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At the Adelaide Police Court Buildings on Thursday the Acting City Coroner   (Dr. R. S. Rogers) conducted an enquiry .into the circumstances surrounding the death of Henry Ernest Richards, of Fisher-street. Malvern, who died at the Adelaide Hospital on Tuesday from in- juries sustained through a collision with a horse and cart in Hurtle-square on Monday evening last.

Cyril Graham Richards, insurance in-

spector, residing at Hyde Park, tendered evidence of identification. The deceased was his brother, and his place of busi- ness was in Hindmarsh-square. His direct route home would be through Hurtle- square. He was a total abstainer.

George S. Meldrum, salesman, living at Waller Street. Goodwood Park, said he was in the employ of Richards. He saw him leave his place of business on a motor cycle at about 6.20 on Mon- day, evening last. He was apparently in his usual state of health.  

William Henry Gibbs, baker, of Halifax   Street, stated that he was walking through Hurt1e-square at the time of the collision. Richards was travelling south at about ten miles an hour, and was on his wrong side of the road. The night was dark. Richards wa» riding about 8 ft. from the gutter. He heard a crash, and on reaching the scene found Richards lying under the motor cycle on the roadway. There was a vehicle a few feet away, and the driver assisted the witness to extricate Richards from his position.

Dr. Walter Leonard Smith, resident medical officer at the Adelaide Hospital, deposed to having attended the deceased at the hospital after his admission. Rich- ards was unconscious when admitted, but he regained consciousness later in the evening, He made no statement regarding the cause of his injuries. He died on the following morning from injuries to the thorax and hemorrhage.    

James -Raymond Davis, driver, in the   employ of Beauchamp Bros., deposed to having witnessed the collision.

John Salmon, of Nelson-street, St. Peters,produce merchant, said, he was   the driver of the dray with which the de- ceased collided. . He saw the cyclist ap- proaching when about 20 yards away. The

witness called out, "Where are you go- ing" but the cyclist did not appear to hear him, and colli ded with the near side of the dray.  

The Coroner found that the deceased

came to his death from injuries accident- ally received, in a collision with a dray. '


.jV.Pr. Smith,'o' the Adelaide .Hospital, re 'Äottedifto'the City Watchhouse oh Thur«' 'flay thai Private Francis G. Hipworth, who waa admitted to the institution on Majrv.17) »offering from the effects of a fall from hi« horse at the Mitcham camp on , *May>13,>di«d at the hospital that morning. The. deceased was 22 years of age, and had enlf«t*d/for service at .the front. He was .K native of. Mathoura,, near Deniliquin. "Sew* South WaleSj where his mother re aidft. ,-Private Hipworth had joined the th~ Reinforcements of the. 0th Light

orar,' and while he was out training at e. camp on. May. 13 his horre slipped and Ml, injuring his' nose. No 'serious , cQnaeauenceSf were ^feared, but a few

. t}ajja:,.kter, itv was discovered that a clot .;«f^h)ood had been formed oh the brain

nand had'«et,yp: an irritation» 'The' de i ceaaed will,he buried ibis afternoon, with

,»Hilary . honors,, at the AVest-terrace Cetnefcry; ' "" , >

I » u, TRAM OFF ami LINE.

Af about 210 p m on Thursday," the

back wheels of a tram from Torrens, tile \ left the rails near the W est Park Bowling

Club's jireena, and the traffic on that route

was dislocated *or* a considerable time The tram wa« full of passengers and as ft tarried round3 the'curve from Hardy's win« «¿liars the rear bogey wheels left "the metals,' and became deeply ''em- bedded in the ballasting The front wheeis did not leave the rails, and the car, having * .Sewed ¡round from the back towards the ' «town line, preteritcd the service from be-

ing'i, continued cither wa> Within a ,abqxf time A large number of cars were held up. and mam of the city, passengers , walked thcTre«t of their journej. The re-

pair gang armed a little later but it w11-, »nie time before the normal sen ice was resumed ' *

^ vDEA3çfeqrBUSHMEN. ,

-*-»>« r » Quorn, Mav 20

. Drover O'connell, who reached Hergott *. «nnqpvftom Western Queensland m an

exhausted condition last week, died it the

Por*! AujpjfcU Hospital on Sunday The

death of another bushman occurred it Quorn on Tnepday morning, A dog 11 noHoncr, Mr John Ford, arrived here on Monday, and was g1\en employment at Mr

Baclie'a bakery chopping wood He was] allowed to sleepMm, the chaffhonse. On .Mctndayfiraght"--afc tea tune he appeared «inte well.irhen the'baker gave him some tobacco,r bat next inortunk he was fonnd afead, having evidently paused away ia his ?leay. He had no papen to indicate there whereabouts of*1 febttnes. The Mayor !Mx Tbómpatml deemetl an inquest un- necessary. The'-nie»t.was about 60 years

. f age, 5 ft, 5 fa.j^qeight, medium build, dark complexion! MUgjcUrlj hair, andJietny dark board, -v "^ « V > "*'


M ^ ' Melbourne. Ma> 20

TV Minster "bfy Home Affairs (Mr 'Archibald), m the House of Representa

byes ^to-day, told Mr* Yates that an ctr 1 4uiry badbeen made into the circumstances .nrrounding, the death of Mr O'Loughhn,

? lever patient, whd waejulled bv jumping! from a, ti-am - on the Ea«t West railwa\ | when, out of his mind. O'Loughhn was in a violent *t»tc of mind through, it waa

ttated, excowive drinking, and'was locked, np in the traine but through a door being ? left ttftlocbed he wa« able to jump out of the train when approaching Port Augusta, &nd ne »»scaped in the darkness though em ploye/Vent* after him. There was ample attendance-oil -.trainst The question of giving Qtöijgbliii'B parents some compen-

sation'fen* ttierio** °* *n«" ^ wa« under,

voaideratian, *

Fï .- *i«o.i _

%^ * EOL-ih) DEAD

-¡^¿VT -> j*» ^"Launceston, May 20

vSIr Hugh-MtSHugh, aged "06, of V»el ' Inztori-atreet, was found dead n his ' office this norning Half in hour be

We he *W«irs»en, appt entry in normal .?alto.*, _