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Antiounrcnenti" un'ler this heading must lie i authenticated br Hie name ant' address ot the

tender, and are inserted in "The Advertiser," "Express." ufa "Chronicle*.* at a clwirgc of Two Shillings and Sixpence each when not exceeding five lines; over five lines .Sixpence per line.

In MemorUm and Dealh advertisements containing

reference« to more than one deceased are i hargej 2'6 each for each deceased mentioned, £* if. they were distinct and repárate annoiinccnients.

Death advertisements in which .A Funeral announcc , ment i« made arc charged for as if the Dcatli and

Funeral were sepárete -announcements, namely: The minimum charge of 2 Ö in each case.


CHURCH (nee Donnell).-On the iOth Novem .hcr. tit ()uaii'lii, N'.A., to Xr. ami Mr«. Themis Church, National Bunk, Perth-a daughter.

. WHITE.-On the -22nd November, at AA'alker rillc, .to Mr. and Mrs. A. «.-White, of Modbury Hotel-a- son- (Ronald Archibald). >

ALLEN".-On the 22nd'Xovcmbor/ *t~Athford roid. Keswick,, the wife of Lieutenant L 11. Allen, A.T.F. (Abroad)-a daughter.


MURPHY-JOHNSON.-On the 21st October, at St. Barnabas' Church, Kensington, London, by the Rev. J. Brooke, Captain Reginald William Murphy, A.I.F"., third son of Mr A. Murphy; Pembroke street, Kensington Park, Adelaide, to May, second daughter of Mr. Joseph Johnson, Statenbôroûgh- street, Knightsbridge, Adelaide.

SVODDAUT-DILLON".-On the 30th ácntem&er, at fît. Luke's Church, by the Rev. 1). ,1. Knov, George, youngest son of Mr«. A. Hartehorno and the late (;. Stoddart, of Prospect, to Lillian A., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ,T. Dillon, Adclaid-,


YOLLPB.BCHT.-On the 35th November, at her residence, 227, Flinders-str^t, Adelaide, AVil helmine Auguste, relict of Girl Frederick Toll preeht, aged î3% years.

LEONARD.-On the 35th November, at Ocorgc strect. Parkside, Frances (Tot), youngest daugh- ter of Catherine and the late Martin Leonard.

M'JNTYRH.-On tile 24th November, suddenly, ' Tfiwc Mclntvre. Airlae-avcnuo, Prospect, aged 64 lean. R.LI'.

CHAMBERLAIN.—On the 25th November, at her residence, Victoria-avenue, Rose Park, Mary Ann, wife of Edmund Chamberlain.

LINDNER.—On the 25th November, at the Ade- laide Hospital, J. S. W. (Stan), the second eldest son of J. F. and L. Lindner, of Hoyleton (late of Balaklava), aged 14 years and 4 months, result of


AVHITE.-On the a*>t!i Novemlier, at Broken Hill, Marjorie Ho-t, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. W'hite, aged OJ vears, from diphtheria.

REED.-On the 25th November, at Unlev, Florence Marion,.the beloved wife or C. C. Reed, Palmcr«ton-road, North L'nlev, aged 38 vcars.

At rest.

GROSE.-On the 26th November, at Vilsrll-«trect,I

Henley Park, nea tri re »Hie, nee Middleton,

drarly loved wife of AViHium Grose, aged 31 year», i At rest. j

PICKFORD.—On the 6th October, in London, Isabella Horne, widow of Charles Hampden Pick- ford, late of Calcutta and King Sterndale, aged 81. Funeral at Paddington Cemetery, Willesden- lane, on Tuesday, 10th October, at l p.m. Friends will please accept this (the only) intimation.

McINNES.—On the 23rd November, at Mount Bryan, Hilda, the dearly beloved wife of Angus McInnes, of Quorn, leaving husband and three children to mourn their loss.

STEPHENSON.—On the 26th November, at   Dover Cottage, Brighton, Jane, widow of Rev. J. B. Stephenson, aged 73 years.

CROSS.—On the 26th November, at West-terrace, Strathalbyn, Sarah, the beloved wife of James Cross, West-terrace, Strathalbyn, aged 70 years.

McMARTIN.—On the 26th November, at the   residence of his brother, P. C. McMartin, 41, Second-avenue. St. Peters, Arthur Richard, be- loved husband of Fanny McMartin, of Kanowna, W.A.. aged 49 years, leaving a sorrowing wife and four children to mourn their sad loss.

KIRWAN.—On the 26th November, at Adelaide,   Richard, beloved husband of the late Johanna Kirwan, of Hawker, and father of Privates R. J. and H. K. Kirwan, A.I.F., aged 70 years.

DYSTER.—On the 4th November, at Tidworth  

Hospital, England, of cerebro spinal meningitis, Private John B. Dyster, aged 41, leaving a sor- rowing wife and four sons. In the midst of life we are in death.            

MOODY.—On the 22nd November, accidentally drowned at Kilkerran, Abraham James Hopkins, the beloved husband of Lilian Dene Moody, and third son of I. J. Moody of "Gortmore."

WARD. - On the 7th November, at "Wyver- stone," Kadina, Ann, dearly loved wife of John Thomas Ward.


LIGERTWOOD.—Killed in action in France,

on 3rd November, 1916, James Anderson Ligert- wood, second son of the late William Leith Ligertwood, aged 29 years.

ALEXANDER.—Private J. S. Alexander, on the 30th October, killed in action in France, aged 25 years, the only son of Mr Hugh Alexander, Port Adelaide. Deeply mourned by all. 230-2


MARSHALL.—In loving memory, od Private James Marshall, who died in the Adelaide Hospi- tal, of pneumonia, November 26, 1914.  

He gave his life for his country,

He answered the call with the rest.

—Inserted by his sister, Harriet, uncle and aunt, and cousin, Gertrude.


HAND.-In loving memoiy of nn dear friend,

Mrs. W. IL Hand, uno passed away November '20, i li¿4.-Inserted by P. Wilton.

MURPHY.-In loving memory of Martin Pat rick, dearly beloved son of Catherine and the late Edward Murphy, who d¡ed on November 27, 1914 .late of HMC-Inserted by his loving mother, sister, and brother. R.I.P.  

NETTLE.-In Iovin? met"ory of, my d-ar môlher, -Mary Nettle, who died November 27th, 19H." "Gon<\ but not forrottin."'-Inserted by her loving,»on, Richard. ,

NASH."-In. loving memory, of my Jear father, w*ho die^Soveñrber 37. 1915.-inserted bv, bl« lov- ing daughter ^and son-in-iajv, .A'iojet and' George. Ei cr rememoered. ?','.,

PAA7JCH.-To the sacred memory of our darling rhiíd. Kathleen, who emored God"i nursery at the dawn of November 27. 1015. "Some day we'll un derítiínd."-Inserted by sorrow rag parents.

OIîRTiE.-?In >ov-iig memory oí dear moth'C. who died VovenJicr 27. lf*13, m England.

"Gore, bur" not for^oiten."

-inserted bv loving daughter Hilda.

DERBT.-In loving memory oi my dearly be- loved husband. William, who passed-away at.Wal laroo on November 27. ISTS. Late S.A. Railways.

At eventide St vrilLbe lla-ht.-^Inserted by tna-affecj «ionsie wife, <*aruc*t,ier^-anvVeüOJörriaar* a


CON Mil -In «ad and loving memon of mr he loved, hiüsiand, V George, who Mas' iccidentallj shot at Port \dehidi Rifle Ranges on 27th \cnem bcr 1915 Loi rig father of Raj-mond and Kath leen sad v missed -Inserted by Ins loving wife, Olive Cowall \

CO\ UAj -In loving memorv oC George Coxall,

died Novenbcr 27 1915

Tj kno- lum was to love lum

To whisper his naroo was to praise

-Inserted bj his lonny friends, Mr and Jfrs Pcrcv Robinson *

CLOi -In 'oii memory of our dear father, who died \oiember 2" 1908 tier rememWcd - Inserted bj lus loving son. and daughter m lav,

\rthur and Luth

CIO» -In 'oving hr-man of tv dear hu hard

who del November 27 1908

love in death -liouh' n>akp ti= f"c

Wlut ovc in nt should i *avi> be, 1 i uv»! to toi cear husband,

Swctt thoigits <t you wc keep,

«ilthough eight vcars have pssesd awav,

Our grief is just as deep

-Inserted bv his loving wife and lamil}

DREFKF-In loving memory of my dear uncle, who was killed a* Matcham oh "Sovembei 27, 191o

While von He m .»eaoeful «deep.

Your memory ive will always keep

-Inserted bv his loving nephew, R. K Grimes:

T>REFKt -In sail memory of our dear brotoior in law Marry, who, was killed at Mitcnam on November 27. 191o r

Gone and forgotten hv some vou may be, If others forget vou, never «-tau we

-Incited bv hi« loving sister in law and brother In Lav , Jade and Julia Smith

DR^FhTr -In loving mtmorj of our dew brother, vvhc mit with a fatal accident ort Novcm ber "" at Mitchssn

He lud no one a ]a»t farewell,

Ile said good-bvc to none

His spiri* flew before we knew

That from us he hail gone

We often think of you dear brother,

4ml thmk of how von died,

To thmk we could not «it good bye

Bef.irc von closed vour eves -Insefcd bv Charlie and Mabel

DKFFhl -In loving m<«morv of our dear hus barn! ami fithcr Harry vho was accidentally

killed at M tcham "November 27 191o

Little did wo think when we bade him good b. », It would be the list parting between father and


Little wc thought that morning,

W i»n the sim rose in splcndoi red, Tha^ the f ither wc let* ed so dc-arij

Would be nimberai with the dead

-Inserted di his loving wife and children

DftEFM -In sad hut loving remembrance of our i'ear eldest son an 1 brother, iv*o was tem dc-trUHv killed at Mitcham, "November 37 1<H,

.» Budden (fin rare at God s command he fell

He had not time to bid his friends farewell,

Tht summons cune wit wat i warning go cn,

Tint bade ñfrí haste to meet lus God ia heaven

Oh lovee' one dear xve mis» von here, Irrom the home von loved so well

W c pray that God lia" found you rest "A Uli the angels of the blest

Dccplv rcgt-Pttel -Inserted bv his loving father, motiCT and sorters. Selma and Tdte

DREFIvE-In sad remembrance of our deir brother. Harri, who was -icoidentalry lolled at Mitcham November 27, 191 j

Wc mourn for vou, dear brother, N<> evej mav see us weep

If gone ond-forgotten bv ajtne jon mav be. If others forget vou ne*er will we

-Inserted bv lu» son-rowing sister and brothcr-in Hw, Emma and Tom

BILLETT.—In loving memorv of mr dear     mo*her, who passed awav on November 27, 1914


îoj arc in nu thoughts and memory still, If others forget vou I never will

-Inserted by her daughter, Mrs. R. Teague.  

MULLINS.—In loving memorj of mv deir   filher, who departed this life November 26


When davs are dark and friends ire few, Dear father bon I long for you

Thv loving smile thi welcome face, "None can fill mi father a place

-"-Inserted by his loving daughter Wari

MARSLAND.—In fond and loving memon of mj   dear hush in 1 No-mar C Marsland, wlio p:isscd

a vav Noveml er 2 1911

I have lort m sail s companion,

*i life linked with »nj own

II s dear tond smile and loviiv- 'are

None can 9 1 on- loved ones place

-Inserted bv 3jji loving w fe. Nellie ar»i children fatherland mother

SHUTE. —In loving memorv of little Merwii Harold » ' -

Tust a, little white «nowdrop,

V «weet little flower from his birth, So Cod took him hack to heaven

Before he was .oiled hy the earth/

-Inserted by his loving grandma, E. J Porter

JOHNSON. —In loving memon of dear father, who died on November ii 1914

\ paitifn »hook a blow severe

lo pirt with onf we lovd so dear.

Our loss is great wc 11 no rompía n. But trust fn God to meet again

-Inserted Vr ' i daughters and «ons in law, J I an 1 1 Btirtou and C and R Hendn

STOW. —In loving memory of our dear brother,  

William Edward (Willie) who died November 27, 1915.  

God knows the way; He holds the key.

He guides us with unerring hand

Sometimes, with tearless eyes, we'll see,,

Yes up there, we'll understand    

Inserted by his loving brothers and sisters

STOW -In loving memory of our dear son, William Edward (Willie) who died November 27,


We miss thee, dearest loved one

Our hearts are breaking yet

We'll meet thee in the heavenly land  

We never can forget

Inserted by his loving parents, Lydia and Jo- seph.

COOPER.—In loving memen of our dev   mother who passed asvav "Vmember 27, 1012. sj*j our le-ir father who paasod omtiv Srptcmbei .3 1904

Nn since of time -no lapse- of vears

Can 11 ju our loved ones' past \ len ina mernoo hold-, at dear

\ffeeUon holds it fast

-Irl erted lu their lonng daughter and son m Tasr Bell and Ern -il-o loving daughter and son^in la»v,

Marion ami *ir*

COOPER.—In loi n" memon- of our dear father,   who pis_cd awav on september 23 1«*)» also our dear mother vv io pissed awav ».enember *>"", 1912, af hoolunga

*ts the angels wo shall again oehold tbem

< lothed in celestial ¡mee

With all the beauties of their lovely souls expand

-Unding befcre thnr Father s far»

-Inser ed bv their loving daughters and son in law, Catherlme Eff, and Richard

COOPER.—In loving memory of our dear     mother who passed away November 27, 1912; also dear father who passed away September 23, 1904.

Pmed ve but not 'or ever.

We shall meet you by and by,

Where no parting e'er shall (wer.

Where s» tears ahaQ dfra our eyes -?fewerlBA__y their torta»


HOGAN.—In lorim» memory :of my dear hus- band and fat'oor., Janie«," who- die<l at Dale street, Part Adelaide. November 27, 190*!. R.I.'P.

While ron lie in a peverill «leep. Your memory 1 will alwav- keep.

Sadly missed.

-Inserted by^hi« sorrovñiig- wife and-family.

McDOWELL.-In'niemorv of our dear father, al«o beloved husband, -AVilliam :McDoweli. »ho was «i citlenfally killed at flic Port Adelaide Railway- station, November 27. JÍH5. AA'e love you still, dad.-Inserted by hij loving wife and datishtor ami , son-in-law and 'grindchild, Looscy Godwin »nd Howard franklin.

STRAUSS.-In loring- memory of our_ dear  

sister Annie, who departed this life on Novem-

ber "27, 1915.

AVe otten think of you, dear Annie,

-A 1.1 thin!: of » > died;

To-think we could not saygojd-bye,

"Before von closed vour eyes.

-In«erted by her loving'brother and sister-in-law,

II. A. Dohnt".

STRAUSS.—In- «id -and loving' memory of our dear wife and mother. 'Annie Dorothea, who died suddenly, November 27, at Tailem Bend. 1915.

And sad it was. «he bid no one farewell, -? -As lwr epirit flew betöre wc knevv

Tliat from u.« she had gone.

AVe oft<« think,of you, dew mother.

"And think of how you died.

To think we could not say good-bye,

.Before .von clo-eil jour eyes.

-Insertefl bv her loving husband and family.

STRAUSS.-In loving memory of our dear daughter and «Ister. Annie, who passed awsy

on November 27. 1915. >- .

If« just 12 mon ti» aco to-day, " How quickly iC has ried;

Since vou, my dear, were- ,calied Away,

And minifciicd with the dead.

-Inserted by her loving" mother and brother, J.

S. Doh it.

CONSTABLE.-In loving memory of dear Fred, who vi«s accidentally killed by an electric car on November 27, 1912.

?.Ahile you lie iir'peaceful sleep, ' memory I will always keep. -Insirttd by his loving friend, Florrie.

CONSTABLE.-In loving memory of tmr dear son and brother. Fred, who was accidentally killed on North-terrare on November 27, 1012.

He left his home in health' and strength;

No thought of death was nigh.

To think that he was called away.

And could not. tay good-bye.

Remorseless death amongst-us conies,

And bitter tears impart;

It takes tho loved one« from our homes.

But never fran our hearts.

-Inserted by his losing mother, Bieters, and

brothers. - - - " ' i .

MrDOWE*LL.-Tn loVinig meniotT of -our ' dear husband"and "father, AVilriam McDowe'i;'who wi« accidentally killed at Port Adelaide by train No-

vember 27. 1915.

No one know« how much «*e mis* him, t

Friends nuv think the wound Has healed, But thor little know the sorrow

Deep within our hearts concealed.

Our thoughts they often,wander - .

To a, spot not far away;' '

Where thov laid our dearest husband and father

Just one year ago to-day.

.-Inserted by his loving wife and family.

HENNESSY.-In fond memory of our dear mother, J. A. Hennefsv-,- who died at Solomon- town.. November 27. 1014.' R. I. P.

Never to see her or hear her, never to mention

her name.

Two years of endurance flia« vanished, and now

There's a «jain in my heart and care on my brow, The visions of fancy and hope are all gone,

And tearless I travel life's^ pathway alone; , Alone? Not alone, for kind ones there be,

¡But ro one to love, dear .mother, like theo.

-Inserted bv her loving daughter and son-in-law, C. and A. S. Murrin, and grandson, James Murri», Port Pirie. , i

STAEHR.-In loving memory of our dear moth'?.-, w-ho'died "ci November 27, 1915.

Your memory is a» dear to-day

As in the hour von,passed away. -Insrtcd bv Ii.t loving son, AVíllianv

PURCHASE.-In loving/ niomory of my dear father, who died at Wirrabara,"' November 27, 1915. " , . -,

Sleep, dear father, we would, not wilke theo now; Sorrow and trouble, would darken thy brow. Swelt be tthe peace hovering round thee; No grief of pam can conic to thee now. .-Inserted by his loving daughter, "Ellen. '



desire to THANK "aU Friends for kind .«ym nat'uv and floral tribute« in {heir fadbereaiement. Mit. and JIBS. JOHN-STEAVAKT, of Athelstone,

desire to thank pcir numerous friends for telegrams, letters, cards,' floral tributes, and kind expressions of >ympathy in the sad loss of thor dear daughter Raby._ \/fRA If. PAI'PS'and FA MILA' .simcrely THANK -»ML »11 kind rrlends1'an'd"Relaticns for leeters, cird«. Moral tributes', .and, cxpres-ions of sympathy in their rirent «.id bereavement._ PRIANTE GEO. SEAliSON desires to sincerely

i THANK.all-kind "Friends and Relations for letters, cards, floral tribute.«, - and expressions, of sj-nuMthy vnvthc lois of .hi?,dear wife..