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~_ In ike1 deafc'bf Mrs; Isabella. Cameron, ?felict .^r|the/i'Kte*, ;Ji&viJiiigu#' .Cameron (writes 'bur Narracbdrte* 'correspondent), 'the district has lost another of its few

pioneer-. residents. .Mrs. Cameron had enjoyea'-gq6-I::healtli;till; withm. the ; last - three yewrav ?^8he-passed'flwaj'- peacefully at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. ? A. Hepburn), at midnight on Monday. . Her maiden name waff Isabella Mc /.Dongall, and she was a daughter of the late Mr. John and Mrs. Sarah McDougall, ' being born in the Isle of Coll, Scotland, ? in the year 1848. She came to Tas mania with her parents in the ship Persia in 1858, and from there they went to .Melbourne where the family ; remain ed^for j. a Bhort period. Thence they journeyed ' .to Portland, and on to Penola, residing ' at the latter place for some time. 'Shortly after, Mrs. Cameron's lather selected land at Lake Ormerod, and she came to live ..with her parents in this district. She had resided here ever since. She mar ried the late Mr. Angus Cameron, who died in 1900, and the issue of the mar riage was a family of three daughters and seven sons, two sons being deceased,- She 'was a sister of the late Mrs. F. Mclnnes, of Binnum, and two brothers survive her —Messrs. J. McDougall, of Tarrock (V.), and L. McDougall;. of Norajuha (V.). She was of quiet disposition, but was 'genial and warm-hearted, and wag highly ' esteemed by a large circle of friends. - . /Ex-Senator William' Senior died ait his 'residence, Croydoh, on Monday afternoon, ;-at the age of 76 years. The late Mr. '.Senior was born at Holmfirth, England on February 0, 1850. At the age of five years he came to South Australia with his .'parents, who settled at Mount Gambier in 1S58, whither they had .travelled from their former horne at.Willunga, He en tered the Primitive Me.thodist' ministry, 'and served for a few years. Although he relinquished the ministry, he continued 'as a Methodist local preacher, until his ?3eath, when he had served in that capa city about 50 years. Entering business 'at Mount Gambier in 1&3, he became . gjentified with various .activities. . He : was always fond of debate, especially on ? .'political and' social subjects, and usually ' took an ultra-democratic view. For eight or nine years he was a leading member of



local literary societies, and. President of the Democratic' Society^' IrrliXB he con ? tested the District of Victoria and Albert, .but was unsuccessful. . On. the death of ? Mr. Handyside ifl Bti4,'he was elected. to the House of Assembly. The possibilities of afforestation appealed strongly to him, and he advocated that large areas should be planted with trees. He was defeated at the election following the dissolution in /February, 1912, but succeeded in. the Senate contest in 1913 as a representative '..of thft 'Labour Party; :- He . remained with *-*the^pttrty' 'untS^he' ?'riBitf'o v \±i'' lh'er Wfti3ctT|5-* - tionissue,-. and 'wan returned jn 1918 as a Nationalist, holding bis seat in the Fede ral Parliament .for seven years. He was a keen student of geology and kindred subjects, and passionately fond of good books' and flowers.' 'While Chairman of the .South-Eastern Trades Commission he did.' much.- to advance the claims of Eobe ? as a deep, eea port, and to secure a safe ..' harbour' for that, part of tjie State. , He was, a foundation .member of the Odd fellows/ Lodge, Orror'oo. At the recent ' ''Back :ta- Mount :i Gambier'' ? celebrations,, r he/ delivered an address' on 'The life and I ppjeios pf Adam Lindsay. Gordon.' His wifei. whom ha .married In .1878, was a -daughter . of Mr. William, Claytpn, late of Mount. Gambier, and now-of Croydon. 'In addition- to the widow, three survive— two sons, Messrs. E.D. Senior, Commonwealth Returning Officer for Darling; and H. C. Senior, of the Federal ? Taxation Depart ment/ Adelaide ; one daughter, Mrs.' E. M, Perty,'. West Crpj-don'; ' and. two '.grand- ? children, Mrs'. M. Brooker, Torjrens Park, and Mr. C.. R. Pounsett, of- Holden's, limited..- ' :- ? ,Gur. Bar*in,.'cbrrespon'dent. telegraphed on Monday -new? of the death thatmorri ing of-Mrs-;-KiKan,'the oldest inhabitant 'of fte^town?'' fibe 'was aged 7T years. Mrsi:-Eflian had lived in Darwin since ? ._ifl7£ ;? _r' '. V.- , ?- 1 .','.?. .' :THjf death .occurred in London on Sun 8ay w^Mi:^- James 'Elwell, the -famoua ee clesisetical .wopd carver, at the age -t-f 90 ?years. He carved the fine case of to* Bydney -Town Hall. organ. - i . Miaff. Catherine? Arbonj- who died at WokurnaT recently, waa -born in 1854. De ceaselwasjtfie eldest daughter of Mr. and ? Mrs:'; 'X 'Emslj'e,':. of:' Sandy Creek, near Ganler. ? -She married, Mr .'.Joseph Arbon, and 45-years ago, settled at Wokumaj 'where the family successfully engaged in farming Tta- 'late- Mrgj Arbon. was greatly re spected., Mrs'. W. R.-lIichael,of Barunga Gap,' is'-the sole surviving ^sister. A 'grown-up . family, comprising llessrs. A. E^ Arbon', (Bute), A. and J. Arbon (Port Broughton), Mesdames Cleave (Mungalo), J_A-WiUTams (Elbow Hill), W. G. Kirk (Port Broughton), and- -MisB Jean Aibon (Port Broughton) r survive. ?