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The death' occurred at Peterborough on Wednesday of Mrs. Louisa Hill, widow of the late Mr. G. T. Hill. She was '82 vears of aee: and was born at Wiltshire

in England. She came out to Ssoutn Aus tralia with her parents in 1855, and was a colonist of 73 years. She was married twice. Her first husband was the late Mr. T. H. Smith, who died 36 years ago. The death of her second husband occurred two years ago.. For 50 years Mrs. Hill resided at Coomoroo, near Orroroo, and for 22 years she lived at Peterborogh. She lost her. eyesight about' 'f our years ago. Three sons-^Messrs. H. ' G: Smith (Port Pirie), and T. E. and W. A. Smith (Peterborough)— and six daughters — Mes- dames W. J. Daniels (Perth, W.A.), W. H. Crack (Peterborough), C. Hill (Gaza), A. Stewart (Orroroo), T. C. .Daniels (Peterborough), , and ~ W. ' J. Matthews (Tailera. Bend)— survive. The death occurred on Thursday of Mrs. Crawford Vaughan, wife of a former Pre- mier of South Australia.. Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan, and their, daughter had resided in Sydney during recent years, and it was there that Mrs. Vaughan succumbed to tubercular trouble, after a considerable period of ill health. News of the demise was received on Thursday. Mrs. Vaughan, who was a daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Goode, well-known in pioneer ing work in the country, was born at Canowie Station, in the north where her father was manager at the time. Sub sequently the family removed to Adelaide, and settled at Fullarton. There, as Evelyn Goode, she commenced a literary and a political career. Always keenly interested in progressive movements, she was essen- tially modern in her outlook. Several stories were written,' notably 'The Child hood of Helen' and 'Days that Speak,'



both published by Ward, Lock & Co. After her marriage, Mrs. Vaughan con-   tinued her work, and, being a speaker of fluency and brilliant style, was in frequent demand for the platform. During the war years, she carried out a special re-   cruiting campaign, addressed innumerable meetings, and inaugurated the well-known window badges, whereby crosses indicated the number of volunteers that had been received from that particular dwelling. Throughout Mr. Vaughan's Parliamentary career, his wife proved to be a true help mate; and, once, when he was taken ill and could not journey to address a poli- tical gathering, Mrs. Vaughan went in- stead, and proved to be an able substi- tute. She accompanied her husband to America, when he made the trip Rome years ago, and, subsequently entertained various societies with graphic accounts' of conditions— social, political, and industrial prevailing in the United States. A woman of broad outlook, very sincere in her convictions, and a warm-hearted friend. Mrs. Vaughan was much esteemed. The widower, and one daughter, of 18 years of age, comprise the family. Other relatives include: — Sisters of Mrs.     Vaughan— Mesdames Simmons, wife of Dr. Simmons, of Sydney; Richard Jenkins; Norman Smith (Adelaide);, and Green   (Brisbane) , Brothers — Mr. Clarence   Goode, Commissioner of Crown Lands in Vaughan Ministry, and now of Queens- laud; Dr. Arthur Goode. (Brisbane) Albert P. Goode (Syduey); Milton Goode (Queensland); Malvern Goode (Queens- land); and Cecil Goode, Government Pas- toral Inspector (South Australia). Mrs.-.WaIter Duncan, wjio passed away aged 75, on November 1, et her residence at Palmer place, was the widow of Mr W. H. Duncan, M.P., brother of the late Sir .? John Duncan and nephew of Sir It it' S,'??? W^hose munificence to the Adelaide University is Well known and whose statue on North terrace was erected by his nephews. 5Ir W H Duncan. M.P., died and was buried at ¥?',', A =on'nemorative braSB is in St ilarks Church, Penwortham. placed there SLn' *? ?-Mr- W- H- D''0^ memory _best shmves , in ? the -Walter Uun.can f?m? Prescott terrace Rose ™-' w ??*;? -w«r? ? erected about 1910 with . .money; bequeathed by aim. After her. husband's rtfeath: Mrs.' Walter Duncan travelled ,* .jjreaf; ; deal, and went back' Z™£- *»$?'&**?*- t0. England. sS iftnes. ^Smcer-Duncfa.ff,-. her -.beautiful home, at .Mount-Lofty, wM Wld Mr* Duncan lived almost entirely vat'PilmW Place. ? She left no , 'children, bri' had several nephews and niece*'/ including 'the fanuIy * the, late Mr, John DuS*