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Selecting the World's Best. . LONDON, October 3.

Mr. Wallis Myers, in an article to ine Daily Telegraph, names, in the following order, the world's 10 best lawn tennis nlavers:— Lacoste, Borotra, Cochet, John

ston, Tilden, Richards, Harada, Alonso, Kinsey, and-Brugnon. Discussing the dis placement of Tilden, the writer says:— 'When free from knee trouble he may regain the supreme position, although, it looks as if Lacoste has discovered the tactical secret by which Tilden may be confounded. Johnston is entitled to go ahead of Tilden, because he beat both Frenchmen in the Davis Cup contests, against Tilden's one victory.' Explaining why no Australians are in cluded in the 10 players chosen, Mr. Myers remarks that the omission i3 not due to any decline in their skill, but none of them competed at Wimbledon or in Ame rica this year. This contingency, he says, is not likely to arise next year. Mr. Myers places whom he considers to be the 10 best women players in the following order:— Mile Lenglen, Mrs. God free, Senorita d'Alvarez, Mrs. Mallory, Misses Eyan, Browne, and Joan Fry, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Jeesup; Mlla 'Vlasto, . and Miss Myers. The' name of Hiss Helen Wills is not mentioned in the article, be cause she did not compete in the champion ships. : THE PROFESSIONALS. SAN FRANCISCO, October 3. William Johnston, a former national tennis champion, has refused an offer from Mr. Pyle to turn professional.