of our dear sister, Am), who died August 2'

Wc miss the sunshine of thy face, We miss theo ever«when.

-Inserted by her loving sister, Ada.

GOODWIN -In loving memory of our dear sis ter, Ma«, who died a*« Tasmania iugust 1J, ulj.

Gone is the face we loved >>o dear. Silent the voice wo lo«ed to hea-,

Cod took 'icr homo, it «vas His will, j-orget her, no, ««e never «nil

-Inserted bv her loving brother and sister in law Maude and Bert Divies

III" ADOS -In loving mamor) of my dear mother, who died August Í2 at Adelaide, 1912 tier rome liberal bv tier loving son, bruie (on at. tivc sen ice) and Horne

LFI-DITAM-In loving memorv of our dear mother, who passed twav on August 22, lylo

Like the iv v on tl< withered oak, When all things else df-eav,

Our loie for her will still keep green

And ne« cr lade awav

-Inserted bv her loving ton and daughter in law,

C«nl -ind I««

MAA -In lovjiff manion of AAal, wiio died at Matagitloa, Moarnçna Central America, on 22nd

Auarua , 191», of nmhrla

Su-shine posses "J-aclovs fall,

Fr end="iir/s rntintiTv outlsits all

-IliserteJ b) his «ntcre fr ends. Bendee and Rav

MUDIE -In loving memorv of our dear mother who died at WoUelrv, August 32, 1S1¿> -Inserted b) her Io« ing husband, daughter, and son in lav«

QUIRK -In loving memory of our dear hus- band and father, who passed away August 22,

1916 at Redbanks.

We saw him suffering day and night,

It caused us bitter grief

To see him slowly pass away,

And could not give relief

Not dead to uss, we loved him dear,  

Not lost, but gone before,

He lives with us in memory still,

And will for evermore

Inserted bv his loving wife and daughters and sons in law, R Quirk and S. M. A. Hall, T. E.

A. Hall, W. E. A. M. Matters, Redbanks and Wasleys

ROBINSON -In lo« vig memorv of our dear I grandson, Gilbert FIo)d Rob nson, dt<-d August1 22, 191.» Iles forever with the lord - Inserted b) his loving grandparents, D and L FlovJ

ROBINSON -In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Gilbert rio)d diel August 22 ]oli, aged 19 vears

Not dead on v sleeping

-Inserted b) parent-, brother», and slaters, Park


SOMVFItf*-In sail memor) of our dear father, Challes, died August ""2 1910

A s'radov o er our life is cast, t\e have no fat'icr no«

-In erted b) Ada, A!«rt!c, and Fldm (on a^ive sert ice)

TLRTLR -In lo«nii memor« of my dear fallí«" «uo die I August 2., 11H J iff 1 up-Inserte 1 b) his diughter anti grand daughter. Berth i an I Laura. Also my dear mother, «vho (liol August l>, 191 » Rest, oh, s«vcet rest at last -11 serted b) her lonnj daughter, Bertha

WIllTI -In 1 tving reuembrjiice of mother, who died August 22 1910

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-Inser eJ by her loving husband and children.



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sinccrclv THANK, ill kind Friends for tele grams, letters, cirdt, ond expressions of svmpathv m their »ad bereavement_ Ti"« and Mrs D J LAMBiüFT and -VMILA,. _>X oi Towitta lesiTe to tender th» r sine;*» THANT.S to all kind fiends for le crs cards, and personal expressions of 6«mpath« in Uie Io s of their dear son and bro'her, LJUie, dicl of wounds in Fran~e, July 8, 1917.