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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND . DEATHS. % BIRTHS. ADAHSON.— On the 20th May. at 'Wan- dearah.' Penkivil iitreet. Willoughby, N.S.W^ to Mr. and Mrs. .H. S. Adamson — a daughter (Marion Alice). BAGSHAW.— On the 15th June, at 12 Spot forth street. Cremornc. Sydney, the wife of Edvvjid G. Bagshaw — a son. . 1 ? . 8 BALDOCK (nee D. McKay).— On the 16th June, at Torquay, to Mr. and Mrs. Stan. Baldock — a daughter. ' - BECKER (nee .Laelia Bowles).— On the 23rd June at Rowan private nursing home, 133 Majrlll read. Mayland?, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Becker, Ailing*. avenue. Knoxville — a son. BOOTS. — On the 14th June, at Nurse Green's Matcmitt Home. Brighton, to Mr. 'and Mrs. C. Boots; of Warradale — a son. CHENEY. — On Jhe 10th June, at Rowan private nuTsifig home, -153 MagiU road, May Und*. to Mr.- and Mrs. Roy Cheney, of Avon more avenue. North Norwood — a son (Lyall Desmond). DALLY.— On the ISth June, at Nurse Aron's Honuv Kent Town, the wife of Herbert Dally, ot Kent Town — a son. - Both welL FORREST.— On the 2nd June, at Nurse Aron's -Home, Flinders' street, Kent Town, the wife ot Gordon Forrest, of Aveline avenue, North Norwood — a son. Both well. HAILSTONE (nee Basham).— On the 19th June, at Torquay, to Mr. and Mis. H. G. Hail ston--— a daughter (Dorothy May) HALLAM.— On the 6th June, at Nurse Aron's Home. Flinders street. Kent Town, the wife of E. E. Hallam, of Arthur street, Unley — a -daughter. Both well. HANNEY. — On the 14th June, at QuambI Hospital, to Mr. and Mr*. .\. I- Banner, of 19 Emily avenue, Claphani— a son. H4RVEY. — On the 19th June, at Nurse Green's Maternity Home, Brighton, to Mr. and Mrj. F. B. Harvey — a ion. All well. HOLDS (nee How Errington).— On the 25th June, to Mr. and Mr«. Tom Hollis. Cawthom utrft. Southtvark — a daughter. At Delta Nurs ing Home. 121 Henley Beach road, Mile-End. Special thanks to Dr. Dolling and Nurse Frost. HOLDER.— On The ICth June, at Nurse Green'.* Maternity Home. Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Holder, of Holder street, Brighton — a »on (Ronald Keith). HOPKINS.— On the 13th June, at Nurse Green's Maternity Home, Brighton, to Mr. and. Mrs. W. F Hopkins Somer street, Brighton — a daughter. All well. HUNT.— On Ihe 22nd June, at Quambi Hcs pital to Mr. ar.-! Mrs. Thomas Hunt, of Gum Creei. Farrell's Flat— a daughter. McGOWAN — On the 20th Jnne, at Quambi Hmpital. to Mr. and Jin. C. W. McGowan. ot 14:J Caidwcll street, city — a son. PERKINS.— On the 23rd June, at YooUna Nurrfng Home, Cawler avenue, Welland south, to Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Perkins, IS Fisher street. Welland — a son. ? POMEROY.— On the 14th June, at Quambi Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. 11. R Pomeroy. of Dunlin road. Hawthorn — a son. - ROBINSON.— On the 2Srd June, at Rowan private nursin? home. 133 MagiU road, Mty iand* to the wife of C. A. L. Hobinson. of No. « Blindi street, Evandale^ — a daughter (Alice Mjtv). . SPENCER. — On the 24th June, at Nurse JemUon** Hospital, Goolwa. to Mr. and Mis. H. A. Snenccr, of Port.Elliot— a daughter. SYKES.-^On the 21st June at Nurse Smith's Unley uursing home, the wife of Bert Sykes —a ton. ? v ' TOLHURST.— On ' the 23th Jane, at Quambi \ur-ing Home, South terrace, Adelaide, to Mr. an-I Sn. T. F. Tolhurst, Tennyson. North Orange —a daughter.' WALMSLEY rne? R. Sheridan).— On the 13th Juu'. at Quambi Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Wa1m*-r. - rf - Eynesbury avenue, Kingswood WIGG'wESWORTH.— On the 30th May, at Ncr-r CictsV Maternity Home;' Brishton; to Mr. and M.c. A. Wicglc-worth, t-f Mariuii — a ilangh ter. ? -

ENGAGEMENTS. COOPER-MacKENZIE.-The engagement is         announced of Alice L., zburtli daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cooper, Upper Kensington, to Neil S., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Mac Kenzie, Forestville. HOAD-PLUMMER.—The engagement is an       nounced of Gladys E. I., eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. A. Hoad, of Norton's Summit, to Horace, fifth son of Mrs and the late Mr. C. Plummer, Forest Range. SMITH—HEINSLATER.-The engagement is     announced of linn* D.. eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. .*.' E. Smith, 26 Park terrace, Parkside, to Sidney «C, third son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Heinslater, Kilkenny. SILVER WEDDINGS., 'JOULE— TAYLOR. — On the 2Vth June, 1900, at Pichi Richi Pz&. Qunrn. Edward E. Moule. eldest. eon of the laie John and H. Moule/ of tit. Peterf, to LoiiUa, fifth danghter of late William- Tartar, of Quom. Present addrew — Wagin, W.A'. DEATHS.     BAYNE. — On the 26th June, at his residence. 30 Victoria avenue. Dulwirh, Frederick, dearly beloved husband of Victoria Bayne, aged 71 rears (late of Tickera). CHITTLEBOROUGH.— On the 25th June, at 73 Cambridge terrace, Malvern, Henry Carew, beloved husband of Emma Chittleborough. CROWLEY. — On the 2fith June, at '.C Ann street. Stepney Mary, the beloved wife of Patrick Croslcy, uged' 80 years. Requieseat iu pace. =?'?- HOLMES. — On the 2Cth June, at North Ade laide. Rev. Henry Holmes (Methodist minister), o? 113-Edward street, Norwood, 'aged 82 years. MEANEY.— On the 26th June, at his parent's residence, near Freeling, beloved son (John James), aged 23 years and six montlis. R.I.P. WARD.— On the 26th June, at Adelaide, Thomas Vincent Ward, late of the 9th Light Horse, late linesman E.T. Department, the eldest son of the late Peter and Bridget Mary Ward, of Hammond, aged 39 rears. Requiescat in pace. Privately interred in the Catholic Ceme- tery, West terrace, Friday, June 26th.   YOUNG.— On the 17th June, at Perth. W.A., Roland Young, youngest son of the late John L. Young. IN MEMORIAM. BROWM.— In loving meniorr of my dear brother Irwinn, who passed away on tbe 25th June. 1922- And also mv dear sister, who died on th- 25th July, 1819' at Manoora. Time' may pass and bring its changes, Fresh with every coming vear, But you will be rvmeubered In our hearts that hold you dear. — Inserted by your loving sister, Maude, Manoora. KIN&— In loving memory of otrr dear 'hus- band and father, James Francis, who passed away at Manton street, Hindmarsh, on the 28th June. 1921. A loving father true and kind, No friend on. earth like him we find. Four years have passed and none ran u-i The loss pt him we loved eo well. — Ever remembered by his loving wife and family and grandchildren. LEAN*— In loving memory of mr dear mother. Elizabeth Lean, who pasted awav on the 28th June. 1920. Also, in loving memory of my dear father, William. Lean, who pa«sed away on the 23rd June. 1881.— Inserted by their daughter. E. S. Gray. v RICHARDS. — In fond and loving memory of our dear husband and father, Egbert Edward Glenel* **** °n the 27th Juoe» 192*- at V1! P''?05*- Lonl. ft cannot see. T S?J\1S ^ that's done »*? T''- &£**&& JSF1 wae- - SUn' BEREAVEMENT CARDS. ^pS M. PENCELCEY, of North street, Healer. B.r..Wi8'1?' t0. ,THANK a' kind Friends and telanves.fcr telegrams, letters, cards, flcral nbutes, and personal expressions of- svmpathv n £erJef1Lnt 'I bereavement; eipeciilly n'. L. O. Muirhead, for his unremitting .atf-I.ticn : also Nurse Steward, for. her kind attendance! ^TBS. and Mrs. C. W. GRAHAM, ot Frederick street, Unley. and the sons and daughters of the late Mrs. Hannah Graham, wish to sin cerely THANK all kind Friends and Relatives for the beautiful floral tributes, letters, card*, and telegrams, and personal expressions of sym pathy in their recent sade bereavement. Special thanks to Dr. Wells and the Rev. W. G. Marsh. ifHS. GOLLOP, ef Houghton, and Mr. and £?? Mrs. V. E. STANTON wish to sincerely THANK all Relatives and Friends tor letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, » and personal expressfon^'of sympathy and kindly help both before and after their recent sad bereavement lf'R. and Mrs. CHARLES H. NAGELy of Port ?f*-' Lincoln, desire to THANK all kind Friends for letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent Md bereavement, especially Dr. R. Ooode, Rev. E. M. Ingatnelln, Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Boehaie, for untiring attention, also Mrs. Morris. Mrs. Lake, Mr. Harn»t'and staff Port Lincoln Post Office.