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After a ; short visit to Broken Hill Mr. George Wallace and his revue company returned to Adelaide last week, and they resumed their engagement at the Majes

tic ineatre on Saturday evening. Their reappearance was greeted by a bumper house, to which they staged 'His Royal Highness,' a farcical extravaganza, which was billed as an original musical comedy written by Mr. Wallace. TEe piece con sists pf two acts and seven scenes, and occupies the whole of the evening. It affords every opportunity for the dispiay of Mr. Wallace's talents as a comedia!:, and accordingly keeps his admirers in a simmer t-£ laughter... The plot is a. simple one. George Wallace, otherwise Tommy Dodd, attired in the garb with which he has familiarized himself to Majestic audi ences, is discovered at a New York pie :tall by Alfam (Marshall Crosby) and Torano (Frank Haining), an embassy for the kingdom of Betonia, a region border ing on the Adriatic, who are searching Tor the abducted heir to the throne of that country. Alfam suddenly decidss that Tommy Dodd is the missing heir, a

Bijar on me oacK ot nis necK convincing him of the genuineness of his discovery. The bewildered denizen of New York'- underworld is straightway placed on board an Atlantic liner and shipped off to Be tonia, where, the king having 'gone west,' he is duly acclaimed as the successor to the throne. _ Unused to- court ways, in order that his manners may be improved, he is placed under the control of Yioben (Miss Ada ? Scaddan/, a revere-lobking elderly female, with whom, as a result, he is constantly at loggerheads. He com pletely upsets the decorum and routine of the court, and his eccentricities naturally cause much amusement. It is eventu ally, discovered that one of the court at tendants is the genuine heir, and that the scar on Tommy Dodd's neck was merely the result of a bad scratch. Thebogus monarch is despoiled of his regal robes, and is promptly returned to his native town. However, 'he had incidentally made enough money to enable him to reach the zenith of his ambition, viz., Jhn purchase of .-.n up-tq-daito, p^irtarr, and his aim in life havlng'Tjeen attained, the curtain descends on a scene of universal happiness. As Tommy Dodd, and later as the King of Bedonia, George ? Wallace was, of course, the bright, particular star of the combination. The part was exactly suited to his typo of humour, and he made the most of his opportunities. He met with a' very flattering reception, and the suc cess of the piece was in a large measure due to his efforts. Aa Alfam, Mr. Mar shall Crosby had a good deal to do. but he carried out his work in his usual tli -rough manner. 'The peasant's song,' as given by him. was thoroughly enjoy«J. and the audience would have appreciated more such vocal contributions. He was Well- supported by Mr. Frank Haining, as forano, the king's counsellor, and the interpretation of the part was quite ratis factory. Mr. Tom Lincoln was excellent as Gmseppe, a piestall keeper, and Mr. Hrcd Hayes did all that was required from his as Hozzen, a royal guard. Miss TLnlla tanning showed an intelligent apprecia tion of the character of Babette, a lady of the court, and t?he sang and danced welL while Miss Marie Nyman. as Mollie, a : Aew York sho*cirl,: was bright and' attractive. As Yoiben. Miss Ada Scad dan has a somewhat thankless part, but she contriveil to invest it waB nn amount of seventy that was decidedly funny. -A Feature of tne performance was the in ftrument.M contributions of the Charleston brrnphonists, which proved most enjov able. ^and imperative recalls greeted seve ral of their .terns. They are a valuable »id to the show. The 'Six Rascals' ap peared in a number of bright, piptur kito ballets, and contributed materially to- the' success of the entertainment. Others jf the princinalsalao assisted in the ianees, and Mr. TTallace contributed seve ral songs of his own composition. Some sf tne costumes were rich, and the piece '??£ T_er7 well mounted. The Drogramme repeated .during this week.