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YARDEA STATION. . A Notable Sale.

One of the most notable. recent sales of pastoral properties was held at the Wool Exchange on Thursday afternoon, when Yardea Station, comurisine 1,487 sq. miles..

west 01 Port Augusta, was offered for sale in five lots, under instructions from A. J. and P. .A. McBride, Limited, by Elder, .Smith,'/& Co., .Limited. Mr, Lance Addi son wielded the hammer. Four of the five blocks were. sold for. a total of £98,834 9/2, one (Thurlga) having been passed in at 1/7 an acre. Tne room was crowded, and among those present were many well known pastoralists and others:— Tht C.U. (Hon; T.Butterfield), Messrs. T. E. Day (Surveyor-General and- Chairman of the Pastoral Commission), A. Beviss, L. Mc Taggart (Wooltaria), J. D. McTaggavt (Nonning), ' G. W. Murray ( formerly of Ya,lata), John Murray (formerly of Wallal berdina), W. J. Wade (Pariaramitee), A. J. Murray (Mount Crawford), John Bren nan (Siam), Walter Ives (formerly of Oakden Hills), the Kidman brothers (Ookden Hills), H. P. McLachlari (Para too), R. Gi H. Hope (Para), H. H. Dutton. (Aulaby), 'G. Nicholson (Pan durral. H. Bnnllv fKolpnrln »nrl 'Wpffiir

Brook), J. G. Terry (formerly of Mount Vivian), Allan Sinclair (Moolooloo), A. T. Laidlaw, S. McPherson (Cortabena), Colin Matheson- (.Nitpena), N, A. Richardson, A. R. Withers (Mallee Cliffs),' J. P. Hender son (Koonaraore), L.' C. Sunman, Major L. A. Lewis, the Hon. W. G. Duncan. M.L.C. (Gum Creek), S. Rymill (Wiw. yilka), T, H. McKay, and W. McDonald. , First Station in Gawler Ranges. .Yardea was the first station taken up in the Gawler Ranges, and, according to N. A. Richardson's book, 'Pioneers of the North-west,' at one time from 80: to 90 thousand sheep we're shorn i. thjere. ? In the. 'nineties, .wh'ea the 'leases expired, tha run: was deserted. -The late Mr. Andrew Teonanfr and Mr. Moseley, M.P., were ehieily responsible for its rehabilitation, the latter particularly. He took it up in 1901, and converted it into a payable pro position. 'In 1916 Mr. Moseley «old Yardea to Messrs. A. J. and P. A. ? McBride for £72,00Q, with 40,000 odd sheep. The new owners spent a lot of money in improve ments, as they, have done, with .all, the runs they have taken up, and last year shore 48,000 sheep there. -The sales on Thursday of th* Tesneetivp hWTra wpfs »

follow:— ?.?-??-??? Homestead Block. 423 square ' miles (272,000 -acres); purchasei-. Mr. H. Boully at 3/1 an acre— £41,933 6/8. Righfc to pur chase 14,000 sheep— fi.OOO ewes at 19/. 3,000 lambs at .13/, 3,000 maiden ewes at 25/, and 2,000 IJ-year-old wethers 17/. /«?i°^,k kDown as Paney, 317 square miles (202,880- acres); purchaser. Mr. T. H. McKay, of Kadina, at 2/6 an acre— £25,360. Rights to purchase 9,200 sheep. Block known as Thurlga, 339 square miles (216,960. acres), passed in at 1/7 an acre. Rights to purchase 8,100 sheep. ?iloc*-\okn,own M 'rdina, 284 square miles (181,760. acres); purchaser, Mr. H Hoully, at 2/6 an acre— £22,720, Richts to purchase 8.100 sheen.. Block known as Unalla, 122 square miles I'W acres); purchaser, Mr. H.. Boully Progressive Young Pastoralist. Mr. Boully, who was the principal pur chaser, , is a comparatively young man, whose enterprise and enthusiasm has placed him in the sound position he is to day. He was formerly Elder, Smith, and Co/s representative at Port Augusta, and in his keenness to enter pastoral pursuits, he wasjmcouraged by Mr. J. D. McTaK gart, who offered him, with others', a part nership m Nonning Station. Eventually ?he partnership was dissolved, and Mr Bouify took over Kolendo,' whose he' has spent a lot of money in improvements with successful results. He resides at Nectar Brook, a small place 20 miles from i'ort Augusta, which he used as a depot.