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Scicide of Mb. G. F. Hopkins. —The general public had just been made ?.ware, through the medium of tho several editions of tho Eeeiiirvj Journal, of the murder at the

Samaphore and the horrible suioido at Nor wood, when a report came to hand that Mr. G. F. Hopkins, who represented Port Ade laide in the House of Assembly for eix yean, and who was woll known about town, had attempted to destroy himself. Enquiries showed that the statement was true. Mr. Hopkins turnod up at tho signal-box at the Mile- End Crossing about half-past 11 o'clock on Tuesday morning, and asked the signal man for a drink of water. This was given to him, and although, as it turned out afterwards, it was only a few minutes before ho committed the deed his manner did not occasion any suspioion. Leaving the sitrnal-box he went towards the Park Lands, and a few minutes later tbo report of a shot was heard. Soon afterwards Mr. F. Gregor, who was walking through tho Park Lands, saw a mau lying under tho pinc3 near the Hills Railway line, several hundred yards from tho crossing, and on going over to tbe spot he found that it was Hopkins, who was lying down with a bullet wound in tho right torople and a revolver by his side. Information was speedily sent to the police, who came and removed tho man to tho Hospital, where he was admitted. He km unconscious all the time. An operation was performed to find the bullet, but without success, and he died at half-past 3 o'clock. Hopkins was known to bo in straitened financial circumstances, and tho firm for which he was engaged had determined to prosecute him for not paying in money that he had collected for them. An inquest. will beheld to-day. A Lady Medical Student.— Miss C. L. Goode, a fourth-year medical student of the Adelaide University, proceeded to Melbourne by the express on Tuesday afternoon to complete her studies at the Melbourne University. All the lady medical students who had until the recent troubles been study ing at the Adelaide University have now gone to Melbourne Bills or Health.— At a meeting of tho Central Board of Health on Monday a letter was received from Dr. Toll, HoalthOfficor, who stated that the Board's instructions that bills of health from ports of departure brought by masters of ships arriving at Port Adolaido should ba handed back after inspection would be carried out. Dr. Toll added that it some times happened that the bill of health was tbe only official document on the ship, and in those cases it was retained by'tke Customs officers. Tho President reported that ho had directed the Secretary to write to tbe Collec tor of Customs and request that in future such bills of health bo handed back after in spection. This was approved. Tub Westers Export Trade.— One of tho dreams of South ? Easterners sinco the Western Australian boom began (writes the A/VOicent Timst) has bean the inauguration of a direct trade from Beachport to tho West. Stockown»» have been mainly instrumental in keeping the idea before the public, the notion being that live stock could be shipped in such numbers as to ease tho local -supply consider ably and koep up prices. But it is certain that no shipments of stock could bo managed unless othor cargo could ba found for boats calling at southern ports. With the start of canning operation.*, however, tho notion becomes prac ticable, for tho output of even ono canning works, if it were directed westwards, would form tho basis of a good cargo for a boat at least monthly. Cunning ventures', therefore, call for the support of stockowners on other grounds than on tho claim usually mads that they will destroy vermin. St. Bartholomew's Litzrart Society.— On Monday pvenin? at St. Bartholomew's Literary Society, Norwood, Mr. Samuel Barhour delivered an interesting lecture on the 'RSntgen Rays' illustrated by limelight views. Mr. J. C. B. Moncrioif presided over a fair attendance. After somo introductory remarks tho lecturer explained that the X or RSntgen raj's are thwe which vibrato so rapidly that they are invisible to tbe naked eye. Ho then briefly sketched tho stops taken in tho discovery of the rays, after which about twenty excellent photographs taken with the aid of the rays wore thrown upon the screen. Whilo these plates were being developed Mr. Barbonr showed various yiews of places of interest taken on the journey to London via Amorica. The skiagrams wore thon exhibited, and prorod excellent, every thing being 4 clearly defined. The hearty thanks of the Society wore tendered to Mr. Barbonr at the conclusion of hi* lecture, and tho same aro due to Mr. W. M. Spenco for aiding in developing the skiographs. Drotosc Trotchs at Moo.vta.— On Tues day Messrs. Hooper and .Grainger, M.P.'s, waited on the Commissioner of Public Works with a potition from Moonta, asking that free water should bo supplied to a public drinking trough which it was proposed to erect at the lower or north-wost side of the town. It was stated that * trough on tha opposido side- of tho town was proving a very great convenience during the summer, and if tho Commissioner would supply the water freo tho local Corpora; tioa would orectand properly look after the trough. Tho Commissioner promised to en quire into the matter. ' The Febrcart Crcmc Carxttau— Cyclists are reminded that nominations for the carnival to be held on tho Jubilee Oral on February 13 and 20 close at the North Adelaido Clubrooms, Solborne Chambers, this ovoning. Already a large number of intercolonial nominations havo been received. ,.,'?'- \