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TO MISEOWNERS. MINING SYNDICATES MEKOUANTS. AND GENERAL FUBUC. &S0. W. &EAY & QQ., GENE HA L ii £IU HANTS, CAKiU EBS. CO.MMIS S1ON, Cl-TOMS. .SHIPPING. AND FOKWAIiWNU AGENTS. ESPESANCtL AWD NORSEMAN TtA-VSS WAITtffG ARRIVAL O* EVERY STEAM S3. an.i Rr.vW to Uw.,1 at Lowest ?talr« IMININa MACHINERY, GENERA!. ISSEH CHANDISE, 3OI-_EKS, PERISHABLE GOODS, iic, Imnwtiuitcl? tfter ar.'DtvLi-c.-' wirtnftbe NnilsKM.VNami DCN1US UOM-il'ELDS. Special Low Trsiza: :crO:». it, from Norseman F:-'M to Eir^ranc'. Undereround and Surface Workings Surveyed and Plans Prepared by Com petent Mfninjc Surveyors. Mining Pro pert ioa Roported on. AGENTS YOU CC3D & CO.'S RCYAL MAIL COACHES. Espemnve to No.-stnua anU Ccolfardfe. For ranker partirtiUr?, ippsy OHO. U\ GRAY-£ Co., Kitjw-nuu-* ? or A. -'. BO.A-£. Alfred ChamWrs, Carrie »txvot, Adelaide. Tei?phoa« *3*. vXinrrlc

CHEAP BOOTS A3B COMMON ENOUGH. Lota of fieoplij are selling them. Bu: a Uoosl Boot :*t Che-ip Price — tlmt i» ditieretit. WE ARE -L\KING A GENTs GENUtNE CALF BALMORAL BOOT, Hair Watertight Vojiguc, Wide Wclta, Brass Screw--: j\T-~..',d Soles, Peaked The LKATHER i ~ l'r. ?--; C ot.« is dressed .speci ally a: OIR YAM^l.tV. VOKT-KOAD. UiND MAItifl. ;»» ' raaii..' ii- *rth tho ?real*»t care a.1 bt'R KAtrroRY. vrv.r. -TREKr: TUE COOl's AUK l-l'f IN CARTOONS, AND .-OL1- AT ll\,{\ PEK I'AIIL I U; O Tra.aj Mark This BOOT is y^^SVT^K Marked thu» on /s^^- ? -JO^\ the Inside of the/Q~/ ^^G^rX-Tp'X Uppers of every q /I l»V* )^p Pair sold, and ;3\Vv\ /^CS^ J/ ° J a. Guaritntcc of' \ '//* ? ^i^O' Keg:iatorcd. ThU is not las c*n*! Gent's Bi moral otfenwl at l*Vk. Dd. If you think :t If ait-r cnieriu? a pair, sond tbctn bafk a*;sia at our «p.--nie. Ttecvb^vw line txi? be olitaji^-l rhrox:b .nnro-' otir Uruiches, or »ili be forwarded, riil jaiu. aroa: 7s. UuBdle-street. AIX CORnE-^POSTTEXCE TO BF. Ar-T-TTRS?ED Federal Boot Compaay, 7S, RUKDJ-E-STFIEET. .«36tHHc H. J. PEAKCE, ilanag-er.

FOALE'S SALE THIS DAY AND DAILY. IMMENSE DISPLAY. The Correr, 1*. If. ''. Brown-otrrei; Ysz ami 13'Ja. Gc::4-rr--trce:. NUUmwfz, &£i vV Ui'UUDs, TENNIS SUITS, Ii) G, TE8R13 ASB GRiGKET.Ii] SKIRTS, 3_0. SHIERLAW & CO., 16 axt- IS, HDTDLEY-STREET.

COUGHS AND COLDS. — FAULDING'S COUGH ELIXIR is a Sate and Reliable Remedy. Sold by all Chemists. sl36c7l

CRAWFORD & CO REMOVING FROM HINDLEY-STREET TO King William-street Late Finlayson & Co's. On and after SATURDAY. the 3rd, the Premise lately occupied by us in Hindley-street will be closed, and our Business will be transferred to 70, KING WILLIAM-ST. CRAWFORD & CO.  

'0 . RAIL CARRIAGE PAID to any Station in the Colony on i\ P. McROSTIE &. OO.'S P'TEA OP THE TIMES.'

LONDON DENTAL INSTITUTE, No. 111. KINO WILLUM-ST.. ADELAIDE CNcit door to Hnitt^ Service Club Hotel). A Corapl'* Set On» Guinea. L'pi^r «.r Iys^er 5r- jvun!e-sjy titred i-v A:n:'-p:i«rric Suction *it':ou; «prir.;j or «'irc-» tVl-hrat^l Hold an;! Pni« Mc-uil A'la:aaa:ii;eT-!«-:h. .Sitigic Tooth. 2b. 61.; Pa.:i.ii (JLs«-», iioia Ci. Ail work pjAr'TitceJ for five vcars TEKTU _»,^ * ^^^ TFFTH ZZ$V,\ l^^^^rf TEETH TKKTII H J7 Yf**^~^i ¥? J TEETH TEKTH s^ » * ' l^s TEETn TEETH ^*^~Jti f J-^*^ TEETH A'l KsQKdra* by Oc-l». ChJor;4t -f CthfL «f P««. xtao'n «'T p*!u!-m. -..'i ^tia Un lete grans JO a «m tuA '»ai for f.T ,vt« Wntk. 'A E«»o3otion la I-«nti»-.rr. i!-c»T»^4. ^mt t«» ca spp- jJVni t* '?-